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Chapter 106 – Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array

“100 Spiritual Seals?!”

When the hundred spiritual seals emerged, sparkling like stars near Mu Chen, Liu Jingshan’s face instantly changed. A hint of horror appeared within his eyes.

Although he wasn’t a Spiritual Array Master, he had experienced numerous events within his lifetime. Naturally, he understood that a Spiritual Array which was arranged with a hundred Spiritual Seals would be considered extremely powerful even among Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays. Once this level of Spiritual Array was arranged successfully, it’s power could truly tremble the heavens and shock the world.

“A Rank 3 Spiritual Array!”

These words exited out from the gaps of Liu Jingshan’s teeth. An extremely dense murderous intent filled his eyes. This time, he was finally able to feel a small sense of danger from the situation. Although he did not know whether or not Mu Chen could really arrange a Rank 3 Spiritual Array, there was no doubt that Mu Chen made him feel that it was possible for him to die.

“I must not let him arrange this Spiritual Array!”

The murderous intent within Liu Jingshan’s heart surged out. Although a Spiritual Array of this level was extremely powerful once it was arranged, a Spiritual Array Master still possesses a fatal weakness. That weakness is that it requires time for them to arrange a Spiritual Array. Moreover, they could not be overly disturbed during this period of time. And yet currently, Mu Chen was actually daring enough to to arrange a Spiritual Array during this fierce fight. In many people’s eyes, it was an extremely foolish and desperate thing to do.

“Go to hell!”

At this moment, Liu Jingshan’s face was extremely gloomy. He did not hesitate at all and turned into rainbow light as he charged towards Mu Chen. At the same time, he blasted both his fists out. Dense Spiritual Energies surged out and formed into numerous mountains as they fiercely suppressed Mu Chen.

But facing Liu Jingshan’s attack, Mu Chen’s eyes remained tightly closed. A dark Spiritual Energy emitted out from his feet, then, his figure instantly became blurry and brought forth numerous afterimages. While floating in the sky, he was dodging everything with a phantom-like speed.


The giant mountains that were condensed from fist winds carried an extremely heavy and sharp Spiritual Energy as they charged towards Mu Chen. However, they failed to touch his body.

“What a fast speed!”

Seeing Mu Chen’s phantom-like speed, Liu Jingshan was surprised and immediately gritted his teeth. Right now, it was evident that Mu Chen was planning to stall for time as he arranged the Spiritual Array. Therefore, all his concentration was placed on avoiding his attacks.

But the more it was like this, the more he couldn’t let Mu Chen succeed with it.

“Fish Roaming Spiritual Art!”

At this moment, Liu Jingshan’s body trembled. His entire body seemed to have softened up and he tore through the air with an alarming speed towards Mu Chen.

Liu Jingshan’s body looked extremely strange, as he travelled across the sky. The scene looked like a fish swimming in the ocean. However, his speed was extraordinary. It was evident that he had used a Movement Spiritual Art right now in order to catch up with Mu Chen’s speed.

Liu Jingshan’s body quickly approached Mu Chen. A hint of seriousness flashed through his eyes and he formed claws with his hand. On his claw-like hands, violent Spiritual Energy flashed as he attempted to grab onto Mu Chen’s throat.

As the winds coming from the claws surged out, the air seemed to explode.

But just when Liu Jingshan’s air slashes were about to touch Mu Chen’s body, the latter seemed to have perceived in advance, and his body shook. Numerous afterimages layered themselves on top of one another and the winds from the claws passed through the afterimages.

“Damn it!”

Liu Jingshan’s complexion changed. Not only were Mu Chen’s movements strange, but, more importantly, he seemed to be able to perceive his attacks in advance. He would instantly change trajectories when he perceived Liu Jingshan’s attacks, causing the attacks to miss completely.

“I won’t believe that you can keep dodging forever!” Liu Jingshan gnashed his teeth and his attacks suddenly became even more ferocious. Sharp claw winds tore across the sky and overwhelmingly attacked Mu Chen.

Swish Swish Swish!

Facing Liu Jingshan’s attacks, Mu Chen’s figure turned even more phantom-like. His eyes remained closed, yet his body danced around like a leaf floating in a storm. He allowed the storm to do whatever it wanted, yet it would not tear him apart.

As Mu Chen constantly evaded Liu Jingshan’s attacks, everybody could see that the hundred Spiritual Seals had gradually integrated into the air. At that location, extraordinary Spiritual Energy fluctuations were being endlessly emitted. All the Spiritual Aura within the world seemed to be converging in that direction.

Mu Feng and the others watched the scene nervously. Whether or not they could break through the dilemma today would depend on Mu Chen successfully arranging that Spiritual Array.

The suffocating battle continued in the sky. However, as time passed by, everybody could tell that Liu Jingshan wasn’t as calm as earlier. It was evident that he noticed he wouldn’t be able to disturb Mu Chen if this continued on. The latter seemed to be separated from the world. Moreover, what was truly surprising everybody was that he could dodge Liu Jingshan’s fierce offensive even when he had shut off all interference from the outside world.

All of this made people secretly wonder if the boy in front of them could accomplish this seemingly impossible matter.


In the sky, Liu Jingshan had suddenly stopped moving. At this moment, his face was slightly distorted. The murderous intent within his eyes had  condensed to the point that it was almost corporeal.

He fixed his gaze on Mu Chen’s phantom-like figure. Behind him, a dark color had already emerged. The air was distorted and a massive Diagram Array was taking shape.

It seemed that it was impossible for him to obstruct Mu Chen from completing the Spiritual Array.

“Today, I’ll see what you’re made of!”

A shout filled with killing intent rang out from Liu Jingshan. He immediately retreated backwards. As he retreated, a dense Spiritual Energy surged out from his body.

At that moment, an extremely strange fluctuation emitted from Liu Jingshan’s body.

Everybody directed their gaze over to Liu Jingshan. Then, they were surprised to see that Liu Jingshan’s body was swelling up rapidly. Black light completely covered the surface of his body.


Liu Jingshan’s clothes ripped as his body quickly swelled up. In a few seconds, he had actually discarded his human form and changed into a massive giant beast.

It was a huge black hound. The two heads on the hound had hideous mouths filled with sharp fangs from which saliva dripped. As it appeared, even the air fluctuated a little bit.

The huge black hound spat out a couple of breaths. One of its hideous mouths spewed out flames while the other mouth had black winds forming within it. An extremely evil fluctuation emitted endlessly as it rippled through the sky.

Liu Jingshan had actually transformed into the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence that he ingested, Double-Headed Hellhound!

At this moment, numerous individuals’ expressions changed. Even Mu Feng and the other Territory Lords took a deep breath. They were naturally aware that the Double-Headed Hellhound that Liu Jingshan had transformed into was not an illusion. It was a Double-Headed Hellhound that possessed its true strength and aura!

“So a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse could ingest a Soul Essence to such a degree!”

Mu Feng and the others’ hearts trembled. Although all of them had ingested Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences, they could only condense the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence using their Spiritual Energy at most. It was absolutely impossible for them to directly transform into a true Spiritual Beast like Liu Jingshan.

Right now, Liu Jingshan not only possessed his original body’s strength, he also possessed the toughness and true ability of the Double-Headed Hellhound. It was amazing to an extent that it was terrifying.


The Double-Headed Hellhound which Liu Jingshan transformed into roared at the sky. Within its scarlet eyes, a hint of fierceness emerged. Although he had changed into such a form right now, Liu Jingshan was still Liu Jingshan. He still possesses a clear rationality and would not behave like a Spiritual Beast just because of this change.

However, this was truly a combination of a Spiritual Beast’s tough body with a human’s wisdom. It was only because of this that it was terrifying.


The Double-Headed Hellhound opened its hideous mouths. A fire dragon as well as a black storm erupted out. It was evident that this violent Spiritual Energy was many times more powerful and vicious compared to his human form.

Mu Chen’s body quickly brought out afterimages as he avoided the attacks. Although he managed to avoid being hit in a vital point, his clothes were ripped in half and he revealed his body covered with fresh blood.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

The Double-Headed Hellhound roared madly and the Spiritual Aura within the world became violent. Under many horrified gazes, numerous fire dragons and black storms erupted out in the sky overwhelmingly. This time, it had enveloped the entire region’s sky. It was impossible for Mu Chen to retreat!

As they watched this scene, Mu Feng and the others’ hearts were beating especially fast. Even their palms were covered with cold sweat.


The fire dragons and black winds were like ferocious beasts and they revealed a hideous appearance as they charged towards Mu Chen.

In the city, everybody immediately held their breath. They did not dare to even mutter a single word.

The heat brought by the fire dragons had already caused the scraps of clothes on Mu Chen’s body to turn into ashes as the fierce winds dispersed the ashes. This violent offensive was getting closer…

But just when Mu Chen was about to be enveloped in the violent offensive, his tightly shut eyes opened up.

Within his black eyes, a black flame arose. It was extremely mysterious.

Chi Chi.

On Mu Chen’s body, numerous bloody fissures began to crack and form. Fresh blood oozed out, yet Mu Chen remained motionless. His bloody hands slowly formed another seal as a hoarse voice rang out.

“Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array, Activate.”


When the final syllable was uttered, a strong black light erupted out from the space behind Mu Chen. Under many gazes, the black light extended and formed into an extremely complicated dark Spiritual Array.

The light beams from the Diagram Array emitted out. They could vaguely see a mysterious black lotus slowly blooming.

Numerous black lotus petals descended down and landed in front of Mu Chen. It allowed the flame dragons and black storms to bombard it as much as they wanted.

Boom Boom Boom!

Violent Spiritual Energy fluctuated crazily in the sky. However, when the flames and black winds dissipated away, everybody’s eyes narrowed. This was because the black lotus petal that protected Mu Chen had remained unharmed.

“Next up…”

Mu Chen’s hands trembled slightly, and he wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. Even this minor action caused a tremendous amount of pain to him. His body had reached its limits in enduring the Nine Nether Bird’s power.

But it wasn’t the time for him to fall now.

Mu Chen’s eyes, which had burning black flames in them, stared quietly at the distant Double-Headed Hellhound. Then, he immediately tapped the sky with his slender finger which was covered with blood. Sounds of mutters rang out.

“It’s time to slay the hound…”

When the voice faded away, the massive and mysterious black demonic lotus emitted a deathly wave of energy.

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