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Chapter 1066 - Great Fortune

When Mu Chen’s head cleared up, the first scene that was captured in his eyes was the destroyed God’s Cemetery with deep ravines weaving on the ground, a scene that made Mu Chen feel fearful.

If it wasn’t for the protection of the altar, all of them might have been reduced to ashes from the horrifying battle by now.

“You’ve woke up?” A voice resounded. Mu Chen raised his head towards that voice and saw the Undying Bird looking at him with a faint smile.

Mu Chen rubbed his head, still feel the splitting pain of his mind and bitterly smiled. “So this is the feeling of controlling a troop that’s too powerful for yourself.”

Mu Chen felt fearful just recalling the waves of Battle Will. When he was commanding the Battle Will of the Heavenly Beast Troop, Mu Chen could sense that if the Battle Will rippled even a little bit, it would be able to destroy him completely.

“As a Battle Formation Master, it will be beneficial for you in your insight towards Battle Will by having a feel of a powerful troop’s Battle Will.” The Myriad Spiritual Bird, who was the man donned in multi-coloured clothes, faintly smiled and when he looked at Mu Chen, there was a hint of admiration in his eyes. Evidently, he was also startled by the fact that Mu Chen actually managed to accomplish it.

Mu Chen nodded his head, since that was true. Although it was extremely dangerous for him to control such a powerful Battle Will, it was also an opportunity. If he encountered a similar situation in the future, or in possession of such a powerful troop, then he wouldn’t be as pathetic as today through today’s experience.

“Mu Chen, are you okay?” A silhouette flew over and Nine Nether landed beside Mu Chen with worry filling her eyes.

Mu Chen shook his head and swept his gaze around. At this moment, the other teams had already left, but Nine Nether had remained behind.

“Everyone else has already left. I got Mo Feng and the rest to leave first, as well,” said Nine Nether. With the God’s Cemetery wrecked to this state, the other teams were tempted to look around and see if they could find any treasures, while she was worried about Mu Chen, thus she had stayed behind.

Mu Chen nodded his head, then clenched his hand. The Heavenly Beast Troop’s stone seal suddenly shattered to ashes and faded away.

“This…” Mu Chen instantly felt a great heartache at this scene. The military seal of the Heavenly Beast Troop!

“The Heavenly Beast Troop is already dead, to begin with, and with after being exhausted from the previous battle, this military seal has lost the protection of Battle Will and it is naturally useless now.” The gorgeous woman gently sighed.

Mu Chen felt a throbbing pain in his heart, his expression dazed. Even in the top-tiered forces in the Great Thousand World, such a treasure could be considered as a supreme treasure and the worth of it couldn’t be estimated.

With such a supreme treasure being reduced to ashes in his hand, it had truly made him feel that it was hard to accept.

But since things had already happened, it was useless no matter how much pity he felt in his heart. Mu Chen could only sigh and looked at the gorgeous woman. He looked like he had something to say, but he held it back down.

When the gorgeous woman looked at him, she shook her head with amusement and annoyance at the same time. “Rest assured, since I have already made a promise to you, I will not go back on my words.”

When Mu Chen heard her words, only then did he feel a heavy relief in his heart. Although it was a good situation that he could survive the fight, no one would think that a great fortune bestowed by a Heavenly Sovereign would be too much to have.

Finishing her words, the gorgeous woman looked at the Myriad Spiritual Bird and Desolate Beast. The two of them nodded their heads, then formed hand seals at the same time with a lustre instantly being emitted from their bodies, gradually enveloping Mu Chen.

“This is not the place of the fortune, make a trip with us.” The gorgeous woman said.

Mu Chen was stunned, before he quickly pointed towards Nine Nether. “Senior, do you mind bringing my friend along?”

He would naturally be happy if Nine Nether could obtain this fortune, since the two of them were practically one in their relationship.

When Nine Nether heard Mu Chen’s words, she was stunned, before gratefulness gushed from within her heart. After all, not just anyone would be willing to share the fortune that they had gotten after risking their lives.

“Since you’re from the Nine Netherbird Clan, that means that you’re my descendant. So be it, it can be considered your fate to stay here. Thus, the fortune of this Divine Beast Origin will be given to the two of you.” The gorgeous woman gently nodded her head.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether both rejoiced and quickly clasped their hands together, “Thank you, Senior.”

The hand seals of the Three Beast Sovereigns changed and the lustre gradually enveloped Mu Chen and Nine Nether. Thereafter, the lustre suddenly grew intense, causing space to distort, before it brought along the two of them and disappeared.

When the lustre faded away, the altar was empty, with only the ancient aura still flowing around in this region.

The intense light only lasted for a few breaths’ time, before Mu Chen opened his eyes. Thereafter, the scene that laid before him made the expression on his face freeze.

What appeared before Mu Chen was a boundless ocean that looked fresh red, akin to an ocean of blood. But what made him even more startled was the fact that there wasn’t any stench of blood coming from it.

In the scarlet ocean, there were huge figures of beasts occasionally leaping out. The scene made Mu Chen and Nine Nether dumbfounded. They had discovered that the forms of those beasts were famous Divine Beasts during the ancient times…

Furthermore, Mu Chen and Nine Nether could sense that the dreadful and indescribable Spiritual Energy fluctuations in the scarlet ocean would make even Earth Grade Sovereigns feel their scalps going numb.

“This ocean contains the blood essence of many Divine Beasts!” Nine Nether exclaimed. She was a Divine Beast herself, so she could naturally sense the profundities in the scarlet ocean.

Mu Chen was stunned, before his eyes narrowed, recalling the land where the Treasure Beast fell. The mysterious black hole that leads to an unknown location. Could it be… that the blood essences of the Treasure Beast were collected here?

Were all the blood essences of the fallen Divine Beasts in the God’s Cemetery gathered here?

Mu Chen took a deep, cold breath just thinking about it. Just the blood essences of a top-tiered Divine Beast could shed one’s mortal body and transform one’s bones. How terrifying would it be for so much blood essence to be gathered here?

“Back when the Fiend Clans invaded the Divine Beast Origin, the war had caused many experts of the Divine Beast Origin to fall with many powerhouses within the list.”

“But the Fiend Clans had also paid a price for that war with five fallen Monarchs. However, the vitality of those Fiend Clans was extremely strong, especially those Monarch existences. Although they had all fallen in the Myriad Beast Graveyard, they managed to construct a demonic array before their death, extracting the blood essences of the fallen Divine Beast experts in an attempt to revive through the blood essences.” The gorgeous woman looked at the scarlet ocean as she slowly explained.

Mu Chen’s face slightly changed. So this scarlet ocean is the masterpiece of those Fiend Clans…

“But their scheme was discovered by us and so, we played along with them. Then we used the remnant will that was left behind by those fallen Divine Beast powerhouses in their blood essences to suppress the skeletons of those five Monarchs so that they wouldn’t have a chance to make a comeback.” The Myriad Spiritual Bird continued.

“We call this ocean the Divinity Sea, formed by innumerable experts of my Divine Beast Origin. The power contained within is something that even a Heavenly Sovereign would have to treat with solemn.”

Mu Chen and Nine Nether nodded their heads as their spirits trembled while looking at this ocean. The size and power of it had far exceeded any existences that they had encountered.

The power of a Divine Beast’s blood essence had the effect of cleansing the marrow, transforming the bones, refining Spiritual Energy, strengthening the physique and many other godly effects. So the blood essence of a top-tiered Divine Beast could be considered a rarely seen tonic for both humans and Divine Beasts.

So if they could cultivate here, Mu Chen couldn’t imagine just how powerful he would be.

“This is still not the most attractive part…” Just as Mu Chen and Nine Nether were shocked by the ocean before them, the gorgeous woman lightly smiled.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether’s eyes narrowed. The Divinity Sea that could forge countless powerhouses was still not the most attractive part?

The gorgeous woman raised her head, looked towards the sky and continued, “Try sensing it.”

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged a look, since they were both puzzled. But they still closed their eyes to tried to sense something. After a long while, they both suddenly opened their eyes, and were filled with shock.

“The time… seems to flow slowly here!”

The two of them had astonishment in their eyes. They could sense that the flow of time here was much slower than the outside world. That also meant that the Temporal Law here had been changed.

Altering the Temporal Law was something that exceeded both of their understanding, it was probably a realm that only genuine Heavenly Sovereigns could touch upon.

“Time here is roughly four times slower than the outside world. That also means that cultivating half a year here would mean two years of cultivation outside…” The gorgeous woman said with a surplus smile on her face.

The eyes of Mu Chen and Nine Nether surged with a blaze. They knew that if the secret of this place was leaked, then even the authoritative forces in the Great Thousand World would vie over this place.

That’s because this realm was equivalent to a breeding ground of powerhouses.

Mu Chen took in a deep breath and couldn’t help licking his lips. He was looking at this ocean with fire in his eyes, since he knew that this fortune was too great for him.

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