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The majestic ferocity swept across the ground, and the great Sovereign Celestial Body stood between heaven and earth, domineering and fierce. In this part of the world, as all of the strong people looked at the red Sovereign Celestial Body and they felt its terrible ferocity, their expressions became grave.

"Is this the Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body that is practiced by Xia Hong? It is said that, in order to cultivate this Sovereign Celestial Body, one must first refine the spirits of nine ferocious beasts, a process which is extremely dangerous! Once practiced, the Sovereign Celestial Body has the soul-stirring ferocious spirit of a fierce beast. Moreover, if ordinary Sovereign Celestial Bodies come into contact with it, it will be shattered by its fierce domineering aura!" someone from the onlookers shouted.

Some of the strong people present could not help but wonder, as Xia Hong's practice of this Sovereign Celestial Body was ranked 57 on the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Body, which was a ranking that made countless people envious. After all, many of the most powerful people had condensed Sovereign Celestial Bodies that were ordinary.

It was very rare that a few lucky ones were able to obtain some of the lowest ranking Sovereign Celestial Body practices. As such, a higher-ranked Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body could only be obtained by the most elite among the strong top forces.

"As you can rely on the strength of your half step to Ninth Grade Sovereign to force me to reveal my Sovereign Celestial Body, it means that you are indeed capable." Xia Hong looked down, his tone indifferent.

Mu Chen stared at the Sovereign Celestial Body that was radiating with a fierce spirit, a touch of amazement coloring his gaze. After all, he was standing before Xia Hong, who was ranked 20 on the List of Powerhouses in the Tianluo Continent!

Today, with all the means that he had shown, even those who were at the peak of Ninth Grade Sovereign would not be able to do anything about him, let alone one who has just become a Ninth Grade Sovereign!

Xia Hong slowly rose and landed on the huge shoulders of the Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body. He then looked down at Mu Chen, and with a cruel smile on his face, stomped sharply downward with the soles of his feet!


The aura of the Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body seemed as if it was exploding, and red ferocious gas roared past, sweeping towards Mu Chen. Xia Hong's offensive attack had once again been greatly enhanced.

As Mu Chen looked at the approaching red flood, his gaze turned solemn. He immediately conjured up some seals, causing a golden light to erupt from his body. As he turned to deal out a blow, the sound of a dragon's roar howled out, clashing hard with the torrent.


At this time, however, Xia Hong's attack had obviously become too strong, so when the golden light fist collided with it, it only persisted for a moment, then was swallowed up entirely by the torrent.

"Summon your Sovereign Celestial Body, or you will have no chance." Xia Hong looked upon the scene with indifference. After all, it was naive for Mu Chen to have thought that he could resist such an offensive attack in his own strength!

As the red flood expanded, it was reflected in Mu Chen's eyes. He pursed his mouth and immediately closed his eyes, bracing himself. The next moment, his eyes opened again, the golden light suddenly bursting forth from them.


The vast spiritual power suddenly rose from within Mu Chen's body, as if there was a round, golden sun rising behind him. The golden light then condensed, and a golden giant appeared behind Mu Chen.

At that exact moment, a mighty and mysterious aura spread out. The golden giant silhouette appeared, while golden light permeated throughout the space, directly forming a huge golden light barrier that enshrouded the entire body.

When the red torrent rushed towards it, it was immediately melted by the layers of golden light. It then dissipated into thin air.

Everyone was shocked to witness the scene before them. They were in awe at the Sovereign Celestial Body Mu that Chen had cultivated!

At this time, numerous glances focused towards the bright golden light, and when the golden light dimmed a bit, they could see it more clearly, leaving them to inhale collectively in shock.

In the middle of the sky, just behind Mu Chen, a massive golden silhouette stood quietly. Golden light flowed around the Sovereign Celestial Body, and behind its head, a round, golden sun was suspended. An unfathomable sense of mystery spread all around it, making one feel an inexplicable sense of oppression.

"What is this Sovereign Celestial Body?" Innumerable powerful people murmured altogether in awe, as Mu Chen's Sovereign Celestial Body was quite strange.

In the distant sky, Qin Ya, Mu Shan, and the others were looking at the golden Sovereign Celestial Body with startled looks in their eyes. One of them frowned and said, "This is not one of the Sovereign Celestial Bodies in the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies..."

As the vast Great Thousand World was endless, the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies was not completely inclusive, so naturally there were some mysterious and powerful Sovereign Celestial Bodies that had not yet been recorded. This was the only explanation that any of them could presently think of.

"Does this Sovereign Celestial Body seem familiar to any of you?" Qin Ya hesitated for a moment, then asked the others.

Upon hearing this, Mu Shan and Jiang Ling pondered slightly, then immediately thought about something, shock gripping their hearts. Jian Ling then said, appalled, "It seems a bit like the mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body that Saint Demon Palace's Garuda cultivated."

Qin Ya's beautiful face was solemn and she looked uncertain. She had also seen the young powerful man ranked third in the Tianluo Continent's List of Powerhouses, who had displayed the Sovereign Celestial Body that he had cultivated, which was roughly similar to what Mu Chen was doing at the moment.

"It's kind of like it, but I can't be sure," she commented, unwilling to completely agree.

Mu Shan and Jiang Ling thought more about it, then Jiang Ling finally said, "Perhaps it is just a resemblance. Garuda is so powerful, and it is said that the Sovereign Celestial Body that he cultivated was overbearing and mysterious, and that even the two people who were ranked before him were quite afraid of his Sovereign Celestial Body. But, this Mu Chen comes from the Daluo Territory, so how could he possess such mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body practices?"

Hearing this, Qin Ya nodded gently, thinking that perhaps this was just a coincidence. But, even so, Mu Chen's Sovereign Celestial Body was still quite extraordinary, as it could match Xia Hong's Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body! As such, this confrontation was unexpectedly fierce!

"Is this the Sovereign Celestial Body that Mu Chen cultivated?" Lin Jing was looking at the golden Celestial Body curiously.

When she had first seen Mu Chen, he had not yet refined a Sovereign Celestial Body and was still collecting materials for it. Now, his Sovereign Celestial Body was truly extraordinary. It seemed that, over the years, he had indeed improved by leaps and bounds!

As the crowd continued to murmur amongst themselves, Xia Hong looked at the golden body with narrowed eyes. The majestic and mysterious aura that had spread out from the latter's huge body made his expression uneasy, but then, his demeanor turned into cold and fierce. No matter how Mu Chen struggled today, his fate was sealed!

Murderous intent surged in Xia Hong's eyes, then he took a deep breath. His face was cold, but his hands suddenly clasped together and conjured up rather strange seals.


At the exact moment that Xia Hong formed his seals, the Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body under his feet roared lowly.

The red light swept through, only to see that the nine ferocious beasts' emblems around the Sovereign Celestial Body were vibrating. In the next moment, as if they were alive, they directly separated from the Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body. They then surrounded the body, their red eyes locked onto Mu Chen, as if they were about to devour him!

Xia Hong's face was expressionless. Then, as he conjured up seals with both of his palms, they began to change to resemble beast forms!

"Sovereign Nine Beasts Art, Tiger Demon!" he shouted.

Accompanied by Xia Hong's seals, the dark tiger on the Sovereign Celestial Body let out a skyward roar, its red light surging.

"Bear Demon!"

"Tortoise Demon!"

"Bull Demon!"

An indifferent voice rang out and, at the same time, the nine fierce beasts around Xia Hong opened their eyes, releasing a terrible and fierce aura over the entire world. When Qin Ya and the others saw this, their faces were grave.

"This Xia Hong must have expended an immense amount of energy to coordinate the Sovereign Nine Beasts Art with the Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body! This will make his strength rise to the extreme! In fact, it is said that he once used it to defeat a Ninth Grade Sovereign at his peak!"

"Dragon Demon!" Amid the fearful glances, Xia Hong uttered his last cold command. At the same time, the giant black dragon that was circling above opened its eyes.

The nine ferocious beasts also opened their eyes at that moment, as if heaven and earth had returned to a state of savage ruins. As such, an ominous force permeated the entire atmosphere.

"Sovereign Nine Beasts Art, Nine Ferocious Heavenly Demon Fist!" he yelled.

The murderous intent in Xia Hong's eyes almost materialized in physical matter at this time, as on his body, the vast and fierce ominous force surged, like a blood aura covering the sky. Then, his eyes stared darkly at Mu Chen, as he dealt another fierce blow.


The nine ferocious beasts let out skyward roars, accompanied by a blow from the Sovereign Celestial Body, which roared out as a rolling red light, then quickly merged into a huge red fist. Accompanying the punch, the nine beasts growled, their terrible and ominous force seeming to devour the entire sky.

The power of this punch caused a cold shiver to run down the backs of many, for they knew that if this punch had been directed at them, they would fall on the spot!

The bloody red fists spread throughout the sky, while Mu Chen, who stood on the Great Solar Undying Body, looked grave. He then took a deep breath and lifted his hands slowly.

With his hands raised, the Great Solar Undying Body under his feet burst out in a dazzling golden light. Then, the innumerable strong men of heaven and earth saw a round, golden sun rise slowly from the massive Great Solar Undying Body.

One by one, eight suns then rose consecutively, as Mu Chen shouted, "Nine Sun Super Power, Eight Suns Rise!"

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