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Upon the vast ocean, majestic spiritual energy fell from the sky like a rainbow forming colorful streams of ribbons. Mu Chen stood in the air in the center of it. As he had just advanced into higher ranks, he was so powerful that he did not have full control over himself. Thus, his robes billowed, and the air around him was buzzing with agitation.

His eyes slowly opened, glowing with spiritual light, and the streams of blood on the surface of his body also disappeared entirely.

Half a step to Ninth Grade Sovereign. Mu Chen lowered his head as he gazed at his slender palm, feeling the majestic expanse of spiritual power that had never before been in his body. Even with his composure, he could not resist the surge of emotions in his heart.

When he had left the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, he had not yet condensed a Sovereign Celestial Body, and when he first entered Daluo Territory, he was a mere First Grade Sovereign. However, over the past few years, he had gone through all sorts of training, and it was today that he finally touched the end of the Sovereign level.

As long as he could break the shackles of Ninth Grade Sovereign, then he would step into the level of the Supreme Sovereigns!

An Earthly Sovereign!

As long as he stepped into this level, even within the whole Great Thousand World, he would have the qualifications to travel the world and really join the ranks of the strong. At that time, he would really have the capital and qualifications to head to the Luo God Clan.

What once seemed unattainable, today became something that was within reach. This let Mu Chen feel gratified and relieved that these years of effort had not been in vain.

Mu Chen smiled slightly. He looked within himself and finally observed the Sovereign Sea in his body. Today, the scale of the Sovereign Sea was almost several times more magnificent than before when he had cultivated two years ago. The spiritual power contained therein was also immeasurable.

What's more, that kind of spiritual power was also more refined and condensed. If one looked more carefully, it would appear that there seemed to be a transparent flame emerging in the spiritual power, so that the spiritual power was full of vigor and vitality.

It's the Undying Flame you absorbed before.

Mu Chen saw this, and joy bloomed in his heart. It seemed that in these two years of cultivation, the Undying Flame that was absorbed into the Sovereign Sea had completely integrated into his spiritual power, so it was a great harvest.

Although this Undying Flame did not seem remarkable, Mu Chen was certain that when his spiritual power fused with these flames, he would have continuous vitality. Looking at this, although Mu Chen was half a step away from Ninth Grade Sovereign, if one only competed based on the pure strength of spiritual energy, even a real Ninth Grade Sovereign may not necessarily have an advantage over him.

Mu Chen smiled, and his thoughts retreated from the Sovereign Sea. He then looked at his own arms, only to see where the true spirit of the real Dragon and real Phoenix lay quietly. Their size seemed to have not changed much, but the color had undergone a huge transformation. The original bright gold color had been thoroughly turned into a dark gold color, and in that dark gold, there was a purple light.

As if aware of Mu Chen's gaze, the spirits of the real Dragon and Phoenix suddenly opened their eyes, and in a moment, there were two powerful forces of true Dragon and Phoenix oppression coming from them, which caused the sea around them to sink.

Detecting that strong oppression, Mu Chen's gaze turned bright. Even an Eighth Grade Sovereign would be suppressed to immobility under such pressure and have no fighting power.

Clearly, in the two years of his practice, the true spirit of the Dragon and the Phoenix, with the help of the miraculous qualities there, had progressed by leaps and bounds and undergone an amazing transformation.

Now if Mu Chen encountered Bai Ming again, he would not need to attack personally. As long as the oppression of the real Dragon and Phoenix emerged, that guy would be utterly defeated to the point of lying flat on the ground.

The harvest has been astonishing after this period of cultivation. Mu Chen's eyes were filled with satisfaction as felt his own improvement. According to the rules of time there, he ought to have been cultivating for two years, but in the Great Thousand World, only six months had passed. In half a year, his improvement was enough to astonish anyone.

He smiled and waved his sleeves, appearing like a spectre on a small island in the distant sea.

"Heheh, congratulations on the breakthrough." His figure had just appeared as Nine Nether's laughter rang out. Mu Chen looked up, only to see the slender figure in front of his eyes, and then, his face was colored with amazement.

"You broke through to Ninth Grade Sovereign?" Mu Chen asked in amazement, for he could clearly perceive a faint sense of danger emanating from Nine Nether, which was something possessed by a true Ninth Grade Sovereign.

Nine Nether nodded. "All thanks to Elder's Inherited Blood Essence." Her face was also full of joy, as she was extremely satisfied with this harvest after cultivating. In the future, she would be able to help Mu Chen and was no longer as powerless as before.

Mu Chen pursed his mouth. He had put in hard work for two years but could only reach half a step to becoming a Ninth Grade Sovereign. In the end, Nine Nether's opportunity and luck had been stronger, and she directly set foot into becoming a Ninth Grade Sovereign. That really made a person envious.

The Undying Bird Sovereign Beast beside him smiled and said, "The practice of Divine Beasts is different from that of human beings and has its own merits and demerits."

Mu Chen nodded, and he looked at the almost transparent figure of the beautiful woman clad in palace robes. His eyes were dark, and he knew that it might not be long before the Undying Bird Sovereign Beast would dissipate completely.

This ancestor gave him the opportunity to enter this place that was of vital importance to him. Otherwise, if he had wanted to get to the present level smoothly, it would have taken at least a year, and that foundation would not have been as strong as it was now.

The beautiful woman looked in his eyes and smiled nonchalantly. "I have already fallen, leaving a Spiritual Clone, to prevent the demonic psychic powers from infecting the Land of the Divine Beasts," she said. "Now that I have found an heir, I have completed my goal satisfactorily."

"If I am capable of inheriting the power of this place in the future, I will do my part to protect the Great Thousand World." Mu Chen clasped his fists as he made the solemn promise and commitment.

The beautiful woman nodded in relief, and then her body became more transparent, as if all her thoughts were gone. She pointed in front of her as the space rippled, forming a space whirlpool.

"This space whirlpool will return both of you to the Nine Netherbird Clan. When I dissipate, you can both leave."

Mu Chen and Nine Nether bowed again.

The beautiful woman looked at the space. Her eyes were no longer nostalgic. They gradually closed as her body grew more transparent. Finally, she shattered into countless spots of light and dissipated.


The vast sea rolled tumultuously and roared, as if sending off the most powerful Sovereign of the Land of the Divine Beasts.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked silently for a long time at the place where the beautiful lady had dissipated. They sighed gently and then glanced at each other. No longer hesitant, they went into the space whirlpool.

The space whirlpool rippled, engulfing the two. Finally, the space fluctuation exploded, and the whirlpool also gradually dissipated.

As they left, the vast Space of the God Sea was once again completely silent. The next time it was opened, perhaps Mu Chen would enter the place as a true Supreme Sovereign.

The disturbance of spatial fluctuations interfered with their spiritual perception, but the spatial transmission did not last long. A ray of light bloomed in front of them as they took a step out, and there was a great change in the scene around them.

Familiar scenery was reflected in their eyes, and in the distance, there were a lot of silhouettes that suddenly charged forward, obviously aware of the spatial fluctuations.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at the familiar scene within the Nine Netherbird Clan and felt as if they had been reborn. Two years of cultivation in the Space of the God Sea was too boring and monotonous.

As Mu Chen and Nine Nether froze, the silhouettes of the Nine Netherbird Clan had already appeared, and when they saw Nine Nether, the vigilance in their eyes turned into astonishment.

Nine Nether waved her hand and said nonchalantly, "Bring us to see the Clan Leader and Elders."

These silhouettes were all law enforcement in the Nine Netherbird Clan. They were all incredibly strong, and their seniority was higher than Nine Nether's. In the past, they were also much stronger than Nine Nether, but now that they saw her once again, they were shocked by the oppressive aura that Nine Nether was emanating, for it was only something that they had felt from the clan elders.

How could Nine Nether's strength have increased to this extent in just over half a year? They looked at each other, full of questions, but they did not dare to ask as they quickly turned around and led them to the elders.

Elder Academy.

Clan Leader Tianhuang and the elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan were shocked when they saw Nine Nether and Mu Chen standing in the hall.

"Nine Nether…?" Clan Leader Tianhuang could not help but ask. In only half a year's time, Nine Nether had made a breakthrough to the rank of Ninth Grade Sovereign from Seventh Grade Sovereign?

Mu Chen had made an immense breakthrough to the rank of half a step into Ninth Grade Sovereign from Sixth Grade Sovereign. Even the well-informed Clan Leader Tianhuang was shocked by such a huge ascension.

Nine Nether smiled slightly and said, "I have received the Inherited Blood Essence of the Undying Bird, and we have received guidance from Elder Undying Bird Sovereign Beast, thus making rapid progress in our strength."

She did not expose the existence of the Space of the God Sea. After all, the attraction was so great, that even the most powerful would be jealous of it. However, the only one who had the qualifications to enter it was Mu Chen. If exposed, it would inevitably bring Mu Chen trouble.

"It's the Undying Bird Sovereign Beast, indeed." Clan Leader Tianhuang and the others sighed. They knew that things should not be as simple as that, but since Nine Nether did not want to elaborate, they could not ask more. Anyway, this was a good thing for the Nine Netherbird clan.

Clan Leader Tianhuang and the elders looked at each other and then looked at Mu Chen. Their originally serious gazes also became softer. This time, Mu Chen not only helped Nine Nether obtain the Inherited Blood Essence, but also made her strength soar. That was a big favor.

"Mu Chen, from now on, we no longer have any objection to the blood bond you have with Nine Nether. I hope both of you will be more careful in the future," Clan Leader Tianhuang said slowly.

"Thank you, Clan Leader and elders." Mu Chen clasped his fists and smiled as his heart relaxed. Finally, there was a peaceful solution to this problem. With Nine Nether stuck in the middle, he had not wanted conflict with the Nine Netherbird Clan.

"In addition…" Clan Leader Tianhuang paused. "After deliberation and discussion, we intend to invite you to become an elder of the Nine Netherbird Clan. What do you think?"

Upon hearing these words, Mu Chen and Nine Nether were stunned. The weakest of the Nine Netherbird Clan elders were at least Ninth Grade Sovereigns, and that was why the Nine Netherbird Clan had such a strong history. Mu Chen now was only half a step into Ninth Grade Sovereign. Because of this, he was not qualified to be an elder. Most importantly, he was not a member of the Nine Netherbird Clan.

However, this elder's title was quite important in the Nine Netherbird Clan. If managed well, the Nine Netherbird Clan would be a source of support for him in the future. This was a top force stronger than Daluo Territory!

This source of support would be quite necessary for Mu Chen in the future, so when he heard Clan Leader Tianhuang's words, he only hesitated for a moment before clasping his fists and smiling. "I, as a member of the younger generation, have no objection."

Seeing that Mu Chen had agreed, Clan Leader Tianhuang and the elders were also relieved. Their glances towards Mu Chen grew softer and friendlier.

"By the way, not long ago, a message came from the Mandela, the Dominator of Daluo Territory. This is for you." Clan Leader Tianhuang suddenly lifted his hand, and a scroll shot towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen caught it, and with a clench of his fist, crushed the scroll. Then, his eyes suddenly narrowed. In the scroll, there was only one simple line, but the emotions in Mu Chen's heart grew tumultuous. "The Ancient Celestial Palace has emerged. Return!"

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