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Chapter 1052 - Inner Section

A boundless Spiritual Energy swept out from the cave, like a tidal wave, as a slender silhouette slowly walked out under the attention of Nine Nether and the rest.

When they saw that silhouette, they couldn’t help contracting their eyes because, at that moment, they could feel a powerful pressure being emitted from him.

The pressure made them sigh. Despite the fact that they were already at the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm for a long time, the pressure that Mu Chen, who had just broken through to the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, had surpassed them.

But they only lamented for a brief moment. Mu Chen was a monster that could defeat a Seventh Grade Sovereign when he was in the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm. So they weren't surprised that he possessed that sort of extraordinary fighting strength.

As they lamented, Mu Chen stood outside the cave and the boundless Spiritual Energy around him gradually retracted before being contained in his body. He slowly clenched his fist and felt the boundless Spiritual Energy coursing through his body with a satisfied smile appearing on the corner of his lips.

He had discovered that the Spiritual Energy in his body was more powerful in this breakthrough. The density also far exceeded what it was before.

According to his estimation, if he fought with the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit again, he wouldn’t have to take the trouble to set up so many Spiritual Arrays. With his current strength, slaughtering an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit wouldn’t be as difficult as before.

With the Spiritual Energy cultivation at Seventh Grade Sovereign and the physical strength of a Seventh Grade Sovereign, his overall strength had exceeded any regular Seventh Grade Sovereign.

It was so much so that he could even confront an Eighth Grade Sovereign.

Furthermore, the harvest of his breakthrough wasn’t just limited to this.

Mu Chen contracted his eyes and space fluctuated behind him. His Sovereign Sea vaguely appeared with waves sweeping over and torrential Spiritual Energy surging. There was a quiet white seat hovering at the bottom of his Sovereign Sea, emitting boundless lifeforce that caused the Spiritual Energy in his Sovereign Sea to be even more refined and versatile.

Even at this point in time, Mu Chen could not fully refine the seed of the Nine Revolution Azure Seed. So he had pulled it into his Sovereign Sea and suppressed it.

This way, the lifeforce of the white seed would be able to nourish the Spiritual Energy in his Sovereign Sea. Furthermore, the moment he reached the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm and tried to break through the shackles of the Sovereign Realm and enter the Earth Sovereign Realm, the white seed might be able to give him aid.

Furthermore, Mu Chen wasn’t doubtful that that day might not be far from now, since he was already at the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, only two grades away from the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Mu Chen’s thoughts wandered around before being suppressed by him. Right now, the thing he had to do was enter the inner section of the God’s Cemetery and obtain the inheritance blood essence of the Primordial Undying Bird.

The Sovereign Sea behind him swiftly faded and, with a move, he appeared before Nine Nether and the rest with a light smile. “Let's go, we should get going to the inner section.”

Nine Nether and the rest looked at Mu Chen. They could all sense the self-confidence in him. Although he had lost the Lightning-Devouring Beast’s Heart as a trump card, his biggest reliance at this moment was his own strength.

After breaking through, he was no longer afraid of dealing with Bai Ming.

Facing Mu Chen who had such confidence, even Nine Nether and the rest felt more assured and they nodded their heads. Thereafter, they no longer wasted time and turned into several streaks of light, then flew out.

Mu Chen did not stop in his journey and with the prying ability of the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, they easily avoided the places with large swarms of Beast Spirits and headed towards the inner section without any delays.

They travelled at full speed for half a day and felt that the surrounding scenery started to change. The earth beneath them gradually changed from black to tainted crimson. The crimson made them feel fearful. Vaguely, there was an ominous aura being emitted, causing the Spiritual Energy their bodies to restlessly stir.

“We should be in the God’s Cemetery after passing through the light barrier.” Mu Chen looked at the massive barrier with a grave expression. He could sense an indescribable fluctuation coming from the barrier. It must’ve been a Spiritual Array. Furthermore, the might of this Spiritual Array required a genuine Spiritual Array Grandmaster to set it up.

Nine Nether and the rest nodded their heads with solemn expressions and alertness.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen took the lead and gradually approached the barrier. Seeing the countless profound runes that circulated on the barrier, every single one of the runes were emitting horrifying power.

The barrier formed from the barrier was something that not even a Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm could break through, not to mention for Mu Chen’s party.

Therefore, Mu Chen briefly pondered before grasping his hand. The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit’s heart appeared in his hand, before he threw it out and it slowly approached the barrier.

Ancient runes circulated and a strand of radiance descended, enveloping the heart of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit. Under the radiance, the pitch-black beast heart emitted a black mist, which was a powerful deathly aura, but when the deathly aura came in contact with the radiance, it had completely evaporated.

Thus, this beast heart that was filled with deathly aura had been transformed into an ordinary beast heart in a few breaths’ time and the deathly aura in it was completely wiped clean.

Furthermore, the beast heart still contained a trace of vitality and had vaguely pulsed.

Mu Chen was somewhat startled at this sight. He never expected this Spiritual Array to be so powerful. It not only cleansed the deathly aura in it, it could also bestow the beast heart, which had been dead for tens of thousands of years, a trace of vitality.

But Mu Chen knew that even so, the beast heart couldn’t be revived.

The beast heart, which had been cleansed, slowly moved towards the light barrier before slowly fusing with it, as if it had been turned into a dot of light that integrated into the massive Spiritual Array.

When the beast heart integrated with the barrier, a small crack slowly opened on the barrier before them.

They looked at the crack and took in a deep breath. He turned to exchange a look with Nine Nether and the rest before nodding his head and stepped in. Nine Nether and the rest closely following behind him.

After stepping into the crack, the first scene that entered their eyes was a crimson land, spreading as far as their sight could reach. Looking from afar, it looked like a crimson ocean of blood.

There was a peculiar ominous aura in this crimson land. Those colours weren’t tainted from nature, they were genuinely tainted with blood, and the blood definitely had to be extremely powerful. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so clear even after tens of thousands of years. Just a glance made Mu Chen and the rest feel a chill in their bodies.

This land looked like a demon.

Mu Chen’s group stood in the sky, since they did not dare to descend onto this land. Standing in the sky, they saw that the sky here was different from the one outside.

That’s because this sky was wandering with a powerful aura that originated from powerful existences. Even if they were already dead, their will still remained in this area, as if they were suppressing something.

The sky and land here looked to be the absolute opposite.

And Mu Chen’s team looked extremely tiny in this region. At this moment, it was as if they were ants in the palm of a ferocious existence.

“I’m afraid the battle in this area must’ve been the most intense, compared to the other places in the Divine Beast Origin.” Mu Chen sighed. Even after tens of thousands of years, the appearance still looked so brutal. It was hard for him to imagine what kind of battle took place here.

The Fiend Clans came with torrential momentum and the warriors that guarded the Divine Beast Origin had also given their all, clashing with the horrifying Fiend Clans.

Just thinking about this battle alone made them shudder.

The faces of Nine Nether and the rest were solemn with alertness. In this strand of land, the slightest danger would be able to bury them alive.

“Let’s go, try not to descend onto the ground.” Mu Chen looked into the distance, then waved his hand. Since they’re in the inner section, they couldn’t give up so easily.

Finishing his words, he flew out. But this time, he was more cautious as he travelled, no longer daring to charge forth as before. Furthermore, he also did not dare to use the Life-Extinguishing Pupil. After all, if he found any ancient object and drew a counterattack, it definitely wouldn’t be something that he could bear.

Fortunately, this inner section wasn’t as big as they imagined it to be. After travelling for roughly half an hour, Mu Chen slowed down his speed. There was something abnormal in this land that was dyed in blood.

There was a massive ancient altar that was roughly ten thousand fathoms standing on the ground, as if it was linking the heavens and earth.

There were countless stone chains that spread out from the altar. Those chains had spread throughout the land, as if they were binding something.

Mu Chen looked at this altar with doubt in his heart. The thing that they’re after on this trip should be here.

As this thought flashed in his eyes, he suddenly felt a gaze mixed with ridicule coming from another direction of the altar.

Mu Chen traced back the gaze and as he had expected, it was a silhouette holding onto an ice-blue feathered fan, Bai Ming, and the experts of the Phoenix Clan.

Bai Ming fanned his feathered fan and gave a mocking smile towards Mu Chen from afar.

“I really did not expect you to have the courage to show up here. Should I say that you’re courageous or are you extremely stupid?”

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