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Chapter 1064 - Heavenly Beast Troop

Seeing that Mu Chen had finally agreed, a gentle smile appeared on the face of the gorgeous woman and with a raise of her hand, a streak of light flew towards Mu Chen. The light faded and turned into a palm-sized stone seal, engraved with numerous beasts on it. It was vaguely emitting countless startling roars.

“This is the Seal Command of the Heavenly Beast Troop. You can use this to connect your Battle Will with them and gain control over them.”

When everyone heard her words, their eyes had turned blazing red as they looked at the stone seal in Mu Chen’s hand. With that item, it would be equivalent to controlling a terrifying troop that could be comparable to an Earth Grade Sovereign. Even in their various clans, such an item could be ranked as a supreme treasure.

But despite their eyes turning red, they did not dare to have any other thoughts. It was so much so that they even wished that Mu Chen could gain control over it. Otherwise, not a single one of them would be able to escape from here.

Mu Chen’s eyes were also burning as he carefully received the stone seal. He looked at the stone seal that contains terrifying energy despite its plain appearance and his heart blazed with flames.

With this item in his hand, it would mean that he would possess the power to confront an Earth Grade Sovereign. If he could bring it back to the Northern Region, he would probably be able to rival a peak force with him alone.

Naturally, this was just the thoughts in his heart. Not to mention if he could really bring it with him, even if he could, it would be impossible for him to command the Heavenly Beast Troop without the assistance of the gorgeous woman.

While Mu Chen was drooling in his heart over the stone seal, the gorgeous woman cast a grave look at the demonic being, which was being confronted by the Myriad Spiritual Bird and Desolate Beast.

The confrontation shook the earth and every single clash would cause the sky to split and space to collapse. If it wasn’t for the protection of the altar, the impacts alone would kill everyone aside from the three spiritual forms.

Furthermore, everyone could tell that the power of the demonic being was gradually getting stronger. The torrential demonic aura was constantly pressing towards the direction of the altar.

“Truly a miscalculation, to allow the demonic being to be so well-prepared. If we want to suppress it, it will be extremely troublesome.” The gorgeous woman gently sighed but she knew that there was nothing they could do. After all, all three of them had already fallen with only their spiritual forms left behind. Furthermore, despite the Heavenly Beast Troop being a trump card, they did not encounter any powerful Battle Formation Master. Thus, they couldn’t use it to kill the demonic being.

Even though they were lucky enough to find a Battle Formation Master, he was too young and they didn’t know if he could control the power of the Heavenly Beast Troop. If he failed and allowed the demonic being to be free, then the entire Divine Beast Origin would be completely tainted. It was so much so that it might even find an opportunity to enter the Great Thousand World, bringing great destruction.

Therefore, they could only do what they can right now.

As her thoughts circulated, the gorgeous woman no longer hesitated and her silhouette gradually rose before standing at the highest point of the altar. Her gaze then shot towards the Myriad Spiritual Bird and Desolate Beast, before she abruptly nodded her head.

The three silhouettes suddenly changed their seals and, at the same time, an endless tide was lifted in the region. The torrential state was like a descending milky way, covering the heavens and earth.

Three boundless tidal waves of Spiritual Energy swept out, descending onto the three stone statues on the altar.

Buzz! Buzz!

A boundless lustre burst from the stone statues, before the stone statues exploded. Three silhouettes shot out, before expanding in size and formed into three colossal beings in the sky.

When everyone on the altar saw this scene, they took in cold breaths. The three colossal beings were naturally the original forms of the Three Beast Sovereigns. Furthermore, they weren’t illusions, but the genuine skeletons that were left behind when they fell.

But under the control of the spiritual forms, the three skeletons had, once again, restored their vitality, emitting a strand of the might of Heavenly Sovereigns.

On the ground, the sinister demonic face had also frozen for an instant, as if it had sensed the threat coming from the three colossal beings.


The demonic face wriggled before the demonic aura grew, forming into sinister demonic runes on the face. At that moment, the demonic face had expanded a hundredfold in size and, looking from afar, it had practically covered a few myriad feet of the earth, which looked extremely fearsome.

The demonic face had also broken free from the earth and hovered in the sky with countless demonic images wriggling on the face. Demonic shrieks were constantly resounding.

When everyone on the altar saw this, their faces turned pale. They were clearly intimidated by the demonic aura.


In the sky, the three massive beings had charged forth and the Undying Flames, Five-Coloured Lustre and Desolate Fist constantly swept towards the demonic face.

The demonic face also unleashed a roar, before the demonic aura soared and countless demonic images shrieked as they clashed with the terrifying force.

Both sides had opted the most barbaric manner to clash and every collision would shatter the heavens and destroy earth, which struck fear in the hearts of others that were looking at it.

Mu Chen’s face was also solemn as he watched the slaughter, then he took in a deep breath. He no longer hesitated. His silhouette moved and appeared above the Heavenly Beast Troop.

He stretched his palm out and the stone seal hovered in his palm as he poured his Spiritual Energy in. Instantly, the stone seal emitted a glittering white light and the countless beast images engraved on the seal looked like they had been revived.


On the altar, the few myriad silhouettes had suddenly opened their eyes and a surge of powerful killing intent soared into the sky at that moment.

The teams on the altar retreated from the shock that was brought to them from the momentum, before shock filled their faces. With such a powerful troop, the troop probably only needed a single thought and everyone there would be completely wiped out.

“I wonder if Mu Chen is able to command such a powerful troop…” Nine Nether spoke out her worry as she looked at Mu Chen’s silhouette in the sky. The Heavenly Beast Troop was too powerful and if he wasn’t careful, it was possible for him to suffer a counterattack from the Battle Will. At that time, Mu Chen would definitely die.

Many nervous gazes looked at Mu Chen, who was seated in the sky, with grave expressions. Mu Chen could sense that after utilising the stone seal, there was a boundless Battle Will filled with ferocity and pride violently sweeping in his direction.

In just a few breaths’ time, the massive ocean that was formed by Battle Will had covered the sky and Mu Chen looked as small as an ant compared to that horrifying ocean of Battle Will.

Under this Battle Will, even he couldn’t help slightly shivering despite his composure. The troops that he had commanded in the past were insignificant in comparison to this Heavenly Beast Troop.

But at this moment, he knew that there wasn’t a path of retreat for him. Thus, he had tossed all cowardly thoughts to the back of his head and stabilised his heart. He no longer hesitated. His intent swept out and entered the boundless ocean of Battle Will.


The moment his intent came into contact with the massive Battle Will, his mind suddenly exploded as the terrifying Battle Will poured over with countless killing roars shrouding his consciousness.

But fortunately, Mu Chen was prepared. Immediately, he guarded his mind and allowed the boundless Battle Will to sweep through. At this moment, he was like a small boat in the violent ocean, risking being capsized every single time a wave was lifted.

His body was also trembling under the boundless Battle Will, which gradually enveloped his silhouette…


The destructive shock wave swept out, spreading throughout the entire God’s Cemetery. The deathly aura that was in the heavens and earth was also constantly dissipating under the terrifying shock wave.

Some unfortunate Beast Spirits were even dying in the tens of thousands. Even those as powerful as Ninth Grade Beast Spirits would die if they came in contact with the shock wave.

Everyone on the altar was astonished as they watched the destructive confrontation. Even if the Three Beast Sovereigns were only spiritual forms left behind and the demonic being was formed with the will of the Fiend Clan’s Monarchs, their confrontation had still exceeded their expectations.


A fearsome shock wave swept out as the Undying Bird flapped its wings. She looked at the Myriad Spiritual Bird and the Desolate Beast before yelling in a clear voice, “Form the formation, Demon-Destroying Seal!”

Hearing her voice, the Myriad Spiritual Beast and Desolate Beast also roared and dazzling runes appeared on the surface of their bodies before their bodies turned into dazzling rivers of light.

The light rivers were a few myriad feet in length and they seemed to link through the heavens and earth with countless ancient runes filling them and every single rune contained terrifying energy.

The three light rivers that were formed from the Three Beast Sovereigns whistled out, then coiled together, piercing through space. They were like massive shackles that bound onto the demonic face.

The shackles connected together like a spiritual seal, then descended onto the demonic being, in an attempt to seal it.


The demonic being frantically roared and it’s demonic aura violently surged, causing the shackles of light rivers to tremble from the might.

“Use the Heavenly Beast Troop!” The gorgeous woman urged.

On the altar, every single gaze was nervously looking at the boundless ocean of Battle Will. Mu Chen’s silhouette had already disappeared. It’s as if he had been reduced to ashes by the boundless Battle Will.

Some experts instantly felt their hearts turning cold. If Mu Chen couldn’t command the Heavenly Beast Troop, then it would be impossible for him to launch the finishing move at the demonic being. And if time dragged on, the Three Beast Sovereigns would be the first to be exhausted, sooner or later.

As beads of sweat fell under their nervousness, a violent storm was sweeping within the massive Battle Will. Battle Will fluctuated before the seated silhouette appeared.

At this moment, veins wiggled on Mu Chen’s body and his face was distorted, as if he was bearing an extremely horrifying pain. However, he managed to endure the pain and a light flickered on the centre of his brows. A feather that was blazing with crystalised flames suddenly burst out, forming into lights that fused into his mind.

His consciousness, which was on the verge of being destroyed, instantly cleared up.

Mu Chen grasped onto that clearness and his silhouette suddenly stood up. Raising the stone seal in his hand, the violent Battle Will gushed out with a rumbling roar that trembled the heavens and earth.

“Heavenly Beast Troop, heed my order!”

The troop on the altar with torrential momentum had a terrifying Battle Will bursting in their eyes…

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