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Chapter 1065 - Spear Beheading the Demon


With a roar from Mu Chen, the boundless ocean of Battle Will that covered the sky above the altar completely surged at this moment. It’s as if they weighed ten million catty. The Battle Will rolled, causing space to shatter.

“He succeeded?!”

Seeing the ocean of Battle Will, many experts on the altar couldn’t hold back their exclamations as joy and shock flashed in their eyes at the same time. Although their rationale told them that it was the best outcome for Mu Chen to be able to command the Heavenly Beast Troop, there was also another emotion causing mischief in their hearts, causing dense jealousy to surge from their depths.

Perhaps in the past, they only felt fearful for Mu Chen. But after commanding the Heavenly Beast Troop, he would be able to make them feel true fear.

Fear that was akin to facing those powerful Elders back in their clans that could suppress them completely with a casual flip of their hands.

They also understood that if Mu Chen wanted to make a move against them, he probably only needed a single thought and all of them here would be slaughtered without any resistance, no matter what they tried.

Even Bai Ming, Bai Bin and the rest of the Phoenix Clan knew about this. Thus, they gulped a mouthful of saliva down and lowered their eyes. It was so much so that they didn’t even dare to look at Mu Chen’s silhouette, fearing that they might provoke him, and if Mu Chen went crazy, then all of them here would die in a bloodbath.

At this moment, Mu Chen wasn’t an existence that they could provoke.

“He succeeded, but…” Nine Nether did not feel relieved by the fact that Mu Chen was able to command the troop. Her gaze was locked onto that silhouette that vaguely appeared in the massive ocean of Battle Will. The veins that were wiggling on Mu Chen’s arms had even spread to his face and beads of blood were dripping from his forehead, a sign that Mu Chen was suffering a terrifying shock in his mind.

Although the Undying Bird had bestowed him a supporting item, it was still a great load for Mu Chen to try and command such a powerful Battle Will.

If Mu Chen made a mistake or got careless, then it was without a doubt that he would suffer a counterattack of Battle Will.


Under the anxious gaze from Nine Nether, Mu Chen took in a deep breath and suppressed the torrential pain in his mind with great difficulty. A feather of light had also appeared on his forehead and it was due to this item that he could protect his consciousness. Otherwise, his mind would’ve been completely blown away by the dreadful Battle Will by now.

“I only have one chance…”

Under the intense pain, Mu Chen’s spirit was abnormally calm as he sensed the indescribably powerful Battle Will that surrounded him. He knew that this feather that was bestowed to him by the Undying Bird could only be used once. Furthermore, there was also a limit to it. If he couldn’t swiftly deal a fatal attack to the demonic being with the Heavenly Beast Troop, then he would have to give up on controlling the Heavenly Beast Troop. Otherwise, he would be doomed to die the moment the Battle Will counterattacked.

As his thoughts processed to this point, there weren’t any more ripples in Mu Chen’s heart. He raised his head, which had wriggling veins on it, looking somewhat savage at this moment, at the massive demonic face that was bound by the Three Beast Sovereigns. Shortly after, both of his hands joined together to form hand seals with the stone seal trembling before him.

“Heavenly Beast Troop, show me how powerful you are!”


As Mu Chen’s voice lightly resounded in his heart, the massive ocean of Battle Will before him violently exploded and countless waterfalls soared into the sky, before they condensed together.

In just a few breaths’ time, the boundless Battle Will had faded and an ancient beast spear that was roughly a myriad-foot long hovered in the air.

The beast spear was engraved with dense and blurry Battle Runes. However, the power that emitted from that spear could even change the expression of an Earth Grade Sovereign.

Facing the massive Battle Will, it was practically impossible for Mu Chen to control it with precision. Therefore, he could only barely condense the Battle Will together, in an attempt to unleash the greatest force.

“Beast Spear, behead the demon!”

Battle Will gushed out like a substance from Mu Chen’s eyes. In the next moment, the massive beast spear that was forged of Battle Will had pierced through space, instantly shifted and appeared before the demonic face.

Roar! Roar!

The demonic face had also sensed the dreadful attack that had just joined the fray. Immediately, countless demonic images on the face roared, akin to sensing the threat of annihilation.

The demonic face naturally did not expect that aside from the Three Beast Sovereign’s spiritual forms, there would still be such a horrifying attack joining the fray.

Boom! Boom!

An awful demonic aura violently burst out from the demonic face in an attempt to break free of the Three Beast Sovereigns’ shackles. However, how could the three of them let it go as the demonic face had planned? Immediately, they had circulated all of their power, making the shackles even sturdier.

Boom! Boom!

The demonic aura exploded, causing the shackles to incessantly tremble, but the demonic face wasn’t able to break free.


At this moment, the massive beast spear that was condensed from the powerful Battle Will of the Heavenly Grade Troop had also whistled over, then it shot towards the centre of the demonic being’s brow without any hesitation.


The demonic aura violently swept out from the centre of the demonic being’s brows, forming into countless demonic shadows that whistled out in an attempt to devour the beast spear.

Boom! Boom!

However, the Battle Will contained in the beast spear was extremely powerful, while the demonic being was not a genuine Monarch existence of the Fiend Clan at this moment.


The demonic shadows exploded and dissipated. The beast spear continued to dive down and stabbed the centre of the demonic being’s brows, then a powerful force of Battle Will immediately swept out.


The sinister-looking mouth of the demonic being unleashed a blood-curdling screech. The beast spear had quickly caused the demonic aura of the demonic face to turn chaotic. Explosions were occurring from the inside. Every single intense explosion would cause the demonic face to swiftly shrink in size.

Boom! Boom!

In a few breaths’ time, the size of the demonic face, which was of a few myriad feet, had been shrunk down to only a thousand feet. The torrential demonic aura on it was also extremely diminished.

Evidently, the attack from Mu Chen, which had utilised the Heavenly Beast Troop, had caused a great threat to it.

“Kill it!”

When the Three Beast Sovereigns saw this scene, joy flushed from their eyes and the three of them immediately made their move at full force. The massive shackles that bound onto the demonic face interweaved and tightly bound the demonic face, not letting a strand of demonic aura leak out.

Look from afar, the demonic face looked like a ball of shackles.


The Three Beast Sovereigns spewed mouthfuls of blood. The blood distorted and formed into three ancient runes that slowly fell onto the ball of shackles and swiftly integrated with ii.


When the ancient blood runes integrated with it, a roar of despair resounded from the demonic face.

“Since you’re already dead, then stay that way and don’t cause any mischief.” The Undying Bird spoke out in a faint voice before her fair hands joined together. Copious blood-coloured lustres burst out and exploded.

A dreadful shock wave dominated the sky, covering a few myriad miles in radius, which caused even space to collapse. There were even countless cracks that were as deep as the abyss spreading out on the ground, wreaking destruction in the God’s Cemetery.

Everyone that was on the altar looked at the sky with nervous expressions. When the Spiritual Energy shock wave gradually faded away, the demonic face swiftly distorted, then completely disappeared.

“The demonic being is dealt with!”

Watching this scene, everyone’s tense bodies loosened up with joy covering their faces. Some people even quickly sat on the ground, since the horrifying battle that took place earlier had made them feel a great pressure.

“We succeeded…” Nine Nether and the rest also felt relieved. Even they couldn’t believe that the dreadful demonic being was completely wiped out before them.

“It’s all thanks to Mu Chen.”

Nine Nether’s group weren’t the only ones with such thoughts. Even the other experts were immediately grateful as they looked at Mu Chen in the sky. They had to admit that they owed Mu Chen a considerable favour this time.

The countenances of Bai Ming’s group alternated between white and green, but at this moment, they did not dare to show any displease for Mu Chen. Because if they did, then they would be angering the masses.

Mu Chen paid no attention to those grateful glances. He was looking at the demonic being that had faded away. His spirit, which was tense throughout the fight, had finally loosened up. Soon after, a frightful pain swept in his mind like a tidal wave, attempting to devour him.


A mouthful of fresh blood gushed out of Mu Chen’s mouth and his face turned pale. Earlier, when he controlled the dreadful Battle Will, he had still suffered some repercussions despite the protection bestowed by the Undying Bird.

His body powerlessly fell as his gaze gradually turned black. As he sensed the remnant intense pain in his mind, Mu Chen couldn’t help bitterly smiling.

“Damn it… I’ll never try to command such troops again… I even nearly died…”


The gorgeous woman’s silhouette appeared in midair and she tapped her finger down, supporting Mu Chen’s body before she tapped once more at Mu Chen’s forehead. A spiritual light blossomed and under the light, Mu Chen’s face, which was covered in veins had gradually returned to normal.

Looking at the youthful countenance, there was a smear of shock flashing in her eyes. Evidently, it was also somewhat unexpected for her that Mu Chen could command the Heavenly Beast Troop to deal the fatal blow towards the demonic face.

She smiled while slightly shaking her head.

“This brat… I’ve truly underestimated him…”

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