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Countless gazes were fixated on the girl in white. Her smile was so captivating, it was as if she had just walked out of a painting.

Beneath her feet, the Four-Winged Black Beetle looked ferocious. It was emitting an aura of wrath all around it, which sent shivers up one's spine.

There was a chilling silence that continued for a while between the sky and the earth, which was then followed by the sound of explosive waves. The powerful individuals were startled a little by this, but fear and respect still remained unwavering in their eyes.

"It really is Su Qingyin!"

"So, that is Su Qingyin? She really is pretty, but that beetle seems supernatural..."

"Rubbish, she is an insect trainer! Her battle style utilizes the spiritual insect that she trained herself. I believe that this beetle is the Four-Winged Spiritual Beetle. The beetle is so fast, it can compete with a Completed Nine Grade!"

"She is ranked second on the List of Powerhouse, true to her fame."

Mu Chen stared heavily at Su Qingyin, while many exclamation arose from onlookers. Though he was also taken back by her beauty, he quickly detected the danger lurking underneath it.

This sense of danger suffocated Mu Chen, as if he was being faced with a great enemy. As such, he felt an intense threatening aura coming from her.

There is definitely something strange about this woman...

Of course, how can a women, who could overpower Garuda on the List of Powerhouses, be just an ordinary character?

Although ranking above Garuda did not necessarily guarantee that she was stronger than Mu Chen, the fact that she had attained such an impressive level was sufficient to gauge her power. As such, she could not be underestimated!

Next to him, Lin Jing also stared curiously at Su Qingyin. However, her gaze was more focused on the beetle under the girl's feet.

As she remained hovering in mid-air, Su Qingyin did not seem the least bit bothered about the unsettled feelings that she had just caused. Her beautiful eyes swept through the arena, examining the top twenty powerful individuals, including Liu Kui and Wang Xiantong.

These powerful individuals were almost unreachable in the eyes of ordinary people. When they felt her gaze upon them, they felt a chill tingling up their spines. This made them all look away quickly, as if they were afraid of catching her attention.

This was understandable, as they knew too well that this girl, who appeared so soft and beautiful, had nothing gentle about her! In fact, many top powerful individuals, like Zhu Yan, Garuda, and many others, had become experiments for her spiritual insects after meeting Su Qingyin! Needless to say, it was not a wonderful experience to fight against these ferocious spiritual insects!

Su Qingyin only stopped to glance at Liu Kui for a brief moment, then averted her gaze to peer at Qin Jingzhe. She then smiled and said, "Qin Jing Zhe, so here you are. We have yet to decide who won the previous battle between you and my spiritual insects."

Qin Jingzhe's body tightened when he saw Su Qingyin. His face was stern as he replied, "Im quite busy right now, so why don't you go find someone else to bother?"

Su Qingyin only smiled at his reply. She then moved her gaze towards Mu Chen, asking, "Aren't you the one who defeated Xia Hong as a Half Nine Grade, the one called Mu Chen?" Su Qingyin asked curiously.

Countless gazes were then fixed upon Mu Chen, who was caught off guard by her words. He froze for a while, then replied calmly, "It was a lucky strike, nothing worth mentioning."

From the way Qin Jingzhe and the rest had reacted, Su Qingyin did not seem like an easy character to handle, which is why Mu Chen was trying his best not to engage with her in conflict.

"Oh, I heard rumors that you were practicing something mysterious. So, would I have the honour to witness that?" Su Qingyin smiled, blinking her eyes softly.

Just as she finished her question, Su Qingyin suddenly flapped her long sleeves. As she did so, a black light blasted out from them, swiftly transforming into a huge spiritual insect!

The spiritual insect was grey and white and had four legs. It looked like a boulder and had countless spiritual runes on its body. It emitted a strong sense of wild and uncontrollable power, which seemed to be exploding from within it.


The grey and white spiritual insect flew out in an explosion, then immediately re-appeared directly in front of Mu Chen. It then threw a strong punch, while visible waves instantly expanded from across the void.

Su Qingyin's attack was so swift and unpredictable, even Mu Chen was caught off guard. He was only finally able to respond when the spiritual insect threw it's punch, which caused his expression to turn grim.


Shimmering golden rays exploded from Mu Chen, as the cries of the Dragon and Phoenix echoed within him. He extended his own punch, which was covered in the claws of the true dragon!


As Mu Chen's fist clashed strongly with the spiritual insect, a deafening bang echoed out, which was followed by an expanding clash wave that collapsed a layer of ground all around them! As the volatile wave swept by, the spiritual insect screeched. Then, Mu Chen threw a punch at the insect, sending it flying across the space.


The powerful individuals spectating the scene all murmured in surprise. Su Qingyin's Spiritual insect truly did possess power that could contend with a Grade Nine Sovereign. So, it was obviously surprising that it was sent flying by Mu Chen.

Now, everyone looked at Mu Chen differently. It seemed that it wasn't mere luck that had allowed Mu Chen defeat Xia Hong, after all. He obviously possessed an astonishing power!

Still hovering in mid-air, Su Qingyin's eyes glistened as she witnessed the scene. She then gave out a light chuckle and whipped her sleeves again.

As she did so, yet another spiritual insect stormed forward. The insect, which had ice frozen around it, came rolling directly towards Mu Chen. This spiritual insect seemed much more difficult to handle than the one before.

Whoom Whoom!

However, a crystal-like flame surrounded the insect the moment it appeared. The insect squealed madly, as it began to be roasted in the flames. It was now retreating, too frightened to move forward.

From her position next to Mu Chen, Nine Nether glanced coldly at Su Qingyin. The crystal flame burned brightly on her palm. She then asked coldly, "Starting a sudden attack, without allowing us any notice? Where are your manners?"

Su Qingyin did not flinch a bit after Nine Nether's harsh words. Instead, she only smiled a little and whipped her sleeves again. This time, a frightening aura shot up to the sky.

Everyone watching then gasped, as a blood red spiritual insect sprinted into the air! The spiritual insect looked like a centipede. It had a thousand legs, all of which were crawling into the void. A strong spiritual presence oozed out as it moved, as if it was forming a storm within itself!

After the appearance of this insect, one of the powerful individuals exclaimed, "This is the Blood Centipede! Even the Grade Nine Sovereigns at their peak would get a headache facing it!"

The Blood Centipede glided through the void, with a speed like a ghost, then sprinted directly towards Nine Nether. Meanwhile, Mu Chen's expression became grim, as he saw Su Qingyin being relentless in her harassment of his colleague!

A chill swept by his gaze. He knew that, if he were to come against Su Qingyin, he would have to use his spiritual array to defeat her.

However, Lin Jing suddenly stepped forward, just as Mu Chen was about to condense his spiritual array. She waved her sleeves and smiled at the incoming Blood Centipede.

Then, a black light shot out, while the air around them formed a storm and transformed into a human form. It was Lin Jing's ice puppet!


The ice puppet drew its sword the moment it formed. As it did so, the temperature dropped immediately and a chilliness covered the sky and the earth in an instant.

In the air, Su Qingyin's expression changed a little. Then, a frightening chill swept across the floor. It slapped towards the Blood Centipede, which, corrupted by the chill, gave out a loud cry, then quickly tumbled backwards. All of its energy had obviously been drained in that split moment!

Su Qingyin waved her sleeves and quickly retrieved the Blood Centipede, heartbroken by the trauma that her pet had just gone through.

"Haha, I am quite amused with your spiritual insects! Why don't you summon them all at once, as I want to play with them!" Lin Jing smiled, while she taunted Su Qingyin.

Meanwhile, the scene was dead silent, as all of the powerful individuals and supreme talents were watching Lin Jing in awe. None of them could fathom how such power could be hidden in a pretty little girl like her! They also all felt the intense threat that was coming from the spiritual puppet.

Still hovering in mid-air, Su Qingyin slowly took back her smile, then watched the ice puppet, which now stood next to Lin Jing.

Su Qingyin's eyes squinted a little, then she gave a smile. Waving her hand, she then retrieved all of her spiritual insects, which caused her gaze to soften again.

She then looked at Mu Chen and said softly, "I must apologize for my rudeness. I hope you won't hold a grudge."

Only now had she realized that Mu Chen and the others weren't as simple as she had first imagined. Under such circumstances, it would be unwise to make enemies with them.

Her pretty face smiled a little apologetically, which caused the other powerful individuals to murmur among themselves. They all were in awe of Mu Chen's party, as it was not easy to make Su Qingyin surrender voluntarily.

Mu Chen only smiled lightly at her words, not saying anything. Although he did not fancy Su Qingyin's behavior, he also did not want to make an enemy of her. As such, his merely maintaining a respectful distance would be sufficient.

The powerful individuals were a little disappointed when they saw the pair take a step back from each other, as they were expecting to see the battle of the century. However they were all still impressed that Mu Chen could make Su Qingyin swallow her pride in front of all these people!

Countless gazes kept looking towards Mu Chen. Then, slowly, the others became silent, sitting quietly as they continued to watch the Dragon Entrance Gate from afar.

As time went by, more powerful individuals arrived. Finally, someone could wait no longer and started to make a move towards the Dragon Entrance Gate.

As for Mu Chen and the rest, they all looked towards the Dragon Entrance Gate with solemn faces.

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