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Chapter 1076 - New Formation of Kings

In the depths of the Greatlaw Sky, streaks of light whistled in every direction before descending, it was a spectacular scene that had filled up the plaza to the point that there were no empty spaces around.

Compared to a year ago, the current Great Havenlaw Domain had undergone a great change, with experts gathering like clouds in the sky. The scale could even be rated as the greatest in the Northern Region.

At this moment, this plaza in the Great Havenlaw Domain had attracted the most attention.

That’s because every single King's Conference would have new Kings being titled. In the Great Havenlaw Domain, only by becoming a King, could you be qualified to establish your own power. At that same time, you would also be able to obtain resources in the Great Havenlaw Domain. Therefore, in the entire Great Havenlaw Domain, there were many experts eyeing and competing for the King title.

In the past, those that had reached the Fifth Grade Sovereign Realm could be qualified to compete for the title. But today, not even Seventh Grade Sovereigns dared to compete for the title.

With just this alone, anyone could tell how great the Great Havenlaw Domain has changed, compared to a year ago…

In the massive plaza, it was bustling with noise and, occasionally, there would be streaks of light in groups whistling over from the sky with extraordinary momentum that would attract envious gazes around. That’s because in the Greatlaw Sky, only the Kings that had established their own forces could have such a formation.

Under the countless envious gazes, those streaks of light moved towards the central region of the plaza, which was the core of the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Countless gazes shot over and looked at the central region.

There was a golden throne at the end of the stairs, which was the most conspicuous, as if the throne itself possessed an indescribable pressure. Even when quietly standing upright, many experts had revere in their eyes as they looked at it. That’s because that throne belonged to the Domain Ruler of the Great Havenlaw Domain, the strongest expert in the Northern Region at the moment.

Beneath the golden throne were three silver thrones. Under the sunlight, the silver thrones were also dazzling to the eyes. At this moment, there were three silhouettes seated on the thrones with their eyes closed, receiving the countless revere and envious gazes.

In the Great Havenlaw Domain, those that could possess this position were naturally the Sleeping Emperor, Sky Vulture Emperor and Spiritual Pupil Emperor, the Three Emperors that followed Mandala right from the start.

Beneath the Three Emperors were numerous stone thrones. Those stone thrones were seated with silhouettes that had extraordinary bearings. Every single one of them was emitting boundless Spiritual Energy. They were naturally the Kings of the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Amongst the Kings, the one that attracted the most attention was unexpectedly not the Asura King and Mountain Splitting King, who were ranked amongst the top within the past Kings, but the two silhouettes that were placed at the most front.

Those two were the leaders amongst the Kings. The one on the left had an elderly appearance and wrinkled skin. Looking from afar, he looked like an old tree that was about to die of old age. His eyes were hung low, looking weak; however, in contrast to his appearance, he was emitting a fearful pressure.

That’s because this person was one of the top-tiered experts in the Northern Region that joined the Great Havenlaw Domain. He’s known as Oldman Ku.

On the right of Oldman Ku was a robust middle-aged man and his shadows were massive enough to shroud Oldman Ku. His arms were extremely unique. They were thicker than most others and his wide hands were casually hanging on his sides. Taking a closer look, one would realise that as when he moved his fingers, explosive noises vaguely resounded, as if his fingers possessed the destructive power that could casually shatter mountains with his hand.

He was known as the Dragon Arm Sovereign, a top-tiered expert in the Northern Region. It was said that his cultivation technique was extremely unique and had allowed him to integrate a pair of dragon’s arms into his own, refining them into his own arms, thus possessing the strength comparable to the Dragon Clan.

The two of them had stepped into the Initial Phase of the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, with the strength that far exceeded the other Kings. It was so much so that even the strongest amongst the past Kings, the Asura King, could only be ranked behind them.

Naturally, the two of them clearly did not place the King title within their eyes. They smiled at each other and occasionally swept their gazes towards the three silhouettes on the silver thrones with provocation and pride in the depths of their eyes.

That’s because, in the eyes of the two, whether it was in terms of strength of reputation, they weren’t at all weaker than the Three Emperors of the Great Havenlaw Domain. Amongst the Emperors, aside from the Sleeping Emperor, who always had his eyes hung low and sleeping, making them feel a little fearful, they believe that they weren’t at all weaker than the Sky Vulture Emperor and the Spiritual Pupil Emperor.

Naturally, they required the matching position to their strength, which was undoubtedly the Emperor of the Great Havenlaw Domain.

Over at the silver thrones, when Sky Vulture Emperor and Spiritual Pupil Emperor sensed the two provocative gazes, there weren’t any ripples in their eyes, but they coldly snorted in their hearts.

As veterans in the Great Havenlaw Domain, they naturally felt the intense competition in the past year. It was so much so that their position was being coveted by others.

But they couldn’t say that the two of them weren’t qualified. That’s because the reputation possessed by Oldman Ku and the Dragon Arm Sovereign was only stronger, and not any weaker, than their own.

It was so much so that if it wasn’t for the resources bestowed to them by the Domain Ruler in the past year, allowing them to break through their bottleneck and reaching the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm as well, they might have already been surpassed by those ambitious newcomers.

Gradually, they were also being affected in the conflicts between the newcomers and veterans.

“Those two fellows look confident in obtaining the position of the Emperor…” Spiritual Pupil Emperor looked at those two silhouettes and his lips moved, transmitting his voice over to Sky Vulture Emperor.

In the past, there were competitions between the Sky Vulture Emperor and Spiritual Pupil Emperor, so the two of them didn’t have a harmonious relationship. But due to the competitions, along with more experts joining the Great Havenlaw Domain, the competitions between them have disappeared, since both sides even had the same intention of working together to fight back.

Hearing the words of the Spiritual Pupil Emperor, Sky Vulture Emperor slowly nodded his head and continued, “The strength of those two fellows is sufficient and they have also gradually gained a footing. I’m afraid that they might succeed this time.”

As he spoke, the Sky Vulture Emperor flung his lips aside with unhappiness. With the character of the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku, if they became Emperors, then the competition between them would grow even more intense in the future.

“Haha. Brother Meng, what do you think?” The Spiritual Pupil Emperor’s eyes flashed as he looked at the Sleeping Emperor, whose eyes were sleepily hung down. He did not avoid the Sleeping Emperor when he conversed with the Sky Vulture Emperor, because he evidently did not mind the Sleeping Emperor hearing their conversation.

Although he had also stepped into the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm, the Spiritual Pupil Emperor still had a courteous attitude. That’s because he knew that the Sleeping Emperor had followed the Domain Ruler for years, being the most loyal of all. So the Sleeping Emperor would also roughly know some of the thoughts of the Domain Ruler.

As if the Sleeping Emperor, who was dozing off, had heard Spiritual Pupil Emperor’s words, he slightly opened his eyes and casually smiled. “The Domain Ruler’s opinion is that it’s time for the seats of Emperors to be increased by two.”

The Spiritual Pupil Emperor and Sky Vulture Emperor were both stunned, before they helplessly shook their heads. “Those two fellows simply got it too lightly…”

In the past, the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku had also tried to vie for the Emperor seat but were both rejected by Mandala. After all, that position was too important and the two of them still did not have the matching qualifications and loyalty for the moment.

But looking at the current appearance, Mandala was probably going to yield. If that’s the case, then the matter of granting the title of Emperor would be fixed.

The two of them sighed. They have both fought with the Domain Ruler for years in order to have their current position. But those two weren’t a part of the Great Havenlaw Domain for even a year, nor did they make any great contribution, and yet they could be at the same position as them. Thus, the two of them naturally felt discomfort.

However, their rationale told them that with the strength of the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku, the two of them did possess the qualifications to be at this position.

The Sleeping Emperor’s eyes opened a little more and his dozing gaze glanced at the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku, before showing a profound smile. “The Domain Ruler only said that there would be two additional Emperor positions, but she did not say that it would be given to them…”

The Spiritual Pupil Emperor and Sky Vulture Emperor were instantly stunned. They were confused. In the entire Great Havenlaw Domain, probably only the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku were qualified to compete for the Emperor position. Could it be that the Domain Ruler was intending on letting the Asura King ascend? If that’s the case, it would definitely cause the two of them to be unhappy. After all, it was still insufficient, with the Asura King’s cultivation at the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm, to convince everyone.

The Spiritual Pupil Emperor and Sky Vulture Emperor exchanged a look, since they wanted to pursue the question. But the Sleeping Emperor had immediately closed his eyes and looked as if he was dozing off, causing the two of them to be helpless, before they shook their heads.


A resounding old bell rang out in this region, causing the bustling plaza to be instantly silenced and countless people had revere in their gazes. Even the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku had slightly lowered their heads with revere on their faces.

A strand of light pierced through space, before gathering on the dazzling golden throne and a petite silhouette donned in a black dress appeared, sweeping her indifferent gaze around. A dreadful pressure was swept out, following her gaze, and even those as powerful as the Dragon Arm Sovereign felt the Spiritual Energy in their bodies freezing with their hearts filled with astonishment. This was the power of a Greater Earth Sovereign? Just a mere gaze could render them helpless.

After sweeping her gaze over, Mandala waved her hand and her tender and a calm voice resounded in the sky, which had instantly erupted the atmosphere.

“The King's Conference will now begin.”

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