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Chapter 1061 - Inheritance Blood Essence


When Mu Chen charged towards the Undying Bird’s stone statue, Zong Qingfeng and Lu Hou had also charged forth, towards the two other statues.

They had undergone numerous tough battles in order to make it here and, right now, it’s time for them to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

On the altar, when everyone looked at the three silhouettes moving towards the stone statues, their eyes had turned blazing red. Those were the inheritance blood essences of Super Divine Beasts. If they could obtain any of those, they could evolve their bloodlines and smooth out their path in cultivation.

It was so much so that they might even be able to step into the Earth Sovereign Realm.

But it was a pity that the three inheritance blood essences had their respective owners. Facing those powerful competitors, even they could only watch as others harvested the fruits.

Under those heated gazes, Mu Chen’s silhouette appeared at the end of the stone stairs. He landed before the stone statue. Looking over, the wings were unfolded, covering the skies, blazing with Undying Flames. So even if they had fallen after tens of thousands of years, there was still a faint vitality left.

Mu Chen had a grave expression. Despite it being only a stone statue before him, he could still sense an indescribable pressure. The pressure had quickly descended onto his heart, causing him to feel like there was a boulder in his heart. If his mind wasn’t firm, he would be lying flat on the ground by now.

It was the might of a Super Divine Beast.

The might of a Heavenly Sovereign.


Just when Mu Chen was sensing the might that was faintly being emitted from the statue, his eyes suddenly contracted. He saw the faint flames on the Undying Bird’s statue suddenly blaze forth.

The flames were extremely bizarre. They faintly looked like crystals. But as they burned, there was a boundless vitality spreading out that seemed undying.

“The highest grade of the Undying Flames!”

Mu Chen recognised the crystalised flames very quickly, since he had also gotten the Undying Flames from Nine Nether after stepping into the Sovereign Realm to refine his own Spiritual Energy due to their Bloodlink Bond.

Therefore, his Spiritual Energy also contained the power of the Undying Flames. Therefore, the familiarity came from that.

But the Undying Flames before him were the highest grade of Undying Flames that were several times stronger than Nine Nether’s purple Undying Flames.

When the crystalised flames appeared, Mu Chen suddenly felt that the statue had trembled. He was a little fearful to see that the eyes of the Undying Bird’s stone statue had suddenly opened at this moment.

Its eyes were filled with primal chaos, without any pupils. But when it opened its eyes, the boundless Undying Flames swept out like a pillar of fire, enveloping Mu Chen.


At that moment when the crystalised Undying Flames descended onto his body, Mu Chen’s face had instantly distorted and an indescribable burning pain was spreading throughout his body. The pain even nearly caused him to faint.

But fortunately, thanks to his firm willpower, his mind wasn’t devoured by the pain. Thus, he immediately circulated the Dragon-Phoenix Physique. Instantly, the roar of a dragon and cry of a phoenix resounded from his body, trembling his blood and flesh and resisting the burning of the Undying Flames.

A golden lustre surged on the surface of his skin and the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits started to move, constantly absorbing the Undying Flames, trying to help Mu Chen resist the damage from the burns.

But even despite their defences, the surface of Mu Chen’s skin was swiftly being burnt to the point that his flesh was starting to protrude, almost as if he was about to be incinerated by the domineering Undying Flames when looked from afar.

The sudden scene had caused the experts on the altar to change their expressions with shock in their eyes. Evidently, they could also sense how terrifying the Undying Flames were.

But this situation wasn’t only for Mu Chen. There were similar scenes that have appeared with the Myriad Spiritual Bird and the Desolate Beast.

The statue of the Myriad Spiritual Bird was emitting a myriad-foot long lustre, along with a vague clear cry, which enveloped Zong Qingfeng, immediately pressuring him to the point that he had knelt down to the ground with crackling sounds being emitted from his bones.

The stone statue of the Desolate Beast was even more domineering. It had quickly stretched out its foot and stomped towards Lu Hou…

When everyone saw this scene, they immediately understood that this was the final test left behind by the Three Beast Sovereigns. If they could pass the test, then they would be able to obtain the inheritance blood essences.

But out of the three tests, Zong Qingfeng and Lu Hou seemed to be having it easier than Mu Chen. After all, they were somewhat related to the Myriad Spiritual Bird and Desolate Beast, so the test for them wouldn’t be too difficult. But for Mu Chen, he was extremely unfortunate.

The crystalised flames were extremely domineering, ruthlessly burning Mu Chen to the point that his skin was torn apart. That scene didn’t seem like a test; on the contrary, it looked like it was burning someone that was from a different species.

“Hmph, he’s courting death. A human actually dares to dip a finger in our Divine Beast Clan?” When Bai Bin saw this scene, he felt greatly relieved, ridicule flashing in his eyes. Previously, he was suppressed by Mu Chen to a pitiful state but right now, he could finally get his anger vented.

When Nine Nether saw that Mu Chen was in extreme pain due to the Undying Flames, her face had changed, since she knew that the test actually wanted him to prove himself. The Primordial Undying Bird also didn’t want its inheritance blood essence to be obtained by someone that wasn’t related to it.

“Big Sister Nine Nether, what should we do?” Mo Ling asked urgently. The Undying Flames that enveloped Mu Chen were getting so strong that they seemed like they wanted to burn Mu Chen into ashes before it stopped.

Nine Nether’s face changed and, in the next moment, she gnashed her teeth, then cut her wrist open with her fingers. Instantly, fresh blood gushed out like a pillar of blood from the wound.

With a crook of her finger, the fresh blood flew out and descended from above, onto Mu Chen’s burning body.

Her bloodline came from the Undying Bird, so her blood should be able to help Mu Chen.

Just as she had expected, when her blood descended, although Mu Chen was drenched in blood, the crystalised flames on his body started to weaken.

Thus, the intense burning pain had also gradually faded and Mu Chen’s distorted face slowly recovered. His eyes flashed when he saw the weakened Undying Flames.

Those Undying Flames were of the highest grade, both domineering and pure with boundless vitality. If he could refine and absorb them, then integrate it into his own Spiritual Energy, it could allow his own Spiritual Energy to grow and multiply without end. Even the quality would be raised to a new level.

Since it had caused such great pain for him, it must naturally give him something in return. If he let it dissipate like this, then it would be too wasteful.

As thoughts circulated, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and a suction force burst out from his body, forcefully absorbing strands of the crystalised flames into his body and integrated it into his Sovereign Sea.

The moment the Undying Flames entered his Sovereign Sea, boundless Spiritual Energy boiled from the flames but Mu Chen wasn’t afraid. With a will of his thoughts, he had circulated his Spiritual Energy to form a current that swept the crystallised flames into his Sovereign Sea, gradually refining them through the burn.

By the time the Undying Flames were exhausted, he believed that the quality of the Spiritual Energy in his Sovereign Sea would also be enhanced.

It would undoubtedly be a great enhancement for his fighting strength as well.

Before the stone statue, the crystalised flames that were blazing on Mu Chen’s body gradually retracted before they disappeared. As the flames disappeared, the surface of Mu Chen’s body glowed with a golden light and his burnt skin and flesh were swiftly healing under the Dragon-Phoenix Physique. Furthermore, the lustre was even greater and an explosive power was contained beneath his skin.

Mu Chen gradually loosened his fist and threw a grateful glance at Nine Nether, whose face had turned pale. If the latter had not used her blood to help him, he would probably be hovering between life and death from the burns by now.

“That bitch!”

Bai Bin’s face had turned ashen. He was in expectation to see Mu Chen burn to death. At that time, he would be able to make a move and seize the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird. He never expected Nine Nether to suddenly make a move and help Mu Chen resist the burning of the Undying Flames, shattering his thoughts completely.

But since things had already happened, there was nothing he could do, so he could only swallow the rage. It was so much so that he didn’t even dare to viciously look at Mu Chen, fearing that the latter might sense it.

When the last strand of Undying Flames faded from the surface of Mu Chen’s body, light blossomed from the stone statue of the Undying Bird once again. Mu Chen, who had suffered a great deal before, did not dare to slowly react. He quickly took a step back and faced it with a stern expression, fearing that he would be tortured by that damnable stone statue.

But fortunately, nothing happened at this moment. There was an additional splendour in the eyes of the Undying Bird’s stone statue. It was no longer hollow like before.

It lowered its eyes and looked at Mu Chen, before opening its sharp peak and a boundless lustre gushed out. The lustre was extremely scarlet, which had condensed into a palm-sized crimson gem and there seemed to be a soaring Undying Bird within the gem.

When Mu Chen saw that crimson gem, his emotions rolled even with his composure, since he knew that this must’ve been the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird.

As long as he could obtain it, it would be able to help Nine Nether perfect her bloodline and if there were sufficient opportunities in the future, she might even be able to evolve into a genuine Primordial Undying Bird that was comparable to a Heavenly Sovereign!

Mu Chen carefully stretched out both of his hands to receive the crimson gem and felt heavily relieved. He had finally obtained the inheritance blood essence!

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