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Chapter 105 – Rank 3 Spiritual Array

The towering mountain, which seemed frighteningly realistic, was forcibly tossed up from the ground. It soared across the sky and emitted out such heavy fluctuations of force, that it caused the earth below to fracture. When it reached him, it enveloped Mu Chen and fiercely suppressed him.

As the mountain descended, the air within the world seemed to let out the sound of compressed explosions. An enormous arc of air swirled together into a circular shape underneath the mountain.

Mu Feng and the others watched this attack and could not help but gulp. Their scalps began to feel a little numb. If the mountain descended down, at least half of the city would be destroyed.

The destructive power that a Heavenly Fusion Stage possessed was too far beyond that of the Spirit Stage.

“I wonder if Mu Chen can defend against this attack.” Mu Feng and the others stared worriedly at the thin figure of the boy in the sky. Underneath the massive mountain, he was tiny, just like an ant.


Under countless gazes, Mu Chen slowly spat out white air. A hint of seriousness flashed through his eyes, which had a black flame burning inside of them.

His hands suddenly formed a few mysterious seals.

As his hand were changing between the seals, a dense, dark-black Spiritual Energy was gathering in the center of his palm. In a couple of seconds, the dark-black Spiritual Energy had formed into two black seals which were approximately 3 meters tall.

These black seals naturally came from the Limitless Death Seals that Mu Chen had trained in, but the Limitless Death Seals he had condensed at his current level were many times stronger than before.

Even after Mu Chen had condensed two Limitless Death Seals, he did not stop. Instead he continued on. From the center of his palm, dark black Spiritual Energy gathered once again. As the Spiritual Energy gushed in and out, a seal of black light emerged once again.

The third Limitless Death Seal!

Mu Chen stared at the third Limitless Death Seal, which emitted an extraordinary Spiritual Energy pressure. However, his eyes were still flashing as he continued to change seals. Another dark-black light ring emitted out endlessly from the center of his palm.


The fluctuations from the dark-black light ring seemed to emit muffled sounds of Spiritual Aura as they collided with each other. Then, the black light ring shrank within Mu Chen’s palm as if it was going to become yet another dark black light seal soon.

Mu Chen was actually attempting to condense a 4th Limitless Death Seal in one go!

Although Mu Chen had always been training hard ever since he had obtained the Limitless Death Seal, he was never able to succeed in condensing the 3rd Limitless Death Seal. However, this time, he relied on the Nine Nether Bird’s power and finally completed it.

He could feel how terrifying the backlash would be once he formed the 4th Limitless Death Seal. If it wasn’t for Nine Nether Bird’s domineering Spiritual Energy, coupled with the black flame’s magical effect of being able to ignite Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen might have already destroyed his meridians during the backlash.

Four 3-meter-tall Limitless Death Seals floated beside Mu Chen and every one of them emitted a black lightwave. It actually enveloped Mu Chen’s surroundings within a range of dozens of meters. Inside this field, the air seemed to become distorted and would seem like a mysterious black hole if looked at from far away.

As the four Limitless Death Seals emerged, Mu Chen took a deep breath, and his eyes turned sharp. He waved his sleeves and formed a fist with his hand. Then, he fired off a punch towards the mountain descending down at him.


When the punch blasted out, an enormous sound rang out from the air. The 4 Limitless Death Seals trembled before shooting out with a swishing sound.

The 4 Limitless Death Seals surged out in a straight line, and black light waves rippled over the place where they passed by. Looking from afar, it seemed that there truly was a black hole flashing across the sky.

Every single one of the Limitless Death Seals was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, they appeared beneath the mountain and fiercely collided with its base without any sign of stopping.


As they collided with each other, an amazing shockwave of Spiritual Energy radiated outwards at a maddening pace.


The 1st Limitless Death Seal soon shattered underneath the impact.

“How fragile!” A cold sneer flashed across Liu Jingshan’s face when he noticed this.


But just when Liu Jingshan was about to sneer again, the 2nd Limitless Death Seal, which contained overbearing Spiritual Energy that surpassed the first one, charged over. The black light waves quickly spread out, and the massive mountain shook violently as the speed of its descent began to slow down.

The would-be sneer on Liu Jingshan’s face turned ever so serious.


The 3rd Limitless Death Seal followed closely. A black light imprint covered the base of the mountain. Then, an extremely overbearing energy emitted out and forcibly halted the mountain’s descent.

And just when the mountain was unable to descend down, the 4th Limitless Death Seal rushed over. It quietly released the most terrifying energy out of all the previous attacks.


A black light emerged from the bottom of the mountain. It was like the darkness that appeared in the sky after sunset. Underneath this black light, even the sunlight vanished.

The entire world’s colors seemed to have turned slightly dim at this moment.  


As numerous individuals watched in shock at the darkness that was radiating, a muffled sound rang out. Then, the numerous eyes that were watching this scene narrowed.

From the base of the mountain, a massive black beam pierced through the mountain like a pillar supporting the sky. In the end, it even penetrated through the peak of the mountain.

It was a stupendously spectacular scene.

“How is this possible?!”

Liu Jingshan’s body trembled. As he trembled, a hint of doubt emerged in his eyes. He had already pushed his strength to such a degree, yet it was blocked by Mu Chen?

“Hu.” In the city, Mu Feng and the others let out a sigh of relief.


At this moment, the black light beam expanded and affected the entire mountain. Finally, a loud bang rang out as the mountain was forcibly destroyed by the light beam before it faded away in the distance.

The all-out attack by Liu Jingshan was perfectly defeated by Mu Chen like this.

“That bastard!” Liu Qingtian, Liu Zong and the others had a grim expression as they watched this scene occur in front of their eyes. Within their incredulous eyes, a hint of panic emerged. They never imagined that a boy, who seemed insignificant in their eyes, would suddenly possess such terrifying strength. Not even Liu Jingshan, who stepped into the Heavenly Fusion Stage, could defeat him.

In the sky, the black lights on Mu Chen’s fingertips faded away slightly. He lifted his head and stared at Liu Jingshan, who was staring at him grimly from nearby.

As they stared at each other, they actually did not attack again. It was evident that they could tell how powerful the other person was.

“To be able to corner me to this extent, you are quite amazing.”

Liu Jingshan stared at Mu Chen as he let out a deep breath. It was as if he wanted to let out all the grievance within his heart through this singular breath. However, his eyes remained cold and he warned: “Although I don’t know where this power of yours appeared from, it ultimately does not belong to you. Therefore, you probably can’t endure this power for a long time. On top of all that, you only have the strength of a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. It’s impossible for your body to endure this sort of power. Don’t think that you can hide this from me. I’m not that blind.”

Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. Liu Jingshan was indeed a Heavenly Fusion Stage powerhouse. His keen eyesight was not something an ordinary person could compare with. As he continued to use the Nine Nether Bird’s power, his body started to show signs that it could not endure the power anymore. Under his clothes, a fine trail of blood had appeared on his skin. Fresh blood slid down from his body and dropped down from his fingertips.

“What the old geezer said is true. You can’t endure it any longer. If you can’t kill him, I’ll advise you to immediately take your father and leave.” The Nine Nether Bird’s cold thoughts resounded within Mu Chen’s mind.

Mu Chen curled his lips and nodded: “I know.”

Liu Jingshan stared at the silent Mu Chen. However, he had a faint smile on his face. It was evident that he had spotted what Mu Chen feared he would. He waved his sleeves and said: “For my following moves, I only need to maintain a stalemate with you. Your strength will gradually become weaker, and when that happens, it will be all too easy for me to kill you.”

In the city, Mu Feng, Tang Shan and the others quieted down. Although they didn’t know what had happened to Mu Chen that made his strength swell, that power clearly did not belong to him. And regardless of how this power appeared from the outside, he did not possess the endurance of a true Heavenly Fusion Stage like Liu Jingshan.

Liu Qingtian and the others were relieved when they heard these words. They started to stare wickedly at Mu Chen. This boy is too mysterious. They must eliminate him. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to rest or eat in peace.

In midair, Mu Chen stared at Liu Jingshan, who had a mocking expression on his face. He smiled and said: “As expected, the older you are, the wiser you become.”

“Then what are you planning to do now?” Liu Jingshan smiled mockingly. He already knew Mu Chen’s weakness. The latter currently possessed a Heavenly Fusion Stage strength, but it wouldn’t be enough to kill him. As long as he keeps dragging it on, Mu Chen will definitely die.

“Everything will be fine so long as I kill you before I lose this power,” Mu Chen smiled and replied.

“Interesting.” Another hint of seriousness flashed through Liu Jingshan’s eyes as he retorted: “However, I’m afraid you aren’t capable of doing that, even if you borrowed more external strength!”

Mu Chen directed an enigmatic smile towards Liu Jingshan. Then, his eyes gradually turned cold before he closed them tightly. At the same time, his body retreated quickly. As he retreated, his fingers danced around. Then, many individuals were becoming mere witnesses, as Spiritual Seals began to emerge at a rapid pace from his fingertips before they floated around his surroundings.

In a couple of seconds, Mu Chen’s surroundings were filled with dazzling Spiritual Seals. The amount was nearly equal to 100 seals!

In the city, there were a few Spiritual Array Masters present. However, they started to gape as if they had seen a ghost when they saw the hundred seals dancing around Mu Chen.

100 Spiritual Seals?

That is something which could only be done by an excellent Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master!

Could it be that Mu Chen is going to arrange a Rank 3 Spiritual Array?

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