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Chapter 1059 - Might of the Demonic Punch


The blood-red tornado was pressing down when Mu Chen’s eyes, which were closed, had suddenly opened at this moment. There wasn’t any fear in his black pupils; on the contrary, there was a heart-palpitating blazing splendour.

The blazing in his eyes was akin to the yearning of gambling his life and death.

Seeking life in the midst of death required the courage to sacrifice himself. If he didn’t have any courage to sacrifice himself and cowered, how could he seek life in the midst of death?

Mu Chen slowly stood up from the deep crater and the boundless Spiritual Energy around him had gradually faded at this moment, only to be replaced with a blood-red aura that had condensed around him.

That aura was filled with fearsome killing intent and extremely brutal. It’s as if he wanted to risk everything he had to shatter the current hopeless situation with his life!

An astonishing killing intent soared into the sky and had formed into a tornado around Mu Chen. Even the surrounding huge rocks were shattered into dust and drifted along the wind.

“What’s going on?!”

Standing outside the plaza, when the other experts saw this scene, their faces had slightly changed with their eyes filled with shock. They looked at the killing intent that enveloped Mu Chen and couldn’t help contracting their eyes.

The brutal killing intent even made their scalps feel numb.

The bearing that was being emitted from Mu Chen made them doubt whether that fellow was intending to risk his life. Even if he had to face falling into the netherworld, he would die together with his opponent.

That was simply the act of a madman!

Many experts had their faces turning pale at the bearing of Mu Chen. They had their fair share of encountering ruthless people, but it was rare for them to see someone like Mu Chen.

“This is a fist intent! It’s definitely a fist intent that doesn’t belong to a top-tiered Divine Art!” There were still those with experience after all. They pondered for a brief moment, before exclaiming with shock.

What did a fist intent containing a skill that didn’t belong to a top-tiered Divine Art mean? That meant that it had exceeded the scope of a Divine Art, and what was above the Divine Art? That was the realm of Divine Abilities!

A power that only those Earth Sovereign Realm experts could possess!

Didn’t that mean that Mu Chen was executing a fist-related Divine Ability?!

Every single expert had their eyes blazing at this moment, staring at Mu Chen. That was a Divine Ability, and even amongst their Clans, those were absolute rare treasures. If it wasn’t for those with great contributions to the clan, not even the Patriarch could gain access to it.

But right now, Mu Chen was in possession of such a treasure, so how could they not be envious?

“Fist-related Divine Ability?”

At the same time, Bai Ming, who was up in the sky overlooking Mu Chen, had his heart trembling with disbelief appearing on his savage face for the first time.

His Phoenix Clan also possessed a similar Divine Ability, but only those Elder ranks could gain access to it. Although he had been drooling over it for a long time, he still wasn’t able to gain access to it.

But right now, such a Divine Ability appeared on a human Seventh Grade Sovereign!

“You have truly left me shocked. Hmph, a fist-related Divine Ability? Good, let me capture you and all the treasure you have will be mine!” But at this moment, it was naturally impossible for Bai Ming to be intimidated by Mu Chen. Furthermore, even if a Divine Ability was powerful, it was also extremely hard to cultivate, which was the reason why he couldn’t obtain any Divine Ability in the Phoenix Clan.

Therefore, he did not believe that Mu Chen had managed to cultivate it with his cultivation being at a mere Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm!

“Die!” Bai Ming roared as he made a claw with his hand. The blood-red tornado that was enveloping towards Mu Chen roared down with a momentum that seemed like it wanted to destroy the ground.

Boom! Boom!

The cold tornado descended with an astonishing momentum and swiftly expanded before Mu Chen’s eyes. Mu Chen raised his head and balled his hand into a fist as the storm that had enshrouded him grew even more intense, containing a brutal killing intent that soared into the sky.

Mu Chen’s eyes had gradually turned scarlet and, thereafter, he tightly clenched his fist, then threw a punch out.

That punch was extremely simple, as if it was being casually thrown out. But when Mu Chen threw that fist out, the entire heavens and earth had trembled and everyone could see the red aura around Mu Chen frantically gathering towards his fist, before it gushed out.

Divine Ability - Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch!


A blood-red lustre soared into the sky and a massive crimson fist was formed. The fist seemed to have been formed by Mu Chen’s courage and strength with a will of “either life or death” contained in that fist!

If anyone dared to obstruct it, then they would die along with Mu Chen!

The brutal aura gushed out from the fist, which made many experts feel their scalps going numb. Facing this punch that was practically gambling one’s life; basically, no one could face it head-on.

If there was someone that wasn’t firm enough in their resolution, their fighting will would definitely disappear when facing this fist.

The crimson fist flew upwards and enveloped Bai Ming. The aura of gambling life had invaded Bai Ming's heart, making him feel that his heart had turned cold. In that instance, he even had the thought to immediately escape.

But he was the elite of the Phoenix Clan, after all, and had experienced a fair share of bloody battles. So in such a crucial moment, he had taken a deep breath and suppressed the throbbing in his heart.

He knew that since the fight progressed this far, it was practically to the point that whoever retreated first would be the loser.

“You want to intimidate me with a bravado? What a joke!” A cold light flashed in Bai Ming’s eyes as he eerily smiled. His hand ruthlessly slammed down and the blood-red tornado that had contained his strength had charged towards the fist that was whistling over.


Everyone could sense a terrifying shock wave wreaking out from the sky at that moment. The shock wave even made those on the altar worry. Even if they weren’t near the battle, it still made the blood and aura in their bodies to roll and they nearly spewed mouthfuls of blood.

However, many experts did not care about their situation. Their gazes were fixed onto the crimson explosion in the sky. Even space had distorted from the terrifying shock wave.

A boundless blood lustre swept out in the horizon, which made it impossible for them to look through.

Bai Ming’s gaze was fixed onto the explosion and a brief moment later, his face drastically changed. He could sense that his strongest attack was dissipating at an astonishing speed.

On the plaza, Mu Chen, who stood without any expression on his face, had a bloodthirsty arc rise on the corner of his lips. A scarlet light flashed in his eyes as he grasped his hand from afar and barked, “Break!”


Crimson fireworks exploded in the sky and the massive blood-red tornado exploded. The cold current had swept out while the crimson fist tore the tornado apart in an invincible manner before flying towards Bai Ming in the sky.

Everyone took in a mouthful of cold air. Bai Ming’s strongest attack was actually forcefully broken by Mu Chen!

“How is that possible?!” Bai Ming’s face turned pale as he roared with anger. In order to defeat Mu Chen, he even did not hesitate to damage his own Saint-Quasi Artifact. But even so, it wasn’t able to stop Mu Chen?

How is this Seventh Grade Sovereign human so hard to deal with?!

But Bai Ming did not continue to roar. He was startled to see the crimson fist flying towards him. Immediately, he was frightened out of his wits and with a flap of the wings behind him, had retreated in a pathetic manner.

But even so, the crimson fist chased after him like a maggot in the bones and he couldn’t break free from it.

When Bai Ming saw this scene, he let out a roar and a boundless spiritual light burst out, forming into an Ice Phoenix that was a few thousand feet wide.

“Absolute Zero!”

He roared and the boundless spiritual light burst from his body, forming into thick layers of ice that had instantly covered him.

He could sense how terrifying Mu Chen’s fist was, so he had given up on counter-attacking and used all his power to defend.


The crimson fist ruthlessly slammed against the huge phoenix that was covered in layers of ice under numerous shocked gazes.

The horizon seemed to have trembled at this moment and a crackling sound rang out. In the ice, the huge phoenix had fear in its eyes as the cracks swiftly spread out. Bai Ming never thought that his strongest defence would be broken so easily.

Just how terrifying was Mu Chen’s fist?!


The cracks spread out and exploded into snowflakes before a mournful phoenix cry resounded. Bai Ming was seen flying out and fresh blood was constantly gushing from his body. In a short period of time, his body was dyed in red and he looked like a massive fire chicken instead from afar.

On the altar, everyone was dumbfounded at this sight and the huge phoenix that which was dyed in blood fell from the sky. It was like a comet as it slammed into the ground of darkness outside the altar, fresh blood gushing out, and seemed to have formed into a lake of blood.

The entire altar was silent without words.

The smile that had hung on the faces of Bai Bin and the rest had frozen at this moment with disbelief surging in their eyes. Their expressions were extremely hilarious.

Many experts also had shocked expressions. They had only recovered from the shock a long time later. Immediately, they sucked in a cold breath and looked at the youthful silhouette that was still standing on the plaza with astonishment as waves were lifted in their hearts.

No one expected the elite of the Ice Phoenix Clan and a genuine Eighth Grade Sovereign, Bai Ming, to be defeated in the hands of a human Seventh Grade Sovereign even after executing various means.

That person was a genuine monster!

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