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The auction in the West City had come to an end, but the entire crowd was still in a bit of an uproar. All of the forces were still amazed by the final price of 45 million Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!

In fact, most of them were still doubted Lin Jing's identity, precisely because of the high bid that she had just placed. However, some sensitive people understood that this wasn't the final ending of the case of this particular gold token.

This was because the West City was full of powerful people. Although the people from the Daluo Territory had successfully acquired the token, that couldn't guarantee that they would be the true owners of it for long...

Although the Daluo Territory was quite well-known in the North Territory, that wasn't the case in the entire Tianluo Continent. As for Mu Chen, who came from the Daluo Territory, although he was quite powerful, he was still only a Half Grade Nine. Hence, there was still a level of difference between him and Xia Hong.

Therefore, all of the forces were not disappointed that the token had fallen into the hands of the Daluo territory. Instead, they were considering stealing from Mu Chen, as they assumed that countless forces would be taking actions towards him as well. Then, once the conflicts commenced, they would have the chance to steal away the token!

Amid all of the hustle and bustle in the West City, an undercurrent, like a brewing storm, was building in intensity. The door of one of the courtyards in the West City was closed. That particular courtyard had a spiritual array floating over it, which protected it from being detected by the outside world.

Mu Chen was standing in the courtyard. He looked into the sky and smiled. He then turned to Nine Nether and said, "I believe that we are the target of everyone else in the West City now."

Nine Nether nodded in sad agreement. "Yes. It seems like it won't be an easy job to take this token away from here."

"The people actually think that we are not powerful enough to do it." Mu Chen shook his head.

It was true that their force, the Daluo Territory, was not well-known in the Tianluo Continent. Moreover, among his group, only Nine Nether had achieved the level of Nine Grade Sovereign. Even Mu Chen was only a Half Nine Grade.

"It seems like the thing I bought has caused you guys all of this trouble…" Lin Jing, who was playing with a tiny bird in the courtyard, overheard their conversation and chimed in.

She looked up and smiled, then added, "If you need any help, please do not hesitate to ask."

Mu Chen turned and looked at her through his squinted eyes. He could not detect any leakage of spiritual energy from her. Obviously, she had some sort of artifact to cover up her spiritual energy, preventing others from detecting her strength.

However, when he first met with Lin Jing, she was on her way to cultivate her body to achieve the sovereign state. Years had passed, and with her identity as a princess and the daughter of a Sky Sovereign, her power was now comparable to Mu Chen's.

Facing an assistant, who could provide such great support, Mu Chen smiled and shook his head. "If we can't afford to protect the token, we might as well just hand it over to the others to save ourselves some trouble."

His young face showed a little bit of calm. This was because he refused to panic because of the current situation. His showing such composure only made Lin Jing appreciate him even more.

No wonder her mother had held Mu Chen in high regard. Lin Jing had not realized his value back then. She now had to admit that Mu Chen was indeed exceptional.

"So what do you plan to do?" asked Nine Nether.

Mu Chen's eyelids were drooping. He was obviously exhausted by the stress of this situation.

He looked at Nine Nether and said softly, "We'll just have to wait. Since they look down on us, let's just give them a taste of our impressive skills!"

After night fell, Mu Chen was sitting in his room with his legs crossed. He was surrounded by spiritual energy, as the aura from the heavens and the earth was flowing into his body continuously.

His meditation lasted for a long while. Then, he slowly opened his eyes. With a wave of his robes, two items appeared before him. They were a fragmented array and a token. Specifically, these objects were the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array and the mysterious token, which he had obtained from the auction.

Mu Chen stared at the items and hummed lightly. He then focused all of his attention on the fragmented array. The complete form of the array was at the level of a true Spiritual Array Ancestral Master. Once it was deployed, even an Earthly Sovereign level warrior could hardly resist its power.

Achieving the level of a Spiritual Array Ancestral Master was every Spiritual Array Master's dream. Once one stepped into that particular level, the cultivation of the spiritual array could be counted as complete. Of course, the real peak was still the legendary master.

Such an existence was comparable to Sky Sovereigns, who were extremely rare in the Great Thousand World. In fact, Mu Chen's mother was one of them. This was a fact that made him very proud.

"I hope that mother is doing well now...and Big Sister Ling Xi, too. Ever since she left the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, there had been no more news of her. She told me that she was going to find mother, but who knows what she is doing now..." Mu Chen was rubbing the ancient fragmented array, but his thoughts were far away.

He then took a deep breath to suppress his emotion. Now, even though he was halfway through becoming a Grade Nine Sovereign, it still wasn't enough. With his abilities, he could somehow feel the strength of his mother's mysterious clan.

Such an incredible force could even threaten his mother, who was a legendary master. Although she was trying to protect Mu Chen and his father, her actions also showed the tyrannical strength of the mysterious clan.

Mu Chen licked his lips, then focused on the fragmented array. He closed his eyes and spiritual energy surged in his hands. His spiritual energy then flowed slowly into the fragmented scroll.


A spiritual energy perception infiltrated Mu Chen's mind, as splendid lights burst open and immediately changed his vision.

There appeared to be an old man standing on top of the mountain, his hands behind his back. He waved his robe and suddenly, an overwhelming spiritual seal came like tidal waves, merging into the void and forming many complex spiritual runes. As they came across each other, it created chaos between the heavens and the earth.

The old man then flicked his finger, causing nine waves of light streams to suddenly appear out of nowhere. At the same time, a faint dragon's roar could be heard in the background.

The nine light streams rushed into the array. As the lights faded, the array revealed its true appearance. Within the light were nine authentic ancient dragon bones!

The nine dragon bones formed the nine central positions of the seal formation. As they fused into the array, the array seemed to have be resurrected! The majestic spiritual aura surrounding the dragon bones eventually formed the flesh and blood of the dragons, then turned the nine bones into nine real dragons!

However, these dragons were formed by the spiritual energy instead of true flesh and blood. But even so, the terrifying oppressive aura coming from the nine dragons was extremely powerful!


As soon as the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy array was complete, a shining light appeared in the sky above the mountain peak. A human figure then also appeared, immediately dominating the atmosphere by sheer force of character. He was obviously an Earthly Sovereign warrior!

The old man, who was the one who had formed the array, then flicked his finger again. The nine dragons started to roar. Then, suddenly, the nine dragon breaths burst through the void, directly crashing into the Earthly Sovereign's body.


The Earthly Sovereign was blown away by the collision. His blood was everywhere and the spiritual energy surrounding him went through a sudden decline. After this, the vision ended. A huge amount of information then poured into Mu Chen's mind.


Mu Chen drew a deep breath, then opened his eyes in shock.

Such a powerful and complicated spiritual seal…

He shook his head and sighed. The message in his mind wasn't complete, but he could piece together that the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array was not only huge, but it also needed central items, like the dragon bones.

The array connected with the dragon bones via the dragon bones' aura, which enabled them to materialize. The power generated through the fusion of both items was comparable to a true Earthly Sovereign.

But the scroll was a fragment after all. According to what it said, even if we managed to learn from it, we could only form a Four Dragon Devouring Fairy Array.

This is far from achieving the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array...

Mu Chen felt a little sorry about this. Even though the scroll was in a complete formation, it would be impossible for him to arrange the array because of his current spiritual capability. This fragmented array, if well executed, would increase his chances of success.

"It seems that we have to collect some dragon bones in preparation…" Mu Chen said to himself.

According to what the array had revealed in the vision, the stronger the owner of the dragon bones was, the more powerful the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy array would become. However, in his current state, he did not need dragon bones of high quality. Therefore, it would not be too hard for him to procure them.

At this point, Mu Chen was satisfied. He then turned and looked at the ancient gold token...

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