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The waves were churning amid the boundless, stormy sea. Their noise was deafening, shocking everyone.

Amid the heavy waves, Mu Chen's silhouette was like a motionless rock. Even if the huge waves enveloped him, they still could not shake him.

Although it surrounded him, his spiritual energy was suppressed, so it did not have spill over in the slightest. However, the surface of his skin glowed with spots of golden light.

As the tides kept rolling in, Mu Chen's eyes, which had been closed for a whole year, finally opened slowly.


His dark eyes suddenly became a bright gold color, as if the essence of the golden light had mixed with an indescribably strong spiritual energy, then surged out of Mu Chen's eyes!

The golden light in Mu Chen's eyes continued to surge. If one observed his body carefully, they could see that it was quivering, and he had his fists clenched. On his arms, his veins wriggled like a dragon, and every time they did, it seemed that all of the terrible forces were radiating outward, causing even the surrounding air to vibrate and buzz.

Mu Chen's heart was excited, as he sensed that the Sovereign Sea within his body was majestic and vast, reaching its optimal extent. It was so strong, in fact, if he continued to practice, even his Sovereign Sea would be unable to withstand it and explode directly!

Every meridian point in his body contained the ultimate spiritual power! At this point, if someone suddenly attacked him, it could completely destroy the control that Mu Chen had over his spiritual energy, which was reaching its limit.

Hence, when that time came, the spiritual power inside his body would roar out. As such, even if he had a Dragon-Phoenix Body, it would explode under that violent storm of spiritual energy, thus reducing him to ashes.

Now, he was basically like a volcano that was about to explode. However, once he could learn to withstand this force, his gains would be envied by countless people.

Almost there...

Feeling the roaring spirit of his body, Mu Chen murmured in his heart, then without hesitation, his face became grave and his hands conjured seals in front of him.


At the instant that the seals formed, Mu Chen's body seemed to vibrate violently and his skin suddenly turned red. Even blood began dripping through his pores!

However, Mu Chen ignored all of these things, because within his body, circumstances were even more terrible! The majestic spiritual power in the Sovereign Sea had exploded, causing the torrents in his body to surge forth like an enraged dragon. Wherever it passed, the meridians were distorted!

His flesh and blood stung in pain, and even his blood was forced to seep out of his body. The terrible force was destroying Mu Chen from the inside out!

An indescribable pain swept through his body, but his glance remained still, as he had made preparations for this scary outcome. Hence, he had a plan to try to suppress his spiritual energy and break through it.

According to his estimate, two years of cultivation and a daily, normal practice would only allow him to break through to the Eighth Grade Sovereign. After all, he was not able to obtain the Inherited Blood Essence of the Undying Bird like Nine Nether did. Thus, it was impossible for him to easily jump two levels.

After all, humans and Divine Beasts were different, as human beings depended on steady practice to progress, while Divine Beasts, although they normally didn't improve much in a thousand days, once they made progress, it was fast and vast, like a thousand miles of improvement!

In the past, Nine Nether's strength had surpassed Mu Chen's, but he had slowly caught up to her. Currently, however, Nine Nether's strength had again quickly progressed.

Therefore, if Mu Chen wanted to use this opportunity to enhance his power as much as possible, he had to take other measures, such as the absorption of spiritual energy, in order to grow from thin to thick. However, this method also had its drawbacks, one of which was that the suppression of the spiritual power was too strong.

As such, he may not be able to bear it, which would lead to the danger of his destruction! However, even in the face of this danger, Mu Chen did not hesitate to choose this path.

Boom! Crash!

His eyes grew increasingly redder, as the vast expanse of spiritual power collided within his body. A bit later, blood trickled down from the corners of his eyes, as if he was crying tears of blood. 

While standing on the rocky island, Nine Nether looked at the scene nervously, knowing that the breakthrough in Mu Chen had reached its most critical moment. She was also fretting over the fact that his two years of cultivation would not only be for naught, but even lead to his own self-destruction, if he failed at this moment.


Just as Nine Nether looked on nervously, the roar of a dragon reverberated in the air. Mu Chen rose suddenly, ignoring the streams of blood on the surface of his body. For a moment, he directly ignited the innermost spiritual powers of his body!

As he did so, an indescribable spiritual energy impact burst out. Where Mu Chen stood, spreading throughout a radius of ten thousand miles within the sea, the waves were suppressed to the bottom of the sea forcefully, where they formed a huge whirlpool.

Around the whirlpool, the waves were forced away, as the waves were rumbling from far to near. Then, the waves finally dissipated quietly, just before arriving at the rocky island.

Nine Nether stared unblinkingly at the sea on top of the huge whirlpool. She could see that a spiritual light bloomed where Mu Chen's figure stood in the air. Suddenly, a strong spiritual energy wave burst out of his body!

In just a few moments, the spiritual energy fluctuations emanating from Mu Chen's body had completed the accumulation of a Seventh Grade Sovereign. Then, almost immediately, he had another breakthrough, allowing him to step into the rank of Eighth Grade Sovereign!

"A breakthrough to the Eighth Grade!" Nine Nether exclaimed in surprise.

Beside her, the beautiful woman, who was already transparent, was smiling and said, "It seems that he has not reached the limit yet, this little fellow is ambitious indeed!"

"Will he break through to Ninth Grade Sovereign?" Nine Nether could not help but ask.

Although she knew that Mu Chen's practice had always been steady, even though he had been practicing for two years already, she worried that if the breakthrough was too fast, there would be serious consequences.

"It's not impossible for him to break through to the rank of Ninth Grade Sovereign, especially if he puts in all of his efforts. But, he's going to have to suffer some consequences," the beautiful lady said nonchalantly.

She was incredibly perceptive, so she could see his potential to break through to the rank of Ninth Grade Sovereign. However, just as Nine Nether feared, sometimes taking too big of a step came at a huge price.

Nine Nether nodded gently, immediately looking at the distant figure in the sea. As she did so, she could not help but clench her fists tightly.

Under their gazes, amid the majestic spiritual light, the fluctuation of spiritual power that exploded from Mu Chen's body was still growing rapidly. In a short period of time, the fluctuation of spiritual power had surpassed that of a normal Eighth Grade Sovereign, then gradually advanced toward its peak.

Dozens of moments then passed, as the spiritual fluctuations continued to explode out of Mu Chen's body. They were like dark clouds, covering the sky, which was inexplicably domineering as well.

Nine Nether's heart was in her throat, as she looked at the current circumstances. She knew deep down that, as long as Mu Chen was willing, he could step into the rank of a Ninth Grade Sovereign.

And, once he did so, then the Earthly Sovereign-level would also finally be within reach! His goal of becoming an extremely powerful Sovereign began to feel extremely close to being realized!


Sure enough, the fluctuation of spiritual power that burst out of Mu Chen's body once again began to soar. In a short span of mere moments, the spiritual power in Mu Chen's body reached the limit of the Eighth Grade Sovereign!

Finally, the spiritual power exploded, and Nine Nether could sense that the spiritual fluctuation had broken through the shackles of the Eighth Grade Sovereign. It was almost as if Mu Chen was even reaching the beginning of the Ninth Grade Sovereign!


Nine Nether sighed lightly in her heart, while the beautiful woman beside her shook her head. If he did not even have enough self-control now, in the future, if he wanted to break through to the rank of an Earthly Sovereign, they were both afraid that he would suffer a lot of pain.

As a former Sovereign Divine Beast and a Heavenly Sovereign, the beautiful woman naturally knew that there were many Ninth Grade Sovereigns in the world, but that in the end, only a few could successfully break through to become an Earthly Sovereign. This was because, in previous cultivation, if even a single mistake was made, it would force them to remain as Ninth Grade Sovereigns, thus unable to advance.

However, in the midst of their thoughts, the women's facial expressions suddenly changed. They looked at the distant sea in astonishment, for they had suddenly realized that the spiritual power fluctuations, which had been increasing madly, had been forcefully suppressed, just as Mu Chen was about to advance into the rank of a Ninth Grade Sovereign!

In the distant sky, majestic spiritual energy rolled in like the tide. As it did so, Mu Chen's young and slender figure stood in mid-air, his body emanating a faint golden light, while a subtle pressure quietly radiated out from it.

As Nine Nether's tightly clenched fists finally relaxed, her expression of joy could not be concealed. The beautiful woman beside her also nodded happily, relief in her eyes.

Mu Chen had not disappointed them, as he had proven that he could resist the temptation to break through to the Ninth Grade Sovereign. However, he had also broken through the shackles of the Eighth Grade Sovereign, which was equivalent to being the half-step to becoming a Ninth Grade Sovereign!

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