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In the great battle arena, Xia Hong stood tall. Crimson waves swept out from his body, and such momentum actually made the heavens and earth darken.

He pointed the crimson spear towards the ground, and the tip of the spear shimmered with red light. As it shined and surged, a wave tore the hard ground apart like tofu, and deep and unfathomable cracks were gouged out of the ground.

Red armor wrapped around his body. A red dragon soared on the battle armor, and the roars of a dragon could vaguely be heard as strong spiritual energy fluctuations gradually radiated. Xia Hong's momentum was so strong that it caused many to shiver.

In this part of the world, the strong men from all sides also looked at Xia Hong with shocked expressions. Finally, they shook their heads with envy. The Great Xia Dynasty was indeed rich. This set of equipment on Xia Hong's body was enough to make the other Ninth Grade Sovereigns jealous.

This was a true set of Quasi-Divine Artifacts, and combined, other ordinary Quasi-Divine Artifacts were not comparable. With the help of those two Quasi-Divine Artifacts, this time, Xia Hong could really contend with Ninth Grade Sovereigns at their peak.

Nine Nether looked at this scene, and her beautiful face could not help but change. Even she was aware of a thick sense of threat emanating from Xia Hong.

Tan Ya gnashed her teeth and could not help but to say, "This guy is shameless. He's already a Ninth Grade Sovereign but has to rely on the power of the Quasi-Divine Artifacts."

Bai Lao and the others also looked immensely worried. Although they had seen Mu Chen conquer Dragon-Arm Sovereign, Xia Hong's combat prowess far surpassed that of Dragon-Arm Sovereign's.

"When you fight, it's only a matter of who wins and who loses. The loser is not qualified to question the winner's way of winning." Xia Hong swung his battle spear slightly, and the spear glowed with scarlet light as he glanced coldly at Mu Chen.


When his voice had just fallen, his eyes were instantly cold, and his body burst out like a flash of lightning. The Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear swung as 100 feet of red rainbow surged. A sharp and unparalleled air of murderous intent soared into the sky as if tearing it apart.

The aura of the spear was so fast that it appeared in front of Mu Chen in the blink of an eye, and it surprised him a little. With the help of the spear and armor to increase his power, Xia Hong was nearly twice as strong as before.


The long spear pierced through the void as Mu Chen hurriedly retreated two steps. With a wave of his sleeves, the roars of a dragon sounded as the real dragon spirit took off, transforming into the purple gold light shield, protecting Mu Chen.


The long scarlet spear landed harshly on the purple gold light shield, and the crimson light exploded in a frenzy. The light barrier formed by the spirit of the real dragon withstood it for a few moments but was eventually penetrated by the spear as it charged straight towards Mu Chen's throat.

Even though Mu Chen's real dragon spirit had evolved, the strength it possessed today was at best only a half-step to Ninth Grade Sovereign. However, now Xia Hong's attack intensity had reached a new level, so Mu Chen's defense could no longer prevent it from attacking and could only put up some form of resistance.

The spear shot towards Mu Chen at lightning speed, and just as it was about to stab Mu Chen's throat, suddenly a light condensed in the middle of his forehead. A strange vertical eye suddenly opened, and a fierce black light beam surged out as the space in front of it shattered.


The black beam of light hit the spear, and a terrible shockwave burst out. The unstoppable spear was finally stopped by the shockwave.

"You have a Quasi-Divine Artifact, too!" The spear retreated as Xia Hong's gaze flashed in shock, looking at the strange vertical eye on Mu Chen's forehead.

"I wonder if your Quasi-Divine Artifact is comparable to mine?" Xia Hong harrumphed coldly, and his palm suddenly shook as the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear shot out of his hand, transforming into a huge scarlet dragon spear beam. Extremely domineering majestic spiritual energy swept out.


The huge scarlet dragon spear beam swooped down carrying the power of destruction and directly enveloped Mu Chen. In the face of such a fierce offensive attack, even a real Ninth Grade Sovereign would find it extremely dangerous.

Mu Chen looked at the huge scarlet dragon spear beam, which magnified in his eyes, and his gaze grew solemn. The next moment, the purple gold light burst out of his body again, and a pair of giant phoenix wings stretched out from his back.


The phoenix wings fanned as Mu Chen disappeared from his original spot.


The huge scarlet dragon spear beam swooped down and exploded on the ground. The earth collapsed for hundreds of feet around, and a deep gully appeared in the ground.

"How fast!" A blow unexpectedly failed. Xia Hong's eyes narrowed. The speed at which Mu Chen vanished was so fast that even he was a little frightened. Had this guy suppressed his speed previously?


As these thoughts ran through Xia Hong's mind, a ghostly figure had appeared behind him. His face changed as he clenched his fist, and the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear roared back.


However, Mu Chen, who was behind him, did not give him a chance. His expression was cold as he dealt out a punch.


In one punch, the sounds of dragons roaring and phoenixes crying reverberated as the spirit of the real dragon and phoenix entwined. Accompanied by Mu Chen's blow, they transformed into purple gold light, suddenly surging out.

With the punch, the purple gold ray of light was like a shock to the air. Layers of ripples were visible as the faint boom of an explosion rang out. The ground under their feet was torn out leaving a deep gully.

Mu Chen's fist had gathered the spirit of the real dragon and phoenix. With the two combined, even a true Ninth Grade Sovereign would certainly be seriously injured.

Aware of the terrible force coming from behind, Xia Hong's gaze also turned grave. Naturally, he could feel that Mu Chen's blow had become stronger than before. And the latter, who had previously taken advantage of his speed, had made it impossible for him to escape the punch.

Xia Hong's gaze flickered. He immediately sneered as he flicked his finger. The Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear tore a hole through the space, and fierce crimson light charged straight towards Mu Chen's head, apparently intending to attack instead of guard.


However, Mu Chen simply ignored the battle spear charging ferociously at him. His punch containing powerful spiritual energy pierced the space and finally hit Xia Hong's back.


The sound of gold and iron clashing suddenly sounded as Mu Chen's fist hit Xia Hong's Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor. Immediately, red light surged and scarlet dragon runes hovered. As the dragon's mouth opened, a terrible power poured in and swallowed it up. This Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor's defense far surpassed Mu Chen's expectations.


Even so, Mu Chen's fist still caused Xia Hong to fly backwards. As Xia Hong flew, a dark beam burst again from the Exterminating Eye on Mu Chen's forehead and deflected the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear charging towards him.

Xia Hong landed on the ground but quickly steadied himself. He clenched his fists, and the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear was once again in his hands. His eyes were cold as he glanced at Mu Chen. If he had not had the protection of the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor, Mu Chen's blow would have injured him severely.

The expressions of the strong men looking at the fierce confrontation between the two gradually grew solemn. Some glances towards Mu Chen were also colored with fear.

Qin Ya, Mu Shan, Jiang Ling, and others also looked solemn. The confrontation between Mu Chen and Xia Hong was lightning fast, but they could clearly detect the danger among them. If anyone was slightly negligent, they would pay a terrible price.

Qin Ya sighed and said, "This Mu Chen will rise to fame after this battle."

To be able to take on Xia Hong, who was a Ninth Grade Sovereign and had summoned two Quasi-Divine Artifacts, with the strength of a half step into Ninth Grade Sovereign and still not lose, was comparable to ranking 20th or so on the Powerhouse List of Tianluo Continent.

"I can't even grind you to death like this? What a stinking and hard stone." Under countless impressed gazes, Xia Hong glanced at Mu Chen darkly. His voice did not show the slightest emotion.

However, in his heart, there was a slight trace of regret. If he had known that Mu Chen would be so difficult to deal with, he would have thought of a complete solution to end Mu Chen and not end up like this, forcing himself down a road of no return.

At this point, he and Mu Chen must determine victory and defeat. Otherwise, today he would indeed become a stepping stone for Mu Chen. The proud Xia Hong absolutely could not tolerate this.

If news of this got back to the Great Xia Dynasty, it would certainly affect his father's opinion of him. He would receive less grace, and his other brothers would climb over him.

Mu Chen must die today!

At this point, Xia Hong's eyes surged with murderous intent and glared at Mu Chen so ferociously that the temperature between heaven and earth lowered. Xia Hong's gaze was ruthless as his palms slowly loosened the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear and immediate conjured up seals.


The space behind Xia Hong suddenly become distorted, and a majestic vast Sovereign Sea emerged. Within the Sovereign Sea, the spiritual energy was scarlet, as if it contained a monstrous murderous aura.


The Sovereign Sea rolled endlessly, and all of a sudden, the spiritual power rose into the sky, directly through the Sovereign Sea, and turned the sky above the battle arena into a bloody world.

Blood red spiritual energy frantically condensed behind Xiao Hong, and in just a few moments, amid countless shocked eyes, condensed into a Sovereign Celestial Body thousands of feet huge.

The Sovereign Celestial Body was dark red, and a fierce and domineering spirit swept through it. The effect was suffocating. The Sovereign Celestial Body's arms, feet, chest, and back had nine beast runes, and ferocious, ominous force burst out of the runes as if primordial ferocious beasts had passed through time and space and emerged.

Ferocious and brutal!

Mu Chen looked at the Sovereign Celestial Body. His eyes narrowed, and then a message passed through his mind. Nine Ferocious Heavenly Beast Body, List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, ranked 57th!

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