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Chapter 1048 - Nine Revolution Azure Lotus

When Mu Chen descended towards the peak and looked up ahead, he saw a massive black valley with a startling amount of deathly aura in the valley. The deathly aura was so dense that it had formed into a cloud above the valley and a fine black rain fell. It was as if the rain itself was a condensation of the deathly aura.

The deathly aura over there had exceeded any other that Mu Chen had seen.

Furthermore, Mu Chen could vaguely see ten-odd black silhouettes in the valley and those silhouettes were quietly seated with a torrential deathly aura around them. The density of those deathly auras was even stronger than the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit that they had previously encountered.

Evidently, those black silhouettes were all Eighth Grade Beast Spirits and elites even amongst the Eighth Grade Beast Spirits.

“What is that place?” Nine Nether and the rest descended beside Mu Chen, then they looked at the valley with a drastic change in their expressions. Their eyes were filled with shock and fear.

Mu Chen shook his head. “The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit that we had previously killed must have tried to enter this valley. But in the end, it was forcefully chased out…”

Judging from the wounds on the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, that beast spirit must have fought with the Beast Spirits in the valley and had ultimately failed, thus, it had no choice but to leave.

Nine Nether gently nodded her head when she heard him, since the deathly aura was equivalent to the Spiritual Energy in their cultivation. So that place was a treasure land for Beast Spirits. Although Beast Spirits did not have any intellect, they still looked for places to cultivate based on their instincts.

But judging from the current looks of it, this valley was occupied by the other Beast Spirits, not allowing any other Beast Spirits to step in.

“There are at least ten Eighth Grade Beast Spirits in there.” Han Shan spoke with a slight pale expression. That was equivalent to a formation of ten Eighth Grade Sovereigns. If they charged out, practically none of them would be able to escape.

Mu Chen’s black pupils were fixed onto the valley, then a black light appeared on his forehead. The Life-Extinguishing Pupil slightly opened up and a black light pierced through space, looking through the valley that was shrouded in dense deathly aura.

The interior of the valley was extremely massive, but there weren’t any traces of vitality. There weren’t that many Beast Spirits either, but every single one of them had an astonishing amount of deathly aura enveloping them. Evidently, they were all Eighth Grade Beast Spirits.

Furthermore, Mu Chen discovered that even those Eighth Grade Beast Spirits were only in the outer layers of the valley. The depths of the valley was enveloped with a black light, making it look extremely mysterious. Even if the deathly aura there was much denser, none of those Eighth Grade Beast Spirits dared to put a foot in that area.

“What is in the depths of the valley?”

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered with shock, then he briefly pondered before the Life-Extinguishing Pupil on his forehead completely opened up. When the black light flickered, it penetrated through space and he took a deeper look into the valley.

The deathly aura was looked through by the Life-Extinguishing Pupil and the scenery in it was also exposed in Mu Chen’s view.

The depths seemed to be a massive black swamp. Taking a closer look, the mud was actually formed my condensed deathly aura.

A horrifying coldness shrouded that region, causing the Spiritual Energy in that region to be tainted.

Mu Chen peeped at the swamp and, a brief moment later, his heart shook and his gaze seemed to have contracted upon locking onto an area of the swamp. There was only a dead tree growing in that land and a silhouette was quietly seated on the dead tree.

There wasn’t any vitality coming from the silhouette, but there wasn’t any deathly aura around it either. Roughly looking at it, it seemed like a dead person.

But when Mu Chen saw that man, his pupils suddenly contracted. That’s because at that moment, he actually sensed an intense threat coming from that person.

That threat had far exceeded any other Eighth Grade Beast Spirits that he had seen!

That person had its eyes closed. But it seemed to have sensed Mu Chen’s gaze and its eye slightly moved, as if it was about to open.

When Mu Chen saw this, he quickly pulled his gaze back and pondered. Although that figure didn’t look stiff or shrouded with deathly aura like the other Beast Spirits, Mu Chen knew that it must definitely be a Beast Spirit…

However, that the Beast Spirit had exceeded all the other Beast Spirits, it might even… be a Ninth Grade Beast Spirit!

Thinking about this, Mu Chen’s heart trembled. It was an existence comparable to a Ninth Grade Sovereign, a pinnacle existence in the Sovereign Realm… Only by reaching that step, could one be qualified to make an attempt into the Earth Sovereign Realm…

If that Ninth Grade Beast Spirit charged out, just it alone would be able to make bloodbath out of their entire team.

But why was that Ninth Grade Beast Spirit in that swamp alone? Furthermore, looking at it, it didn’t seem to be cultivating; on the contrary, it seemed to be protecting something…

Thoughts circulated in Mu Chen’s heart, before he sensed something shortly after. A black light flickered on his forehead and his gaze shot into the depths of the valley once again, searching around the centre of the swamp.

He had sensed a peculiar fluctuation in the centre of the swamp, which was shrouded in deathly aura.

Mu Chen did not search for long because that peculiar fluctuation was too striking. In just a short ten-odd breaths, Mu Chen’s gaze had gathered towards the depths of the swamp and a strong disbelief was revealed in his eyes.

What appeared in Mu Chen’s sight was a pond that was roughly ten-odd feet in length. The water was clear and clean, emitting a dense Spiritual Energy. Furthermore, there was actually an azure lotus in the pond overflowing with vitality.

Mu Chen looked at the pond with shock. If that pond was outside of the Myriad Beast Graveyard, he wouldn’t pay so much attention to it. But this place wasn't the same, since there wasn’t any vitality here. But there was a pond overflowing with vitality, making it extremely odd…

Furthermore, the vitality in the pond seemed too overly powerful.

That vitality was only restricted to the pond. It was so much so that it did not even go over the edge of the pond. Therefore, the surroundings of the pond were filled with deathly aura, so the azure lotus in the pond became the only source of lifeforce.

Generally speaking, there shouldn’t be such an existence in this place that was filled with death, unless there was an existence equivalent to the Treasure Beast that fell in that location and its remnant aura was protecting the place. Mu Chen had closely examined the area but did not sense any powerful aura being left behind.

So the pond that was overflowing with lifeforce was born from the heavens and earth.

Mu Chen’s thought swiftly circulated. Although the deathly aura in this region was extremely dense, it was also fair, so the balance between the heavens and earth was maintained. That’s why, when the deathly aura was so powerful to an extent, life would appear.

Thus, the things that were born out of that would also be extraordinary treasures.

“There must be treasures in the pond!”

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered and the light condensed on the Life-Extinguishing Pupil on his forehead. He paid no attention to the exhaustion and circulated the Spiritual Energy in his body. The black light had quickly shot into the pond and the pond gradually cleared up in his eyes. At this moment, he had also suddenly widened his eyes.

There was a fist-sized azure lotus that looked like a jade. Despite being in the swamp of deathly aura, it was a sparkling crystal without any contamination and a shocking vitality fluctuation was spreading out, causing the pond water to be purified.

The jade azure lotus slowly opened and a white lotus seed sat at the heart of the lotus, covered with profound runes. It wasn’t manmade, but born out of the heavens and earth. It’s as if it was nurtured by the massive lifeforce and pure Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth.

“This is…”

Mu Chen was stunned as he looked at the fist-sized lotus. A moment later, he couldn’t help taking a cold breath in and murmured, “The Nine Revolution Azure Lotus?”

The so-called “Nine Revolution Azure Lotus” was a rare treasure of the heavens and earth, born by absorbing the lifeforce in the world, making it extremely profound. It was said that it could reverse death. Furthermore, it was said that by devouring this item, one could raise the success rate of a Sovereign Realm breakthrough.

It was common knowledge in the Great Thousand World about how tough breaking through the to Earth Sovereign Realm would be, since countless geniuses had exhausted their drive and talent, but they still remained in the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm. They couldn’t take that step out that could change their life.

It was also because of this matter that treasures that could aid Sovereign Realm experts to break through the shackles of the Sovereign Realm were extremely precious. The price of them was simply unimaginable and, the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus before him was one of them.

Facing such a rare treasure, even Mu Chen’s heart raced. Earth Sovereign Realm… how was that not his dream as well? As long as he could step into that realm, then no one in this world would underestimate him.


Mu Chen took a deep breath, then pulled his gaze back with some difficulties. He opened his eyes on the peak, but the depths of his eyes were still blazing. At this moment, he knew why there would be so many Beast Spirits gathered here to the point that even a Ninth Grade Beast Spirit was attracted over.

They were all here for the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus.

As long as they could devour that item, even with their dead bodies, they would be able to possess lifeforce as well, being in between life and death, becoming an Undying. At the same time, they would be able to open a new path in their cultivation, becoming a unique existence in the world.

Those muddle-headed Beast Spirits wouldn’t be able to resist that sort of temptation, it was their instincts controlling them.

Therefore, if Mu Chen wanted to snatch the Nine Revolution Azure Lotus away, then he would definitely attract the frantic attacks of the Beast Spirits. At that time, he would have to face the pursuit of a bunch of Eighth Grade Beast Spirits and a Ninth Grade Beast Spirit…

Even with the teams of the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans, they would still be completely annihilated from the pursuit.


Mu Chen licked his lips and a flash of fire flickered in his eyes. He really didn’t want to give up on this treasure… Since that’s the case, then he could only give it a gamble.

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