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Chapter 1062 - Demon

It was a warm touch when the crimson gem fell in Mu Chen’s hands, as if there were flames blazing in it with an exquisite Undying Bird soaring in the gem, which looked extremely mystical.

Mu Chen looked at the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird in his hands. Even with his composure, he couldn’t help showing joy on his face. Hadn’t they tried so hard in the Divine Beast Origin just for this inheritance blood essence?

With this, his mission would be perfectly accomplished and the Elders of the Nine Netherbird Clan would probably have nothing to comment about his Bloodlink Bond with Nine Nether.

“Nine Nether, take it.”

Mu Chen gently tossed the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird and smiled, flicking his finger, and the blood essence had turned into a streak of light that flew towards Nine Nether.

Nine Nether grasped her hand and received the inheritance blood essence with joy uncontrollably surging on her face. This inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird was simply too important for her. As long as she could absorb it, then the Undying Bird’s bloodline, which she possessed, would reach a new height, and if there were enough opportunities in the future, she might even be able to evolve into a genuine Undying Bird.

At that time, she would be a figure that the entire Great Thousand World would have to look at.

After all, every single Undying Bird possessed a terrifying strength that could rival a Heavenly Sovereign.

When the experts of the other clans on the altar saw that Mu Chen had immediately gifted the inheritance blood essence that he had fought so hard for over to Nine Nether, they were stunned for a long time before they inwardly smacked their lips. That breadth of mind wasn’t something that everyone could have…

Mu Chen wasn’t bothered about those astonished gazes. The reason why he came to the Divine Beast Origin was to help Nine Nether to obtain the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird. Furthermore, Nine Nether had also taken good care of him in the past, so an inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird as repayment was still far from sufficient in his eyes.

After Mu Chen passed the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird to Nine Nether, Zong Qingfeng and Lu Hou on the two other plazas had also obtained the inheritance blood essence of the Myriad Spiritual Bird and Desolate Beast.

Facing such a treasure, even Zong Qingfeng and Lu Hou had joy on their faces as they stored the inheritance blood essences. Their harvests on this trip to the Divine Beast Origin could be considered perfect.

But after they rejoiced, Mu Chen sensed that the colours of the three stone statues were dimming and the spiritual light that those three stone statues actually possessed earlier had started to disappear.


As the three stone statues dimmed, the earth made a small jolt. Although the jolt wasn’t obvious, it was still sensed by Mu Chen with his keen perception.

Mu Chen knitted his brows as he swept his gaze out. A brief moment later, his gaze suddenly focused on a corner, which was the area where Bai Ming had crashed earlier. The lake of blood had been absorbed into the ground without them knowing, causing the dark land to have a trace of scarlet, which made him feel uncomfortable.

Mu Chen stared at the land and, not knowing why, the uneasiness that he felt when he saw the mysterious black hole beneath the Treasure Lake surged in his heart. Shortly after, his gaze flashed and he quickly barked towards Nine Nether and the rest, “Go, quickly leave this place!”

However, when his voice had just resounded, even he couldn’t move in time. The trembling coming from the ground grew even more violent. Faintly, even the altar was shaking.

This time, everyone sensed it and they cast their puzzled gazes towards the dark land beyond the altar and saw that the ground was rippling like a lake.

An evil aura soared from the ground, which had instantly turned the heavens and earth somewhat dark.

“Not good, this place is strange, let’s go!”

Seeing this scene, everyone there had their faces drastically changed. Even a fool could figure out that this God’s Cemetery was not simple.


There was a team outside the scope of the altar and their reaction was also the quickest. Immediately, they turned into several streaks of light and tried to leave this strange region.


But the moment they charged out, the dark surface of the ground rippled and a huge sinister-looking face appeared. It opened their mouth and a torrential black mist swept out, enveloping that team. Shrieks resounded, before their bodies exploded into a bloody mist before being devoured by that sinister face.

Kek! Kek!

After devouring the bloody mist, the face on the ground became even weirder. That face was actually emitting ear-piercing peals of laughter, which made the Spiritual Energy in their bodies tremble.

A torrential evil aura gushed out, which had instantly made this region look like a nest of demons.


The face on the ground looked at everyone on the altar and issued a burst of ear-piercing laughter as the torrential black mist swept towards everyone on the altar.

When everyone on the altar saw this scene, their faces turned pale with fear in their eyes. They could tell that the strength of that demonic face wasn’t an existence that they could deal with.

“Damn it, it must have been left behind by the Fiend Clans!” Someone exclaimed in horror. They could figure that out from the scene before them. After all, aside from the mortal enemy of the Great Thousand World, the Fiend Clans, no one would possess that kind of evil aura.

Furthermore, this place was the most intense battlefield in the Divine Beast Origin when the Fiend Clans invaded, with countless experts from the Fiend Clans being slaughtered here. So it was natural that there would be some overlooked.


The torrential black mist swept over, but when the black mist was about to reach the altar, a  myriad-foot long lustre blossomed on the altar. It seemed to have been formed of innumerable profound runes and those runes had quickly torn apart the black mist.

On the altar, everyone rejoiced at this scene and had immediately shifted their gazes towards three different directions. The three stone statues looked like they had come to life. The lustre condensed on the three statues and formed into three illusory silhouettes.

On the Primordial Undying Bird, a gorgeous woman dressed in a palace outfit with a noble temperament. She had a stunning beauty with an exquisite figure, emitting an honourable aura from all over her body.

On the Myriad Spiritual Bird, a man donned in five-coloured clothes, looking extremely handsome with an elegant bearing as if he wouldn’t be alerted even if the sky collapsed.

On the Primordial Desolate Beast, a robust man bare to his waist. His skin was black akin to metal and his robust figure looked like a towering mountain and everything around him felt steady.

The moment those three silhouettes appeared, they swept up an ancient gale between the heavens and earth and an indescribable pressure enveloped the area, creating a light in this region that seemed like a demon’s nest.

“The Three Beast Sovereigns of the Divine Beast Origin!” Nine Nether exclaimed at this sight. Even a fool could figure out that those three were naturally the spiritual forms left behind by the Three Beast Sovereigns.

“Kek kek…” The demonic face on the ground emitted an ear-piercing voice when those three silhouettes appeared. The voice sounded as if there were countless ghosts shrieking at the same time. “You guys have been suppressing us for tens of thousands of years, thinking that you guys can kill us. But you guys never expected us to outsmart you, kek kek!”

On the statue of the Undying Bird, the woman looked at the demonic face on the ground and she couldn’t help sighing, “Demons like you are hard to kill.”

The man donned in five-coloured clothes looked at everyone on the altar and said, “What a pity. Initially, we should have been able to last for another hundred years. I never expected that the inheritance blood essences would be retrieved so quickly, causing the seal to loosen.”

“Hmph, the Demonic Earth was awakened by powerful vitality. Just who did this?!” The robust man on the Desolate Beast made a snort that rumbled like thunder, which resounded in everyone’s ears, causing their blood and aura to roll.

Everyone on the altar exchanged a look, before they shifted their gazes onto Mu Chen and Bai Ming. Evidently, Bai Ming’s blood, which was filled with the powerful vitality of the Phoenix Clan, was the reason for this.

Thus, the sharp gaze of the robust man locked onto Mu Chen and Bai Ming.

Mu Chen felt his scalp going numb, while Bai Ming, who had fainted, woke up with his body trembling. Although the robust man was merely a spiritual form, it was easy for him to slaughter them.

But while they were terrified in their hearts, the gorgeous woman shook her head. “They cannot be blamed for this matter. Those demonic beings were prepared back then. It was only a matter of time. Today, we might even be able to figure out a way to get rid of them.”

“The three of us are only remnants of spiritual forms and it is already outside the limits to maintain the array. I’m afraid that it won’t be possible for us to get rid of this demonic being.” The robust man sternly said as he looked at everyone and coldly snorted, “Furthermore, the later generations are so useless, not even a Ninth Grade Sovereign. They’re simply useless, yet they even dared to come for our inheritance blood essences with their strength?”

Everyone felt their faces turning red from his words, but they did not dare to refute him. Facing such an existence, Seventh and Eighth Grade Sovereigns like them were akin to ants.

The gorgeous woman lightly smiled before looking at everyone. “I wonder if anyone here is good in Battle Formations? I have a great fortune to bestow upon him.”

When everyone heard her words, they looked at each, then shook their heads. Evidently, they weren’t proficient in the ways of Battle Formation.

Amongst the crowd, Mu Chen squinted his eyes, but he did not have the intention to step out. No matter how foolish he could be, he knew that the current situation wasn’t something that he could deal with. If he recklessly stepped out, he might not even know how he’d die.

As for the great fortune, forget it.

Thus, he secretly shook his head towards Nine Nether. Not only did he not step forth, he even moved back and wanted to enter into the crowd.

Just when he raised his feet, his expression suddenly turned stiff and he was shocked to realise that he had lost control over his body, as if he had been frozen on the spot.

His pupils shifted upwards before seeing the Undying Bird, which was also the gorgeous woman, looking at him with a smile…

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