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Chapter 1106 - A Flower

As time passed, the Extreme West of the Greatlaw Continent started to be crowded with the many forces gathering together. There were even some Earth Sovereign powerhouses, which attracted countless amounts of attention.

Under this sort of atmosphere, Mu Chen finally received the news of the Northern Region’s alliance’s arrival.

When the Northern Region’s alliance arrived in the Western City, they had immediately headed towards the Extremely West, which was the location of the initial appearance of the Ancient Haven Palace.

All the top-tiered forces had already surrounded this region. Thus, when Mu Chen received the news, he had immediately left the Western City with the group and headed towards the Northern Region’s alliance. Lin Jing also followed him, since she was a person fond of crowds, to begin with, and with the Ancient Haven Palace on the verge of appearance, she naturally would want to join the crowd.

When Mu Chen’s group arrived, it was already half a day later, with the sun descended halfway, shining at the desolate mountains that the alliance was at.

When Mu Chen’s group approached, they noticed ten-odd sharp gazes directed over from the nearby scouts. All of them had pretty decent strength at about Seventh or Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Sensing those gazes, Mu Chen was also a little startled. It looked like the Northern Region have sent out their elites.

Mu Chen naturally recognised those elites, passing through those gazes as he ascended a lone peak.

Mu Chen saw Mandala’s petite figure at the peak, the latter had clearly sensed him and was waiting for him there.

“I never expected that in just a few days, your name would spread throughout the Greatlaw Continent.” When Mandala saw Mu Chen’s arrival, she couldn’t help teasing him.

Naturally, she had already heard of the battle between Mu Chen and Xia Hong.

“I’m afraid the Xia Empire will be unhappy with me heavily injuring Xia Hong.” Mu Chen cast his lips aside.

“So be it, if the Xia Empire dares, then come to my Great Havenlaw Domain.” Mandala wasn’t bothered about it, since with her current strength, she wasn’t afraid of the Xia Emperor.

“But with the Xia Emperor’s status, he probably won’t do anything to you. But the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire is not a pushover, you must watch out if you encounter him.” Mandala added. If the Xia Emperor didn’t do anything to Mu Chen, then she wouldn’t have a reason to act towards Xia Yu. If she interfered in the battles of the younger generation, then it would change the nature of it.

“As long as the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire isn’t in the Earth Sovereign Realm, I won’t be afraid of him.” Mu Chen smiled with confidence in his words. Even though he was only in the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign and the Crown Prince of the Xia Empire might be a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign, Xia Yu might not be in a better situation if they fought.

“Looks like there are quite a lot of people here?” Mu Chen looked at the peak and saw a few tents and the terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations being emitted that even caused space to tremble.

Mandala nodded her head. “Aside from me, there are five other Earth Sovereigns.”

Mu Chen inwardly smacked his lips. With that amount, practically all of the Earth Sovereigns in the Northern Region were here. It looked like the Northern Region’s forces were also extremely tempted by the Ancient Haven Palace.

If they joined together, this formation could even confront the top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent. Even the Xia Emperor couldn’t possess a Greater Earth Sovereign and five other Lesser Earth Sovereigns.

However, the only pity was that this formation didn’t belong to the Great Havenlaw Domain. So the fighting strength would be reduced, since all of them have thoughts of their own. But at the very least, they would be united when facing external challenges, which could still pose some effect.

“Right, this is my friend, Lin Jing.” Mu Chen introduced Lin Jing, who was standing behind him, to Mandala.

Actually, Mandala had noticed Lin Jing right from the start. But what left her somewhat startled was that she vaguely sensed a rejective force that seemed to be veiled, which made her feel a little pressure.

There had to be a seal left by a powerful expert in the girl to protect her.

Mandala nodded her head towards Lin Jing, before her golden pupils flashed. Looks like the background of this girl isn’t simple. That seal is something that only experts at least in the Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm could do.

Lin Jing chuckled as she greeted Mandala. She was also looking at the latter with curiosity, since she never expected the ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain to be a cute little girl.

“When can we enter the Ancient Haven Palace?” Mu Chen asked. With so many people gathered, they should find a method to enter the Ancient Haven Palace.

Mandala shook her head and brought Mu Chen to the border of the mountain, then pointed towards the distance.

Looking in that direction, Mu Chen’s gaze slightly changed when he saw a boundless wasteland behind the mountains. But in the space in the depths was broken with spatial fragments flying around. The spatial fragments were so extremely sharp that anyone beneath Earth Sovereign would probably be split into two the moment they came in contact with them.

It was like an enraged Primordial Beast that wanted to devour anyone that got close.

Mu Chen could vaguely see an ancient palace in the fragments. It had a mysterious and desolate aura.

“With that wasteland as a dividing line, the surroundings are gathered with top-tiered forces but no one dares to enter.” Mandala looked at the violent space.

“Why?” Mu Chen was startled. Perhaps those spatial fragments would be harmful to people like them who hadn’t stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm, but with the strength of Mandala and the rest, they should be able to enter, right?

“Space there has already been reduced to fragments by the Ancient Haven Palace. So the moment Earth Sovereigns stepped in, it would go beyond the limit and space would rupture. The destructive force is something that not even a Greater Earth Sovereign could bear. They might even be unfortunate and be trapped in it, losing their sense of direction in the space turbulence. Those with luck might be able to encounter a Lower Plane and survive, but those those unfortunate would probably be dead.” Mandala spoke in a grave expression.

When Mu Chen heard those words, he inwardly smacked his lips. So it turned out that this place was that dangerous, but it looked rather similar to the Divine Beast Origin, which didn’t allow powerful existences to enter.


“There is another location in the Ancient Haven Palace that allows Earth Sovereigns to enter. Furthermore, it will not cause space to rupture.” Mandala continued slowly.

“Where is it?” Mu Chen was stunned.

“The Heavenly Emperor Cemetery.” Mandala spoke word-by-word.

Hearing that name, Mu Chen was startled. He could already guess from the words, “The Heavenly Emperor is buried there?”

Mandala nodded her head. “The Heavenly Emperor Cemetery was built by the Heavenly Emperor himself, a realm. So the Heavenly Emperor will definitely be there with his death.”

Mu Chen gently nodded his head. For Greater Earth Sovereigns, those that could tempt them was probably not powerful Saint Artifacts but the Peerless Divine Ability, the Three Pures.

Naturally, if they wanted to obtain that Peerless Divine Ability, then they could only try their luck in the cemetery of the Heavenly Emperor.

“According to my estimations, the most possible method is to have all the powerhouses temporarily open a passage and send their men that could bear it inside.” Mandala stared at Mu Chen as she continued, “Taking you for example. If you can reach the Heavenly Emperor Cemetery and crush this thing, we will be able to use it as a pinpoint to enter directly.”

As she spoke, Mandala opened her hand and a jade that was flickering with spiritual light appeared, emitting spatial fluctuations.

Mu Chen received it, feeling relieved. Without Earth Sovereigns, it would definitely be beneficial to this trip to the Ancient Haven Palace.

“You are also interested in the Three Pures? But I’m afraid that the competition will be tough.” Mu Chen fondled the jade as he spoke.

If the Peerless Divine Ability appeared, all Greater Earth Sovereigns would probably have their eyes redden and compete over it. Even the Earth Sovereigns in their alliance might have their guards against each other. After all, if they could obtain it, then it would be worth it, even if they had to abandon their foundation in the Northern Region.

Mandala shook her head, which was out of Mu Chen’s expectation, and looked at the shattered space. “Not just anyone can obtain that Peerless Divine Ability, nor cultivate it…”

Mandala narrowed her eyes and faintly said, “This trip to the Ancient Haven Palace is to search for my main body.”

Mu Chen’s pupils suddenly contracted as he looked at Mandala with shock. “This is not your main body?”

If that was not the main body, then Mandala’s current strength was her Spiritual Body?

“What is your main body?”

Mandala glanced at Mu Chen and smiled, “A flower plucked by the Heavenly Emperor when he was alive…”

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