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The golden Sovereign Celestial Body stood between heaven and earth. The golden light shined as a mysterious and vast aura also rolled and spread out at this time. The inexplicable pressure shrouded the sky and earth, making the faces of countless strong people change slightly.

They all looked solemnly at the golden Sovereign Celestial Body, where rounds of golden suns were rising, which contained terrible and shocking power.


As the great suns rose, the space in front of them distorted, a bloody red fist directly shattered the space, with the ferocious ominous force charging, that fist, was as if the ancient ferocious beast opened its massive abyss-like mouth to devour the heavens and earth.

Mu Chen stood on the head of the Great Solar Undying Body, his black eyes reflected the terrible red mark of the bloody fist, even at a distance, but the ferocious ominous force of made his robes billow.

Mu Chen's expression turned grave, Xia Hong's punch had reached the extreme of his power, and this fist, not to say those who have just entered the ranks of a Ninth Grade Sovereign, and even a Ninth Grade Sovereign at his peak would have to retreat.

Although this fellow was detestable but his strength was extraordinary indeed.

"If I had not become a Ninth Grade Sovereign at this time, this offensive attack would really be a bit tricky to handle," muttered Mu Chen, staring at the roaring red fist print.

However, what a pity for Xia Hong.

Mu Chen conjured up mystical seals, the next moment, his heart roared lowly like thunder, suddenly resounding, "Nine Sun Super Power, Eight Suns Rise!"


The eight Golden Suns rising in the Great Solar Undying Body exploded and shattered, the golden torrent rolled through the body, and finally condensed in its massive palms.

The golden glow, completely obscured even the sunset of the sky.

"Nine Sun Super Power, Eight Solar Sky Wheel!"

The golden light rapidly condensed on the Great Solar Undying Body's giant palm, as if materialising into something tangible. The spread of golden light directly condensed into a golden wheel about 100 feet in size.

The golden wheel was like a gold plate, full of mysterious and complex runes, ancient and heavy, as if carrying the vast years of heaven and earth.

The golden wheel rose, suspended in front of Mu Chen, like an impenetrable shield, protecting Mu Chen.

Standing behind the golden sky wheel, Mu Chen's expression completely calmed down, his eyes looked emotionlessly at the blood red fist print that had pierced through space and was charging towards him, immediately his palm outstretched, and gently pressed in front of him.


The golden sky wheel, turned slowly at this time, as the ancient runes on it began to shine. The space around it distorted and twisted as if it was about to be shattered under that light.

"Such futile tricks!"

In the distance, Xia Hong looked at this scene, a ferocious smile on his face. He knew the power of his fist, not to mention he was a mere half-step to being a Ninth Grade Sovereign, even if he was a Ninth Grade Sovereign at his peak, he will certainly die!


He roared lowly, and the bloody red fists swept by in countless fearful glances, and at last carried a torrent of ferocity, like a red meteorite, which struck upon the golden sky wheel.


At the moment of the impact, the whole world seemed to have solidified for a moment, and then the shock wave with the ferocious and unparalleled spiritual energy swept through, and all the space in the surrounding range showed signs of distortion at this time, tearing a ferocious deep gully beneath the earth.

In the sky outside the battle arena, the strong kept retreating, afraid of being affected by the shock wave and being injured in the clash.

Xia Hong looked at that red light that was flickering wildly, the smirk at the corners of his mouth grew ferocious. This fool actually thought that he could block his move forcefully? How naive!

"Now, you'll be dead!" Xia Hong laughed maliciously.

However, just as his laughter rang, he stared closely at the impacted area and suddenly his pupils shrank, for he saw that the red light, which had been wildly expanding, had suddenly solidified.

The raging impact of that area, too, solidified at this time, as if time had stalled.

"What's going on?!"

Not only Xia Hong was shocked by this sudden change, but even the other strong men in this world looked at each other, and the violent explosion whom they originally expected, did not seem to have appeared?

Under the gaze of countless eyes between the earth and the sky, the place where the golden light and the blood red light met, the light suddenly began to become calm gradually, and the destructive force was as if it had been forcibly suppressed.

The vision gradually became clear, and then countless strong men's pupils suddenly contracted.

"Is that?" Xia Hong's expression also changed drastically.

In the distance, Mu Chen still stood calmly on the Great Solar Undying Body, and in front of him, the golden wheel was spinning slowly, and in the sky wheel, the bloody red fist seal was in a solidified state. Even the raging ominous force above seems to have stagnated at this point.

That circumstances was as if time in this arena had been frozen.

"How is this possible?!" Xia Hong's face was steely with rage and his eyes were appalled and horrified. The scene in front of him was really beyond his expectations. The fist that had given him all his strength had been so easily frozen, and he could feel that, in this instant, he lost all contact with the offensive attack, and even the spiritual power gathered above, had been out of his control.

The feeling, was as if he had lost his grip on the fist that he had expended all his strength on.

Amidst countless glances of utter disbelief, Mu Chen looked at Xia Hong and smiled, "It seems that this matter is out of your control, Fourth Prince."

"I am afraid I am not worthy enough to be blessed with the gifts of the Fourth Prince, so I will return them to you."

As he finished speaking, Mu Chen's ten fingers formed a circle, as it turned strangely.

As his ten fingers turned, the golden wheel in front of him also turned slowly in an anti-clockwise direction, and with the reverse rotation, everyone was stunned to see that the bloody red fist mark that bombarded towards Mu Chen unexpectedly slowly turned its head, and began to point at the distant Xia Hong.

"He can actually deflect Xia Hong's offensive attack back to him completely?" Seeing this scene, innumerable strong people gasped and there was a horrified silence, before someone exclaimed.

Even Qin Ya, Mu Shan and other people looked frightened, what means was Mu Chen using?

Mu Chen's expression was calm as his black eyes stared at the scene before him. This was the power of the Great Solar Undying Body. The deeper his attainments are, the more he gradually opened up his power, just like the golden sky wheel after summoning eight suns at present. It has an almost perfect offensive and defensive force, and can reverse the trajectory of any offensive attack with ultimate carrying capacity, and it can send it back its original path.

This mystical art was almost as powerful as some Divine Arts, but because it is limited by Mu Chen's power, it also has the limit, once the limit is exceeded, the sky wheel will be destroyed.

Fortunately, however, the current Xia Hong, had not reached that limit.

"Fourth Prince, please be ready to receive it."

Mu Chen smiled at Xia Hong who was horrified in the distance, his hands delivered the seals conjured, and immediately the golden wheel vibrated violently, that red fist seal once again carrying a gush of ferocious ominous force, suddenly shot out.

Only this time, its target, locked onto Xia Hong!


The ferocious ominous force rolled in, Xia Hong's face became incomparably iron green, there was still some fear etched on his face, when he faced his own full strength of a punch, the horrifying power as clear as day.

That seemed unstoppable.

But at this time he had no time to marvel at the strength of his own fist, because the bloody red fist had reached before him, and he could only grit his teeth and stir up all his strength. Ominous force erupted on the Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body, clashing with the blood red fist.


The two collided with each other, the terrible red light raged like a storm, as the earth crumbled and the space twisted.

The red light raged, and cracks began to appear in the body of the mighty Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body, and finally the cracks spread to the whole body, The red light surged and the mighty Sovereign Celestial Body burst and shattered into pieces at this time.


The Sovereign Celestial Body collapsed, and Xia Hong's suddenly twisted drastically, and he spurted a mouthful of blood out. His spiritual power fluctuated rapidly and withered, and he himself flew back from the impact of the shock wave. If not for the protection of the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armour, he would have been half dead now. But even so, the shock of blood in his body had made him aware that he's been hit hard.


Xia Hong's body, landed heavily, dragging deep traces of a thousand feet long on the ground, and where he passed, even the stone lions were blown away.


Xia Hong spurted out a few more mouthfuls of blood, as his body was full of bloody gashes and he was in a humiliated state.

Between heaven and earth, the shock wave gradually dissipated, and everyone looked at the scene in silence, their eyes appalled at a slender figure that was still standing still above the Great Solar Undying Body. Mu Chen's young face had always been calm and did not have the slightest surprise because of Xia Hong's defeat at the moment.

It was as if he had expected this ending all along.

Countless strong people looked at each other, so Xia Hong had lost?

Qin Ya, Mu Shan, Jiang Ling and others also looked shocked. When they looked at the Mu Chen again, their eyes were extremely grave. They knew that after today, Mu Chen's name would also rise in Tianluo Continent, and he would be ranked around 20+ on the List of Powerhouses.

Amidst the shock, Xia Hong finally stabilised his embarrassed state, as he felt his serious injury. His face suddenly became incomparably twisted and ferocious, as he looked towards the strong men of the Great Xia Dynasty, growling in a hoarse and resentful roar.

"Kill them!"

The most powerful old man in gray robes of the Great Xia Dynasty immediately recovered, his eyes shone coldly, and then he joined forces with the other three strong men who had also achieved half step to Ninth Grade Sovereign, and the figures shot out like specters at the same time.

Their target locked onto a beautiful figure.

That's Lin Jing, who seems to be the easiest to deal with!

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