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Dragon-Arm Sovereign stood proudly on the stone platform. Dragon scales appeared on his red arms making them look like ferocious Dragon-Arms, and the cry of a dragon was indistinctly heard. It sounded frightening.

Many top powers looked at Dragon-Arm Sovereign's arms with respect. Dragon-Arm Sovereign was made famous by them, and of course, he was named after them. He had defeated many top powers with this pair of arms and had become well-known in the North Territory.

Mu Chen was in front of Dragon-Arm Sovereign, and he let his hands down, looking calm. He gently closed his eyes, and majestic spiritual energy circled around him, causing the space to shake. He exuded extraordinary aura as well.


Dragon-Arm Sovereign glanced at Mu Chen. In the next instant, light burst out from his eyes, and he put forth his foot and stomped on the ground.


As Dragon-Arm Sovereign stomped his foot, the mountain in the square quaked. The hard slab stones under his feet cracked, and gravel flew out all over the place. It carried with it a horrifying force that tore apart everything that came its way.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign's blow was brutal and overbearing. Those who were observant would know that even if more than ten Peak of Grade Eight Sovereigns had joined forces to counter the attack, they would be smashed into pieces.

As the ground continued to crack toward Mu Chen, he slowly opened his eyes. His dark eyes seemed to turn fiery, and he took a step forward instead of dodging out of the way. He stomped his foot, and majestic spiritual energy penetrated into the ground, causing a large crack to form. Majestic spiritual light surged within as the powerful spiritual energy gathered together.

In the face of Dragon-Arm Sovereign's brutal and overbearing attack, Mu Chen had chosen to go head-on with him! The two fiery cracks moved from the two sides of the stone platform and hit hard against each other at lightning speed.

Boom! Boom!

When they clashed together, gravel flew all over the area. Cracks started to form from the center of the stone platform and tore it apart as it exploded. Visible powerful shockwaves raged out and threw Mu Chen and Dragon-Arm Sovereign backward.

Dong! Dong!

Mu Chen moved back several steps, leaving behind deep footprints on the ground. At the last step, even his ankle went deep into the hard slab stone. Dragon-Arm Sovereign, on the other hand, moved back only one step.

At their first exchange of blows, it was apparent that Dragon-Arm Sovereign was slightly superior to Mu Chen. However, the outcome took everyone by surprise, including Dragon-Arm Sovereign.

Although Dragon-Arm Sovereign had not used his deadly kick, the blow was destructive enough, and any Half Step to Grade Nine Sovereign could not possibly counter it. Mu Chen had not only countered it, but he had only moved back a few steps. Dragon-Arm Sovereign was obviously not getting the upper-hand.

Condor King and Spiritual Pupil King looked at each other and became more grave. If they were the ones to receive the blow from Dragon-Arm Sovereign, they would probably be in the same state as Mu Chen. Mu Chen was only a Half Step to Grade Nine, but he could counter the attack so well. It was apparent that his combat force was more powerful than what he let on.

"This is interesting." Dragon-Arm Sovereign looked fiercely at Mu Chen and smiled. He then suddenly shot out. The air exploded under great pressure. Dragon-Arm Sovereign's speed was quick, and only a few people managed to catch a glimpse of his shadow.

Many of the top powers shouted, "He is so quick!"

Mu Chen was shocked when he heard the sound of the wind and thunder. He then crossed his arms in front of his body to protect himself.


The space before him tore apart, and a fist that was covered by red dragon scales punched his arms. The power was so great that it could smash a mountain.


There was an air blast, and Mu Chen was thrown back as he was hit hard by the powerful attack. The aftermath of the force continued to cause an air blast in the sky around the area.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign sneered and shot out again. He did not give Mu Chen any time to react.

Boom! Boom!

His fist was like a dragon's claws, and he punched out hard toward Mu Chen's chest. The space before the fist was suppressed so much that it caved in. Just as the Dragon Fist was about to hit Mu Chen, a slender hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere and fended off the Dragon Fist. It covered the ferocious Dragon Fist with its palm.


A deep sound traveled out, and there was an air blast that astonished all the top powers in the square.

Two figures were seen hitting each other in the sky, with Dragon-Arm Sovereign maintaining his punching posture, and Mu Chen covering the fist with his palm. His palm was like a chasm, and regardless of the power of the punch, it got stuck within.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign's expression changed. He stared at Mu Chen's palm, and at such a short distance, he could see dark golden dragon claw light runes coming out from Mu Chen's sleeve, covering his fingers up. Dragon-Arm Sovereign could indistinctly feel the oppression from the dragon claw light runes. His red Dragon-Arm seemed to dim under the oppression.

Mu Chen lifted up his head and looked at Dragon-Arm Sovereign. He said calmly, "You are not the only one to possess the power of the dragon."

"Oh?" Dragon-Arm Sovereign gritted his teeth and sneered. He was proud of the power of the dragon. Although he did not know how Mu Chen managed to possess it, he believed that Mu Chen could not be better than he was.

"You are just a young chap. What do you know about the power of the dragon? Ridiculous!" Dragon-Arm Sovereign looked vicious. He used his mind power, and the dragon scales became more reddish. They seemed to turn into magma and were boiling. The cry of a dragon resounded and triggered a destructive force.

Crackle! Crackle!

From far, Dragon-Arm Sovereign's arms looked as though magma was flowing on them. An overbearing power emitted from them, and even Condor King and the other masters were wary of the fluctuation.

"Get off!" Dragon-Arm Sovereign shouted, and a horrifying power burst out from his arms. His fist shook and broke away from Mu Chen's palm.

After Dragon-Arm Sovereign's fist broke free from Mu Chen's captivity, he stepped forth. He waved his fists like a red dragon that was dancing around and formed fist shadows that carried with them destructive power. These fist shadows moved toward Mu Chen to cover him up. Each fist shadow was powerful as it smashed the void.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign looked frantic. Even those who had just stepped into Grade Nine Sovereign would not have dared to take him on.

Bang! Bang!

Dragon-Arm Sovereign's brute-force attack once again suppressed Mu Chen. As the fist shadows whizzed past, Mu Chen was taken aback, and he quickly moved back in a sorry state. He groaned every time there was a clash.

As the two of them exchanged blows in the sky, horrifying power raged out and caused the space to crack. This inflicted fear in the top powers.


When they clashed once again, Mu Chen did not seem able to take the blow, and he was thrown back. As he landed on the stone platform, two deep cracks formed on the stone platform.

It was tough for Mu Chen to stabilize himself. His clothes were a little torn, and blood stains appeared on his arms. However, he was not dispirited. In fact, he was filled with fighting spirit and burning with excitement. This was the first time that he had fought with a Grade Nine Sovereign.

Although the fight was fierce, Mu Chen was thrilled. He was overjoyed with the improvement in his strength. He used to find Grade Nine Sovereigns beyond his reach and felt that they were peerless. However, Dragon-Arm Sovereign was now having only a slight edge over him, even though he had shown the astounding power of the dragon.

Mu Chen finally had a distinct feeling from this fight that all his years of training and cultivation had paid off. He was now a different person.


He felt so excited that he curled up his lips into a smile.

"Are you still smiling even now?" Dragon-Arm Sovereign said coldly as he looked down from the sky at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen lifted up his head and looked at Dragon-Arm Sovereign. His dark eyes gradually turned deep. He then smiled and grasped his fist tightly and said, "Now, I shall send you flying off with a punch. If I am unable to do that, you win."

"Presumptuous!" Dragon-Arm Sovereign squinted and mocked Mu Chen.


The cry of a dragon suddenly sounded out from Mu Chen's body. Dark golden light burst out from his body, and a humongous golden Nine-Clawed Dragon appeared behind him. As the Nine-Clawed Dragon took its form, the imposing aura of the dragon raged out like a windstorm.

When the aura of the dragon advanced toward Dragon-Arm Sovereign, his hair stood up, and he squinted. His voice suddenly turned sharp. "Is that the real dragon!?"

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