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"Dragon Entrance Gate?"

"What is that?"

"Looks like this is the only place that can bring us to the Ancient Celestial Palace."


While Mu Chen was looking at the ancient stone door, people started to whisper among themselves. Everyone had a shocked look on their face.

"The Dragon Entrance Gate truly exists…" Mu Chen exclaimed as he gazed at the stone door.

"Do you know something about it?" Nine Nether asked as she and the rest of them gave Mu Chen a startled look.

Mu Chen nodded. He knew about the Dragon Entrance Gate and many other things he had learned from Mandela before he entered the Ancient Celestial Palace.

"What is the Dragon Entrance Door for?" Lin Jing asked curiously.

"During the Primordial Age, all the disciples had to enter through this door. They would then be assessed by this Dragon Entrance Door to get their ranking, and those outstanding disciples could get into high positions instantly. This is why it was named the Dragon Entrance Door," Mu Chen said.

"Rankings?" The people were shocked when they heard it.

Mu Chen nodded. "Do you remember the Green Wolf Medal that was among the skeletons? It is one of them." He looked keenly at the ancient stone door that had kept everyone away from the Ancient Celestial Palace and continued, "I have heard that there are four different ranks in the Ancient Celestial Palace. The Wolf Medal is the lowest, followed by the Eagle Medal, the Flood Dragon Medal, and the Dragon Medal, which is the highest. The rankings within the respective medals are differentiated by the colors. White is ranked the lowest, with green above it, followed by gold.

"The skeletons that we saw earlier must have been belonged to the Wolf Medal.

"The disciples who obtain the Dragon Medal will not only become the key players in the Ancient Celestial Palace, but they will enjoy considerable resources for their cultivation. They have the chance to become an elder or even a hall master."

When Mu Chen's company heard what he had said, they were enlightened. The disciples who had obtained the Dragon Medal could achieve instant success. The Dragon Entrance Door truly lived up to its name.

"The Dragon Entrance Door seems to be the only way to get into the Ancient Celestial Palace. One has to become a disciple of the Ancient Celestial Palace in order to get through it," Mu Chen said. He became more fervent as he stared at the Dragon Entrance Gate. According to Mandela, he had to become a Dragon Medal disciple if the Dragon Entrance Gate still existed. Only the Dragon Medal disciples had access to the deepest part of the pavilion where they kept their sacred texts.

Although Mu Chen was not sure if the pavilion was still intact or if the rules still applied, if the Dragon Entrance Door still existed, he would have to become a Dragon Medal disciple. If he was unable to become one, he would have deep regrets if he happened to reach the pavilion but could not enter due to his rank. In order to obtain the method of evolving the Great Solar Undying Body, he had to ensure that there was no room for failure.

"Hehe, this is interesting. I want to try it out and see which rank I belong to…" Lin Jing said, her eyes bright. She could not wait to try it out.

Nine Nether looked around and was a little disturbed. She had noticed more and more powerful geniuses appearing in the area.

"Looks like you are not the only one who knows about the Dragon Entrance Door," Nine Nether said in a low voice as she looked at the crowd that was flooding into the area.

Mu Chen was not surprised, as the top forces had been searching for the Ancient Celestial Palace for years. They would have known about the Dragon Entrance Door.

"There are three Dragon Entrance Doors in the outer ring of the Ancient Celestial Palace, and we are only at one of them. Otherwise, we would see an even bigger spiritual array," Mu Chen said with a smile.

"Shall we act now?" Nine Nether was excited to try it out.

"No. Let's wait." Mu Chen smiled and shook his head. There were so many geniuses from the top forces, and Mu Chen was interested in seeing the rankings of the geniuses when they entered the Dragon Entrance Door.

Lin Jing and Nine Nether went along with him and waited excitedly. It was apparent that they were also interested in finding out how the others fared.

There were many air-rending sounds as more and more people stormed in and covered the area. The area was suddenly bustling with people.

As more and more top powers gathered together, some of the more prestigious people started to show up, causing a lot of excitement.

"Isn't that Liu Kui, the Ghost Hand from the Ghost Clan? I am surprised that he is here."

Mu Chen and his company followed these voices and looked in the direction they were coming from.

More than ten gray figures darted toward their direction and landed on a huge tree. The one taking the lead was robed in gray and looked ordinary. However, his eyes were gray, and he exuded a chilling aura. His appearance instantly brought the surrounding temperature down.

Liu Kui, the Ghost Hand, ranked number 17 on the List of Powerhouses. At Peak of Grade Nine… As Mu Chen looked at Liu Kui, this information flashed across his mind.

Wang Xiantong, ranked number 16… Another figure robed in yellow appeared shortly after Liu Kui and darted toward the area like a roc.


The people were screaming because within a few minutes, about half a dozen geniuses ranked within the top 20 on the List of Powerhouses had suddenly appeared. These geniuses possessed strength at the Peak of Grade Nine, and they were more powerful than Xia Hong, which was the reason they were ranked higher than he was. Compared to them, Mu Chen, who had just been ranked number 20 replacing Xia Hong, looked insignificant.

These geniuses were burning with excitement when they saw the Dragon Entrance Door, but they did not rush into the assessment. They waited patiently for the best moment to act.

"Eh?" As Mu Chen was patiently waiting, he suddenly tilted his head and looked in a particular direction in amazement. He sensed a sharp sword aura swirling out.


In a few breaths, a green sword ray swirled across the horizon and landed on one of the peaks. When the sword ray dissipated, a man robed in green with a long green sword on his back appeared. He was good-looking, but his gaze was so sharp that as he looked around, the people felt pricking pain on their bodies.

Strong sword aura exuded from his body, gashing out holes in the space nearby. After this person appeared, the top powers, especially the geniuses, looked uneasy, and they were wary and fearful of him.

"He is…" Nine Nether looked grave as she sensed that he was a dangerous person.

"Qin Jingzhe, ranked number five on the List of Powerhouses," Mu Chen said. Other than Qin Jingzhe, no one would be able to inflict such fear in the geniuses who were ranked within the top 20 on the List of Powerhouses.

Although his strength was at the Peak of Grade Nine, Mu Chen reckoned that his combat force had surpassed this level.

Qin Jingzhe ignored the people's looks and simply stared at the Dragon Entrance Door.

"We have some prominent people among us," Mu Chen said with a smile. Qin Jingzhe was considered the highest in rank among the top powers who were present. Although he was ranked number five, he was considered top-notch among the younger generation in the entire Tianluo Continent.

Qin Jingzhe could not be bothered with the people around him, and even people like Liu Kui, who were at the same level as he was, were nothing in his eyes.

Liu Kui, Wang Xiantong, and the rest were unhappy with Qin Jingzhe's prideful attitude, but they could not do anything to him. Although Qin Jingzhe's strength was at the Peak of Grade Nine, they would be no match for him if they were to get into a fight with him.

He had earned his ranking.

Buzz! Buzz!

There was a buzzing sound in the area as the people looked at Qin Jingzhe with fear and respect.

Qin Jingzhe heard it, and his expression changed. He lifted up his head and fixed his gaze on the sky in the distance.

Mu Chen was shocked when he noticed the change in his expression. Who could possibly startle Qin Jingzhe?

Can it be…?

Mu Chen lifted up his head and looked grave. He saw a tiny black dot flying across the sky in the distance, and in a split second, it had appeared in the area.

As the black dot came closer, everyone realized that it was a black bug with four wings. The black bug was filled with a demonic force, and it looked savage. A lady in white with long hair was standing on the black bug. She was holding a jade flute, and as she smiled, she looked extremely gentle and beautiful. There was such a great contrast between her and the black bug that it caused one to be bewitched by her.

Mu Chen looked at the lady in white and looked even more grave. He then looked at Nine Nether and saw that she looked wary.

Among the younger generation on the Tianluo Continent, this lady was the only one with such a unique style and who could cause fear in Qin Jingzhe.

She was the Bug Master, Su Qingyin, ranked number two on the List of Powerhouses.

No one would have expected such a prominent figure to join Mu Chen and the rest to come to this place.

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