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The vast sea of fighting spirit covered the altar and became a complete riot as Mu Chen let out a raging roar. The rolling fighting spirit was as heavy as tens of thousands of pounds and obliterated the void wherever it proceeded. Everyone around was aware of the fighting spirit's awful hidden power.

"He did it?" On top of the altar, the warriors couldn't help but to cheer among themselves as they saw the surging fighting spirit ocean that brought joy and surprise to them at the same time. They knew that it would be best if Mu Chen could manage to take control of the Heavenly Beast Troop. However, due to the tricks played by their emotions, there was still a deep envy surging inside their hearts.

They also understood very well that it would truly be a frightful thing if Mu Chen were to control the Heavenly Beast Troop. That kind of fear was like facing the powerful elders in the family who could suppress them completely by just raising their hand. They knew that if Mu Chen decided to put a hand on them at any moment, all of them would be eliminated completely no matter what they did to protect themselves. It would be pointless to resist.

Bai Ming, Bai Bin, and the rest understood the consequences very well; therefore, they swallowed and looked away from Mu Chen's figure because they were too afraid of triggering someone who could wipe them out completely if he got mad. Mu Chen's current state was way ahead of theirs, so they could no longer provoke him like before.

"He has succeeded, but..." Nine Nether did not slack off because of Mu Chen's success. Instead, she locked her sight onto Mu Chen's disappearing figure. At this moment, blue veins pulsed on his arms, extending all the way to his face. Even droplets of blood permeated below the skin between his eyebrows due to the tremendous shock his brain was taking.

Though Mu Chen was given the token of protection by the Undying Bird, controlling such a powerful fighting spirit was a great load on him. If Mu Chen lost his focus, he would suffer the risk of being devoured.


Mu Chen took a deep breath under Nine Nether's nervous gaze and allowed the pain in his mind to slowly fade away. In between his eyebrows, an image of a light feather appeared. It was the thing that protected his mind. If it didn't, the terrible fighting spirit would have destroyed his mind completely.

"I only have one chance…" Surprisingly, Mu Chen's mind was extremely calm, even though he was carrying tremendous pain. He was feeling the powerful and vast fighting spirit surrounding him. He knew that the spiritual feather granted by the Undying Bird could only protect him once, and the duration was limited. If he failed to make a critical blow with the Heavenly Beast Troop before the duration ended, he should immediately give up control of the troop. Otherwise, he would trigger the counterbite from the fighting spirits, which could kill him.

At this point, there was no more hesitation in Mu Chen's mind. He lifted his ferocious face and stared at the demonic face in the distance. The demon was currently sealed by the three Sovereign Beasts. Mu Chen quickly formed his own seal with trembling hands.

"Heavenly Beast Troop. Show me how powerful your fighting spirit is!!"


As Mu Chen spoke the command, the vast ocean of fighting spirit surrounding him erupted in rage. Numerous fighting spirits arose and eventually gathered in the sky. A short while after, a huge ancient Beast Spear came into sight, standing up straight.

The spear's surface was full of battle marks. The marks weren't clear, but the power contained was so strong that even an Earthly Sovereign's face would turn sour sensing it. Facing such huge fighting spirits, it was impossible for Mu Chen to control the situation precisely. Therefore, he could only try his best to gather the fighting spirits and to maximize their power as much as he could.

The battle spirit in Mu Chen's eyes burst as he shouted the words, "Beast Spear! Eliminate the demon ahead!" The next moment, the huge Beast Spear pierced through the void and teleported right in front of the giant demonic monster.


At this point, the demonic face also realized the threat of the offensive moves coming across the battlefield. It immediately roared numerous times as if an apocalypse were coming. The demonic face obviously did not expect there would be a strong force other than the Three Sovereign Beasts.


Tons of awful destructive aura burst from the demonic face's body, trying to escape from the Three Sovereign Beasts' seals. However, they did not allow that to happen. They immediately forced out their power, enhancing the strength of the 100,000-foot-long giant rainbow chains.

Bang! Bang!

The demonic aura created numerous explosions in an attempt to destroy the sealed chain, but it ultimately failed to do so.


At this moment, the gigantic Beast Spear came, bringing in the Heavenly Beast Troop's fighting spirits. It eventually landed between the demonic face's eyebrows.


The demonic aura immediately appeared and swept across between its eyebrows, turning into numerous phantoms trying to swallow up the spiritual spear.

Bam! Bam!

However, the fighting spirits contained within the Beast Spear were extremely powerful. The monster, on the other hand, was not actually an ordinary beast from the area outside but was formed from mere demonic thoughts. The phantoms who made contact with the spiritual spear were shattered into nothing by the horrible fighting spirits.


The demonic shadows exploded and ultimately dissipated. The Beast Spear struck straight down into the demonic creature's forehead. Instantly, a fearsome battle intent rushed out in a wave.


The monster burst into tears and released painful cries as the huge spiritual spear pierced it. The demonic aura went into madness and eventually generated an explosion inside its body. Every time there was an explosion, the demonic face's body shrank rapidly.

Bam! Bam!

After a few moments, the gigantic demonic face had shrunk to a size ten times smaller, from 100,000 feet to 10,000 feet, causing the demonic aura to shrink as well. That critical blow Mu Chen released definitely posed a great threat to the demonic face.

"Kill it!" The Three Sovereign Beasts displayed a sense of excitement. All three of them worked together to tighten the gigantic rainbow chain, causing it to pierce through the demonic face. The chain crisscrossed madly and eventually trapped the demon altogether without any leakage of demonic aura. The demonic face was now like a shining sphere trapped inside rounds and rounds of chains.


The Three Sovereign Beasts spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood then twisted to form three ancient runes that slowly fell onto the shiny chained sphere and eventually fused into the sphere itself.


As the ancient blood runes fused, a cry of despair from the demonic face could be heard from the bottom part of the shining sphere.

"Since it's already dead, there's no need to worry about it anymore," said the Undying Bird in a calm tone. She then generated a seal using her bare hands. Inside the shining sphere, huge amounts of blood burst out and eventually exploded.

The tremendous impact swept forth from high in the sky, crashing the void within tens of thousands of miles. Even the earth was torn apart into the abyss. The cemetery was a mess after the clash.

Everyone above the altar was looking into the sky at a distance. The impact of the mad spiritual force was fading away slowly while the devilish demonic face distorted under the impact and slowly disappeared in front of their eyes.

"The monster is eliminated!" Everyone was relieved after witnessing the miracle. The expressions on their faces showed that this was the time of their lives, and some of them just sat right on the ground. The horrifying battle had obviously left a huge mark in their minds.

"We did it," said Nine Nether with a relieved yet uncertain tone. That phenomenal creature had actually been destroyed completely right in front of their eyes.

"All thanks to Mu Chen." Nine Nether was not the only one with similar thoughts at the moment. The rest of the warriors were looking at Mu Chen in the sky, showing a sign of respect and thanks for what he had done. They really did owe Mu Chen a debt of gratitude this time.

However, Bai Ming and the rest could not believe what they had just seen. However, from that moment onwards, they never showed any displeasure towards Mu Chen. Otherwise, they would definitely become everyone's target.

Mu Chen did not pay attention to the numerous grateful looks from the people. His distressed spirit had finally found relief as the monster slowly disappeared in front of him. The relief was then followed by a tremendous pain that arose in his brain, trying to consume him whole.


Mu Chen spat out a mouthful of blood. He turned pale from the effort he had expended controlling the awful fighting spirit. Even though he had the Undying Bird's protection, there was still some level of counterbiting effect, and he felt like his brain was about to explode. His vision became dark, and he could not longer control his body. Mu Chen fell from the sky as his body became weaker. There was tremendous pain in his head, and he couldn't help but to whisper to himself with a bitter laugh, "D*mn it… I'll never do this Heavenly Beast Troop controlling stuff ever again… I was almost a martyr..."


The lady wearing palace garments appeared mid-air. She lifted Mu Chen's body with a snap of her fingers. Then, she pointed her finger at his forehead, and a cluster of spiritual lights bloomed. Under the spiritual light, Mu Chen's face slowly recovered to its usual peaceful state, and the blue veins completely disappeared.

She looked at Mu Chen's face with a sense of surprise. Obviously, she had not expected him to take control of the Heavenly Beast Troop and give out a critical blow. She shook her head gently as she let out a soft laugh. "Seems like I've underestimated this little guy here..."

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