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Chapter 1100 - The Eighth Solar!

The boundless Ominous Aura dominated forth and a massive Sovereign Celestial Body appeared as if it was the joint body of Primordial Ominous Beasts from the ancient times, looking both overbearing and ferocious.

Everyone had their eyelids twitched at this sight as they looked at the crimson Sovereign Celestial Body. Their eyes had turned grave when they felt the terrifying Ominous Aura.

“This is the Nine Ominous Beast Body that Xia Hong has cultivated. It requires the souls of nine Ominous Beasts. The process of refining them is extremely dangerous and upon success, it would possess an Ominous Aura akin to the Ominous Beasts that could even shatter ordinary Sovereign Celestial Bodies.” Someone exclaimed and many people felt envious with Xia Hong’s Sovereign Celestial Body.

After all, most of them refined an ordinary Sovereign Celestial Body, some with better fortune could obtain those in the rear rankings. But compared to one that was ranked at the 57th, only those top-tiered forces with deep foundations could possess them. They’re not things that ordinary experts could obtain, since it would bring them a disaster instead.

“You’re capable to be able to force this Prince to bring out my Sovereign Celestial Body with your cultivation at the Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm…” Xia Hong squinted his eyes as he spoke with indifference under everyone’s shocked gazes.

Mu Chen looked at the Sovereign Celestial Body that was releasing torrential Ominous Aura with a flash of shock in his eyes. Xia Hong truly had his means for being able to be ranked in the 20s in the Greatlaw Continent.

With the ability that he had revealed today, not to mention an Initial Phase Ninth Grade Sovereign, even pinnacle level Ninth Grade Sovereigns couldn’t do a thing to him.

Xia Hong slowly rose up and stood on the shoulder of the Nine Ominous Beast Body, then indifferently looked at Mu Chen with a cruel smile hanging on his lips, before he suddenly stomped his feet.


A torrential Ominous Aura exploded from the Nine Ominous Beast Body and formed into a river that was a thousand feet long and swept down at Mu Chen.

With the power of the Nine Ominous Beast Body, Xia Hong’s attacks have been greatly strengthened.

Looking at the crimson river, Mu Chen narrowed his eyes and both of his hands joined together, then a golden light blossomed. Throwing a fist forth, a boundless golden light palm roared with draconic roars and clashed with the river.


But Xia Hong’s attack had clearly been greatly strengthened. So when it clashed with the golden palm, it had only lasted for a brief moment before it was devoured by the river.

“Bring out your Sovereign Celestial Body or you will have no chance today.” Xia Hong indifferently looked at this scene. Mu Chen was truly too naïve if he wanted to resist such an attack with his own strength.

As the river swiftly expanded before Mu Chen’s eyes, Mu Chen curled his lips, then he closed his eyes. When he reopened them, a golden lustre suddenly exploded from his eyes, dying his eyes golden.


Massive amounts of Spiritual Energy soared from Mu Chen’s body, like a golden sun that rose behind Mu Chen. The golden lustre condensed and a golden giant appeared behind Mu Chen with a boundless and mysterious air emitting around it.

The golden silhouette appeared and dispersed a golden lustre, forming into a massive shield that enveloped a thousand feet in radius from him.

When the crimson river was a thousand feet away from it, it was swiftly dispersed by the layers of golden light and by the time it reached Mu Chen, it had already disappeared.

Everyone slightly narrowed their eyes. Just how powerful was the Sovereign Celestial Body that Mu Chen had cultivated for it to disperse Xia Hong’s attack in this manner?

Countless gazes focused on the dazzling lustre and when the dazzling golden light turned dark, only then could they clearly see the figure in it and everyone took in cold breaths.

There was a golden giant standing behind Mu Chen and a golden light was circulating around it, as if it was forged with gold, and a sun was hovering behind its head, emitting a mysterious and indescribable pressure.

“What Sovereign Celestial Body is that?” Everyone asked in doubt, since they were unfamiliar with Mu Chen’s Sovereign Celestial Body. It wasn’t in the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies, but judging from the power of it, it didn’t seem to be an ordinary Sovereign Celestial Body.

When Qin Ya, Mu Shan and the rest looked at this golden Sovereign Celestial Body in puzzlement, they tightly knitted their brows. “This is not amongst the 99 Rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies, could it be a powerful Sovereign Celestial Body that has not been ranked yet?”

With how massive the Sovereign Celestial Body was, not all the Sovereign Celestial Bodies were included in the ranking, since there were some exceptional ones that have not been ranked.

“Why does this Sovereign Celestial Body look a little familiar?” Qin Ya asked after a brief hesitation.

Mu Shan and Jiang Ling were stunned, before they briefly pondered. Their hearts trembled when they exclaimed, “Why does it look similar to the mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body that Garua of the Demonic Saint Palace has cultivated?”

Qin Ya wore a grave expression, since she couldn’t be certain. She had not seen the Sovereign Celestial Body of Garuda and despite the similarities, it didn’t look exactly the same. “It does look a little similar, but I cannot be certain, for sure.”

Mu Shan and Jiang Ling pondered. “Perhaps it’s only similar, what kind of existence is Garuda? His Sovereign Celestial Body is said to be powerful and mysterious to the point that even the two ranked before him are fearful of his Sovereign Celestial Body. So how could someone from the Great Havenlaw Domain possess the cultivation technique to that mysterious Sovereign Celestial Body?”

Qin Ya nodded her head in agreement. Perhaps it’s just a similarity. The Sovereign Celestial Body that Mu Chen had cultivated was extremely unique, since it didn’t seem to be beneath Xia Hong’s Nine Ominous Beast Body. The confrontation between the two of them was truly filled with surprises.

“This is the Sovereign Celestial Body that Mu Chen has cultivated?” Lin Jing curiously looked at the golden Sovereign Celestial Body. Back when she first met Mu Chen, the latter had yet to refine his Sovereign Celestial Body, since he had not gathered the sufficient materials. So when she looked at it now, it did seem somewhat special. It looked like he had not been spending his past few years in vain.

Under all the whispers, Xia Hong had also contracted his eyes at the golden Sovereign Celestial Body. The majestic and mysterious feeling that it gave off made him feel uneasy. But shortly after, his gaze turned cold. No matter how Mu Chen struggled, he would not be able to change the outcome of this battle.

“I can’t drag this on any longer…” Killing intent surged in Xia Hong’s eyes before he took a deep breath and his countenance turned cold. Both of his hands suddenly joined together and he formed some unusual seals.


The moment he formed his seals, a deep roar came from the Nine Ominous Beast Body beneath his feet and the roars soared into the sky with a torrential aura.

The runes that covered his body trembled and looked like they had come to life, separating from the Nine Ominous Beast Body and fixated their crimson eyes on Mu Chen. It’s as if they wanted to devour him.

Without any expression, Xia Hong formed the seals that vaguely looked like beasts. “Sovereign Ability - Nine Beast Art! Demonic Tiger!”

As he formed his seals, the black tiger on the Sovereign Celestial Body exploded with crimson lustre.

“Demonic Bear! Demonic Tortoise! Demonic Bull!”

An indifferent voice resounded out as the nine ominous beasts around the Xia Hong opened their eyes with a horrifying surge of Ominous Aura dominating the heavens and earth.

When Qin Ya and the rest saw this scene, their countenance turned grave with dense fear in their eyes. “Xia Hong is going all-out. With the Nine Ominous Beasts, the power he can exert can even defeat a pinnacle level Ninth Grade Sovereign.”

“Demonic Dragon!”

Under everyone’s fearful gazes, a cold voice exited Xia Hong’s mouth. At the same time, the coiling black dragon opened its eyes with a towering Ominous Aura.

The nine Ominous Beasts opened their eyes and the entire region seemed like it had been brought back to the past as the Ominous Aura filling the horizon.

“Sovereign Ability - Nine Beast Art, Nine Ominous Demons Fist!”

The killing intent in Xia Hong’s eyes was extremely dense and the torrential Ominous Aura was gushing out with the blood aura covering the sky. He threw the fist forth with an eerie gaze fixed on Mu Chen.


The nine Ominous Beasts roared and pounced forth with the fist. They turned into a torrential scarlet light and fused together, turning into a massive crimson projection of a fist.

The nine beasts roared with horrifying Ominous Aura as if they wanted to devour the sky.

The might of that fist even made countless experts turn cold. They knew that if this fist was directed towards them, even the Ninth Grade Sovereigns would be dead facing that attack.

Xia Hong had practically put his entire strength behind that fist.

The projection of the fist was emitting a torrential Ominous Aura and Mu Chen’s gaze turned grave before he took in a deep breath and his hands joined together.

As he raised both of his hands, the Great Solar Undying Body beneath his feet blossomed with a golden lustre and everyone could see some golden suns rising from the Great Solar Undying Body.

One sun after another, until a total of eight suns!

Nine Solar Energy - Unleashing the Eighth Solar!

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