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Between the heaven and the earth, a golden water dragon medal was glowing in a dazzling light, which diffused in its surroundings. Its brilliance made the white dragon medal of Liu Kui and Wang Tong Xian look extraordinarily dim in comparison.

"My god! It's a golden water dragon medal!"

"As expected, it's from Qin Jingzhe! No wonder he is rated as a Golden Dragon disciple!"


Countless exclamations of amazement echoed throughout the place, as the masters from all of the parties were in awe. Their eyes were also green with envy!

As wolf and eagle medals emerged continuously, they were not uncommon to see. However, when the rare gold water dragon medal appeared, it was obviously overwhelming to them!

However, Qin Jingzhe was surprisingly not filled with joy by their awe and admiration. Instead, his expression was one of dissatisfaction. This was because Qin Jingzhe was considered to be the most outstanding disciple of the Green Lotus Sword Sect.

Moreover, countless supreme talents had been defeated by his sword. He even had the potential to become the youngest earth sovereign in the history of Green Lotus Sword Sect.

However, his exceptional talent and strengths had now been evaluated to have the equivalent of this mere golden water dragon medal. Although this was impressive to many people, it was not enough for him.

However, since what's done was done, he figured that it wouldn't help to sit around crying about it. So, Qin Jingzhe could only shake his head, a dark and gloomy look filling his face.

Liu Kui and Wang Tongxian looked calm, as their results had coincided with their expectations. Also, as Qin Jingzhe had been rated a mere golden water dragon medal, it served as some consolation for them. After all, their ranking was much lower than Qin Jingzhe's in the List of Powerhouse.

As the three of them stood erect in the sky, everyone's gazes were upon them. However, they did not activate the token amulet to enter into the Ancient Celestial Palace immediately. Instead, they strategically chose to wait awhile.

Obviously, they wanted to see whether or not anyone would be evaluated as a real dragon medal disciple. At the moment of they thought this, their gazes looked directly in the direction of Su Qingyin. Among all of the powerful individuals in the field, she was the most qualified.

All gazes then shifted to Su Qingyin. Obviously, there were quite a lot people who shared the same thoughts! Even Mu Chen, Nine Nether, and others were looking at Su Qingyin as well!

"Su Qingyin will certainly become a dragon medal disciple," Nine Nether whispered.

Mu Chen nodded in agreement. The only point of controversy regarded what level of dragon medal Su Qingyin would get. He wondered...

Would it be the white dragon medal, the green dragon medal, or the highest level, which was the golden dragon medal?

Under those countless gazes, Su Qingyin, who was standing upon the Four Winged Black Bug, was also looking at the Dragon Entrance Gate, a hint of curiosity in her eyes. Obviously, even she was having the same thought!

She chuckled softly. Then, without any hesitation, she stepped forth gently. The Four Winged Black Bug, which was now under her foot, screamed sharply!

As it did so, its four wings vibrated and turned into a burst of black light. Su Qingyin then immediately appeared in front of the Dragon Entrance Gate and was swallowed by the bright light!

Once the figure of Su Qingyin disappeared, everything became quiet. Countless top powers were staring at the Dragon Entrance Gate, as they were expecting Su Qingyin to create some amazing result.

"I wonder what the test of the Dragon Entrance Gate is?" Nine Nether looked to the Dragon Entrance Gate that was gushing with brilliance.

Mu Chen shook his head and said, "The Dragon Entrance Gate was a sacred object in ancient times, so the test will most certainly not be easy."

Nine Nether also nodded lightly. She also knew that this sacred object had been severely damaged during the annihilation of the Ancient Celestial Palace. Otherwise, it would be used for more than mere evaluations.

"Let's wait, at least for now." Mu Chen, then quietly turned to stare at the ancient stone gate.

The heaven and earth was silent. The silence lasted for a dozen minutes. In fact, her time spent in there was far beyond anyone's before her.

At a certain point of time, the Dragon Entrance Gate suddenly shook. This shocked the people of the heaven and earth, causing all of their sights to focus upon it. 


The overwhelming brilliance was swept out from the Dragon Entrance Gate at that moment. Then, the closed stone door opened slowly, gushing with even more brilliance!


Suddenly, a striking light beam rose to the sky. A huge dragon was entrenched within it, screaming to the sky. Its roar echoed between the heaven and earth.

The pupils of countless of top powers shrunk immediately. This was because Su Qingyin really had become a dragon medal disciple!

In the sky, the brilliance condensed quickly, until at last, a shadow appeared. It was Su Qingyin!

She was standing in mid-air, and her beautiful eyes were looking in front of her, where the brilliance had concentrated, then transformed into an old token amulet. On the token amulet, a huge dark green dragon could be seen.

A green dragon medal?!

Countless eyes squinted, and the sound of deep inhalations echoed here and there. Countless top powers were in awe that she had not only won the dragon medal, but that it was a green dragon medal!

This result was considered to be extremely excellent, even by the standards of the Ancient Celestial Palace. As such, it was no wonder that Su Qingyin was ranked second in the List of Powerhouses!

Qin Jingzhe, Liu Kui, and the others looked at the dragon medal that shone with a green light and sighed. It looked like their strengths were far inferior to Su Qingyin's.

"Is that a green dragon medal?" Mu Chen stared at the token amulet, then added to his initial question. "But, even she was unable to obtain the identity of the golden dragon disciple!" Mu Chen sighed, marvelling at how difficult the test in the Dragon Entrance Gate was.

In the sky, Su Qingyin, who had the full respect of the others, was looking at the green dragon medal in front of her, her eyebrows twitching a little. Then, her face lifted up suddenly, her gaze immediately focusing onto the horizon far away.

Mu Chen and the others followed her gaze and looked into the horizon. There, at the corner of the sky, they saw a golden light beam bursting upward, and a golden dragon was spiralling around the beam pillar, encircling it!

"It's a golden dragon medal!" Countless people were amazed, as someone had obviously been certified as a golden dragon disciple at the other side of the Dragon Entrance Gate!

"It's Zhu Yan for sure!" someone said without hesitation. This made sense, as among the Tianluo Continent youths, only Zhu Yan ranked first in the List of Powerhouses, so he would have had this capability.

"What a awesome guy," Mu Chen whispered.

Just as his words trailed off, a burst of golden light, which was like a pillar, extended into heaven and emerged at the horizon. It was remarkably visible, even from so far away!

At this moment, Mu Chen and the others were thoroughly surprised. Countless top powers were stunned as well, wondering…

Did another golden dragon disciple appear?

And...If the previous one was Zhu Yan, then who was the other one? Even Su Qingyin could only be a green dragon disciple!

As Mu Chen was staring at the second golden light beam, his intuition told him that the owner of this light beam was most likely Garuda. Although this fellow was only ranked third and seemed to be behind Su Qingyin, Mu Chen did not believe that the man who could have The Great Solar Undying Body could be weaker than Su Qingyin! Hence, according to his guess, Garuda's true strength would not be weaker than Zhu Yan's.


Just when Mu Chen's mind was churning, everyone was surprised by yet another golden dragon light pillar, which appeared in the direction of the second golden dragon light pillar.

The third golden color dragon light pillar!

The third Golden Dragon disciple!

In just a moment of 10 breaths, three Golden Dragon disciples emerged! Countless people's looks were dulled and filled with disbelief. Even Su Qingyin's pretty face did not look very good.

This was because this meant that there were already three people, who had surpassed her currently. This made her feel ashamed of her number two ranking.

Although her evaluation results were lowered because she had the help of the spirit bug, there was no way she could fight the verdict. She simply had to accept her evaluation results as a green dragon disciple.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other, wondering at the same time…

If the second golden dragon light beam was Garuda, then who was third one? Could it be Xia Yu?

Mu Chen had only had brief contact with Xia Yu. Although he knew that the latter was not simple, he hoped that perhaps he was still lacking in the qualities needed to become a golden dragon disciple.

Then, who was the third golden dragon disciple?

From her perch in the sky, Su Qingyin retracted her gaze. Her pretty eyes stared at the Dragon Entrance Gate with full regret, as she shouted, "Break down the door!"

At the same time that she was making this command, Su Qingyin's pretty eyes were scanning the scene. Her gaze quickly stopped at Mu Chen and the others. She then smiled lightly and said, "Brother Mu, you have been watching for a long time, so I guess it's your turn to take the shot."

Although she said this to Mu Chen, her gaze was fixed on Lin Jing. After all, if anyone were to become a golden dragon disciple, she figured that it would be this mysterious Lin Jing.

As for Mu Chen, she was obviously not expecting anything from him.

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