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Chapter 1070 - Appearance of the Haven Palace

When the Divine Beast Origin arc came to an end, it had caused a commotion in many Divine Beast Clans. Although Mu Chen’s achievements were shocking, it still caused many controversies in the Divine Beast Clans of the Great Thousand World.

Although there were many Divine Beast Clans participating in the Divine Beast Origin, not all of them participated. Taking the Dragon Clan, which was known as the Overlord amongst the Divine Beast Clans, as an example. They did not send out any of their elites, while Bai Ming was only an elite of the Ice Phoenix Clan, a branch of the Phoenix Clan. Although he was somewhat famous, he couldn’t represent the noble bloodline of the Phoenix Clan. Those existences were all pillars of the Phoenix Clan, so the temptation of the Divine Beast Origin wasn’t as strong to them as it was for Bai Ming. So they would naturally not want to lower themselves for it.

Thus, many people felt that the quality of those who entered the Divine Beast Origin would be lowered, thus allowing a human like Mu Chen to stand out. If he really encountered the true elites of the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans, then Mu Chen would probably not be able to obtain such outstanding achievements.

However, those controversies were just words. Anyone knew that if they really wanted to know Mu Chen’s standards, all they had to do was fight him if they encountered him one day and they would find out if Mu Chen was too powerful or if Bai Ming was too weak…

Looking at it from a certain angle, the Divine Beast Origin was merely an experience for the Divine Beast Clans. Aside from the Divine Beast Clans, it wouldn’t cause any ripple in the Great Thousand World. It was so much so that not even the Great Havenlaw Domain heard anything about it.

Thus, the Great Havenlaw Domain was as peaceful as always.

After the Hunting War, the Divine Pavilion had been completely dispersed and under the alliance in the Northern Region that was suggested by Mandala, the number of conflicts decreased. The top-tiered forces were all digesting the Divine Pavilion, having a harmonious air around them, and were no longer as hostile as before.

Under that harmony, the fame of the Great Havenlaw Domain soared in the Northern Region, which vaguely showed signs of surpassing the Divine Pavilion.

The experts of the Northern Region weren’t foolish and everyone could tell that although there were numerous powerhouses in the alliance of the Northern Region, the Great Havenlaw Domain definitely had more of a say in it.

Even the lords of the other top-tiered forces were courteous when facing Mandala. After all, Mandala was the only one in the Northern Region that had stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm.

Her strength naturally surpassed the lords of the other top-tiered forces.

Therefore, although the Great Havenlaw Domain showed no signs of dominating the entire Northern Region, no one doubted their potential. Therefore, over the past few months, the influence of the Great Havenlaw Domain was swiftly expanding with countless experts swarming over, bringing the Great Havenlaw Domain to the peak of their power. Even the other regions of the Greatlaw Sky knew that there was a Great Havenlaw Domain rising in the Northern Region.

In the Great Havenlaw Domain of the Northern Region, the Greatlaw Sky

On an azure peak in the depths of the Great Havenlaw Domain that was shrouded in clouds, there was a petite silhouette sitting on the peak with the clouds in this region surging along with her breathing. Space constantly distorted around her, allowing her silhouette to be vaguely seen. It’s as if she was about to disappear into time.

Not knowing how long it was, she suddenly opened her eyes and swept her dignified golden pupils over, causing the mountain peak to tremble. The surrounding Spiritual Energy surged like an ocean as it formed into a few myriad feet of Spiritual Energy. It was then completely devoured by her as she opened her mouth.

After absorbing that boundless Spiritual Energy, her golden pupils slightly glittered before gradually calming back down. Her tiny hands formed seals and had suddenly caused space on her rear to shatter, before a few myriad-feet high golden pyramid appeared in the shattered space.

The golden pyramid was covered in ancient runes that seemed to be made from stars and every single flicker would cause an even more terrifying Spiritual Energy wave.

Mandala looked at the runes on the golden pyramid and a golden light surged in her pupils as if she had deduced something. The entire process had lasted for an entire month.

On a certain day, a month later, Mandala’s petite silhouette suddenly trembled and she suddenly raised her head. Her golden pupils looked at the golden pyramid and the stars on it jolted. The stars separated from the golden pyramid before gathering in the sky and starlight blossomed, forming into a star diagram.

Mandala looked at the mysterious star diagram and joy appeared on her calm face. Her gaze was directed into the distance, as if she was looking through the distance of endless space.

“The Ancient Haven Palace is finally going to appear?”

Just when Mandala had sensed something through the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, there was another location in the far east of the Skylaw Continent. This was an icy land, enveloped in ice that even ordinary Sovereign Realm experts could not withstand. A strong gale blew in this region that could even tear anyone beneath the Fifth Grade Sovereign to pieces.

Suddenly, in the sky of this deserted icy land, the starry skies lit up and starlight shone down with cracks appearing in the path of the starlight…

There was a desolate, ancient and boundless aura in the cracks that swept down from the sky.

Space would occasionally distort and looking through the cracks, an ancient palace could be seen shrouded in the clouds that could stir any Earth Sovereign Realm powerhouse.

When the crack appeared in the starry sky, those lords from the peak forces on the Greatlaw Continent who had stepped into the Earth Sovereign Realm had sensed it. Immediately, their gazes looked towards the icy land of the Greatlaw Sky with shock.

At this moment, no matter how composed the hearts of those experts were, they had all stood up with wild joy on their faces.

“This aura… the Ancient Haven Palace?! It’s finally going to appear?!”

In the northern region of the Great Thousand World

It was a continent covered in flames, dying it red. The size of this continent was even more inferior than the Greatlaw Continent, but in the Great Thousand World, the fame of this continent far exceeded the Greatlaw Continent.

That’s because there was another name for this continent.

The Endless Fire Territory.

The owner of this continent was also known as the Flame Emperor by countless experts in the Great Thousand World.

Someone that came from the Lower Plane and established the Endless Fire Territory in just a hundred years with his fame resounding throughout the entire Great Thousand World, dominating a territory. Even he, himself, was a top-tiered expert that had stepped into the Great Thousand World.

For the experts of the Great Thousand World, he was undoubtedly a legend. So even at this time, where there were multiple Heavenly Sovereigns, he was also a dazzling existence.

At the heart of this continent was a majestic city with an ocean of flames in the sky, looking extremely gorgeous.

In a peaceful stone pavilion in the city, there was an old man and a man seated there with a chessboard on the table.

The old man looked benevolent with wisdom filling his pupils, while his aged aura couldn’t be concealed.

Seated before him was a man in black robes and eyes as deep as the starry skies. There was a gentle smile that hung on his face and he had a slender figure. His aura was as deep and unfathomable as an ocean.

At this moment, he was looking at the chessboard with difficulties shown on his face. Evidently, he was already on the losing streak as he held onto a chess piece and couldn’t make a decision.

He pondered for a brief moment, before putting the chess piece down. But the moment when he placed down the chess piece, flames suddenly flashed in his eyes. At that moment when he placed it down, flames gushed out from the chess piece.


He raised his head with his brows knitted together as he looked into the distant space.

“What’s wrong?” Sitting opposite him, the old man asked with doubt.

“The Ancient Haven Palace has appeared, I sensed it.” The black-robed man slightly smiled.

“The Ancient Haven Emperor?” The old man was astonished.

The black-robed man nodded his head with interest flashing in his eyes, “Haha. Indeed, one of the Nine Emperors of the ancient times, the Ancient Haven Emperor…”

The face of the old man turned a little grave. The Ancient Haven Emperor had formidable fame that could be considered as a top-tiered existence even amongst the Heavenly Sovereigns. It was said that in the war that occurred in the ancient times, the number of Monarchs that fell in the hands of that Emperor couldn’t be counted with the fingers of both hands. Thus, the fame of his fighting prowess was unimaginable.

“Such a character could be considered a hero. If I was born in the ancient times, I would definitely be friends with him.”

The black-robed man laughed as he focused his gaze into the deep space, “The Ancient Haven Palace is filled with mystery. I’m afraid that competition can’t be avoided now that it has appeared. But according to what I know, the Ancient Haven Palace seems to have died in the hand of a Demon Emperor and the trace of that Demon Emperor has also disappeared thereafter.”

“Demon Emperor?” The countenance of the old man changed. In the Fiend Clans, only the most outstanding existences could be known as a Demon Emperor.

The black-robed man gently nodded his head and lightly smiled. “That Senior protected the Great Thousand World, and as someone of the later generation, it can be considered that we have obtained a favour from him. Therefore, I will guard his peace.”

Although he spoke in a light voice, his tone was domineering. In this world, there weren’t many that could declare protecting the peace of a Heavenly Sovereign.

“You’re saying…” The face of the old man turned grave.

The black-robed man shook his head and answered, “Let’s hope that I’m thinking too much.”

He briefly pondered before looking out of the stone pavilion. Under the sunlight, there was a gorgeous beauty in an azure dress, looking elegant and charming. She was so beautiful that even time froze under her beauty.

“Xun’er, bring that lass Xiao Xiao over. Hasn’t she been wanting to go to the Greatlaw Continent? Let her go this time…”

Hearing his words, the beauty gently smiled, which displayed her devastating beauty, before nodding her head in acknowledgement.

After giving out his instructions, the black-robed man turned around and smiled with his eyes narrowed towards the old man, “Teacher, shall we start all over again?”

The old man was stunned before lowering his head to see that the chess pieces on the chessboard had already been burnt into ashes. Thus, he shook his head as he bitterly smiled.

Even after so many years, this rascal is still the same. If someone else saw this version of him, they would probably find it hard to believe, right?

After all, the person before him was the Lord of the Endless Fire Territory.

The Flame Emperor, Xiao Yan… 

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