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Mu Chen's calm and composed laughter resonated throughout the huge stadium. It also reached the ears of the countless spectators around the sky, some of whom could not resist laughing with him.

This kid from Daluo Territory has guts!

Ignoring his many powerful subordinates, Xia Hong himself had recently entered into Grade Nine, which placed him within the top 30 powerful youths in the Tianluo Continent. Although Xia Hong had just achieved Grade Nine, his actual combat strength was much higher that that.

Before this, with his newly attained Grade Nine powers, he was able to survive an encounter with a Grade Nine Sovereign at his peak. This alone was shocking enough. Mu Chen, however, was not shocking at all.

In the sky far above the stadium, Qin Ya, Mu Shan, and Jiang Lin stood in the air. They looked upon the stadium with fervent interest, obviously intrigued by the fearlessness of Mu Chen.

No one knew whether he was really confident or was just toughing it out...

When the countless powerful individuals that filled the sky were praising Mu Chen's confidence and guts, Xia Hong's eyes squinted slightly. Staring at Mu Chen, he said jokingly, "I did not expect a day would come, where I would be looked upon as a stepping stone."

He had clearly seen through Mu Chen's intentions. It was evident that the latter wanted to use him as a stepping stone. If Mu Chen could defeat Xia Hong here, Mu Chen's name would spread far and wide in the Tianluo Continent. When that time came, if he wanted to take away the amulet, the others would have to think twice before stopping him!

"Won't it be a waste to not accept a free gift, which was delivered to my doorstep?" Mu Chen asked, while smiling. He pretended as if he did not notice Xia Hong's dangerous gaze.

"You think you are worthy?" With a treacherous smile, Xia Hong's lips curved into an extremely sinister angle. Then, with a wave of his palm, he commanded, "Wang Wu, take care of him."


As Xia Hong's voice fell, a figure behind him flew out suddenly, sending out a wave of immense spiritual energy. The spiritual energy fluctuation had also reached halfway into Grade Nine!

The figure, which carried with him an immense spiritual energy, shot straight at Mu Chen. It could be seen that he had a blood-red longsword in his hand, too! Moreover, his killing intent and swift movements indicated that he was experienced on the battlefield.

At this time, some of the spectators in the surrounding sky sighed silently. The Great Xia Dynasty was indeed the absolute ruler in the West Territory. With their deep foundation, even a warrior, who they had casually sent, had achieved halfway to Grade Nine. This strength, in other places, could be considered the highest standard, even among the elites.

The figure moved extremely quickly, appearing in front of Mu Chen almost within a few blinks. His eyes were ice old, and the blood sword that he was holding slashed down immediately. A blood-red light then arose, rushing upwards, as if a blood-red crescent moon was striking toward Mu Chen's head squarely.

The person moved unusually quick, swinging with his full strength. If any other Half Grade Nine took that hit, they would have fallen immediately.

The blood-red light filled Mu Chen's eyeballs. But, surprisingly to the onlookers, his face remained calm and peaceful, unfazed by the oncoming blade of light.

Behind him, Nine Nether, Bai Lao, and Qiu Tan were all standing still, each with sardonic expressions in their eyes. Lin Jing, however, opened her big googly eyes, watching with excitement. She wanted to witness Mu Chen's improvements with her own eyes.

Under the gaze of the many powerful individuals, the blood-red blade of light enveloped Mu Chen, who still did not move at all. At that moment, he closed his eyes slowly, as if giving up all resistance, allowing the blade to cut him.

"You are seeking death!" Seeing this, the man could not help but sneer.

The blade of light swept downward, but as it approached Mu Chen's body, a golden light shone brightly from his body. At the same time, an earth-shattering dragon's roar echoed in the air.

The golden light exploded, and a purplish golden giant dragon suddenly emerged from inside Mu Chen. An indescribable and oppressive aura filled the air, causing the blade to immediately stop in its tracks.


The purplish gold giant dragon coiled around Mu Chen, its claws clenched tight. The claws then turned suddenly into dragon fists, which immediately sent a punch crashing into the blade of light.


A wave of power, violent and without match, swept forth, shaking the void. Golden light also filled the place.

The man with the sword suddenly had a terrified expression on his face, as he felt a strong power coming from the tip of his sword. This power carried destruction within it! Even as he tried to release all of the spiritual energy within him, it immediately dissipated as it met the vibration.


The blood-red longsword immediately shattered, injuring the man seriously. His body was sent flying backward and blood was squirting everywhere! Finally, he slumped on the floor.


The faces of the powerful individuals fell. Obviously, no one had expected this Half Grade Nine to be defeated in such an awkward manner, especially in just a few moments! In fact, before Mu Chen even moved a finger, the man with the sword had already fallen!


Countless gazes then looked toward Mu Chen's direction. The purplish gold dragon had coiled around Mu Chen and was roaring continuously, stirring up the air. At the same time, the gigantic dragon's body was exuding an oppressive and majestic aura. However, Mu Chen still stood with his hands down, his youthful face undisturbed and calm.

"The aura from the dragon, this pressure, it is rare, even among the Dragon Clan!" a spectator in the sky marveled loudly, shocked as he noticed the uniqueness of the purplish gold dragon. Other onlookers began to comment as well...

"Could it be that this Mu Chen is a descendant of the Dragon Clan?"

"He is indeed human, but perhaps he has cultivated a technique related to the Dragon Clan!"

"This dragon looks like the real thing, but it still carries a feeling of transparency. But, judging from the power that exploded from within it, it seems to have exceeded most Half Grade Nines."

"By merely materializing a cultivated dragon, he defeated a Half Grade Nine!"

Many powerful individuals could not resist squinting their eyes in amazement.

What kind of great secret was this? This Mu Chen was truly sophisticated. No wonder he was fearless, even when facing Xia Hong!

It turns out that his trump card was as strong as his opponent's!

As he was now depending on the power of the purplish gold dragon, along with his own strength, it seemed that he was more than ready to face the powerful individuals that had newly attained the level of Grade Nine. Lin Jing blinked and observed the purplish gold dragon, which was still coiling around Mu Chen.

"It is truly the aura of a dragon," she mumbled.

She knew the truth behind the dragon. So, she was aware of the relative purity of the dragon's aura, which was obviously due to its pure origins. This was because she had once seen a true dragon of the Dragon Clan during a visit to her father at the martial border.

The aura of that true dragon was majestic and sombre, as if it was controlling the world. And now, the aura from Mu Chen's dragon felt exactly the same.

Meanwhile, Xia Hong was watching the scene from the throne, the scornful smile on his face slowly fading away.

With a goblet in his hand, he stared at Mu Chen expressionlessly. His eyes were sharp as knives, causing others hearts' to palpitate in fear.

However, Mu Chen simply ignored his cruel eyes. He looked at the spirit of the real dragon coiled around him, then turned toward Xia Hong and said calmly, "It is rude to not repay a gift."

As he finished speaking, he stepped forward. He then clenched his fists and a shining, bright gold light rushed out from his body. He had just sent a fist flying out!


As Mu Chen punched the air, the dragon roared, directly transforming into a stream of purplish gold light that rushed down and combined with Mu Chen's knuckle, becoming a flying fist. The purplish gold fist looked like a dragon that was brandishing its claws. As the fist was sent out, a terrifying energy wave swept forth, shattering the earth.

This punch was several times more powerful than the blade, which was created by the man with the sword! Facing this punch, even some of the newly attained Grade Nine Sovereigns could not help looking sullen. Fear was apparent in everyone's eyes.


The golden dragon fist swept forth as fast as thunder. Within seconds, it was already in front of Xia Hong. Xia Hong's face turned dark, while an icy cold light shone in his eyes.

Even after seeing Mu Chen's fist, which was intended to spread the latter's fame, he did not budge. Rather, he sneered at Mu Chen. "Let me, the prince, weigh how much strength you have!"

As he finished speaking, he curled his fingers up, as if they were claws, then scratched at the air. Suddenly, a dark light shone from his fingers. Between the claws, a spiritual light was shining, as if it was turning into a black shadow of a tiger, opening its ferocious jaws to devour the sky.


Then, the golden dragon fist rushed violently forward, colliding brutally with Xia Hong's black tiger claws!

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