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Chapter 1077 - Competition of the Emperor Title

With the atmosphere of the King's Conference ignited by Mandala’s words. The eyes of many turned red, especially those with the intention to tussle over the title, having a look that they would charge forth no matter how obstructed they were, along with their breathing turning rough.

Having progressed this far, it was completely different from what it was in the past. They even required the nomination from at least five other Kings, aside from participating in the elimination stage method. Then again, the crucial factor here was the number of slots that Mandala was opening up.

There were too many experts in the Great Havenlaw Domain, thus the supply didn’t meet the demand. If Mandala opened up too many slots, there would definitely be a dispute in the Great Havenlaw Domain, with the slightest mistake progressing into internal chaos. So Mandala had been cautious with the slots, with only five posts being available in this King's Conference.

But despite that, there were at least a dozen competitors vying for that post, which created a brutal elimination rate…

When Mandala signalled by waving her hand, Spiritual Energy burst out in every direction and the ten-odd figures soared into the sky, before landing on the stages.

Roar! Roar!

Ear-deafening roars of support resounded from everywhere. If the person that they were supporting won the elimination and obtained a King post, they would naturally be rewarded for their support as well. In the future, when the newly ascended Kings wanted to establish their own forces, as supporters, they would definitely be able to have a share in the resources, speeding up their cultivation.

Mandala swept her pupils around on the stages before closing her eyes. Evidently, these fights were too low-levelled in her eyes and with the Great Havenlaw Domain growing stronger by the day, she might have to entrust the King's Conference to the Three Emperors in the future.

Not to mention that the reason she was present here was not to watch the competition for the King titles…

Mandala looked at the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku from the corner of her eyes. The both of them looked free and easy, as if the title of Emperor was already in their grasp. In their eyes, there weren’t any current Kings that were worthy of their attention. Thus, they couldn’t pick out any competitors amongst them.

The corner of Mandala’s lips curved up when she looked at them. The Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku had decent strength, but they were too prideful. So it wouldn’t be beneficial to the Great Havenlaw Domain if they were allowed to ascend so swiftly.

The battles of the Kings was intense, but it had also shortly ended with the gap between the experts quite evident. Therefore, the battles only lasted for roughly two hours before only five figures remained on the stages.

The five of them discharged extraordinary Spiritual Energy fluctuations, all of them were at the Initial Phase of the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm, equivalent to Bai Ming, who Mu Chen met in the Divine Beast Origin…

These five were naturally the last ones standing to compete for the King posts.

Mandala gently nodded her head at those five experts. Along with the growth of the Great Havenlaw Domain, the quality of experts was also increasing.

After all, the attractiveness of the current Great Havenlaw Domain was different from the past.

It had also caused the quality of the newly ascended Kings to be pretty powerful. Aside from the Asura King and Mountain Splitting King, the other Kings were only at Seventh Grade Sovereign, which was the reason for the disputes between the new and old forces.

The veterans believed in their experience and seniority, while the newly ascended Kings believed in their strength, thus the cause of the constant friction. However, Mandala made no action to stop this, since it wasn’t harmful to the Great Havenlaw Domain in any way.

The birth of the five newly ascended Kings had also drawn a cheer in the plaza.

The Emperors stood up and announced the birth of the new Kings, as well as their affiliation, before dismissing the five Kings. But despite dismissing the five ascended Kings, the atmosphere grew even more heated and boiling.

All gazes were focused on the two quietly seated silhouettes at the centre.

The ascension of the Kings was only the appetiser and the ascension of the Emperors was the main event here!

The number of Kings at the moment had exceeded twenty, but the Emperors only remained at three. When the Domain Ruler was in secluded cultivation, the daily affairs were managed by the Three Emperors, so it was evident of the authority that the Emperors’ possessed.

At the same time, the competition for the Emperor posts far exceeded the Kings, only Ninth Grade Sovereigns could be qualified, which meant that in the current situation, the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku were qualified.

If the two of them managed to ascend, then the Emperors would grow from three to five, completely changing the situation.

Amongst the Kings, there were those already intending on affiliating themselves to those two the moment they ascended, so that they could be looked after.

The golden pupils of Mandala opened and her voice softly resounded in the region, “I will hereby announce that there will be two Emperor spots opening up for those capable to vie over.”


The atmosphere was detonated by her words and heated gazes were looking at the two silhouettes. The Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku composedly sat, as if it wasn’t something unexpected. As long as there were two Emperor spots, then they would definitely be in it.

The Asura King and Mountain Splitting King helplessly sighed. They used to be the most promising candidates to be Emperors in the past, but they were pushed out along with the Great Havenlaw Domain’s expansion.

There was nothing they could do, despite feeling unhappy. With the strength of those two, there was nothing they could compete against, aside from their seniority.

The Sky Vulture Emperor and Spiritual Pupil Emperor exchanged a look without any expressions. The future of the Great Havenlaw Domain was bound to be lively. With those two fellows joining, things would definitely not go so smooth.

Mandala looked down at everyone and her indifferent voice resounded, “Anyone can vie over the two Emperor posts.”

The Dragon Arm Emperor and Oldman Ku stood up from their seats, then looked around with soft smiles. “I wonder if there is anyone that wishes to challenge us? If we lose, then we will offer the Emperor titles with both of our hands.”

A domineering pressure was contained in their calm voices, since they weren’t worried about anyone competing with them.

The Asura King and the rest had unsightly expressions on their faces, before they exchanged a look and inwardly shook their heads. Even if they went up, they would only be embarrassing themselves with their strength.

The entire region gradually turned silent and even after a long time had passed, there wasn’t anyone that voiced any opposition. Evidently, they knew that those two weren’t people they could confront.

When the Dragon Arm Sovereign saw this scene, a content smile appeared on his boorish face and his eyes contracted. “Since no one wants to compete with us, then we will…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a peal of laughter resounded from afar, resounding throughout the heavens and earth.

“Haha. Don’t be in such a rush, the two of us are also interested in the Emperor’s post…”

The sudden voice had filled the plaza with shocked faces. The veteran Kings were also stunned, before they abruptly raised their heads and saw a patch of clouds moving in their direction.

Standing at the front of that party was a youthful male and gorgeous female.

The Asura King and the rest were stunned when they saw the two silhouettes and exclaimed, “King Mu?! Nine Nether King?!”

Their exclamations resounded, which attracted a burst of commotion. Gazes shot towards those two silhouettes with resounding shock and discussions.

“So it’s the two Palace Masters of the Nine Nether Palace, King Mu and Nine Nether King?”

“They have gone missing for a year, I never expected for them to suddenly return…”

“That King Mu has a considerable position in the Great Havenlaw Domain. It is rumoured that it was all due to his efforts that the Domain Ruler could ascend to the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm so smoothly.”

A voice filled with envy and jealousy resounded amongst the discussions, “Obviously, or why would the Nine Nether Palace have such a status today?”

“Pft, but did that King Mu say that he and the Nine Nether King wish to compete for the Emperor’s spots? Heh, how bold. Even if the Domain Ruler looks at him with great importance, the position of Emperor is not something that a brat like him is qualified for!”

“Indeed, King Mu actually wants to compete against the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku for the Emperor post? He’s simply delusional…”


All sorts of discussions were resounding. Evidently, everyone scoffed at Mu Chen’s words, even those that knew him.

The Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku raised their heads with their brows slightly furrowed under the discussions, before they looked at Mu Chen and Nine Nether, who had retracted their Spiritual Energy into their bodies at this moment. The Dragon Arm Sovereign grinned, before a burst of ridiculing laughter resounded.

“So it’s the King Mu and Nine Nether King that I have long heard about that greatly contributed to the Great Havenlaw Domain. I have long heard of your names, but I only have six words for you, if the two of you want to vie for the Emperor positions…”

“You are overestimating your own capabilities…”

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