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Chapter 1047 - Might of the Life-Extinguishing Pupil

A black vertical eye slowly opened on Mu Chen’s forehead with a black light circulating in it. It was like a condensing destructive light. As the black light flickered, even the endless space could be easily penetrated.

With Nine Nether’s relationship with Mu Chen, she naturally heard him talk about the Life-Extinguishing Pupil. He said that this item was refined by the Primordial Treasure Beast, using its pupil as the base material, and that it possessed the potential to become a genuine Saint Artifact. In terms of price, even all the Quasi-Saint Artifacts in their hands were inferior to that pupil.

The gap between a Quasi-Saint Artifact and a Saint Artifact was a huge gulf.

At that moment, when the Life-Extinguishing Pupil appeared on Mu Chen’s forehead, the deathly aura around the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit violently rolled as it stopped its figure from charging forth and had tightly tensed its body up.

Evidently, it had felt a great threat coming from the Life-Extinguishing Pupil on Mu Chen’s forehead.

The Eight Grade Beast Spirit was no longer in a perfect state, since it had suffered quite a considerable injury from the heavy layers of Spiritual Arrays and a great number of flaws have appeared in its deathly aura defences.

If it was struck by the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, it might really die. Although it didn’t have a genuine life, its instincts still caused it to seek life and avoid death as much as possible.

Therefore, a cowering light flashed in its eyes, which was surging with deathly aura.

But at this moment, Mu Chen would clearly not let it easily get away now that it had suffered such heavy injuries. Immediately, he nodded his head towards Nine Nether and the rest. They naturally understood the meaning behind his action and boundless Spiritual Energy instantly swept out. With their Quasi-Saint Artifacts, they blocked the path in the rear of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, not allowing it to escape.

Once Nine Nether and the rest had formed the barricade, Mu Chen suddenly flicked his finger. A jade bottle appeared in a flash, before it exploded. Instantly, a current flowed out.

The current coiled in the sky, causing the Spiritual Energy in this region to become even more vigorous with mists of Spiritual Energy flowing out.

Nine Nether looked at the current, since it was naturally formed from Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Roughly looking at it, there was probably nearly a million drops…

“Could it be that Mu Chen needs this many drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in order to use the Life-Extinguishing Pupil?” Nine Nether was dumbfounded, but shortly after, she was deeply shocked. The Quasi-Saint Artifacts they had used their Spiritual Energy, so they could exhibit some of its power. So she never expected that Mu Chen’s Life-Extinguishing Pupil would require external help.

Mu Chen left everyone shocked as he looked at the surrounding current of Spiritual Energy around him. He helplessly sighed in his heart, he was also somewhat speechless regarding the fact that this many drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was needed for him to use the Life-Extinguishing Pupil. The Life-Extinguishing Pupil was simply a bottomless pit. If using it once required 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, then with his current fortune, he could probably only use it 4-5 times.

But right now, if he wanted to swiftly deal with the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit and avoid an unforeseen scenario from happening, then he would have to use the Life-Extinguishing Pupil.

Thinking about it, Mu Chen no longer hesitated and his seals changed. A black light gathered in the Life-Extinguishing Pupil with an explosive suction force. The pupil was like a whale as it quickly devoured the drops Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…

As it devoured the large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, the vertical eye became even more black and abstruse. Looking from afar, it was like a small black hole and the Spiritual Energy in one’s body would be dispersed if they looked for a long time.

With a grave expression, Mu Chen felt the powerful energy brewing in the Life-Extinguishing Pupil at the centre of his forehead. If that energy exploded, then even his brain would be blown to bits.

Deeply taking a breath, Mu Chen immediately changed his seals and layers of black light gathered, causing space around the eye to collapse in layers in the process.

The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, which was shrouded with torrential deathly aura, retreated. It no longer dared to stay, since it had sensed the threat of annihilation at that moment.

Buzz! Buzz!

Mu Chen wasn’t bothered by the actions of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit. The black light in the centre of his brows had condensed. Ten-odd breaths later, it finally condensed to the limits and the layers of black light suddenly exploded from his black vertical pupil.

“Life-Extinguishing Pupil - Divine Life-Extinguishing Light!”

Mu Chen’s hands joined together and a deep roar suddenly resounded from his heart.


The black vertical pupil swivelled before it locked onto the retreating Eighth Grade Beast Spirit. In the next moment, a black light flashed in the black vertical pupils and a black light that was roughly a hundred feet shot out.

That black light was extremely peculiar, it was as if even time was slowed down by it. In the path of the black light, there wasn’t any violent destructive force. It silently streaked across and any lifeforce in its path would be domineeringly obliterated. It was so much so that even the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth would be oddly erased.

When Nine Nether and the rest saw the black light, they felt their scalps going numb and a threatening danger enveloped their hearts.

The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit had also felt the same way. Immediately, it unleashed a roar and a deathly aura exploded from its body without holding anything back, turning into a death shield that shielded it from behind as it frantically fled.


The black light that obliterated all lifeforce slammed against the shield. However, the torrential deathly aura wasn’t able to block it in the slightest and had quickly dissolved.


The black light pierced through the shield, then streaked across the horizon and swiftly caught up to the fleeing Eighth Grade Beast Spirit before striking its head.

Even if the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit had frantically circulated the deathly aura to form it’s defences, when the black light streaked across, the head of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit went missing along with its neck.

The body of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit maintained a charging stance before it fell from the sky a moment later, splitting a huge tree apart.

The powerful deathly aura that shrouded it had also completely disappeared, leaving behind a mummified body.

When Nine Nether and the rest saw that Mu Chen had managed to kill the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit without any resistance, they were all briefly stunned. When they recovered from the shock, all of them had sucked in a mouthful of chilled air.

They were somewhat startled by the might of Mu Chen’s Life-Extinguishing Pupil.

“Truly a treasure that possesses the potential to evolve into a Saint Artifact…” Nine Nether sighed. Although the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit had also exhausted its power, the might of the Life-Extinguishing Pupil was still terrifying. Compared to the Quasi-Saint Artifacts in their hands, it wasn’t just a level stronger.

It looked like even Quasi-Saint Artifacts were classified by levels.

When Mu Chen saw the slaughtered Eighth Grade Beast Spirit from the sky, he felt heavily relieved and the Life-Extinguishing Pupil on his forehead slowly closed with exhaustion.

Mu Chen moved and appeared beside the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, then with a wave of his sleeve, the mummified corpse of the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit had turned into grey ash and dispersed. Only a black heart slowly rose up.

The black heart was filled with a terrifying deathly aura. It had clearly been contaminated with deathly aura for over tens of thousands of years.

This was the heart of a Beast Spirit. If they wanted to enter the God’s Cemetery, then they would need this as proof for their qualification.

Mu Chen stored the beast heart with a wave of his hand, then he loosened up his expression. After preparing for such a long time, he did not fail the task and finally, successfully hunted an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.

It was also worth celebrating that there weren’t any casualties amongst them. Amongst the teams that entered the God’s Cemetery, probably only those top-tiered teams could accomplish it.

“The might of the Life-Extinguishing Pupil is truly frightening…” Fear flashed in Han Shan’s eyes as he stared at Mu Chen’s forehead.

“It costs a considerable price as well.” Mu Chen helplessly smiled, “Every activation would require 1,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. If I use it a couple more times, I’m afraid that even the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid used for my cultivation would be emptied as well.”

Everyone laughed upon hearing that, since they knew that Mu Chen was only joking. After all, with such a treasure, it would be a powerful intimidating means and their guarantee would be much greater as well. In this world, the value of life far exceeded the value of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

“Since we already got our hands on a beast heart, then we can just head towards the inner section.” Mu Chen glanced at the mess in the surroundings as he spoke. He was already itching to enter the inner section and verify if the Undying Bird existed.

No one had any objections from his words and had nodded their heads.

When Mu Chen saw their replies, he no longer dallied around. He waved his hand and turned into a streak of light. He flew away with Nine Nether and the rest closely following behind him.

There weren’t any obstructions in their path as they flew for the next few minutes. But as they passed through this forest, they suddenly noticed a bizarre region.

“What is that?” Nine Nether was shocked when she looked down and saw the forest down below being in a mess. Those cracks were evidence that there was a fight that took place here.

Furthermore, those deep ravine-like cracks had spread towards another side of the forest, and that location… was naturally where Mu Chen and the rest killed the Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.

Mu Chen briefly pondered, then said, “The Eighth Grade Beast Spirit must have suffered its injuries here.”

“Judging from the traces left behind, it couldn’t have been from the other teams. The deathly aura here is too dense, so it should’ve been a fight between Beast Spirits.” Mo Feng attentively looked around for a moment before speaking.

“Beast Spirits would also fight between them?” Mo Ling exclaimed with shock.

“If there is anything that could greatly attract them, then even Beast Spirits would fight amongst themselves.” Mu Chen said slowly.

His gaze followed along with some traces on the ground, before his figure suddenly moved. He flew past a mountain peak and, after looking from afar, his black pupils suddenly contracted.


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