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Chapter 1075 - Clearing Up

“Big Sister Nine Nether, Mu Chen?”

When the two names resounded in the ears of all the experts there, their hearts trembled when they looked at the two silhouettes in bewilderment. The two of them are the lords of the Nine Nether Palace, Nine Nether King and King Mu?

Although they looked young, what made everyone feel puzzled was the fact that they could vaguely feel a pressure coming from the two of them.

Xu Kun had also stopped his steps and looked at the two of them with doubt, then asked with suspicion, “They are the Nine Nether King and King Mu?”

His tone contained more doubt than respect. After all, he was also a Seventh Grade Sovereign and was outstanding even amongst the Seventh Grade Sovereigns with some fame in the Northern Region. It was said that Mu Chen and Nine Nether ere only at Sixth and Seventh Grade Sovereign, so he naturally had the qualifications to be conceited.

Mu Chen calmly looked at him and said, “Who are you?”

Xu Kun looked at Mu Chen’s calm expression and, for some reason, he felt fearful in his heart, before he involuntarily answered, “This subordinate is Xu Kun, assigned by the Domain Ruler to guard the Nine Nether Palace.”

Mu Chen slightly nodded his head, then he swept his gaze around. Those that were looked at by him had immediately stood up and cupped their fists together, before reporting their names to him.

When the last person had finished their introduction, only then did Mu Chen pulled back his gaze and the pressure that had enveloped everyone also disappeared, which allowed everyone’s hearts to loosen up. However, they were inwardly shocked and puzzled, since they couldn’t figure out why Mu Chen would possess such pressure when he was so young.

Aren’t the two of them only in the Sixth and Seventh Grade Sovereigns?

“Zhantai Liuli greets the two lords.” Zhantai Liuli looked at Mu Chen, then she slightly bowed with a respectful expression.

“So it’s Miss Zhantai…” When Mu Chen saw that Zhantai Liuli was actually in the Nine Nether Palace, he felt a little shocked, but he still slightly nodded his head with a gentle expression.

Finishing his words, he then shifted his gaze towards those strange yet prideful faces before saying with a faint voice, “I do not care what reputation you guys have had in the past. Since you’re in my Nine Nether Palace, then you have to follow the rules of my Nine Nether Palace.”

“Tang Bing is the housekeeper that I and the Nine Nether King have nominated. Her authority is only beneath our own and from today onwards, you guys are under her lead.”

The Nine Nether Palace’s current scale had exceeded Mu Chen and Nine Nether’s expectations. But due to the fact that both of them did not have much time to manage the Nine Nether Palace, they could only leave it to Tang Bing. Furthermore, they also had absolute trust for the latter.

So between Xu Kun and the rest who were clearly stronger than Tang Bing, he and Nine Nether had still chosen Tang Bing without any hesitation.

When Xu Kun and the rest heard his words, their facial expressions uncontrollably changed. They did not expect that when Nine Nether and Mu Chen returned, the authority would still be in Tang Bing’s hand and even they would have to listen to Tang Bing’s orders.

In the past, when Nine Nether and Mu Chen weren’t around, although Tang Bing was the housekeeper, they did not place her with much importance. After all, in their eyes, her strength was close to neglectable. So, in this period of time, Xu Kun had also been trying to divide Tang Bing’s authority and shake her position.

But Mu Chen’s words had completely shattered his ambitions.

Xu Kun’s gaze changed and he clenched his teeth. “King Mu, although Housekeeper Tang is a veteran of the Nine Nether Palace, her individual strength is weak. With so many experts, I’m afraid that we will be unconvinced if we have to listen to her orders!”

Once he had spoken till the end, Xu Kun had raised his head and looked at Mu Chen. He was a Seventh Grade Sovereign, to begin with, and with his strength, he could even be qualified to contest for the King title. The moment he succeeded, then he would be on the same level as Mu Chen and Nine Nether. So in his view, if Mu Chen and Nine Nether were tactful, they would naturally know that his worth was much higher than Tang Bing’s.

When Xu Kun finished his words, echos of agreement were resounding from those experts that he had roped in.

Hearing those supportive voices, Xu Kun’s confidence grew a little more and his figure, which was slightly bent forward, had gradually straightened up.

But when he looked at Mu Chen, he noticed that there wasn’t any ripple on the latter’s face and his black pupils were looking at everyone’s objection with an indifference that made Xu Kun feel a little uneasy.

While he was feeling uneasy, every expert in the chamber saw Mu Chen slowly stand up and swept his indifference gaze over. “Did I say that this was a discussion?”

Despite speaking in a calm voice, it was so domineering that he had instantly silenced the entire chamber and shook the hearts of all the experts.

Xu Kun was also stunned due to Mu Chen’s domineering bearing, before he immediately furrowed his brows, “Mu…”


Before he could finish his words, Mu Chen’s pitch-black gaze was suddenly directed at him and the Spiritual Energy in this region suddenly turned violent.


A dreadful pressure was pressing from every direction and before Xu Kun could even react, he suddenly realised that he had lost control over his body. Both of his knees went soft and his entire body was kneeling in the chamber. The Spiritual Energy in the surroundings felt like a heavy mountain was suppressing his body. It was as if he was going to be crushed into minced meat by the boundless Spiritual Energy the moment Mu Chen possessed the slightest intention to kill him.

Everyone could sense the dreadful Spiritual Energy fluctuation that erupted like a volcano sweeping out from Mu Chen’s body. It was like a storm that enveloped the entire chamber.

Sensing the Spiritual Energy fluctuation, the experts in the chamber all had drastic changes in their expressions with disbelief in their eyes.

The Spiritual Energy fluctuation had vaguely reached the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm!

Xu Kun who was kneeling on the ground was drenched in sweat. Shouldn’t King Mu’s strength only be at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm? The might of his Spiritual Energy was probably more or less comparable to the Dragon Arm Sovereign and Oldman Ku.

Boom! Boom!

The other experts in the chamber also knelt down and their arrogance from before had been completely wiped.

Facing a King comparable to a Ninth Grade Sovereign, they would probably be killed in an instant if they dared to bounce up.

Mu Chen indifferently looked at the silhouettes kneeling down in the chamber and said in a faint voice, “Is there anyone with any objections?”

Facing these future subordinates, Mu Chen did not use any appeasing methods. Facing these prideful fellows, he knew that only the most overbearing and tyrannical method could completely tame them.

At this moment, even Xu Kun was trembling with his entire body being covered in a cold sweat. He no longer dared to speak a single word.

Up in the front, Tang Bing had her mouth slightly widened as she looked at the overbearing Mu Chen and inwardly spat her tongue out. At this moment, Mu Chen was evidently even more overbearing than he was before.

The entire chamber was silent with many experts peeking at Mu Chen and Nine Nether, who were above them. There wasn’t any more puzzlement in their eyes; instead, it was replaced with revere. Evidently, they had been intimidated by the strength that Mu Chen had revealed.

“We did not expect that the Nine Nether Palace would grow to this extent. But since you guys already belong to the Nine Nether Palace, you guys can give up on staying in the Great Havenlaw Domain if you guys show any two faces in the future.” Mu Chen’s indifferent voice resounded in the chamber, which made everyone shiver. They had clearly heard that Mu Chen said that they could give up on staying in the Great Havenlaw Domain, not staying in the Nine Nether Palace…

With the current Northern Region, if they were kicked out of the Great Havenlaw Domain, then they could also give up on staying in the Northern Region as well.

If it was the past, perhaps everyone would laugh at those words. But after witnessing Mu Chen’s powerful strength, they knew that with his strength, and his position in the Great Havenlaw Domain, he was truly qualified to do that.

“We definitely do not have any other thoughts!”

Every expert had cold sweat covering their bodies and immediately expressed their loyalty. Even Xu Kun no longer dared to have any prideful airs around him, since he had evidently been suppressed into submission.

Seeing that the atmosphere had completely cleared up in the chamber, Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a look. The latter slightly smiled. She was evidently satisfied with Mu Chen’s ways of intimidating them.

“Today is the King’s Conference?” After dealing with this matter, Mu Chen asked another question.

Tang Bing walked forth and explained the details of the King’s Conference.

“Dragon Arm Sovereign? Oldman Ku?” Hearing those two names, Mu Chen’s expression changed. Those two seemed to have been past tyrants in the Northern Region. He never expected that the two of them would come and join the Great Havenlaw Domain. Furthermore, judging from the current situation, there was a high chance that they could be titled Emperors.

“The two of them have joined due to the current power of the Great Havenlaw Domain and they are also qualified to compete to become Emperors. At this current state, the chances of their success are also pretty high.”

As she spoke, Tang Bing’s rosy lips slightly lifted with a little indignance, “But they’re too arrogant and seem to look down on our Nine Nether Palace.”

Tang Bing’s words were a little indirect. In her view, the two of them were probably not looking down on their Nine Nether Palace, but the Palace Masters, Nine Nether and Mu Chen.

In their view, the reason why the Nine Nether Palace could grow so strong was due to the support of the Domain Ruler, but it wasn’t worthy for them to place any attention on.

But taking the big picture into consideration, Tang Bing did not say it out loud.

When Mu Chen heard Tang Bing’s words, he looked at Nine Nether and the latter slightly smiled as if she understood something and said, “Those fellows that rely on their old age are truly somewhat hateful.”

Mu Chen smiled and stood up. “Let’s go.”

Tang Bing was stunned by Mu Chen’s words and asked, “Where to?”

“The King’s Conference, naturally, can’t begin without us.” Mu Chen waved his sleeve as he gently smiled and his next sentence sent a jolt in the hearts of everyone present with disbelief in their eyes.

“Myself and Nine Nether are also very interested in the Emperor title.”

With the Ancient Haven Palace at hand, he had to raise his position in the Great Havenlaw Domain as much as possible. After all, he still had to rely on the strength of the Great Havenlaw Domain at that time.

Therefore, Mu Chen was extremely interested in the Emperor title… 

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