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Chapter 1085 - Garuda


In the serene courtyard, Mu Chen’s eyes flashed with a lustre and a grave expression was on his face, as if he was facing a great enemy before, raising his head and asked, “Who is this person?”

Even with the constant conflicts in the Northern Region, the Northern Region wasn’t significant in the entire Greatlaw Continent. At the same time, they weren’t too well-informed of the information regarding the other regions, so this was the first time that Mu Chen had heard of this name.

“This person is a Holy Son of the Saint Demonic Palace in the Southern Region. Heh, the fame of this Garuda is much greater than you in the Greatlaw Continent.”

Mandala looked at Mu Chen with a teasing gaze, before she continued, “The Southern Region is larger than our Northern Region and this Garuda has contributed greatly in the establishment of the territory. Innumerable Sects and forces have perished by his hand and countless forces in the Southern Region are trembling beneath his feet, even the forces in the other regions are extremely fearful of him.”

“He has reached the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm and it is said that when he stepped into the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, he wasn’t afraid of any Ninth Grade Sovereign at the pinnacle with stunning strength.”

“In the Greatlaw Continent, he is also ranked amongst the Rankings of the Younger Generation in the Greatlaw Continent, ranked third.”

A smear of astonishment flashed in Mu Chen’s eyes. It was an impressive feat to be ranked third. After all, being a Supercontinent, the Greatlaw Continent was filled with experts, so it wouldn’t be an easy feat to stand out amongst the geniuses.

“What is Mu Chen’s ranking?” Nine Nether suddenly chuckled from the side.

Mandala cast a glance at Mu Chen, before answering, “There is practically no one ranking him…”

Embarrassment covered Mu Chen’s face. The Northern Region was insignificant in the Greatlaw Continent, with constant conflicts without a ruler. So, not many people have paid attention to this region and he was also frequently absent. So it was definitely insufficient for him to attract the attention of others and be ranked.

However, Nine Nether and Mandala clearly knew about it but they asked and answered on purpose with the intention to tease him. Thus, Mu Chen could only helplessly shake his head.

But since Garuda could be ranked third in the Younger Generation Rankings of the Greatlaw Continent, he was definitely powerful and, compared to him, those fellows that he encountered in the Divine Beast Origin would be inferior.

Naturally, Mu Chen knew that although those fellows were elites in their Clans, they weren’t the most outstanding ones. Take Bai Ming as an example. He was definitely not a core elite in the Phoenix Clan.

“Then, what is the origin of this Saint Demonic Palace?” Mu Chen shook his head, tossing the thoughts to the back of his head before shifting the topic.

The smile on Mandala’s face slowly retracted and a chill flashed in her eyes. “The Saint Demonic Palace is the ruler of the Southern Region. The Palace Master is named Lu Yuan. Others call him the Saint Demonic Emperor, an existence who has stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm years ago.”

“Saint Demonic Emperor Lu Yuan? You have grudges with him?” Mu Chen was stunned. He was pondering in his heart that it was truly an overbearing title. But he could sense the subtle changes in Mandala’s speech, which roused this question in him.

The Southern and Northern Region were billions of miles apart, with many territories in between. Even an Earth Sovereign would require a long time to travel such a distance. So why were there grudges between them?

“An acquaintance...” Mandala answered with indifference, before she continued, “The curse in my body was his plan.”

Mu Chen’s face changed, since he knew about the curse in Mandala's body. It had once brought upon immense pain to her, causing her to be in a deep slumber in the past. If it wasn’t for him, she would probably still be stuck in her sleep.

However, he never thought that the curse would be related to this Saint Demonic Emperor, Lu Yuan.

“Looks like we’re rather fated. The Holy Son of the Saint Demonic Palace is my enemy, while you and the Saint Demonic Emperor are arch-enemies.” Seeing Mandala’s cold expression, Mu Chen helplessly said.

“So you must definitely obtain the evolution to the Great Solar Undying Body and don’t let it fall in the hands of Garuda!” Mandala said in a grave tone.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head with resolution in his eyes. He understood the importance of the evolution method to him. For this method, he had waited for so many years, and finally, he could see a glimpse of the light, so he would naturally not give up on it so easily. No matter how resounding this Garuda’s fame was in the Greatlaw Continent, Mu Chen would definitely fight to the bitter end if he came to compete.

“Garuda might know about the Hidden Scripture Pavilion from Lu Yuan, so you have to be cautious.”

Mu Chen nodded his head once again, before sounding his doubt, “The Ancient Haven Palace has disappeared for tens of thousands of years. Any information about it should be extremely vague. So, how do you and Lu Yuan know so much about it?”

Mandala’s expression slightly changed, before she pondered for a long time and answered, “Because that fellow and I are from the Ancient Haven Palace.”

“What?” Both Mu Chen and Nine Nether’s pupils widened with disbelief as they looked at Mandala. She was actually from the Ancient Haven Palace? Wasn’t it said that the Ancient Haven Palace had disappeared without any news following the fall of the Sky Emperor? How did the two of them manage to escape?

This information was definitely top secret and in the entire Greatlaw Continent, there wouldn’t be anyone that knew about it. Otherwise, Mandala and Lu Yuan wouldn’t enjoy such peace.

“The situation is extremely complicated and I can’t put it in a few words. My memories of that period are extremely fuzzy and I only figured it out from the remnant memories.” Mandala waved her hand and did not clarify any further.

Seeing that Mandala didn’t wish to speak any further, Mu Chen and Nine Nether suppressed the curiosity in their hearts. At this moment, they finally figured out why Mandala knew so much about the Ancient Haven Palace. It turned out that she was from the Ancient Haven Palace.

“What other powerful forces are coveting after the Ancient Haven Palace?” Mu Chen shifted the topic once again.

“How can any of those forces that could covet after the Ancient Haven Palace not be powerful?” Mandala cast her lips aside as she continued, “Just based on the current information that I have obtained, the Saint Demonic Palace of the Southern Region will definitely participate. The Eastern Region’s Xia Empire, Western Region’s Desolate Sect, the Myriad Beast King of the Million Mountain and the Netherworld Lord of the Netherworld Hill…”

“The rulers of those forces are all in the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, with robust foundations. Aside from them, hermits of the Greatlaw Continent and other great figures not of the Greatlaw Continent will also be going after it…”

Mu Chen staggered upon hearing her words. With such powerful formations, probably almost all of the top-tiered powerhouses in the Greatlaw Continent would be going for it. So how destructive would the fight be if a conflict broke out?

“Will Heavenly Sovereigns meddle in?” Mu Chen asked in a soft voice. Although it was impossible for Heavenly Sovereigns to be attracted by ordinary ruins, the Ancient Haven Palace was not ordinary. It was the grave of the Sky Emperor and, in ancient times, the Sky Emperor could be considered a top-tiered existence, even amongst Heavenly Sovereigns. The Three Purities that he had cultivated was also one of the 36 Peerless Divine Arts, even Heavenly Sovereigns would be attracted by it.

“It is said that the Ancient Haven Palace is in a shattered realm, resulting in the space to flow in a chaotic manner. In addition, the Ancient Haven Palace is not a benevolent land. It was the battlefield of the Sky Emperor and a Monarch of the Fiend Clan, with countless hidden traps left behind. Those hidden traps would even threaten Heavenly Sovereigns, so I believe that despite being tempted, they wouldn’t take that risk.” Mandala replied after a brief ponder.

Mu Chen felt relieved upon hearing her words. If even Heavenly Sovereigns had taken part in this, then they practically wouldn’t be able to get anything. Despite their powerful formation, they were as puny as ants before a Heavenly Sovereign.

Since that’s the case, then this competition for the Ancient Haven Palace would definitely be the most intense in the past tens of thousands of years in the Greatlaw Continent.

“Even I will be restrained by the Ancient Haven Palace. So if you want to compete for the Great Solar Undying Body’s evolution method, then you can only rely on yourself. I will not be able to grant any help to you.” Mandala looked at Mu Chen as she reminded him.

“The only thing I can do for you is hold up Lu Yuan and the rest.”

“That’s sufficient!”

Mu Chen smiled and nodded his head. Back then, the reason why he joined the Great Havenlaw Domain and worked so hard to improve his own status was for those words from Mandala. That’s because he knew that someone like him, without any background, even if he managed to obtain the evolution method of the Great Solar Undying Body, he wouldn’t be able to smoothly take it away without the support of a Greater Earth Sovereign.

Mandala nodded her head and flicked her finger. A golden light flew towards Mu Chen.

After receiving the golden light, it had turned into an ancient golden scroll. Casting a glance at it, he couldn’t help contracting his eyes. He had sensed a familiar fluctuation coming from it, it was a Spiritual Array.

“This is a High Heaven-Grade Spiritual Array?” Mu Chen was somewhat astonished as he looked at Mandala.

“With your attainments in Spiritual Arrays growing higher, such high-graded Spiritual Array diagrams are getting increasingly rare. I only obtained one after such a long time.” Mandala replied.

“Although you are already a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign, the opponents that you will face will be the elites amongst the younger generations in the Greatlaw Continent. They’re not those that anyone from the Northern Region could be compared to, so you have to make more preparations.”

Slowly clenching the golden scroll, Mu Chen looked at Mandala, before he sincerely nodded his head. “Thanks.”

He could sense Mandala’s intention. To help him, she even went to such lengths to search for this Spiritual Array Diagram. If it wasn’t for the current Great Havenlaw Domain, it would definitely be hard for her to obtain this.

Mandala casually waved her hand, before turning around and left with her voice drifting through the wind.

“We’ll leave half a month from now for the Ancient Haven Palace, do some preparations for the time being!”

Mu Chen looked at Mandala’s departing silhouette and clenched his fist with his gaze gradually turning heated, blazing with fighting intent. Although he would face elites amongst the younger generations of the Greatlaw Continent, it’s impossible for him to admit defeat.

Since that’s the case, then let us see who will be the last one laughing.

Mu Chen licked his lips as he felt expectant of the Ancient Haven Palace… 

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