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Chapter 1058 - Blood Fan Exhibiting Might

Hum! Hum!

The scarlet ice fan slightly trembled in the sky, emitting a terrifying sound of wind being torn apart. The sound was also mixed with a dense stench of blood.

The temperature in the heavens and earth suddenly turned cold with a trace of chill that seemed like it could pierce into their bones, causing their bodies to be invaded with the chill.

On the altar, when the experts saw this shocking scene, their faces had drastically changed. Even Bai Bin, Chi Hongwu and the experts of the Phoenix Clan had shocked expressions.

“Insane! That Bai Ming is insane!” Chi Hongwu’s face turned pale as she gnashed her teeth, “He actually used that move, does he not know the damage he would cause to the Quasi-Saint Artifact?!”

The so-called “Phoenix Blood Sacrificial Spirit” was a suicidal move. Although it could raise the might of the Quasi-Saint Artifact to an astonishing level, it was also a move that would cause damage to the Quasi-Saint Artifact.

But right now, Bai Ming had actually used such a means just to obtain victory.

Beside her, Bai Bin’s face had also turned stiffed as he looked at the red fan. He couldn’t help gulping down a mouthful of saliva. He never expected that Mu Chen could force Bai Ming to such a degree…

“Although the Quasi-Saint Artifact is precious, as long as Big Brother Bai Ming can obtain the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird, then it would all be worth it!” Bai Bin explained on behalf of Bai Ming as he continued, “Furthermore, Big Brother Bai Ming cannot lose this battle. He is the pride of the Phoenix Clan and if he lost to Mu Chen, it would be a damage to the reputation of our Phoenix Clan.”


Chi Hongwu was enraged but in the end, she had suppressed that rage. Things had already come this far and it was futile for her to speak any further. Bai Ming had sunk too deep into winning and was too prideful. He basically couldn’t bear the fact that he couldn’t defeat Mu Chen. Therefore, he had even resorted to this move in order to win.

If that’s the case, then it would be dangerous for Mu Chen. After using this, the might of the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan would greatly increase. Although it wouldn’t be able to reach the level of a Saint Artifact, it would still be stronger than the other Quasi-Saint Artifacts.

Facing Bai Ming, whose strength had soared, there wasn’t any chance of winning for Mu Chen, even if he had a Quasi-Saint Artifact…

“Heh. Bai Ming is actually forced to this step…” Chi Hongwu and the rest weren’t the only ones shocked, even the other four that were on the two other battlefields had a change in their expressions and couldn’t maintain their calm.

They were experts on the similar level as Bai Ming, so they understood the latter’s cards. Even if they were the ones facing this move from Bai Ming, even they would have to retreat. The moment they were late in retreating, they might even have to pay a great price.

But right now, the means that made them feel fearful was used to deal with a human whose strength was merely at the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm.

If it was in the past, they would definitely sneer at him and ridicule. But as they witnessed the entire process, they could no longer smile and their faces were filled with solemn because they knew that even they would have a hard time defeating Mu Chen.

This human who was only at the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm wasn’t as simple as they had thought.

Up in the sky, Mu Chen stood on the Great Solar Undying Body with a grave expression, before he looked at the crimson fan that was hovering above Bai Ming. He could sense a threatening aura that made his scalp tingle.

Mu Chen’s gaze lightly flickered, but he did not turn around to retreat. That’s because he knew that there wasn’t a choice for him to retreat. The moment he retreated, it would be equivalent to him giving up the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird.

Therefore, he had chosen to make the move first.

The Life-Extinguishing Pupil opened once again on Mu Chen’s forehead and a black light flashed. A black beam had shot out, piercing through the horizon and shot towards Bai Ming’s head.


Under the crimson fan, Bai Ming’s pale face had lifted into a ridiculing arc before he raised his head and watch as the black beam shot over.


When the beam was ten feet away from him, a strand of a crimson cold current swept out, instantly freezing the black beam, turning it into a pillar of ice before it shattered.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes. The Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan had actually grown much stronger.

“This time, I, Bai Ming, have been blinded to be forced this far by you…” Raising his head, there wasn’t any emotion in Bai Ming’s eyes as he looked at Mu Chen, before a hoarse voice slowly resounded.

“But since the situation has already progressed this far, it’s futile to regret it. To express my ‘gratitude’ for forcing me this far, I will freeze you into a statue and keep you as a souvenir and reminder.”

Bai Ming's eyes had turned red as he looked at Mu Chen with the corner of his lips lifted. His pale face was also extremely savage at this moment.

Finishing his words, he stretched out his palm and the crimson fan slowly descended, before he grasped it in his hand.

Holding onto the fan, he fanned it in Mu Chen’s direction with an indifferent expression.


A crimson cold current swept out like a storm. The speed of it was also beyond description. The current had condensed into countless blades. Those blades were blood-red and every single one of them could tear a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign apart.

That attack was truly terrifying.

As the crimson storm swiftly expanded in Mu Chen’s pupils, his face had also slightly changed. He did not dare to delay and with a will of his mind, the Great Solar Undying Body exploded with a dazzling golden light, before creating a golden barrier.

Boom! Boom!

Countless crimson blades struck over with the current and heavily slammed against the Great Solar Undying Body. Facing such violent attacks, the golden lustre on the Great Solar Undying Body was swiftly dimming down, before the barrier exploded.


Bai Ming savagely smiled, then he clenched his hand. The crimson cold current in the sky suddenly condensed into a myriad feet blood-red long blade. As the blade slashed down, space shattered as it slashed towards the Great Solar Undying Body.

Before that blade even descended, Mu Chen had felt an intense danger and his gaze flickered. He formed seals with a single hand and the True Phoenix Spirit had formed into a pair of phoenix wings that had abruptly flapped. His speed soared and he turned into a streak of light, retreating from the head of the Great Solar Undying Body.


Once the ice blade slashed down, it had split the Great Solar Undying Body into two. The terrifying sharpness made Mu Chen’s eyelids twitch.

“As slippery as a fish.” When he saw that Mu Chen had decisively retreated, Bai Ming grinned before looking at the pair of phoenix wings that were behind Mu Chen. He could sense the True Phoenix aura coming from them, which had instantly made his eyes turn red.

“You really possess a treasure of my clan that contains the aura of a True Phoenix. Heh, looks like there’s another reason for me to kill you.”

Bai Ming laughed as he stomped his foot. A pair of ice-blue phoenix wings had also unfolded behind him and, with a move of his body, he had immediately appeared before Mu Chen. The popped lines on the blood-red fan were akin to vessels as he fanned it down.


A blood red current roared like a huge dragon as it swept towards Mu Chen.

After witnessing the might of the crimson fan, Mu Chen no longer dared to underestimate him and a golden light exploded at the same time as he retreated. The Dragon-Phoenix Physique had been pushed to the limits, making a protective barrier around him.


As the blood-red current whistled over, it had slammed against Mu Chen’s body and the terrifying cold current had instantly caused the golden light around Mu Chen to dim down. Furthermore, his silhouette was shot back as if he had suffered a great impact. When he fell onto the ground, a myriad-foot deep crater appeared on the sturdy plaza.

The experts on the altar had their eyelids twitching at this sight. At this moment, Mu Chen was clearly the one being pushed back without being able to obstruct Bai Ming.

Nine Nether, Mo Ling and the rest also had pale faces. The intense battle had undulated too much. They did not expect Mu Chen, who could still hold the upper hand just moments ago, to have the tables turned against him.

Nine Nether gnashed her teeth as she clenched her fist with worry filling her eyes. She even wanted Mu Chen to retreat from the fight against Bai Ming. At the most, she could give up on the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird. But in the end, she did not speak a single word, since she knew that with Mu Chen’s character, it was impossible for him to give up.

Mu Chen was no longer that youth back in the Northern Spiritual Realm. After all these years, he had experienced dangerous situations and his resolution was already extremely refined, and… powerful.

In the huge crater on the plaza, Mu Chen lying in a pathetic state and his body was covered in blood, which was caused by the blades of the cold current, making him look bloody.

On the altar, the other experts had shaken their heads in regret. Judging from the current situation, the outcome should be evident that Mu Chen had lost the fight.

But even if he was defeated, he could be proud that he could force Bai Ming this far.

Up in the sky, Bai Ming flapped the ice-blue wings as he stood in the sky, overlooking Mu Chen, who was in the crater, before he gently fanned the crimson ice fan in his hand and emitted a horrifying fluctuation.

A savage and ridiculing smile appeared on the corner of his lips as he smiled. “What do you think about being in such a pathetic state? You’re like a stray dog.”

In the huge crater, Mu Chen did not move. His eyes were shut as if he was regulating his state.

When Bai Ming saw this, he shook his head without any interest and indifferently said, “Since you’ve given up on resisting, then die.”

Finishing his words, the crimson fan suddenly shot out from his hand and violently started fanning. Numerous blood-red cold currents whistled out, condensing into a myriad-foot high blood-red tornado. The tornado looked like a huge dragon that tore through the heavens and earth and whistled towards Mu Chen along with destructive powers.

Evidently, Bai Ming was intending to end this battle!

Many experts had shaken their heads in pity.

On the altar, Spiritual Energy exploded from Nine Nether’s body with coldness in her eyes. Evidently, she couldn’t hold herself back any longer and was about to make her move.

However, as the blood-red tornado swept down, Mu Chen, who had his eyes tightly closed, had suddenly opened them.

At that moment when he opened his eyes, his aura had drastically, completely changed.

It was the aura of sacrificing himself and turning into something demonic.

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