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The ancient golden token lay on top of the silver plate, the mottled traces upon it revealing the taste of the era. This token did not appear to have any special characteristics, but it caused one to have a mysterious feeling, like there was something special about it.

In the huge pavilion, countless eyes were focused hotly on the golden token. Most of the powerful individuals present came from different parties, the sole purpose of their trips being to seek out this very mysterious golden token.

The second hall master's matter was obviously not only known by Mandela. The other top forces of the Tianluo Continent had obviously conducted an investigation on the Ancient Celestial Palace, so they also knew the position of the second hall master. The news about his token, which had been spreading, would definitely attract even more unscrupulous people in the future. 

The resources and opportunities within the Tianluo Continent were too vast, and if the top forces of any party were to obtain the token, the person would use the opportunity to rise through the ranks and inherit the legitimate right to become the Tianluo Continent's new conqueror. This would mean that they could also leap into The Great Thousand World at the same time, setting them among the ranks of the truly powerful!

On top of the pavilion, the fourth prince Xia Hong was not the only one who became swift and fierce at this moment. Miss Qin Ya from Tianya House, Young Pavillion Master Mu Shan from the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, and Jiang Ling from the Sword Deity Sect all looked covetously at the token as well. Apparently, the item that they were waiting for had now appeared.

Standing on top of the pavilion, Han Fei looked out over the whole place. He could feel all eyes on him.

He smiled and lifted the silver plate with his hand, then said, "This item will be auctioned now. The starting auction price is one million in Sovereign Spiritual Liquid."

The price of this token was extremely low at the beginning, far less than the previous items. However, no one felt relaxed about this, because they all knew that the price of this item would definitely reach its peak in no time.

"Two million!"

As everyone expected, just when Han Fei's voice settled down, a rushing voice sounded out the first raised bid.

"Three million!" The echo of the previous bid had not yet had time to fade, when another shout broke through the air.

"Four million!"


The bids continued to rise, one after another, echoing throughout the huge pavilion. The atmosphere had reached a climactic peak because of the appearance of this token. The forces of all parties had covetous eyes They looked supremely determined, like they would not give up before they got their hands on that token!

Because of this fierce competition, in just a few minutes, the token's auction price had increased by 10 million in Sovereign Spiritual Liquid! Another few minutes passed, during which the price was raised up to 16 million in Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!

From his perch on top of the pavilion, Mu Chen looked at the battle array and felt shocked. The real top forces still had not bid yet, but the price was already quite terrifying!

"18 million!" Another bid rang out.

The moment when Mu Chen sighed, a fit of laughter spread throughout the pavilion, which immediately turned the fierce atmosphere dead silent. All eyes were focused on the source of the laughter, the young pavilion master Mu Shan from the Hidden Dragon Pavilion.

He was smiling to the audience, a smug look on his face. He had been the one that had just bid 18 million.

Obviously, after some observation, Mu Shan, who was supported by an outstanding force, had felt confident in raising the price by 2 million! This had embarrassed most of the top forces, who could not possibly match such an amount.

After hesitating for a moment, they finally went back to their seats and gave up. Now, only those top forces who were rich and powerful were left to compete for the token.

"21 million." A bid, followed by soft laughter was heard.

It was Miss Qin Ya from Tianya House, who was covering her red lips with her hands. She laughed and said, "Since the two of you are so interested in this treasure, I will also join in the fun."

"22 million!" Jiang Ling from the Sword Deity Sect called out.

Representatives from the top four forces had actually bid simultaneously, immediately raising the price to a rather horrifying point. At this moment, the other forces gave up completely.

Xia Hong glanced at the other three people, then said in a chilly voice, "25 million."

He was desperate to have this token, but knew that it might cost him at pretty penny. He was certain he could attain it though, as the Hidden Dragon Pavillion, Tianya House, and the Sword Deity Sect were no match for the Great Xia Dynasty!

Mu Shan, Qin Ya, and Jiang Ling started to worry for a bit, as they felt Xia Hong's desperation. Such an amount was not a small sum to their forces.

Xia Hong sneered at them when he saw their worried reactions. These top forces without deep pockets want to compete with the Great Xia Dynasty? They must be fools!

"28 million Sovereign Spiritual Liquid." Just at the moment when Xia Hong was secretly feeling so pleased with himself, a calm voice broke the silence with another bid.


All of the people were looking around to see who had bid. Finally, they saw a young man with a smile, who was on top of the pavilion. This man was Mu Chen, who had won the array previously!

"He can actually pay such a high price?" someone asked in disbelief, as 28 million was not something that could be provided by just any force!

Qin Ya, Mu Shan, and many others glanced at Mu Chen with surprise and bewilderment. Xia Hong was stunned for a moment as well.

When he composed himself, he glanced at Mu Chen, then said with a ghastly voice, "Hey kid, this is not the place for you to be fooling around. If you call out a price, you need to be able to pay that price."

Mu Chen looked back at him and said, "No need for your reminder, Forth Prince, as 28 million is a price that the Daluo Territory can still afford."

Tan Qiu and the others who were standing behind Mu Chen were stunned by Mu Chen's high bid. After all, the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that they had left, minus that which had been used by Mu Chen before, now totaled only 30 million! And now, Mu Chen had just bid almost all of it at once!

However, even they were stunned, they did not say anything. This was because they understood that, since they had such limited financial resources, if they wanted to compete, they must show some pomp and arrogance to intimidate their opponents. However, it was unclear whether the 28 million in Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was enough to shock and intimidate Xia Hong.

On the opposite side of the loft, Xia Hong looked gloomy. His cold eyes were staring at Mu Chen. Although the resources of the Great Xia Dynasty were vast, the amount of them that he could use was not limitless.

He thought for a minute, deciding that 30 million Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was enough to support a strong exhibition and attract many powerful individuals to work with his forces. So, Xia Hong took a deep breath and sighed grimly, then called out, "30 million!"


The whole pavilion was shaken up by his new bid. Even the faces of Qin Ya and the others turned grim, as they secretly shook their heads.

Then, all eyes turned to focus on Mu Chen, as everyone was wondering what he would choose to do next. Under the gaze of those eyes, Mu Chen did not hesitate and said, "31 million."

He looked calm and confident. Hence, only Nine Nether, Tan Qiu, and the others who stood behind him knew that this price exceeded their limit. Beyond this, they could not afford even another ten thousand!


Xia Hong stood up, He grinded his teeth and glanced at Mu Chen. The handrail that he had been grasping was full of his deep fingerprints. He had not expected that Mu Chen dared to toy with him!

Glaring at Mu Chen, Xia Hong growled out a new bid. "35 million!" he shouted. This price had reached the limits of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Mu Chen stared at Xia Hong, whose face was still distorted. He looked calm, but he sighed deep down in his heart. This Great Xia Dynasty was really rich, and the level at which they fought really made him unbearable!

After giving it much thought, Mu Chen shook his head gently and chose to give up.

"Let's find a way later," Nine Nether whispered. Mu Chen nodded, knowing that was the only way.

"How come?" Xia Hong saw Mu Chen gave up, so poked at him with a mocking question. He then said with a cold laugh, "The small Daluo Territory tried to compete with Great Xia Dynasty! You had no idea what you were dealing with!"

Nine Nether was angry and wanted to get up and confront him, but she was stopped by Mu Chen. He knew that nothing good would come from fighting in this place.

Xia Hong snorted and turned his focus to Han Fei, who stood on the stage. He then asked, "Are you still not going to announce it?"

After all, no one would be able to outbid such a price. So, Han Fei quickly nodded, ready to announce the official end of the auction.

However, just as he was about to make the announcement, a sweet voice suddenly echoed throughout the pavilion, shocking everyone.

"I will pay 45 million," the sweet voice said.

A dead silence filled the entire pavilion. Xia Hong's eyes were bulging wide open because of this price, and Mu Chen was equally stunned.

Inside the pavilion, all eyes started to search crazily to discover who had made such a bid. After a while, many eyes were focused toward Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was shocked to realize that all eyes were focused on him. Immediately, he turned his head and looked behind him.

He saw a girl, who was as beautiful as a fairy and wearing a black dress. She was chewing a spiritual fruit. Her eyes were lovely and she was an amazing beauty.

While she chewing the spiritual fruit, her eyes met Mu Chen's stunned gaze. She quickly raised her hand and swallowed the fruit's flesh in her mouth. She then smiled and said, "Hey Mu Chen! We meet again!"

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