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Dragon-Arm Sovereign placed his hands behind his back and stood tall on the stone platform. He was like a mountain, causing the earth underneath his feet to quake.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man were the masters in the North Territory, but Dragon-Arm Sovereign was more successful than Withered Old Man. It had been rumored that even the Divine Pavilion had wanted to recruit him, but were unsuccessful in their attempt.

The Divine Pavilion had sent a Pavilion Master to spar with Dragon-Arm Sovereign, but he had lost to Dragon-Arm Sovereign. This was proof of Dragon-Arm Sovereign's strength and reputation in the North Territory.

As compared to Dragon-Arm Sovereign, Mu Chen had been viewed by most as a mere youth with great potential. Although he had made a name for himself in the North Territory, most people felt that it was impossible for Mu Chen to vie against masters like Dragon-Arm Sovereign.

When Dragon-Arm Sovereign went up to the platform and looked at Mu Chen, all of the onlookers' eyes turned to Mu Chen as well. No one dared to mock him, especially after Nine Nether had turned the tables around.

Moreover, given his character, Mu Chen would not be rash enough to challenge Dragon-Arm Sovereign, unless he possessed the adequate means to do so. As such, all of the people were interested to find out just what means Mu Chen possessed that could help him deal with Dragon-Arm Sovereign.

As the people looked at him eagerly, Mu Chen remained calm. He then looked at Dragon-Arm Sovereign and smiled. In a flash, Mu Chen then appeared on the stone platform.

"Lord Mu, have you camouflaged your spiritual energy? Have you reached Grade Nine Sovereign? I will be impressed if so!" Dragon-Arm Sovereign asked mockingly, then fixed his gaze on Mu Chen.

Although Nine Nether had taken them by surprise earlier, he believed that it was impossible for Mu Chen to have reached Grade Nine Sovereign within such a short period of time. Even if he had done so, his foundation would be weak, so it would be impossible for him develop further. As such, there was nothing for Dragon-Arm Sovereign to be worried about.

When Mu Chen noticed his attitude, he was not enraged. Instead, he smiled and said softly, "You are right. I have not reached Grade Nine Sovereign."

When Dragon-Arm Sovereign heard this, he loosened up. As long as Mu Chen had not reached Grade Nine Sovereign, he had no need to be afraid of him. Some of the people also heaved sighs of relief, including some of the lords.

"After all, it is not easy to reach Grade Nine Sovereign." Mu Chen lifted up his head and looked at Dragon-Arm Sovereign, who now looked at ease. He then said slowly, "That is why I am still half a step away!"


After Mu Chen said that, majestic spiritual energy burst out from his body and swirled around the area. It was like a tidal wave that engulfed the whole area, sending a strong gale across it.

Although there was no wind around Mu Chen, his robe still flapped. He smiled and a strong oppression exuded from his body.

All of the top powers suddenly froze. They were shocked by such a strong oppression!

Although the spiritual energy fluctuation was not yet that of a Grade Nine Sovereign, it had surpassed that of a Grade Eight! Clearly, Lord Mu was only half a step away to Grade Nine Sovereign!

Lord Asura, Lord Mountain Cracker, Lord Blood Hawk and the rest of the lords looked stunned. Before Mu Chen had left them, he had just entered Grade Six Sovereign. However, in less than a year, his strength had shot up to a Half Step to Grade Nine!

It made sense for Nine Nether to advance to Grade Nine Sovereign, as she was a Divine Beast. There was a difference in the cultivation of a Divine Beast and a human being. However, it puzzled them that Mu Chen was able to have such an accelerated advancement as a human being!

Many top powers were dumbfounded. Even the three kings looked grave. The Condor King looked especially perplexed.

When Mu Chen first came with Nine Nether to the Daluo Territory, he had just condensed the Sovereign Celestial Body. However, in only a few years, he had almost caught up with him, now being only half a step away from him!

"I knew back then that he was extraordinary, but I never expected him to progress so quickly!" the Condor King exclaimed. Given Mu Chen's current progress, he would soon surpass the Condor King!

Mu Chen had a great future and, given enough time, he would not only reach Grade Nine Sovereign, but he could even be on par with the Dominator! The Condor King finally knew why the Dominator treated Mu Chen differently. She had foresight and saw the great potential that was within him.

Thus, she had never treated him as a subordinate, but rather as a friend, even though there was still a great disparity in their statuses. In any case, no one who have expected that Mu Chen would reach such a high level in just a few years.

There was a sudden uproar, and as Dragon-Arm Sovereign looked at Mu Chen, his face twitched. Although he had predicted Mu Chen's strength, when he saw it right before him, he could not help but feel shocked.

Mu Chen was still so young, yet he was already a Half Step to Grade Nine. He was indeed amazing!

Dragon-Arm Sovereign found it incredible that the spiritual energy from Mu Chen's body was so rich and flowed so steadily. There was not a single sign of superficiality within it, and it was firm and stable.

Dragon-Arm Sovereign found it hard to imagine how Mu Chen had managed to advance three levels in less than a year. Even if he had consumed some sacred treasures to increase his strength, he would have had difficulty controlling his spiritual energy. However, it was clear that Mu Chen could easily maneuver his majestic spiritual energy, as it was not even chaotic!

"This chap…" Dragon-Arm Sovereign frowned and became wary. He no longer looked down on Mu Chen, now starting to take him very seriously.

"Lord Mu is indeed well-prepared." Dragon-Arm Sovereign took in a deep breath and suppressed his emotions.

He then became expressionless, no longer concerned with how Mu Chen managed to increase his strength so quickly. Dragon-Arm Sovereign focused on the future, determined that he would not forego the kingship, as he wanted to have more power and resources in the Daluo Territory.

Although Mu Chen's spiritual energy was stable, he was still only a Half Step to Grade Nine. Thus, there was still a gap between his skills and that of a Grade Nine Sovereign. In light of these facts, as long as he was careful, he believed that he could still suppress Mu Chen!

At this thought, Dragon-Arm Sovereign looked at Mu Chen and said, "It is really impressive for Lord Mu to have reached the realm of a Half Step to Grade Nine at such a young age. However, if you want me to let you have the kingship, you have to show me what you are capable of!"


Light flashed across Dragon-Arm Sovereign's eyes, while a vast spiritual energy swirled out across the horizon. There was a gale, then the clouds gathered in large numbers, causing the sky to darken. The ground under his feet started to buzz and quake, almost seeming like it was wailing!

Dragon-Arm Sovereign had a burly build to start with, but he had become even larger now! As the people watched him, they felt breathless, as they felt a strong oppression exuding from him.

The spiritual energy oppression that had burst out from Mu Chen's body was swept away instantly. Dragon-Arm Sovereign had a strong aura, which caused him to appear like a God of War. His look was intensely intimidating!

The moment Dragon-Arm Sovereign struck, he showed an astounding strength. In fact, the oppression in his power was stronger than even that of Withered Old Man!

The top powers looked respectfully at Dragon-Arm Sovereign, while he slowly grasped his fists together. At that moment, a majestic spiritual energy burst out and formed ancient spiritual runes on his body. Then, a red light burst out from his arms and the cry of a dragon resounded throughout the area.


As Dragon-Arm Sovereign's arms trembled, the clothes that were touching his thick and strong arms turned into ashes and disappeared. Then, red dragon scales appeared on his arms, and his fingers became sharp, like a dragon's claws!

When the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King saw his arms, they turned pale and became wary. They had heard that Dragon-Arm Sovereign's arms possessed the power of the Dragon Clan.

In fact, legends told that he had sparred with a master, who was at the same level as him, and that he had blasted the master's Sovereign Celestial Body with only his arms! Thus, many Sovereigns, who had just stepped into Grade Nine, were wary of Dragon-Arm Sovereign, whose arms were powerful beyond description!

It was apparent that Dragon-Arm Sovereign took Mu Chen seriously, as he immediately displayed his Dragon-Arm. He intended to give this battle his best shot and defeat Mu Chen quickly.

"Dragon-Arm Sovereign is cautious. Mu Chen is in grave danger now." The Condor King and the other kings looked at one another, their expressions grave. Mu Chen was at a disadvantage, as he was only at a Half Step to Grade Nine.

As the top powers watched Mu Chen, he took a deep breath. As he did so, flames seemed to gather in his dark eyes.

"Is that the power of the Dragon-Arm?" Mu Chen muttered to himself. He then slowly grasped his fists. As he did so, the spirits of the real dragon and real phoenix on his arms started to open their eyes.

Let me see if your Dragon-Arm is stronger than my real dragon and real phoenix!

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