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West City was the main city that sat along the border of the land of the far west. Although it was said to be the main city, it was rundown, and human traffic was sparse. Hence, the city almost fell apart. However, ever since the Ancient Celestial Palace appeared in the land of the far west, the city had become vibrant again. Its prosperity and popularity were far beyond imagination.

When Mu Chen and his clique hit one of the mountain peaks outside of West City, all they saw was the never-ending light figures blotting out the entire sky. The screeching of air-rending sounds never stopped for a single moment.

Countless spiritual fluctuations rippled out from the huge city. Even from a far distance, one could sense the overwhelming spiritual aura within the world fluctuating as the spiritual energies gathered together.

"The Ancient Celestial Palace's attraction cannot be undermined since it can turn an ordinary city into such a prosperous city," Mu Chen could not help but exclaim as he watched the scene. He could vaguely feel numerous concealed, yet dominant spiritual fluctuations hidden in this city that was full of spiritual energies. The people who possessed those spiritual fluctuations must have daunting strength such that he could not even overlook it.

According to his estimation, the strength gathered in this city was already greater than the entire elite line-up from Daluo Territory. Of course, this was only a comparison on the surface. If Mandela were to strike, she could reduce the entire city to rubble. Apparently, the daunting existence of an Upper Earthly Sovereign was not present in the city.

"Let's go." Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged glances, and they darted out first. Bai Lao, Tan Qiu, and Lord Stone followed suit immediately. The five of them beamed into lights, joining the non-stop light figures, and landed in the vast city.

After entering the city, the clique found a wine house, and they took a rest there. Bai Lao and Tan Qiu went around to scout for news while Lord Stone followed behind them like a loyal bodyguard.

Mu Chen could not help but let out a sigh of admiration after seeing how they split their work. It was a wise decision to bring the three of them. Otherwise, he would be going around to collect information by himself. That would not be an easy task. With the experienced Bai Lao around, he and Nine Nether just had to wait for the delivery of the information. This saved them a lot of effort.

In the wine house, it was loud. Mu Chen and Nine Nether were hearing various discussions amid the noise. Information was being passed around in this complicated place, too.

"I heard that someone struck again at the north side of the city. That person wore a green robe and held onto a golden spear. His combat ability was not weak. I think he is at the peak of Grade Eight Sovereign."

"Tsk, that's the Golden Saint Spear, Liu Meng. He's seemed to have come from the West Region, and he is at the peak of Grade Eight Sovereign now at such a young age. During this period, he challenged other people non-stop, and many people lost to him."

"This person is talented, but I think he is still not as good as the Green Lotus Swordsman who showed up a few days ago. From the look of it, he should be a half-step to Grade Nine Sovereign. Hehe, he slashed all the arms off four Grade Eight Sovereigns in one go. That's formidable."

"And half a month ago…"

Mu Chen was listening to the pieces of information passing through non-stop. He was a little stunned himself. The current land of the far west really gathered uncountable elites from the Tianluo Continent. These characters were mostly the top-notch figures in the young generation from everywhere else, and now they were sprouting out everywhere here. One could not help but exclaim.


As Mu Chen was stunned by the hidden dragons and the crouching tigers in this West City, a clap of thunder rumbled in the sky above. A flash of lighting came sweeping after. Within the blink of an eye, something appeared in the sky. People in the city immediately cast glances at it. Soon, countless exclamations resounded everywhere.

Mu Chen took a look at the sky, and he was slightly dumbfounded. He pursed his lips the moment he saw a golden and resplendent carriage amid the lightning. Golden dragon runes were engraved on the wagon. Impregnable spiritual energy fluctuations exuded from it. The carriage itself was actually a Divine Artifact.

However, the most attractive thing was not the carriage itself. It was the four massive silver beasts that resembled horses cum lions. Thunder lights flickered under their feet as though they were riding on a thunderbolt.

They were the Thunder Lion Spiritual Beasts, rumored to have the bloodline of a Divine Beast. When they eventually grew up, they would evolve into real Divine Beasts. No one could have thought that they would be used to drive a carriage. Such a line-up was incredibly luxurious.

"Who is it with such glorious splendor?" Nine Nether frowned at the scene. Apparently, she was unhappy about someone treating Divine Beasts like livestock.

Mu Chen also shook his head. He leaned forward and listened. Admiration and envious voices immediately spread around the wine house.

"That's really luxurious. Look at the runes on the golden carriage. It must be someone from the Great Xia Dynasty in the East Region."

"Tsk tsk, the Great Xia Dynasty is the overlord of the East Region. Who would have thought they would be here? I guess it must be one of the princes in the carriage."

"Heh heh, seemed like there was some female laughter coming from the carriage. Looks like this person is fond of such things. Among the royals in the Great Xia Dynasty, no one other than the Fourth Prince Xia Hong would be such a showoff and favor a carriage like this."

"Oh, the Fourth Prince, Xia Hong?" Are you saying the Xia Hong, who ranked 20th on the chart of those young generations in Tianluo Continent?"

"Of course, it's him. I heard that Xia Hong just became a Grade Nine. He usually acts creepily and strangely. He practices plundering the vital energies of his partners during sex to speed up his cultivation progress."

Mu Chen and Nine Nether squinted slightly when they heard the discussions from the wine house. This person was the Fourth Prince from the Great Xia Dynasty. No wonder he was such a showoff. The Great Xia Dynasty ruled the entire East Region with domineering strength and a strong foundation. They could afford such extravagances.

"The Great Xia Dynasty is indeed formidable." Mu Chen let out a sigh of admiration. Compared to the North Territory, which experienced constant disputes, the East Region was much more peaceful. That could be the biggest reason why the Great Xia Dynasty could sit and hold the region in awe like a fearsome tiger.

Nine Nether also nodded. Just when she was about to speak, her attention was drawn by another voice in the wine house.

"Although Xia Hong is not bad, he is still far from the crown prince of the Great Xia Dynasty."

"Hehe, that goes without saying. The crown prince ranks fourth on the chart. That's much stronger than Xia Hong," exclaimed a voice full of tremendous admiration for the crown prince of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Both Mu Chen and Nine Nether were slightly shocked when they heard this. Their expressions turned solemn immediately knowing the crown prince was that formidable. Ranking fourth on the chart meant he was not far from Garuda.

Never underestimate the Great Xia Dynasty, indeed. The Tianluo Continent was definitely a supercontinent with supreme talents rising from everywhere.

While everyone in the wine house, including Mu Chen, was stunned by the strength of the Great Xia Dynasty, a restless figure got out of the golden carriage in the sky. He was hugging and holding onto beautiful ladies by his side.

When the figure walked out, he attracted a lot of attention. Wearing a long golden robe, he was giving off a sense of prestige from head to toe. The handsome face was somewhat fair. The smile at the corner of his lips was sinister, but that made his charm unique, too. Apparently, this person was Xia Hong, the Fourth Prince of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Xia Hong looked down from a commanding height. He was looking below casually, like an emperor making an inspection tour. It was his nature to be sensitive to beautiful ladies around him. Hence, he spotted Nine Nether who was sitting with Mu Chen.

Nine Nether was in her usual black dress. With a slender figure and sexy silhouette, her features were as beautiful and delicate as usual. She was usually cool; hence, she exuded a cold and pretty disposition. On top of this, her nobility triggered by the waking of her Undying Bird bloodline gave her an extraordinary vibe. Consequently, when Xia Hong swept his gaze on Nine Nether, his eyes brightened up immediately.

However, before he could do more, Nine Nether sensed it. Her pretty face turned cold immediately, and she threw him an icy glare. Xia Hong had a slight change in his expression as he could sense some threat in it.

"Interesting." Xia Hong gave a casual laugh. He did not expect that the unknown beauty would have such a daunting ability, and she did not seem to be any weaker than he was. It looked like it was quite a fruitful trip this time.

Xia Hong flickered his eyes, but he did not lower himself to the ground. He gave a nod and a smile to Nine Nether from afar. He had some manners, after all, but apparently, he totally disregarded Mu Chen.

Nine Nether continued putting up a cold face in response to his actions. Cold radiance even gathered in her pretty eyes. She looked like she was going to strike at this fellow who was feeling good about himself.

However, just when she could hardly control herself, Mu Chen stretched out his hand suddenly and patted her clenching fist. He smiled and said to her, "Looks like you have great charm. You're getting attention now that you're here."

Nine Nether rolled her eyes at his teasing. Her expression was much gentler than her previous cold look. For a moment, she displayed a rare feminine look.

Xia Hong also saw Mu Chen's actions and the gentle expression on Nine Nether's face from his golden carriage in the sky. The long and narrow eyes squinted for a moment. Then, he cast a sharp-looking glare at the young man whom he had ignored previously. Mu Chen even looked younger than he was.

Sensing Xia Hong's gaze, Mu Chen smiled and lifted his head. The pitch-black eyes looked at Xia Hong, undaunted. Within the noisy city, the two exchanged gazes. Coldness seemed to linger around quietly.

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