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Immediately after Mu Chen regained consciousness, he opened his eyes and saw the Divine Cemetery garden. The aftermath of the massive destruction had left it completely in ruins, the sight of which sent a chill up his spine.

If it weren't for the altar's protection, each and everyone of them would have been turned into ash in this terrible war.

"Are you awake?" A voice came from beside him. Mu Chen looked up and saw his Sovereign Beast, the Undying Bird, looking at him and smiling.

Mu Chen rubbed his head, still suffering from a head-splitting headache. He then said "It seems that this is the cost of controlling such a powerful army."

The scary and daunting reality of facing fighting spirits left one with a palpable fear. Now that had Mu Chen taken control over the Heavenly Beast Troop, he realized that, if there were any slight fluctuations of the fighting spirit, he could be destroyed completely.

"As a war troop dispatcher, it would benefit you to have the ability to sense their movements in advance." The man in a colorful costume, who was the embodiment of one of the Myriad Spiritual Bird, smiled as he looked into Mu Chen's eyes. He was impressed by Mu Chen's abilities.

Mu Chen nodded, knowing that the man was right. It was extremely dangerous to take control over such a powerful fighting spirit, but it was also a wonderful opportunity. With this phenomenal experience, he would never be panicked again, even if he had to take control of an even stronger troop in the future.

"Mu Chen. Are you alright?" A shadow suddenly stepped in front of him. It was Nine Nether, her eyes full of anxiety.

Mu Chen shook his head. As he did so, he realized that all of the other teams had left the altar. Nine Nether was the only one left.

"I told Mo Feng and his team to leave," Nine Nether said, as if reading his mind.

After all, there was nothing left for them here. The team was trying to search further afield for some treasure, but Nine Nether was still worried about Mu Chen, so she had chosen to stay.

Mu Chen nodded. As then held up his fist, finding that the stone seal, which was granted by the Heavenly Beast Troop, had turned into powder and disappeared with the wind.

When he saw this, Mu Chen was immediately heartbroken. It was the battle mark of the Heavenly Beast Troop!

"The Heavenly Beast Troop is gone. This battle seal lost the protection from the fighting spirit, which rendered it useless," a lady in palace dress whispered to him.

Mu Chen's heart ached and he was stunned for a moment. This level of treasure would be considered very sacred to the top forces in the Great Thousand World. Therefore, it was invaluable.

However, this invaluable item had just turned into ashes in his own hand, which made him feel like falling from the sky to the bottom of the well. Since it was already done, there was no point in his crying over spilled milk. So, Mu Chen gave out a sigh, then looked at the lady in palace dress without saying a word.

The lady burst into laughter as she saw Mu Chen's expression. She then said, "Don't worry. I have promised you a great creation, so I will keep that promise."

Mu Chen was relieved. Although he was grateful just to have survived under such terrible circumstances, he had to admit that the great creation that was promised by the Heavenly Sovereign was really what he desired at the moment.

As soon as she finished her sentence, she looked at the Myriad Spiritual Bird Beast Sovereign and the Desolated Sovereign, who both nodded. The three of them then formed a seal at the same time.

Immediately, their bodies lit up, then the seal slowly ensconced Mu Chen within it.

"Please follow us," said the lady in palace dress.

Mu Chen was stunned for a minute, then quickly pointed at Nine Nether, who was standing next to him. He then said, "Seniors, could I please bring a friend of mine along?"

Of course, he had Nine Nether in mind. Nine Nether was touched by what Mu Chen had said, as not everyone was kind enough to share such a opportunity.

The lady in palace dress was obviously shocked. She looked into Nine Nether's eyes and sensed that they both shared the same bloodline.

"You are a member of the Nine Netherbird family, which is the future generation of my kind. You are lucky to be here at this moment, as this is the great creation of the Land of Divine Beast, granted only to the two of you to witness," said the lady in palace dress, while pointing at them.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether were excited. They bowed respectfully and said simultaneously, "Thank you very much, elder."

Then, all three of them, including the lady in palace dress, changed the seal together. The shining light slowly covered both Mu Chen and Nine Nether, then eventually grew even brighter, causing a distortion in the void.

The light then gradually faded and disappeared. As the light faded out, the space above the altar became empty, except for a lingering ancient scent, which filled the surrounding atmosphere.

After the light faded, Mu Chen opened his eyes, taking in his new surroundings. The scenery before him took his breath away.

Mu Chen gazed out at an endless ocean. This ocean was bright red in color and looked like a sea of blood. However, there was not a trace of blood in its scent.

In the blood-red ocean, he could see several huge creatures emerging to the surface of the ocean from time to time. Nine Nether and Mu Chen them stood with their mouths gaping open, as they recognized that those creatures were among the popular mythical beasts from ancient times!

Furthermore, both Mu Chen and Nine Nether realized that, at the bottom of this ocean, there was an indescribable spiritual energy fluctuation, the power of which would even surprise an Earthly Sovereign.

"This ocean contains the blood and essences of many ultimate heavenly beasts!" Nine Nether was amazed. As she was also one of the heavenly beasts, she could naturally sense this hidden secret within the ocean.

Mu Chen took a few minutes to rewind his memories, quickly remembering the location where the Treasure Beast had fallen. It was a mysterious black hole that led to many unknown and mysterious places.

Is it true that the divine beast blood essence of many treasured beasts was absorbed and collected in this ocean?

And, is it also true that all of the blood and essences of various top divine beasts were collected and gathered at this place?

Mu Chen sucked in a mouthful of cold air, while thinking of many things.

It would be enough for an individual to be reborn with only the blood and essence of one single divine beast, so imagine what these amounts of blood and essences from numerous divine beasts would do!

"Back when the extraterritorial clans attacked the Land of Divine Beasts, the lives of more than 80 percent of the elite beasts were lost. Even most of the top fighters were also killed. However, the extraterritorial clans also paid a high price, losing five of their lords and numerous talented warriors," the lady in palace dress said.

She then added, as she glanced at the ocean, "But, these extraterritorial clans had tough constitutions, especially those above the Lord level. Even though they were sacrificed in the Myriad Beasts Tomb eventually, they were able to build a magic array before they died, which absorbed the blood and essences of all of the divine beasts. They did this in hopes that they could then revive themselves via the blood and essences."

Mu Chen slightly shifted his expression, also looking out at the crimson ocean.

It turns out that this bright red ocean is actually the masterpiece of the extraterritorial clans….

"But, we managed to expose their scheme, countering them by using the consciousness of the fallen divine beasts in the divine beast blood essence to completely suppress the five Lords, thus thwarting their plan of reviving themselves," the Myriad Spiritual Bird said.

"We call this ocean the God Sea. It was formed by the lives of countless elite from the Land of the Divine Beasts. The power it contains is strong enough to cause even a Heavenly Sovereign to take this place seriously."

Mu Chen and Nine Nether nodded. Their hearts were shaking as they looked at the sea. The vast power within the ocean was far beyond anything that they had encountered before.

The blood and essences of the divine beasts contained many godlike benefits, such as the purification of bone marrow, the cultivation of flesh and soul, and the strengthening of the body. As such, it was a rare supplement for both humans and heavenly beasts. If they had the chance to do their cultivation here, the end effect would definitely be hard to imagine.

"This is not even the most attractive spot yet…" the lady in palace dress smiled and said, seeing the looks of amazement on Mu Chen's and Nine Nether's faces. Mu Chen and Nine Nether had their eyes wide open, scarcely daring to imagine what could possibly be more amazing than this current spot.

The lady in palace dress slightly tilted her head, then stared at the void and said to the pair, "Try to feel it carefully."

Mu Chen and Nine Nether looked at each other with hesitation, but eventually followed her instructions. They closed their eyes to better sense the void. A great while later, both of them suddenly opened their eyes at the same time. Their eyes were full of shock.

Their eyes were full of shock because they realized that the time flow here was much more slower than the outside world, which means the rule of time here had been changed.

Changing the rules of time was beyond their understandings. There could only be one man, the Heavenly Sovereign, who was able to reach that specific level of knowledge.

"The time flow here is 4 times slower than the outside world…" The lady in palace dress smiled and confirmed.

Mu Chen's and Nine Nether's excitement shone in their glimmering eyes. They knew that if this secret was exposed, even the top forces in The Great Thousand World would take any risk to snatch it. After all, owning this magnificent space of God Sea was as good as owning an elite cultivation base!

Mu Chen took a deep breath, then moistened his lips with tongue. He looked at the sea with excitement, realizing that this great creation was far beyond his expectations!

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