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Chapter 1123 - Wind Mansion Lord

When they stepped into the deep azure hall, a dazzling light blinded their sight before they refocused their gazes. They saw a hall filled with an ancient and majestic air.

The hall was laid with azure rocks and engraved pillars that looked like hurricanes as they supported the hall. At the centre of the hall was a deep pond with lilies growing on the surface of the water. At this moment, there was an azure mist rising from the pond that filled the hall.

They breathed in a little, before they focused their gazes and their countenances changed. They noticed that the mist was pure and majestic Spiritual Energy.

“This pond…” Mu Chen’s eyes lit up when he looked at the pond and licked his lips.

“This is a pond formed with Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!” Nine Nether couldn’t help exclaiming with a trace of shock in her eyes. She was clearly startled by this sum in the Wind Mansion. At least hundreds of millions of drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was needed to fill up a pond.

Although the pond had been thinned down, it would definitely not be less than fifty million if they refined it into Sovereign Spiritual Liquid… Which was a huge sum, even for the current Great Havenlaw Domain.

“Truly one of the Nine Mansions, how extravagant.” Mu Chen praised but he wasn’t impatient to collect the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. He first swept his gaze around the hall.

His gaze then focused into the depths of the hall, where the two thickest pillars were with a lustre being emitted from the top of those pillars, vaguely looking like two items, an Azure Feathered Fan and Azure Jade Scroll.

Mu Chen’s gaze first focused onto the fan and his eyes uncontrollably narrowed before he exclaimed from shock, “That’s… a Saint Artifact?!”

Although the fan looked unremarkable, Mu Chen could sense a fearful fluctuation coming from it that definitely didn’t belong to a Quasi-Saint Artifact. Then the only possibility left would be that the fan was a genuine Saint Artifact!

That jade scroll was definitely not an ordinary item as well, or else it wouldn’t be placed on the same level as the fan.

“The Ancient Haven Palace truly deserves its fame.” Nine Nether sighed. The Wind Mansion Lord was merely a Lesser Earth Sovereign and already possessed a Saint Artifact. Just this alone could make the top-tiered forces in the Northern Region have their eyes turning red. Even Mandala had only obtained a Saint Artifact due to Mu Chen.

“Looks like our harvest won’t be small this time.” Lin Jing’s eyes beamed as she chuckled.

“The treasures are good, but I’m afraid that it won’t be that easy.” Mu Chen shook his head before pointing towards the rear of the pond. Behind the pond were stone stairs with seats placed at the two sides of the stairs with various silhouettes seated on those seats.

All of those silhouettes had embroidery on their robes. Some had Azure Jiao-Dragon and some with Golden Jiao-Dragon. There were even two White Dragons and one Azure Dragon…

They must naturally be the elites of the Wind Mansion with an Azure Dragon Disciple at the highest ranking, who must have had a considerable status, even in the Wind Mansion.

Their corpses were well-preserved, even the flesh could still be seen on those skeletons. However, all of them had horrified expressions frozen on their faces.

When the Fiend Clans appeared with a torrential evil aura that gushed in, they must have noticed it as well. But before they could do anything, their lives had already been taken from them.

“They’re just corpses.” Lin Jing wasn’t bothered by it. She waved her hand and a gale of Spiritual Energy swept out.

When the gale swept past those corpses, the corpses had instantly turned into dust and drifted away.

In just a few breaths of time, the entire hall had already been emptied.

However, their faces had gradually turned grave when they looked at the end of the stairs, at a silhouette that had appeared without them knowing when.

That silhouette was donned in an azure robe, looking to be middle-aged with a dignified appearance and a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation that slowly emanated from it.

The three of them looked at the silhouette and the corner of their eyes twitched. According to the positions, that silhouette… must be the Wind Mansion Lord.

The hall was enveloped in silence. The three of them did not move but they fixated their eyes on the Wind Mansion Lord. That’s because they couldn’t ascertain if that was someone who’d deceased or… someone that was demonised.

The body of the Wind Mansion Lord finely trembled under their long gazes before he slowly opened its eyes.

The pair of eyes was pitch-black with a subtle crimson in them that looked extremely sinister.

“Psh.” Lin Jing rolled her eyes.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at her with helplessness in their eyes. “That crow beak of yours…”

Before they came here, Lin Jing had to hope that the Wind Mansion Lord hadn’t been demonised. But they never expect that her words would come true when they entered.

“Shall we flee?” Lin Jing poured.

Mu Chen briefly pondered before he said, “Why don’t we give it a try?”

He looked at the lake that was filled with Spiritual Energy and the Saint Artifact, along with the scroll, before he licked his lips.

Even Earth Sovereigns would be tempted by those items, not to mention him. They came to the Ancient Haven Palace in search of opportunities, to begin with, and strengthen themselves. So he felt unwilling to give up when it's right before him.

“Hehe, let’s try, then!” Lin Jing’s eyes flickered with excitement upon hearing his words. She clearly did not want to leave without any harvest, as well.

Nine Nether nodded her head in agreement. She clearly did not want to leave either. So they decided to join forces together and give it a try, hoping that the current Wind Mansion Lord would have already been weakened to the point that it’s no longer an Earth Sovereign.

When the three of them reached an agreement, the Wind Mansion Lord fixated his gaze on Mu Chen before he rose to his feet and abruptly stomped the ground.


A black storm swept out from his feet that tore through space and swiftly bolted towards the three of them.


When the storm swept towards the three of them, a cold light flashed. Lin Jing had summoned her Spiritual Frost Puppet, which stood before them and slashed at the storm with its spear.

Thus, a hundred-foot long cold aura pounced forth like a python and clashed with the cold storm.


At the moment of contact, the air exploded and a visible shock wave swept out, rippling the surrounding space along with noises akin to rumbling lightning.


The body of the puppet trembled before it was blown away by the shock wave. It then crashed against a thick pillar and the pillar was instantly blown to smithereens.

It was only a single exchange and the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign was in a disadvantageous position.

The three’s faces changed. The strength of the Wind Mansion Lord had slightly exceeded their expectations.

According to their estimations, even if the Wind Mansion Lord could preserve its body from the corrosion of the evil aura, it had to have been greatly weakened due to the passage of tens of thousands of years. They never thought that despite being weakened, the Wind Mansion Lord’s strength would still exceed ordinary Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns.

Mu Chen took a deep breath with a cold light flashing in his eyes before a crimson spear appeared in his hand and a crimson battle armour engraved with crimson dragons covered his body.

They were naturally the set Quasi-Saint Artifact that Mu Chen had obtained from Xia Hong; however, he never had the opportunity to use them until today.


Donned in the armour with the spear slanted downwards, the Spiritual Energy around Mu Chen violently surged to the point that even Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns would be fearful.

The Spiritual Frost Puppet also hovered in the sky, pointing its spear towards the Wind Mansion Lord.

On the other hand, Nine Nether’s surroundings surged with crystallised flames that had instantly increased the temperature of this hall. It was so much so that even space had distorted from the high temperature.

Lin Jing’s face had also turned solemn with a white lustre flickering on his slender fingers that seemed to have turned into ancient and unusual runes, which emitted a terrifying fluctuation.

The three of them and the puppet all emitted a powerful pressure that dispersed the majority of the pressure being emitted from the Wind Mansion Lord.


Facing this formation, even if the Wind Mansion Lord did not have any intelligence, it could still sense the threat. Thus, he immediately unleashed a roar and the evil aura around it grew stronger.

Sensing the surging energy in his body, fighting spirit condensed in Mu Chen’s eyes. He no longer hesitated and stomped his foot and his silhouette shot out.

“Fuck him!” At the same time, Mu Chen’s roar rumbled in this hall.

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