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Above the huge stone pillar, the stiffness on the stony body was quickly subsiding. After a few breaths, a man wearing a black shirt appeared, and in his hand was a black pike. There seemed to be ancient runes emerging at the tip of the pike. The light emitted from the man's body made the whole space quake.

He stood above the stone pillar quietly. Although he did not utter a single word, his strong aura was able to terrorize everyone around. Even Mu Chen felt the pressure from the aura, and his eyes were twitching. Is this the power of the Disciple of the Golden Dragon? It was as strong as Mu Chen had expected. According to Mu Chen's estimate, he had achieved Complete Grade Nine. That meant, if he improved further, he would eventually become a Grade Nine Sovereign!

Mu Chen's face turned grim as he slowly tightened his fist. He could feel his pores were closed, his skin tight. His body was in an extremely alert state. This Disciple of the Golden Dragon in front of him was a real threat.

A Complete Grade Nine... Mu Chen sighed. Facing an opponent this strong was no easy feat, even with his current ability. Fortunately, he still had some tricks up his sleeve.

It's time to try the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array… Mu Chen's eyes were flashing having thought about this. Although the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array was not complete, it was still an Ancestral Master-level array. If he could arrange the array, he could most likely defeat a Complete Grade Nine.

Nonetheless, it was not easy to arrange the spiritual array. Even after many attempts over a long period of time, he had not succeeded even once in arranging the spiritual array.

Still, during these attempts, Mu Chen had gradually addressed his defects and improved his understanding of the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array. According to his estimate, once he could command a stronger inner Spiritual Energy, he could most likely succeed in arranging this incomplete spiritual array.

There was only one way to improve Spiritual Energy, and that was to break through his own limits and increase his level. For others, they might need to find some opportunity to accumulate experience. For Mu Chen, this was just a piece of cake.

This was because back then, when Mu Chen was in the Space of the God Sea, he already had the ability to become a Grade Nine Sovereign. However, he voluntarily suppressed his own power, as he wanted to stabilize his foundation.

But now… was obviously the time for Mu Chen to shine.

With his face as calm as still water, he took a deep breath and waved his sleeve. After that, a Sovereign Spiritual Liquid Torrent emerged. It surrounded Mu Chen, and suddenly, that huge space was filled with another strong Spiritual Energy.

White mist surrounded his nose, and as he inhaled, the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid Torrent dispersed and quickly entered his body like a stream of water. The space behind Mu Chen was distorted, and the Sovereign Sea was looming. Vaguely, people could see that the sky was torn apart, and many torrents fell down from the sky into the big sea, eventually converting themselves into great Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen had chosen to have his great breakthrough right here, right now!

On the other hand, the Disciple of the Golden Dragon, who was slowly awakening on the stone pillar, was still holding his black pike. His eyes were unmoved. Since he did not sense any fighting intent from Mu Chen, he did not initiate an attack.

It was worth noting that this Dragon Entrance Gate was created by the Ancient Celestial Palace to test a disciple's potential. Therefore, if any disciple chose to break through there, according to convention, the Dragon Entrance Gate would not disturb him, but would protect him instead. Mu Chen well knew about this, and thus he chose to break through there.

Time passed by quickly in that space, and the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid Torrents were gradually subsiding as the Spiritual Energy contained therein was extracted and absorbed by Mu Chen.

The sea level of the Sovereign Sea behind him rose greatly, and the sea water formed by the Spiritual Energy was deeper in color. As the waves rolled over, an overwhelming Spiritual Energy exploded. The spiritual pressure emerging from Mu Chen's body was growing fast.

After around ten minutes, the last drop of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid surrounding Mu Chen was absorbed into his body, and the atmosphere was serene once again. Mu Chen stood still like a huge rock. As the Sovereign Sea behind him subsided, he was now as calm as a deep pool. However, all this was only the calm before the storm. After a few breaths, Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes.


A stream of Spiritual Light burst out from Mu Chen's eyes, and the terrorizing Spiritual Energy dispersed, quaking the void. A loud sound was produced, shaking the entire space like deafening peals of thunder. A strong spiritual pressure surrounding Mu Chen gradually dispersed.

Mu Chen tightened his fist as he felt the strong Spiritual Energy weltering inside his body like torrents of water. A satisfied smile was on his face. After suppressing the inner Spiritual Energy for a few months, he had finally completed the breakthrough and had become a real Grade Nine Sovereign!

Although for many it was only a little progress, for Mu Chen, this was a great improvement. This was because he could use his greatest skills, such as the incomplete Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array, only after he became a Grade Nine Sovereign.

As Mu Chen was rejoicing at his improved power, a calm voice emerged from the space all of a sudden. "Hey, challenger, are you done with your breakthrough?"

Mu Chen raised his head in surprise and saw the Disciple of the Golden Dragon with his head down, looking at Mu Chen calmly. The hollow in the Disciple's eyes subsided as they turned slightly brighter. This Disciple of the Golden Dragon was a little different after all.

Mu Chen was slightly surprised, and shortly after, he nodded and smiled.

"If this is the case, let's begin the challenge. If you succeed, you will become a Disciple of the Golden Dragon, the highest position in the Ancient Celestial Palace. If you fail, you will be graded as a Disciple of the White Dragon." The Disciple of the Golden Dragon pointed his pike toward Mu Chen. Although they were far from each other, Mu Chen could still feel the chill on his skin as the black light flashed from the tip of the pike.

"If I fail, can't I challenge to become a Disciple of the Azure Dragon instead…" Mu Chen mumbled. It looked like the Dragon Entrance Gate was not as glorious as it used to be, and there were a lot of loopholes in the rules of challenge.

However, Mu Chen could not care less about this. If he could not become a Disciple of the Golden Dragon, for him there would be no difference between becoming a Disciple of the White Dragon and a Disciple of the Azure Dragon.

According to his estimates, to obtain the method to evolve the Great Solar Undying Body, he must obtain the access level of a Disciple of the Golden Dragon. Therefore, he must do whatever he could to win this challenge.

As Mu Chen made up his mind, he was no longer hesitating to use up all his power. He took a deep breath and quickly formed a seal with his hands. As the spiritual light surged, countless spiritual seals emerged and dissolved into the void.

Mu Chen's eyes were extremely focused as he continued to form spiritual seals. The number of seals that were formed exceeded that of the Heavenly Grade Week-and-Day Star Descent Array.

The Disciple of the Golden Dragon stood still on the stone pillar without initiating an attack. According to the rules, he must withstand the challenger's strongest hit before giving the final verdict. This gave Mu Chen enough time to prepare his strongest attack.

As more and more spiritual seals flew out of Mu Chen's hand, tens of thousands of feet of space surrounding him began to be distorted. The Spiritual Energy light beams emerged and intertwined with each other, forming a gigantic Spiritual Array in its embryonic form.

As the embryonic Spiritual Array was gradually formed, Mu Chen broke out in a cold sweat. He did not know it would take such a great amount of energy to arrange this level of spiritual array. Without the breakthrough, no matter how much he meditated on and studied the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array, he could not possibly have succeeded in the arrangement.

Between heaven and earth, the gigantic spiritual array was still being formed. Its complexity and enigmatic nature was able to cause great disturbance to those who were not familiar with spiritual arrays.

Even the Disciple of the Golden Dragon's indifferent face turned serious. The overwhelming pressure emerging from his body was quickly subsiding as if being neutralized by an equal, if not greater force.

While sweating profusely, Mu Chen was dead focused on the gigantic spiritual array. He carefully controlled each link between Spiritual Energy fibers, as he would not have enough energy to rearrange the array in a short period of time. As such, a single mistake would mean a failed challenge.

Fortunately, Mu Chen had perfected the arrangement of this array from thousands of practices. The gigantic spiritual array was finally completely formed, and an overwhelming pressure emerged and dispersed from the array.

Mu Chen looked at the spiritual array and dared not to relax even a little. He waved his sleeves, and shortly afterward, a few white light beams burst out into the spiritual array. Any person could easily see that the white light beams were all dragon bones filled with dragon blood!

The dragon bones were full of dragon power. And those dragon bones were the core of the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array.


As the dragon bones burst out into the gigantic array, the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array began to quake. The spiritual light was distorted and eventually entered into the dragon bones.


The spiritual light exploded, and exactly as Mu Chen had envisioned, a gigantic dragon with great pressure was quickly formed in the spiritual array. Mu Chen looked at the dragon and finally heaved a sigh of relief. His joy showed on his face.

He was finally able to arrange the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array!

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