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Chapter 1063 - Three Beast Sovereigns

The gorgeous woman looked at Mu Chen with a smile, but Mu Chen did not feel how honourable it was. On the contrary, he felt his scalp going numb. Judging from the former’s attitude, she must have discovered his Battle Formation Master identity.

Even if he had never displayed it, Mu Chen couldn’t help feeling shocked in his heart that it was seen through by someone else. Was a Heavenly Sovereign that terrifying? Just a single glance and she could see through all his secrets.

On the altar, the other experts had also sensed the gaze of the gorgeous woman and followed it until they had all gathered onto Mu Chen with shock.

“He is actually also a Battle Formation Master?” Someone couldn’t help exclaiming with shock. Evidently, this fact had caused them quite the shock. If that’s the case, wouldn’t that mean that he did not show all his cards when he was facing Bai Ming?

Some experts exchanged looks as they shook their heads with sighs, feeling that Mu Chen was even more unfathomable.

“Little friend, are you willing to help us?” The gorgeous woman looked at Mu Chen with a smile, before she continued, “If we do not get rid of this trouble before us, I’m afraid that none of you will be able to escape from here.”


The surrounding gazes were all directed at Mu Chen with a blaze in their gazes that made Mu Chen’s heart clench. If he refused at this moment, those fellows would pounce on him even if the Three Beast Sovereigns did nothing.

Nine Nether was also bitterly smiling at this scene. The eyesight of the Senior Undying Bird was too sharp to even see through Mu Chen’s secret, which gave him nowhere to hide.

At this moment, Mu Chen understood that he couldn’t refuse. He summoned his courage. “Senior, you’re overestimating me too much. My strength is only at the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, how can I control this current situation?”

“You have to try to see if you can.” The robust man that was formed from the Desolate Beast coldly snorted, “You brats caused this disaster, so you guys have to help out as well.”

Hearing his words, Mu Chen’s face turned a little green. Although he admitted that he might be partly responsible for the current situation, he wasn’t the cause of it. The Desolate Beast was too good at pushing the blame.

However, it was foolish to reason with an existence that was once a Heavenly Sovereign. Therefore, Mu Chen could only bitterly smile and kept his mouth shut.

“Kek Kek!”

As they spoke, the demonic face of the Demonic Earth grew even more sinister, emitting a burst of sharp and weird laughter. Suddenly, it opened its mouth and the demonic mist gushed out, like a demonic dragon that roared across the horizon and swept towards the altar.


The elegant man that was the Myriad Spiritual Bird coldly snorted and waved his sleeve. A five-coloured light exploded forth, which was extremely dazzling and containing mysterious energy. As it swept out, it had obstructed the boundless demonic mist before they started corroding each other. Under the corrosion, the space within a few myriad feet was constantly collapsing and shattering.

When Mu Chen and the rest saw this destructive force on the altar, their scalps felt numb. As long as they came in contact with even a small amount of that sort of energy, they would probably be reduced to ashes.

But as time passed, everyone could tell that the five-coloured lustre was constantly collapsing, while the demonic mist seemed to be endlessly sweeping out from the demonic mouth, as if it wouldn’t stop unless it destroyed the altar.

Everyone on the altar watched with their hearts shivering with fear. If the Three Beast Sovereigns couldn’t drop that demon, then everyone here might be food for it.

“This demonic being is getting harder to deal with.” The robust man that was the Desolate Beast had a slightly more grave expression. Shortly after, he threw a palm out and a myriad-foot long palm print appeared. The palm was engraved with countless ancient runes and even the heavens and earth couldn’t bear the weight of it.

With the help of the Desolate Beast, the torrential demonic mist couldn’t approach the altar once again and both sides were locked in a deadlock, constantly clashing in the sky.

Kek! Kek!

But the deadlock did not last for too long. The demonic face shrieked, causing the Demonic Earth to tremble and countless openings split open with spectres gushing from those openings with torrential demonic auras, covering the sun.

Just for today, the demonic face had been preparing for countless years. So the moment it launched its attacks, even the Three Beast Sovereigns were pushed back.

Furthermore, the three spiritual forms weren’t their original bodies.

When Mu Chen saw this scene on the altar, his expression turned grave. Earlier, when he saw the Three Beast Sovereigns, he still had the thought of relying on them. But at this moment, they weren’t as reliant as he thought they’d be. The moment the spiritual forms disappear, then none of them would be able to escape.

Wasn’t that demonic being that terrifyingly powerful?

“The demonic being was formed from five Fiend Clan Monarchs’ remnant wills, devouring the corpses of countless experts from the Fiend Clans. At that time, the three of us had already fallen, so we could only leave behind our spiritual forms to suppress it.” The gorgeous beauty cast a glance at Mu Chen and her tone grew solemn.

When Mu Chen and the rest heard her, they instantly took in a cold breath. It was no wonder why the demonic being was so terrifying. It turns out that it was formed from the remnant wills of five Fiend Clan Monarchs, which was equivalent to five Heavenly Sovereigns.

It was no wonder why even the spiritual forms of the Three Beast Sovereigns couldn’t deal with it. So the demonic being had an extraordinary origin.

“I wonder, what does Senior require of this junior?” Mu Chen cupped his fists and asked.

“Help us completely kill that demonic being!” The gorgeous beauty spoke in a solemn voice with killing intent surging in her tone.

Mu Chen was stunned, before he bitterly smiled, “With this junior’s strength, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to even cause any damage to it, even if I attack it at full force.”

The gorgeous woman smiled before she waved her hand. Instantly, a boundless light blossomed on the altar and everyone could see ripples fluctuating on the ground of the altar. Numerous silhouettes slowly rose from the altar, then quietly stood on the altar.

Everyone focused their gazes over and saw numerous silhouettes donned in beastial armour with their eyes tightly closed. They had robust figures and a powerful killing intent enveloped them with a baleful aura fluctuating as if they were the reincarnations of death gods.

Every single one of those silhouettes possessed a strength that wasn’t at all weaker to Mu Chen and the rest. Furthermore, their bearings were so powerful that not even Mu Chen and the rest could be compared to them.

The most important factor was that the number of silhouettes had actually reached a terrifying amount of tens of thousands.

Tens of thousands of such powerful warriors was clearly a terrifying troop that had far exceeded any of the troops that Mu Chen had seen before.

If he could command such a powerful troop, then not even Earth Sovereigns would dare to confront him.

“That’s the legendary Heavenly Beast Troop?!”

While Mu Chen was shocked about the troop before him, astonishments suddenly resounded from the altar and many experts were dumbfounded.

“Heavenly Beast Troop?” Mu Chen was puzzled, since he wasn’t part of the Beast Clans. Therefore, he naturally wouldn’t know such secrets.

“It is rumoured that in the ancient times, the Three Beast Sovereigns of the Divine Beast Origin had an extremely powerful troop that was even capable of slaughtering Earth Sovereigns. This troop is known as the Heavenly Beast Troop and if I’m guessing correctly, this should be the one.” Nine Nether exclaimed out.

When Mu Chen heard Nine Nether’s explanation, he was inwardly shocked. A troop that could even slaughter an Earth Grade Sovereign, just how terrifying was that? Such an elite troop was probably the dream of every Battle Formation Master. As long as they could gain control of it, was there any place that they wouldn’t dare to go to in the Great Thousand World?

“The genuine Heavenly Beast Troop has long since perished in battle. This is just the refined remnants from the skeletons of the warriors, preserving a portion of their strength and also our last means of annihilating the demonic being.” The gorgeous woman gently sighed. After all, there were only spiritual forms left behind, not the Heavenly Sovereigns that could destroy the heavens and earth back then. Therefore, they had to borrow external help, since they were not Battle Formation Masters themselves. In the past, the Heavenly Beast Troop was commanded by a close friend of theirs who was also a Battle Formation Master. But right now, they had no choice but to borrow external help.

“Senior, you want me to command the troop and kill the demonic being?” Mu Chen asked.

The gorgeous woman nodded her head.

Mu Chen showed difficulty on his face. Although he was a Battle Formation Master, he was only a Ten Thousand Rune Battle Formation Master with some distance away from becoming a Hundred Thousand Rune Battle Formation Master. The number in the troop before him was tens of thousands and every single one of them could be considered as a force of a hundred. Counting it this way, it was equivalent to hundreds of thousands or even millions of ordinary troops. How could he command them with his current attainments as a Ten Thousand Rune Battle Formation Master?

If he forcefully tried to command it, he might even suffer a counterattack to his spirit.

The gorgeous woman saw Mu Chen’s expression and knew what was he worried about. Immediately, she smiled and pointed her finger. A light plume flew out and entered the centre of Mu Chen’s brows. “This item can provide some support for you. But I have to be honest that the Battle Will of this Heavenly Beast Troop is extremely powerful, which might be hard for you to control. So even with the support it gives you, there was still a certain degree of danger.”

“Therefore, you can choose if you want to give it a try.” The gorgeous woman looked at Mu Chen and slowly said.


The surrounding gazes all focused on Mu Chen. Every team had their bodies tensed up as they anxiously looked at Mu Chen. They feared that he would reject them and if that’s the case, then they would definitely be buried here.

Zong Qingfeng, Kong Ling, Lu Hou and the rest were also looking at Mu Chen with complex gazes. Before this, who could have imagined that there would be a time that they would require the help of Mu Chen in order for them to survive?

Countless anxious gazes looked at Mu Chen and he helplessly sighed. At this point in time, how could he refuse? Even if it was for his own safety, he had to give it a gamble. Otherwise, when the Three Beast Sovereigns' spiritual forms disappear, they would definitely be dead.

Furthermore, he knew that with the status of the Undying Bird, if he really managed to accomplish this task, not only would she not treat him badly, she might even grant him a great fortune. So how could he not be tempted by it?

Thus, he took a deep breath without any hesitation and looked at the gorgeous woman, before he heavily nodded his head.

“Senior, please instruct me. I am willing to gamble!”

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