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Chapter 1060 - Just Within Reach

The massive altar was silent and everyone was dumbfounded, looking at the youthful silhouette that stood on the plaza. Although the Spiritual Energy around him had diminished, he still had a calm expression. His pitch-black pupils that looked like the abyss made others feel unfathomable.

At this moment, everyone here felt a trace of revere for that human Seventh Grade Sovereign.

The revere originated from his powerful strength.

That’s because, right from the start, no one was optimistic of Mu Chen’s fight with Bai Ming. Therefore, when they saw that Mu Chen had challenged Bai Ming, they looked at him with pitiful gazes.

But the reality told them that Mu Chen wasn’t being arrogant and foolish, he did have the qualification to do that, to begin with. It’s just that they were blind and couldn’t see it.

“That fellow is truly unfathomable.”

The silence lasted for a long time, before someone couldn’t help sighing out with a deep voice. 

With a cultivation at Seventh Grade Sovereign, he was able to defeat Bai Ming, who was an Eighth Grade Sovereign, and possessed a Quasi-Saint Artifact. Naturally, the most important factor was that Mu Chen even possessed a Divine Ability.

His various sorts of trump cards made them understand why Mu Chen was fearless when he faced Bai Ming.

When everyone was exclaiming with shock, the experts of the Phoenix Clan were briefly stunned. Especially Bai Bin, who was stunned beyond belief, as he looked at the pathetic huge phoenix that was covered in blood as if he wasn’t willing to believe that it was true.

The genius of their Ice Phoenix Clan was defeated like this?

Furthermore, even after using all sorts of means, he was defeated in the hands of a human Seventh Grade Sovereign?

Beside him, Chi Hongwu had also widened her mouth with disbelief filling her face. After a brief moment later, she rubbed her eyes; but in the end, she spat out a breath and murmured, “Bai Ming actually lost…”

She knew that Bai Ming was doomed this time. With so many teams witnessing the fight, if this matter was to spread back to the Ice Phoenix Clan, Bai Ming’s reputation would probably suffer a great blow. Every single one of the Elders in the Phoenix Clan was extremely prideful. If they knew that Bai Ming was actually defeated in the hands of a human Seventh Grade Sovereign, they would be greatly disappointed in him. Even the cultivation resources assigned to him would be moderated.

Bai Ming’s future path was worrisome.

While everyone was shocked by the scene before them, Nine Nether was the first to recover and looked at Mu Chen, whose Spiritual Energy was diminished, before giving an eye signal to Mo Feng and the rest, and they flew out, charging into the plaza to protect Mu Chen in a circle formation.

At this moment, Mu Chen had also suffered a great exhaustion. So if anyone tried to make a move against him, he might be in trouble. So they were naturally trying to prevent that from happening.

However, the worries of Nine Nether and the rest were pointless. At this moment, everyone was looking at Mu Chen with revere and graveness in their eyes. Even if they knew that Mu Chen had suffered a great exhaustion at the moment with his strength barely three-tenths of what it was, no one dared to have any thoughts after witnessing the insane punch from before. They feared that they might anger Mu Chen and he might throw another punch out, pushing them to death, which they would greatly regret.

Mu Chen cast a glance at Nine Nether and the rest before breathing out a mouthful of air in relief and sat down. Stabilising the undulating Spiritual Energy in his body. In fact, he was also somewhat startled by the fact that he could use the genuine Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch.

Although he had been comprehending the brutal killing intent of the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch, he wasn’t able to execute the might of it. But just a moment ago, he had felt greatly threatened by Bai Ming’s powerful attack and under that threat, it had roused his unyielding factor. Thus, he had given up all thoughts of avoiding and faced him head-on, seeking death in this manner, which was similar to the bearing of the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch, allowed him to successfully execute it.

“Not seeking life but seeking death for life to come thereafter…” Mu Chen murmured to himself. He was a little happy in his heart. That’s because he knew that after this event, he had gained even more insight into the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch. In the future, he could weigh in on that factor and the next time when he wanted to execute it, he wouldn’t need to be forced to this kind of desperate straits again.

A Divine Ability had truly exceeded the realm of Divine Arts, just the bearing alone could intimidate his enemies.

While Mu Chen was stabilising his Spiritual Energy, Bai Bin and the rest had also recovered from the shock and they had cast a glance at Mu Chen with fear before leaping from the altar, and into the lake of blood. At this moment, Bai Ming had returned to his human form and was laying down in the lake, looking extremely pathetic with his eyes closed. They had no idea if he was still alive but, evidently, he had suffered grave injuries.

Bai Bin and the rest immediately fished him up before returning to the altar. But at this moment, they no longer dared to go near the direction of Mu Chen. Although they were from the Phoenix Clan and were extremely prideful, no pride was harder than that fist. Unless they wanted to go and humiliate themselves, it was best for them not to go and provoke Mu Chen right now.

As for the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird, they probably no longer had any fate with it.

Although they had more people, and if all of them were to go up at once, perhaps they might be able to pose some threat to Mu Chen’s group. But when Bai Bin glanced at his companions, whose faces were pale, he knew that everyone was intimidated in their hearts. So even if they made a move, it would be futile.

This time, they had been completely suppressed by Mu Chen.

After bringing back Bai Ming, who was heavily injured, no one had noticed that the lake of Phoenix blood, which was left by Bai Ming outside the altar had silently fused into the ground. After absorbing the fresh blood, the darkness on the ground became even darker and demonic…

Mu Chen was stabilising himself, which lasted for ten-odd minutes, before he gradually opened his eyes once again. The diminished Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him had been recovered by quite a bit and the splendour was condensed in his black pupils once again.

Thus, he waved his hand as he stood up. As he stood up, many gazes instantly shot over with revere in their eyes.

Mu Chen looked around and understood that there wouldn’t be anyone that dared to provoke him after this fight. If nothing unexpected happened, he would be able to smoothly obtain the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird.

His gaze suddenly shifted towards the group of the Phoenix Clan. When the group saw that Mu Chen had directed his gaze over, they had immediately brought their alert up but there wasn’t too much fear in their eyes.

After all, they were from the Phoenix Clan, despite being only a branch of it. They were still prideful and they knew that despite Mu Chen’s strength, they wouldn’t have to worry that the latter would do anything to them.

The Phoenix Clan wouldn’t have any resentment for Mu Chen for defeating Bai Ming. But if Mu Chen slaughtered all of them here, then he would be offending the Phoenix Clan. The consequences weren’t something that he could bear, nor could the Nine Netherbird Clan.

Mu Chen clearly knew about this as well, so he did not press on any further and only cast an indifferent gaze at Bai Bin’s group with a clear warning in his gaze.

The Phoenix Clan’s group could only gnash their teeth and swallow this grudge down, not daring to have any dispute with Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen saw their response, he also couldn’t be bothered to waste any more time on them and directed his gaze towards the two other battlefields, where the intense battles had also gradually come to an end.

On the other two battlefields, the four of them were all genuine Eighth Grade Sovereigns, so the intensity of their battles made the other experts direct their gazes over as well.

But their battles were clearly not as bloody as the fight between Mu Chen and Bai Ming. Evidently, they controlled themselves and did not want to gamble their lives like what Mu Chen did.

Therefore, the ultimate winner of the two battlefields were Zong Qingfeng of the Roc Clan and Lu Hou of the Babel Ape Clan. They won with a slight upper hand, winning by a move.

But in Mu Chen’s eyes, Kong Ling of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan wasn’t any weaker than Zong Qingfeng. The reason why the latter could win must definitely have been some transaction between them. Otherwise, Zong Qingteng would definitely not have the final laugh.

But he also wasn’t too interested in that. He wasn’t greedy and his objective was only the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird. As for the two other inheritance blood essences, he wasn’t interested in them in the slightest.

When the battles of the two other battlefields concluded, their gazes were directed at Mu Chen. The gazes of those four Eighth Grade Sovereigns had an odd light surging in their eyes. They had also seen Mu Chen defeating Bai Ming, so they were also shocked in their hearts.

Their strengths weren’t inferior to Bai Ming’s. If they were in Mu Chen’s shoes, then it would be absolutely impossible if they wanted to defeat Bai Ming, unless they engaged in a battle of life and death.

But Mu Chen was able to defeat Bai Ming and even heavily injured him. That meant that if Mu Chen faced them, they would end up in the same outcome as Bai Ming.

Just thinking about this, the faces of Kong Ling, Zong Qingfeng and the rest grew solemn as they looked at Mu Chen without the contempt that they had before,. In fact, it was replaced with a fear of someone on the same level.

“That Mu Chen is extraordinary. Back then, when Zong Teng sent the message over, he only said that Mu Chen could confront a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign. But right now, even an Eighth Grade Sovereign was defeated by him. His improvements are breathtaking.” Zong Qingfeng took a deep glance at Mu Chen. He had completely crushed the matter about Zong Teng.

It was best that he avoided making such an enemy.

But Mu Chen did not bother about their thoughts. When he saw that they had also decided on the victors amongst them, he turned around and faced the Primordial Undying Bird at the end of the stone stairs.

At this moment, the stone statue of the Undying Bird started to glow, as if it was summoning the final winner.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and gently nodded his head at Nine Nether. Thereafter, his silhouette burst out like a bolt of lightning towards the direction of the stone statue.

The inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird was just within reach… 

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