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Chapter 1042 - Qualification

Outside the God’s Cemetery, along with Bai Ming’s face turning dark and quiet, the atmosphere became a little awkward. Numerous doubtful gazes were constantly swept at Mu Chen’s direction.

Previously, when Bai Ming was going to find trouble with Mu Chen, they initially thought that he would be forced into a pathetic state. With the current formation of the Phoenix Clan and Bai Ming’s strength, it was practically impossible for ordinary teams to confront them.

But… who could have thought that the situation that should have had Mu Chen trapped in a dilemma was actually so easily resolved. Furthermore, not only did Mu Chen resolve his troubles with Bai Ming, he even forced the latter into such a sunken state.

Facing the obstructions of the other top-tiered teams, even Bai Ming did not dare to provoke all of them.

That’s because if he really provoked Mu Chen, Mu Chen might really detonate the silver heart in his hand, which contained a terrifying Spiritual Energy. If so, perhaps everyone here might be dragged down. At that time, even the entrance to the God’s Cemetery might be destroyed.

Although many people were doubtful about whether Mu Chen really dared to detonate the silver heart, regarding this sort of matter… they did not want to bet on the ‘if’…

So since that’s the case, they had no choice but to stop Bai Ming. If Mu Chen really went crazy, then no one would have a good time.

Thus… despite how unwilling the teams from the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans were in their hearts, they had no choice but to make a move and stop Bai Ming. Even if it might cause the latter to hold a grudge with them…

Under the abnormal quietness, the celestial beauty of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan raised her colourful eyes and looked at Mu Chen, before she said in a clear tone, “Friend, all of us here wants to enter the God’s Cemetery. So please keep that thing in your hand and don’t use it to threaten others. If the entrance is really destroyed, then I believe no one here will be agreeable to that.”

Initially, they wanted to sit and watch the conflict between Mu Chen’s party and the Phoenix Clan. But in the end, they were forced to make a move, so they were somewhat unhappy in their hearts for being forced as well. Thus, they would naturally speak up at this moment to give Mu Chen a knock to have him stop before he went too far.

When Mu Chen heard her words, he smiled, then tossed the Lightning-Devouring Beast Heart in his hand. “We have no intention to stir trouble. But if anyone really thinks that we’re pushovers, then I won’t mind letting them know that sometimes even pushovers know how to fight back.”

“Ridiculous!” Behind Bai Ming, Bai Bin’s eyelids twitched as he barked with a pale expression. Mu Chen’s words were clearly targeted at them.

Bai Ming’s face had restored back to indifference. But he wasn’t enraged. He only swept a deep glance at Mu Chen, surging killing intent was in the depths of his heart.

“I will remember these words.” Bai Ming waved his hand to stop Bai Bin, then indifferently said, “I hope that you can keep that item with you at all times.”

Hearing Bai Ming’s words, the many teams had their eyelids twitching. Although Bai Ming did not show any emotion, anyone could tell that killing intent had been born in his heart for Mu Chen.

Thinking about it, they shook their heads. Although the brat called Mu Chen had some means, he was still a little too tender. The reason why he dared to confront Bai Ming right now was that he was relying on the silver heart in his hand.

Although they weren’t familiar with that item, they could roughly guess that it should be extremely powerful. But the usage was also limited to the point that it might only be a one-time use item.

If it was an item without any limits, then how could Mu Chen let Bai Ming go so easily? All he had to do was toss it over and regardless of how many experts the Phoenix Clan had, they would all be bombed with heavy casualties.

But right now, he had only brought it out and did not use it. He was clearly going to use it as a form of threat and the usage of it might be extremely limited.

Therefore, the moment Mu Chen used it, it would be the time for Bai Ming to reveal his fangs.

“I don’t need you to worry about that.” Mu Chen smiled before storing the Lightning-Devouring Beast Heart. That item was too powerful and it was somewhat wasteful to use it on Bai Ming.

He wasn’t bothered about Bai Ming’s threat. Although Bai Ming might be stronger than Jin Qingtian, Bai Ming would definitely return in disappointment if he thought that Mu Chen was relying on the Lightning-Devouring Beast Heart to confront him.

The reason why he brought the Lightning-Devouring Beast Heart out was to intimidate the others that had ill intentions. Without displaying sufficient strength, there might be an endless flow of trouble. So it was better for him to intimidate them all right from the start and cut the future worries down.

As he had expected, the effect of him bringing out the Lightning-Devouring Beast Spirit was pretty good. Not only did Bai Ming retreat in fear, but even the other top-tiered Divine Beast Clans also showed fear as well. It was so much so that he didn’t even have to make a move himself to stop Bai Ming to stop the conflict from rising.

The celestial beauty of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan looked at the smiling Mu Chen. From the latter’s eyes, she couldn’t see any fear, which caused her to knit her brows. Could it be that aside from the silver heart, this Sixth Grade Sovereign human still had other means to confront Bai Ming?

Since she couldn’t figure out the answer, she shook her head and gave up thinking about it. It was of no concern to her whether Mu Chen still had other means hidden in his sleeves. As long as she could enter the God’s Cemetery, then the life and death of Mu Chen and Bai Ming would have nothing to do with her. But at this moment, they could only maintain their silence so as to not spoil the harmony here.

“Everyone, this place is the entrance of the God’s Cemetery. However, the God’s Cemetery is split into two regions. There aren’t any obstructions in the outer layers, but there is an endless amount of Beast Spirits. So if you’re confident, then you can naturally give it a try.”

The beauty looked around at the other teams as she faintly said, “But if you want to enter the inner section, then you will require some qualifications.”

“Fairy Kong Ling, what qualifications are you talking about?” Someone couldn’t help voicing out.

“So she’s called Kong Ling…” Mu Chen cast a glance at the lady without a change in his expression. He could sense a threat emitting from the latter, so her strength must definitely be comparable to Bai Ming’s.

The lady called Kong Ling looked around with her colourful eyes and said in a calm voice, “The qualification will be the heart of an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.”


When her words resounded, they had immediately caused an uproar in the surroundings. Many people couldn’t help changing their expressions. The heart of an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit, that meant that if they wanted to enter the inner section, then they would have to kill an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit?

That was an existence comparable to an Eighth Grade Sovereign expert!

Aside from those top-tiered teams, why would they dare to seek trouble with an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit? Even if they managed to win, they would definitely have to pay a great price.

“The heart of an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit…” Mu Chen slightly knitted his brows upon hearing this. He then exchanged a look with Nine Nether and the rest. The qualification alone wasn’t easy… Although an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit’s intellect might not be too high, they still possess the strength of an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit. Ordinary teams might suffer a full annihilation if they were careless.

Among the teams here, the number of those that could challenge an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit would definitely not exceed the number of 10.

“I wonder what is inside the inner section?” Mu Chen’s gaze flickered as he suddenly popped the question.

When the other teams heard his words, they immediately looked at Kong Ling as well. Although they knew that the God’s Cemetery wasn’t an ordinary place, they still weren’t clear what was in there.

Kong Ling cast a glance at Mu Chen, before revealing a smile-yet-not-smile expression on her face and answered, “You will know if you’re qualified to enter.”

Her tone contained traces of ridicule, since she naturally did not think that Mu Chen could enter the inner section. But then again, it might be possible if he used the silver heart, but if that’s the case, then Bai Ming would probably make his move.

That fellow was even harder to deal with than an Eighth Grade Beast Spirit.

Facing Kong Ling’s ridiculing words, Mu Chen wasn’t angered, but gently smiled. “Thanks, we’ll meet in the inner section then.”

Kong Ling was stunned by Mu Chen’s answer. That fellow’s self-confidence was truly great. She started to wonder what other means he was hiding.

“Right now, the density of the deathly aura in the God’s Cemetery is at the highest. But as long as we wait till dawn, the deathly aura in there will be at the weakest, which will be the best moment for us to enter.”

“Thanks for telling us, Fairy Kong Ling.”

Many teams sincerely thanked her with their hands cupped together. Kong Ling had no obligation to tell them and with their status and strength from the top-tiered Divine Beast Clan, all they had to do was safeguard themselves and seek the treasures in the God’s Cemetery.

Hearing their words, Kong Ling faintly smiled. The reason why she said so much was not for the gratitude of everyone. But as someone from the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan, the pride deep in her bones wasn’t willing to let her see those ignorant fellows die from following her inside.

After hearing Kong Ling’s words, Mu Chen and Nine Nether searched for a stone platform, then they sat down before resting their minds. Since they couldn’t enter the God’s Cemetery, for the time being, they could only wait.

When Mu Chen sat down, he focused his heart and his gaze suddenly flashed before taking a glance that couldn’t be noticed at his arms. That’s because he could sense that the True Phoenix Spirit that resided in one of his arms was trembling at this moment.

The trembling seemed to be the fear of facing an existence equivalent to itself. But there was also a trace of familiarity in that fear.

Something is making the True Phoenix Spirit feel fear and familiarity at the same time?

Mu Chen’s heart trembled. If it was familiarity, it should be bloodlines similar to the True Phoenix. That’s because, in the Phoenix Clan, there were only two existences that could make a True Phoenix feel a familiarity.

Another True Phoenix or the Undying Bird.

But there weren’t any rumours about a True Phoenix in the God’s Cemetery, so it must’ve been the second reason…

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the massive God’s Cemetery with his eyes blazing. Looks like there is a fallen Undying Bird in the God’s Cemetery!

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