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When Mu Chen and the rest went into the spatial hole, darkness covered them up. The horrifying spatial fluctuations raged and made them tremble, and they felt as though the spatial passageway was about to be destroyed.

Mu Chen and the rest were nervous when they looked at the shaky spatial passageway. The odds would be against them if the spatial passageway were to crack. However, it was comforting to know that the passageway formed by Mandela and the other Earthly Sovereigns was stable and intact, even though it looked distorted.

Mu Chen and the rest hurried along the spatial passageway. Spatial cracks appeared in the darkness now and then, and they could indistinctly see some ancient lands and sky through the cracks. An ancient region seemed to be trapped within the space.

"Be careful," Mu Chen warned as he looked at them.

Xuan Ming Sovereign immediately said proudly, "Follow behind me when we get into the Ancient Celestial Palace. Otherwise, I will not be able to take care of everyone." He looked expressionless but glanced at Mu Chen. He seemed to be reminding Mu Chen that he was the leader of the team.

Although the rest of them were unhappy with his haughtiness, since he was at the Peak of Grade Nine, they felt that it was still safer to follow him. As for Mu Chen, although he was well-known in the North Territory, he was after all only a Half Step to Grade Nine. There was still a gap in their strength.

As they thought of it, some of them started to move toward Xuan Ming Sovereign. When Mu Chen saw it, his face twitched. Did Xuan Ming Sovereign think that Mu Chen could not be the leader if he had wanted to!?

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged looks, and Nine Nether simply shrugged. The old man was too stubborn and haughty, and it was pointless to reason with him. It was apparent that he looked down on the two of them and was flaunting his seniority.

Mu Chen curled up his lips and could not be bothered to argue with him. He then moved ahead, bringing along Nine Nether and Lin Jing with him.

When Xuan Ming Sovereign saw that Mu Chen had remained silent, he nodded and took it that Mu Chen agreed with him.

The group of people then moved on and after some time, they sensed that they were about to reach the end of the spatial passageway.

As Mu Chen looked around, his gaze froze. He realized that the space was surging, and there were other spatial passageways. There were people in these passageways, and it was apparent that these were the other top forces who were entering the Ancient Celestial Palace.

When two parties intersected at the spatial passageways, they were wary. They let down their guard only after they were far away from each other.

Mu Chen looked at the intersection, and just as he was about to heave a sigh of relief, he suddenly felt a gush of cold air on his body.

He sensed danger.

He immediately lifted up his head and looked toward the right. Spatial fluctuations pierced out from a spatial passageway that contained more than ten people. Mu Chen saw a familiar figure, Xia Hong, the Fourth Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty!

Xia Hong looked pathetic and pale, with an arm missing. Apparently, he noticed Mu Chen and began to look vicious. He then turned to speak to the person next to him.

Mu Chen shifted his gaze to look at the man next to Xia Hong and immediately squinted. The man was handsome and dressed in a golden robe. He was well composed and exuded the disposition of a supreme power that caused one to feel oppressed.

Xia Hong was already considered a genius. The man beside him looked a little gloomy, which made him stand out even more. Mu Chen had sensed danger earlier from this man.

Just my luck to meet my enemy here! Mu Chen frowned. Before he stepped into the Ancient Celestial Palace, he had met the people from the Great Xia Dynasty. If Mu Chen had guessed correctly, the man in the golden robe should be Xia Yu, Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty. He was ranked number four on the List of Powerhouse.

After listening to Xia Hong, the man looked at Mu Chen. His gaze was that of an Emperor, without any emotion. He did not seem interested in Mu Chen, but he still nodded. He was not gesturing at Mu Chen. After he nodded, three men stepped out and exuded powerful spiritual energy fluctuations. They were at the Peak of Grade Nine Sovereign and were on par with Xuan Ming Sovereign.

Without hesitation, the three of them threw out a punch.

Boom! Boom!

Majestic spiritual energy swirled out like a tidal wave toward Mu Chen and his company. From the look of it, they intended to destroy Mu Chen's spatial passageway.


"D*mn it!"

When the top powers in the North Territory Alliance saw it, they turned pale. They had not expected these people to be so vicious. Xuan Ming Sovereign formed a seal with his hands at lightning speed, and cold blue spiritual energy swirled out crazily. It turned into a large spiritual energy ice shield and pierced through the spatial passageway to form a layer of protection.

He was the only one at the Peak of Grade Nine. Once the spiritual energy of an ordinary Grade Nine pierced through a spatial passageway, it would be destroyed by the external spatial windstorm.


The attacks of the three top powers at the Peak of Grade Nine hit the ice shield hard, and violent shockwaves raged out. Ice shavings flew out from the ice shield, and cracks spread out quickly, causing the shield to explode.

Xuan Ming Sovereign turned pale when the ice shield exploded. He was unable to take on three people at once, as every one of them was on par with him.

After the ice shield exploded, they could still feel the aftermath, which caused the spatial passageway to shake. All of them were flustered, as they would not be able to escape should anything happen to the spatial passageway.

At this moment, Mu Chen stepped forward and waved his sleeve. Multiple spiritual seals swirled out like spirits and merged into the space outside the spatial passageway. The fluctuations in the spiritual seals instantly turned into layers of spiritual arrays.

When Mu Chen had first seen Xia Yu and Xia Hong, he had secretly condensed the spiritual arrays as a precaution. They were now ready to be fully activated.

Bang! Bang!

Although the spiritual arrays were not top grade, they were numerous. All of these arrays were for defense, and with multiple layers, they possessed strong defensive power.

After the aftermath shockwaves destroyed more than ten spiritual arrays, their power had been depleted, and they dissipated.


When the rest saw it, they heaved sighs of relief.

When Xia Yu saw that his men had failed, he was shocked and took another good look at Mu Chen. He had never expected a Half Step to Grade Nine to be able to counter the attacks of three men who were at the Peak of Grade Nine.

"Are you a Spiritual Array Master…" He seemed to be muttering to himself, and then smiled warmly at Mu Chen. His voice pierced through the spatial passageway, and he said, "Brother Mu is indeed amazing. Should we meet again in the Ancient Celestial Palace, I hope to be able to spar with you." He was smiling so warmly, as though he were talking to a friend. He looked as though he was not the one who had attacked them so ruthlessly just moments ago.

Mu Chen looked expressionless. Compared to Xia Hong, Xia Yu was much more dangerous. If Xia Hong was a ferocious wolf, Xia Yu would be a crouching poisonous snake. Once he struck, it would be deadly. Mu Chen would have to be wary of him if they should meet again.

Having said that, Xia Yu waved his sleeve and left for the spatial passageway with Xia Hong, who left unwillingly. In the twinkle of an eye, they and their men were nowhere to be seen.

Xia Yu had moved on decisively as the intersection in the spatial passageway appeared only for a short while. He had not struck earlier given his status, but as he was about to do so, time was not on his side, thus he had decided to leave.

After Xia Yu and his men had left, the top powers of the North Territory Alliance cursed them and then cupped their fists to thank Mu Chen.

"If Xuan Ming Sovereign had not diminished the attacks, I would not have been able to fend them off so easily," Mu Chen said with a smile as they thanked him.

When Xuan Ming Sovereign heard it, he was shocked and looked unnatural. He had not expected Mu Chen to exalt him. The younger generation had surpassed the older generation. Xuan Ming Sovereign had not expected the younger generation in the North Territory to reach this level. He looked more amicable now and became less haughty.

Although he had diminished the attacks, the aftermath had still been powerful. Even if he had given his best shot, he would not have been able to counter it. However, Mu Chen managed to counter it with his spiritual arrays.

Mu Chen smiled politely. Although he was not in Tian Xuan Hall's good books, they were now in the same boat, and he did not want to bring things to a deadlock.

"We should be arriving soon." Mu Chen looked at the spatial passageway that was before them and noticed that the spatial fluctuations had started to calm down. He could indistinctly see a white aperture that was the end of the spatial passageway.

"Everyone has to be extra careful when we get into the Ancient Celestial Palace."

When the top powers heard it, they nodded. All of them were on guard. The spatial passageway shot past them, and the white aperture surged toward them. Mu Chen and the rest then stepped out of the spatial passageway.

The area was no longer in darkness. Mu Chen and the rest squinted, and soon, they became accustomed to it and quickly looked around them. They were on top of a hill, and the entire place was silent and lifeless. However, an ancient aura surged around the area.

As Mu Chen looked at the ancient area, he became excited. Had he finally entered the Ancient Celestial Palace?

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