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Chapter 1071 - Improvement in Strength

When the news of the Ancient Haven Palace appeared, it was gradually spread out in the Greatlaw Continent and swiftly radiated into the Great Thousand World.

In a realm without the rising and setting of the sun, the concept of time was greatly lowered.

On the scarlet ocean, sat a rock island where a crisp and clear cry abruptly resounded. Along with the resounding cry, flames suddenly dominated the rock island and in just a few breaths of time, it had covered this entire island.

The colours of the flames were faint yet contained a domineering power. As the flames surged, even the surrounding ocean had gradually surged. It was so much so that even space showed distortions.

The boundless Spiritual Energy in this region seemed like it was about to be incinerated at this moment.

What would leave one in even more shock was the boundless vitality contained in the flames. The flames that looked domineering and destructive contained a vitality within that made it seem even more mysterious.

This odd flame was naturally the Undying Flames unique to the Undying Birds!

But this Undying Flame didn’t belong to the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign; instead, it was the slender silhouette that was seated on the island that was the source of the flames.

That silhouette was naturally Nine Nether. She had undergone a huge change compared to before. Her hair was much longer and every strand of her hair was blazing with flames, which fluttered behind her, looking akin to a gorgeous tail of flames.

Furthermore, every single strand of her hair contained a powerful strength and with a single thought from Nine Nether, she would be able to lash it out like a fire whip that would give even pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereigns a hard time dealing with that power.

Evidently, this secluded cultivation had caused Nine Nether to transform entirely.

She quietly sat, when suddenly, her pupils, which had been closed for nearly half a year, slowly opened.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

In that instant when she opened her eyes, the entire region felt like it was blazing, causing space to distort from the heat in the path of her sight and the space was on the verge of shattering.

There was a bizarre fire rune that vaguely appeared on the centre of Nine Nether’s brows. The rune gradually turned brilliant, causing the flames on her body to grow stronger at the same time.


A white mist exited Nine Nether’s lips. The mist instantly turned into flames and had completely turned a small tree before her into ashes.

But after the small tree was reduced to ashes, the white flames did not disappear, they continued to burn with odd energy being emanated from them.

There was a young emerald sprouting from the ashes of the tree. When it appeared from the ashes, it was emitting vitality once again.

Nine Nether looked at the sapling in the ashes with joy beaming from her eyes.

“Not bad, you have grasped some of the essences of the Undying Flames, turning the dead into life. In the future, no matter what injuries you suffer, as long as your bloodline contains the Undying Flames, you will be able to swiftly recover.” Behind Nine Nether, a peal of light laughter resounded that seemed to be declining and exhausted.

Nine Nether quickly turned around and saw the dim silhouette of the gorgeous woman, she looked like she was about to disappear. There was unconcealable exhaustion on her face, but she looked gratified as she looked at Nine Nether.

When Nine Nether saw her state, she knew that the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign was reaching her limit. During the period when she was in secluded cultivation, the Myriad Spiritual Bird and Desolate Beast had already disappeared from the complete exhaustion of their Spiritual Energy. Only the Undying Bird Beast Sovereign managed to remain till today by relying on the unique ability of the Undying Flames.

Nine Nether looked at the gratified gorgeous woman and felt sour in her nose. Immediately, she knelt onto the ground and kowtowed with respect.

If it wasn’t for the guidance of the gorgeous woman, she might not have been able to refine the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Brid so perfectly, nor would she be able to evolve her Undying Flames to this stage.

Accepting Nine Nether’s kowtow, the gorgeous woman looked at Nine Nether with full satisfaction. In her eyes, Nine Nether’s talent was extremely outstanding and if nothing happened, there’s a huge chance of her evolving into the genuine Undying Bird. So, judging from a certain degree, she had treated Nine Nether as her Successor.

“You will have to depend on yourself for your future path. Furthermore, the Undying Bird Clan is few in number, to begin with, so we could be considered part of the Phoenix Clan. However, the True Phoenix is the true monarch of the Phoenix Clan, so they would be somewhat fearful and have their guard up against us.” The gorgeous woman spoke out in a light voice.

In the Phoenix Clan, the True Phoenixes were the rulers of the Phoenix Clan, whereas the Undying Bird existed by itself. Although the Phoenix Clan was extremely respectful of the Undying Bird Clan, it was unavoidable for them to have their guard up against them.

Nine Nether nodded her head. She was from the Nine Netherbird Clan, so even if she managed to evolve into the Undying Bird in the future, she would still remain in the Nine Netherbird Clan. Therefore, she wasn’t interested in scrambling over power in the Phoenix Clan.

The boundless Undying Flames around Nine Nether started to retract before being pulled back into her body. When the flames disappeared, her hair had also returned back to normal. The only exception was that her eyes were even more radiant.

Nine Nether lowered her head, then slowly clenched her fists, sensing the boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuation in her body, and uncontrollably lifted a smile on her face.

Counting the time, she had been in this realm for two years, so only six months should have passed in the outside world.

The two years were extremely crucial to Nine Nether. Not only was she able to perfect her own bloodline, but she was also still able to improve her strength through the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird, having her strength soar from Seventh Grade Sovereign to Ninth Grade Sovereign!

It was a complete two grades!

If she returned to the Great Havenlaw Domain, she could immediately be promoted to being the fourth Emperor with her current strength!

If others knew about her improvement, their eyeballs would definitely pop out. That’s because, according to the norm, a Seventh Grade Sovereign would require years of bitter cultivation in order to reach the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm, which included a large amount of resources and luck to accomplish that.

Naturally, Nine Nether’s improvement was something that could be considered as being lucky without searching for it. If it wasn’t for the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird, this special cultivation realm and a Heavenly Sovereign to guide her, it would probably be hard for Nine Nether to obtain such improvements.

“With my current strength, I wouldn’t be as useless as before, right?” Nine Nether smiled with her lips pursed together as she looked into the distance. In the past, she could sense the soar in Mu Chen’s strength. Back then, when he had just joined the Great Havenlaw Domain, she could still provide some help to Mu Chen. But as time passed, Mu Chen’s strength had gradually surpassed her own.

In the past, Nine Nether blamed herself for not being able to help Mu Chen. It was so much so that she even had to rely on Mu Chen in this journey to the Divine Beast Origin, while she was just a spectator throughout the journey.

This sort of situation made Nine Nether feel uneasy. She was used to taking care of Mu Chen. But she was suddenly useless, which made her feel uneasy.

Therefore, she also felt heavily relieved when she sensed her own improvements.

She knew that the reason why Mu Chen came to the Greatlaw Continent was because of the Ancient Haven Palace so that he could obtain the evolution method for his Great Solar Undying Body. All the things that he had done so far were preparations for that.

After dealing with the Nine Netherbird Clan’s matters, Mu Chen would evidently head for the Ancient Haven Palace. With the improvement in her strength, she would definitely be able to provide aid to Mu Chen.

“Speaking of which, it’s been a long time since that fellow showed himself.”

Nine Nether shifted her gaze towards the massive ocean. There wasn’t anyone there. Mu Chen had already been submerged in the ocean for a year now. The Spiritual Energies were much more boundless and refined there.


When this thought flashed in Nine Nether’s mind, the ocean in the distance lifted with torrential waves and a myriad-foot high wave swept out from the bottom of the ocean. A slender silhouette was quietly seated on the wave.


Nine Nether looked at that silhouette that had appeared on the wave and couldn’t help exclaiming in shock. That’s because she could sense that the Spiritual Energy fluctuations around Mu Chen did not grow much stronger, he still seemed to be a Seventh Grade Sovereign.

He didn’t improve in the two years of cultivation?

Nine Nether’s face was filled with shock. It’s impossible for even those with poor talent to have no improvements, right? Not to mention that Mu Chen’s talent was outstanding to begin with.

“That fellow is smart…”

While Nine Nether was puzzled, the gorgeous woman beamed with smiles as she continued, “It will accumulate and burst out.”

Nine Nether was intelligent. She instantly understood her meaning and asked, “He is suppressing his cultivation on purpose?”

The gorgeous woman lightly nodded her head, “The more he suppresses himself, he will burst out even more powerfully. But he’s reaching his limits in suppressing it, so let us see how far he will burst out.”

She originally expected for Mu Chen to reach the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm in this secluded training. She did not expect the ambitions of that brat, to actually be able to suppress the Spiritual Energy in his body for two whole years. So now that he’s finally going to release it, the burst would be extremely formidable.

Looking at it this way, the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm might not be able to stop that brat…

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