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The blood-red ocean filled the vast space, and an immense spiritual aura was evaporating unceasingly, condensing into a thick mist. As the spiritual fog became thicker, it turned into spirit clouds. Immediately, a heavy spirit rain fell, causing ripples to crease the sea.

Although the ocean was an accumulation of the Blood Essence of innumerable top-tier Divine Beasts, surprisingly, there was not a hint of blood in its scent. The purity of its spiritual energy was beyond all that Mu Chen had ever witnessed. According to his estimation, even combining several top-tier Spirit Convergence Arrays, they could not amalgamate such an immense spiritual energy.

At this moment, as Mu Chen sat on the surface of the ocean cross-legged, allowing the cold shower to rain upon his body. A golden light was shimmering on his skin, which was greedily absorbing all of the spirit droplets.


Waves stirred on the sea behind him, and a giant divine beast that was as massive as a whale leaped into the sky, then plunged immediately back down into the sea, passing through Mu Chen's body. Mu Chen's body remained still, allowing the divine beasts to pass through him like holograms.

He had been performing his cultivation for a month on the ocean. This was because he was determined that he would not impatiently absorb the spiritual energies madly, nor attempt a breakthrough.

This was because, not long ago, he had borrowed the power of the Nine Rotation Lotus to break through to Grade Seven Sovereign. In such a short time, if he attempted another breakthrough, he might be able to attain it thanks to the miraculous powers here. But, that would most likely move the sturdy foundation of his cultivation, which could cause some unwanted repercussions in the future.

As Mu Chen was not a fool, he calmly suppressed his desire to breakthrough hastily, instead choosing to cultivate in silence, allowing the spiritual energy to flow in him while he absorbed the spiritual energy from the outside. Thus, he needed an overflowing breakthrough.

This type of breakthrough, while slow, was the most reliable kind. Also, in this space, where the rules of time were always changing, Mu Chen had plenty of time to work with.

But, his choice was not a common one, as anyone else who entered this treasured land of cultivation would be taken over by a lust for power. As such, they would not know how to control themselves, which would lead them to take in as much of these energies as they could.

This would prove disastrous, as it would be the equivalent of one's quenching his thirst with poison! In the long run, it was merely a foolish act committed for instant gratification.

While Mu Chen's method may seem sluggish, it ensured him a steady and safe growth in strength. He would then be able to proceed further on in his future path of cultivation.

Though Mu Chen did not purposely cultivate his spiritual energy, he still reaped a few rewards. At the very least, he had improved dramatically in regards to the other aspects of cultivation.

On the ocean, as Mu Chen sat cross-legged quietly, his eyes opened slowly. As he raised his palm, waves suddenly rose from the sea's surface. In the next moment, the sea was torn apart, and two shadows leaped out from it swiftly.

The two shadows circled around Mu Chen, each glowing with a golden radiance. These were the spirits of the Real Dragon and the Real Phoenix!

They were experiencing a huge transformation. Their once holographic figures were slowly materializing via their devouring of a huge amount of Divine Beast Blood Essence. While they were still far from being fully materialized, they were still much more real now versus back when they were still hollow figures. 

Furthermore, there seemed to be a hint of dark gold on their bodies, making them appear even more tyrannical. The spirits of the Real Dragon and Real Phoenix flew around Mu Chen, emitting gusts of oppressive spiritual energy fluctuations unceasingly.

Looking at them, Mu Chen was surprised. Within the short time of a month, they had grown tremendously! As the spiritual energy had been sufficiently concentrated, the spirits of the Real Dragon and Real Phoenix could now detach from Mu Chen's body. They could even engage in combat independently within a certain range.

In the event that they would go to battle, Mu Chen estimated that they could oppose a Grade Seven Sovereign, even without his aid. This was akin to his bringing along a powerful helper.

Furthermore, this helper had a huge potential to grow! Mu Chen had no doubt that, when the spirits of the Real Dragon and Real Phoenix completed their growths, their strengths would strike fear in even the Earthly Sovereigns' hearts!

Of course, they still had a long way to go before they reached that stage. For now, Mu Chen had to cultivate and develop the spirits. One day, they would become truly powerful.

Mu Chen took a look at the flying spirits of the Real Dragon and Real Phoenix. With a smile, he thought, For now, I'll just look after them as they grow up.

After that thought, Mu Chen set his vision upon a small island on the blood-red sea. On it, Nine Nether was also sitting cross-legged, flames framing her beautiful figure. That was the Undying Flame!

Previously, Nine Nether's Undying Flame had a dark purple hue. But now, its color was becoming lighter and lighter.

Mu Chen knew that this was all thanks to the guidance of the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign. As an Undying Bird, she would naturally know the evolutionary pathway of her kind.

As such, she could impart priceless advice to Nine Nether, helping her bypass some obstacles on her own path of evolution. In doing this, her evolution would attain higher perfection.

With the guidance from the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign, Mu Chen could predict that Nine Nether's capabilities would definitely improve drastically after this round of secluded meditation. When that time comes, she would surpass even Mu Chen, who has just caught up to her with great difficulty.

"It's almost been three years since leaving the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy..." He raised his head all of a sudden, then exhaled deeply.

In these last few years, he had grown steadily from a young fella who had just arrived in the North Territory into one of the Ten Lords of the Daluo Territory. Moreover, after this secluded meditation, he felt that perhaps the Daluo Territory would have four Kings instead of three.

These years of training had caused his youthful immaturity to fade away completely. The purpose of all of this effort, other than to rescue his mother, was to fulfil the promise that he had made to the young girl in the Spiritual Academy. That was the promise of a matchless master.

"Luo Li. How are you?" Mu Chen looked at the sky, where a spiritual mist was rising on the horizon.

The face of a beautiful girl with long silvery hair, exquisite features, and eyes as clear as lapis lazuli appeared faintly before him, drawing out the deepest thoughts in Mu Chen's heart. Mu Chen's lips pursed slightly, and immediately, his handsome face became determined.

Although the years had been difficult, he understood that Luo Li certainly had not had it easy either. Beneath her gentle and cool appearance was a heart that was much more stubborn than his own.

After all, she had to support the enormous Luo God Clan that was decaying day by day. It was a powerful group, which was far more vast than the Daluo Territory itself. Perhaps, she was still bearing its entire weight upon her tender shoulders even now.

"Luo Li… wait for me.. The time I appear once more before you is the time that I will do as is promised." Clenching both fists tightly, Mu Chen no longer had any hesitation. He suppressed the thoughts in his heart and slowly closed his eyes.

As he did so, the spiritual energy around him fluctuated, starting to form a vortex slowly. The vast and immense spiritual energies in that world were sucked into the vortex, steadily and unceasingly. For a long period of time to come, they would all enter into a state of deep meditation...

As Mu Chen and Nine Nether began their deep cultivations, time passed away swiftly and without a sound. The ordeal on the Plains of the Divine Beasts had ceased completely after Mu Chen and the rest had entered the Space of the God Sea for half a month. After seizing various opportunities, the different parties left, each returning to their own clan.

As the curtain fell upon the Plains of the Divine Beasts, almost everyone knew about the shocking battle that had erupted in the Divine Cemetery. They also came to know the name of Mu Chen.

Later on, Zong Teng of the Heavenly Roc Clan met Zong Qingfeng of the Giant Bird Clan. Before the former could ask the latter if he'd taught Mu Chen a lesson yet, the latter warned the former to not provoke Mu Chen in the future.

Zong Teng was drenched in cold sweat after hearing Zong Qingfeng's warning, especially once he learned that Mu Chen had defeated Bai Ming of the Ice Phoenix Clan!

He decided to leave the plains quickly with his team, vowing to never again think of tackling Mu Chen. After all, provoking such an extraordinary warrior would never earn one more than they would lose!

The other teams, who similarly exchanged blows with Mu Chen and were also traumatized, left gloomily as well. After that, Mu Chen's fame started to spread within many of the younger generations of the Divine Beast Clans.

It was under these circumstances that Mo Feng and Mo Ling left the plains and returned to the Nine Netherbird Clan. The moment they returned home, they were called upon by the clan leader and the elders, who inquired about their findings on the Plains of Divine Beasts.


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