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The old man in gray robes suddenly attacked without warning. Other people in the vicinity, including Nine Nether, were stunned, only realizing what had happened seconds later.

"Darn it!" Nine Nether roared furiously, then clenched her fist, a crystal fire burning within it. Then, she sent her fire fist surging towards the old man's back at lightning speed.


As the fire fist charged forward, a figure appeared behind the old man, clashing directly with his physical body.


The figure was blown away directly, the crystal flames engulfing its body, which was then reduced to ashes as he screamed in pain. This man was an Eighth Grade Sovereign of the Great Xia Dynasty! This Eighth Grade Sovereign had sadly underestimated the power of the Undying Flames.

As the old man in gray robes saw the tragic state of his subordinate, his heart was pained. His eyes became even more fierce, and his body, which was like an eagle, charged straight at Lin Jing!

As he charged forward, three other men, each of whom were half-step to Ninth Grade Sovereigns, joined him. Their methods were swift, violent, and decisive.

In the sky, Mu Chen noticed the change below, which caused his expression to change a little. But, he immediately thereafter, his eyes flashed and he calmed down.

Although Lin Jing was the weakest among them, she not powerless! Hence, any person who attacked her would be in deep trouble! Moreover, since she was a young princess of the Martial Border and the daughter of the majestic Martial Ancestor, she also had many hidden cards up her sleeves.

Amid Nine Nether's anxious gaze, Mu Chen's calm gaze, and the silent consternation of the crowd, the old man in the gray robes and the three other men appeared in the immediate vicinity of Lin Jing, then tried to seize her vital points and subdue her. But, Lin Jing only smiled and looked at her attackers, without even the slightest look of alarm in her gaze.

In fact, if one looked carefully, they could even see a hint of amusement in her eyes. She blinked her big eyes playfully at the old man donned in gray robes, then spread her hands, and at some point, a black doll that was the size of her palm appeared. The doll seemed to be covered in ancient runes.

As he was close to Lin Jing, the old man in the gray robes saw the black doll in her hand. As he looked carefully at it, an indescribable sense of danger overwhelmed him.

"Retreat!" he yelled in terror all of a sudden. The feeling of danger grew stronger, and the old man in gray robes' gaze flickered.

At that moment, everyone was surprised to see that the group of four, who were originally pouncing at Lin Jing like tigers and wolves, had retreated hastily!

"What are these guys doing?" an onlooker wondered aloud. He was among many bewildered spectators.

"Why are you leaving?" Lin Jing giggled, then gently exhaled a few breaths into the black doll in her hands.


At this time, the black doll suddenly expanded rapidly, then transformed into a black-robed figure and stood beside Lin Jing. The black-robed figure held a long spear, his face devoid of any expression.

Upon its body, countless ancient runes, which were flickering, could be seen. As the runes flickered, a terrible chill swept out, freezing the surrounding air. At the same time, a surge of extremely terrifying spiritual energy fluctuations raged like a storm, bursting forth from the black-robed figure.


The terrifying spiritual energy fluctuations burst into the sky, shocking many strong people present. Even Qin Ya was horrified.

"Is this spiritual energy from a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign?" an onlooker asked. Many of the people were appalled, as no one thought that Lin Jing's black doll could transform into a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign!

"What is that?" Mu Shan asked, also startled.

After a moment of contemplation, Qin Ya said, "That is a Spiritual Doll. It is a very rare puppet, and the technique of making it is very complicated. Only some powerful races with rich cultures can refine it. Also, if you want to make a Spiritual Doll that is comparable to that of a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign, an Upper Earthly Sovereign has to do it personally, and the failure rate is very high."

Mu Shan's eyes turned solemn upon hearing this, and he wondered…

A Spiritual Doll that is comparable to a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign? Who exactly is this girl? Such a precious Spiritual Doll, even we cannot possess it.

Amid countless startled looks, Lin Jing was still smiling, while looking at the aghast old man in gray robes. She reached out and patted the black-robed figure beside her and said, "This is the Ice Spiritual Doll that my Aunt Bing gave me."

At this point, she paused, then pointed a slender finger directly at the old man in gray robes. "Kill them!" she commanded loudly.

At the very moment her voice fell, the black-robed figure opened its empty, cold eyes and burst forth like a ghost, leaving a chilling aura in his wake. The Spiritual Doll had the power of a Complete Grade Nine Sovereign, so the old man in gray robes and the others were no match for him. Therefore, when the black-robed Spiritual Doll shot forward, the four were so horrified, they immediately scattered.


However, just after they dispersed, the three men beside the man in gray robes looked down to see a sword tip coming out of their throats, with a breath-taking chill surging out of it! Instantly, the three men were transformed into three ice sculptures.

The old man in gray robes looked at the scene, a chill entering his heart. He immediately activated all of his spiritual energy to retreat hastily.


When he had triggered his spiritual energy to the extreme, he felt as if the tip of a sword was piercing through his body, his body suddenly solidifying. He lowered his head in shock, watching as the sharp blade pierced through his chest entirely!

Behind him, a ghostly black-robed figure slowly appeared, its overbearing chill menacing. After the figure's arrival, the gray-robed man's body was gradually covered by ice, until he also transformed into an ice sculpture.

Everyone was appalled by this scene and could not help but gasp. They never would have imagined that this beautiful girl, who looked harmless, would have such terrible methods!

Mu Chen, who was standing above the Great Solar Undying Body, was also shocked. He gazed at the scene with astonishment in his eyes, then glanced at the black-robed figure, looking a little grave. The Spiritual Doll's speed domineering cold presence was really devastating!

If one's own spiritual power was not infused with some kind of fire, they would not be able to prevent complete erosion via its cold presence. In the face of this Spiritual Doll, even Mu Chen wondered if he could escape a confrontation alive.

"She is indeed the little princess of the Martial Border." Mu Chen could not help but sigh, as this was the first time that he had seen such a formidable Spiritual Doll. This Martial Border had a rich culture indeed!

At this moment, even in his calm state of mind, some envy filled his heart. After all, if he had such a powerful Spiritual Doll in his hands, he would not need to fight with Xia Hong. Instead, he could just summon the Spiritual Doll to clean up the situation for him!

As he sighed, Mu Chen looked at Xia Hong, who was also surveying the scene with some horror in his eyes. He seemed to notice Mu Chen's glance, since he shivered and raised his head at that moment, shooting Mu Chen a cold and murderous stare.

Seeing Mu Chen's eyes, a chill had crept up Xia Hong's heart. He clapped his palms together, turned his body into a rainbow, then burst out in an attempt to escape. Seeing this, Mu Chen's eyes turned cold, and the Great Solar Undying Body's massive palm grasped towards Xia Hong, piercing through the space.


The great palm descended to envelop Xia Hong, as three light beams suddenly shot out from Xia Hong's body. Within the three splendid light beams, were a battle spear, a suit of battle armor, and a stone pearl. They were Xia Hong's Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear, Scarlet Dragon Battle Armour, and the Shattering Sea Pearl, which he had obtained in the auction!

Looking at the three Quasi-Divine Artifacts, Mu Chen froze. He then summoned his spiritual energy out of reflex, and as the massive palm slowed, the light beams became firmly trapped within it.


At this moment, Xia Hong spurted out a mouthful of blood, which then squirmed and wrapped itself around his body, before transforming into a bloody beam of light.

"These three items are not enough to buy your life!" Mu Chen's gaze flashed, as the Exterminating Eye in the center of his forehead opened to reveal a black beam of light. The light then burst out as fast as lightning, clashing with the bloody beam of light and blasting Xia Hong's arm into smithereens!

"Ah!" A shrill cry rang through the sky, as the space twisted. Xia Hong, who was wrapped in the bloody beam of light, then fled in utter humiliation.

"Mu Chen, I'm going to tear you to pieces!" he shouted as he fled.

The bloody beam of light had dissipated, but the echo of Xia Hong's anguished and resentful roar still rang out between the heavens and the earth.

Mu Chen smiled upon hearing the roar's remnants. He then looked down at the battle arena, where there was a stone lion and a gold roll of script above the stone lion, which shimmered under the sun.

That was the bill that had been signed in acknowledgement of the debt, which had been written by Xia Hong previously. The debtor was the Great Xia Dynasty, and the creditor was the Martial Border!

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