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Chapter 1041 - Bai Ming

“You’re the one that tried to peep earlier, right?”

The blue-clothed man gently fanned his ice-blue feathered fan and an indifferent voice resounded, causing every gaze in this region to look at Mu Chen with somewhat astonished expressions.

“That seems to be a human… he’s with the Nine Netherbird Clan and Demonic Rhino Clan. But he is pretty bold to even dare to provoke the Phoenix Clan.”

“That Bai Ming is not a kind character. It is said that he has already come in contact with the Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm and is even in possession of a Quasi-Saint Artifact bestowed to him by the Phoenix Clan, the Ice Phoenix Spiritual Fan… It is also said that his fighting strength is so extraordinary that he even dares to confront a genuine Eighth Grade Sovereign.”

“That guy doesn’t seem to know what’s good and bad for him…”


Whispers resounded from the surroundings with many gazes looking at Mu Chen in delight. They were thinking that if a fellow who was only at the Sixth Grade Sovereign dared to provoke such a ferocious figure like Bai Ming, he’s simply courting death.

On one of the stone platforms up in the front, the celestial beauty of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan swept a glance at Mu Chen without any emotions before shifting her eyes away without any interest. A mere Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm human wasn’t qualified for her to pay any attention to.

In the Roc Clan, the few elites folded their arms as they looked at Mu Chen with interest. It’s as if they were watching a show.

As for the remaining top-tiered Divine Beast Clans, they watched this scene with indifference. This was due to the fact that Mu Chen wasn’t related to them in any way, so they naturally wouldn’t go offending the powerful Phoenix Clan just because of him.

Under those mocking gaze, the faces of Nine Nether and the rest weren’t looking too good, since they never expected the blue-clothed man to be so keen in his perception and sense the origin of the peeping the moment he saw Mu Chen.

They looked at Mu Chen. Although the latter had also furrowed his brows, there weren’t any ripples in his pitch-black pupils and he showed no signs of panic from the cold gaze of the blue-clothed man.

“The Myriad Beast Graveyard is not anyone’s garden. Are you perhaps trying to stop others from investigating it?” Under that cold gaze, Mu Chen’s eyelids lifted and slowly said.

The moment he spoke, many teams present had their brows twitching. They initially thought that this Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm human would start to beg for his life in a panic. They never imagined that he would refute Bai Ming’s words.

Just where exactly did that fellow get his courage from?

When Bai Ming heard Mu Chen’s words from the stone platform, a smile rose on his indifferent face. However, the smile contained no warmth; on the contrary, a chill that made others feel their scalps going numb was emitting from him.

“Big Brother Bai Ming, that fellow is the one we encountered before!” Behind Bai Ming, a person suddenly stood up with a familiar appearance. It was naturally Bai Bin, the guy Mu Chen’s group had clashed with in the free market.


Bai Ming was somewhat astonished as he shook his head. “To search high and low only to find him when one least expects to. I was still having a headache about how to find that fellow. I never expected that you would show yourself to me instead.”

Bai Bin looked at Mu Chen with a mocking and pitiful gaze. That fellow was truly out of luck.

When Chi Hongwu of the Scarlet Phoenix Clan behind Bai Ming saw this scene, her brows knitted together as she looked at Mu Chen and coldly said, “You’re overestimating yourself. If you leave now, perhaps you still might be able to preserve your life.”

Although her tone was cold, the meaning held in her words were evident. Clearly, she was trying to advise Mu Chen to leave so that he wouldn’t meaninglessly give up his life.

Bai Ming cast a glance at Chi Hongwu with a deep glance, since he had clearly seen through her intentions. However, he wasn’t bothered about it. Although Bai Ming was the leader of this group, she was from the Scarlet Phoenix Clan and Bai Ming couldn’t do anything to her.

Mu Chen was also astonished as he looked at Chi Hongwu. Although this woman was unruly when they first met, her character wasn’t bad, since she had actually advised him.

But it was a pity that it wouldn’t be easy for them to want him to leave. Even if those fellows were from the Phoenix Clan, Mu Chen wasn’t afraid.

After all, this was a battle between the younger generations and no matter how much it would implicate them, it definitely wouldn’t be implicating the entire clan into this matter. Furthermore, if Bai Ming suffered a loss here, he definitely wouldn’t have the face to go looking for assistance. If the matter was to spread throughout the clan, he would probably draw ridicule to himself.

“I’m here for the God’s Cemetery, why should I leave empty-handed?” Mu Chen smiled as he shook his head.

Chi Hongwu widened her eyes as she looked at Mu Chen. She did not expect that despite her hints, that fellow would still stubbornly accept Bai Ming’s rage. Is that fellow an idiot?

She gritted her teeth and was angered to the point that smoke was emitting from her head. Immediately, she glared at Mu Chen and could no longer bother about the life-and-death of that fellow.

Many teams in the surroundings also had weird expressions on their faces. Some were even inwardly laughing. The human was truly foolish and interesting. Since he had refused Chi Hongwu’s good intentions, then Bai Ming would probably not let him off so easily.

And as they had expected, Bai Ming gently waved his hand and looked at Mu Chen with a smile-yet-not-smile expression. “You’re not strong yet your courage is pretty huge… I can allow you to enter the God’s Cemetery and I can even help you get through the obstruction on the outer layer of the God’s Cemetery. But I will need something from you, what do you think?”

Mu Chen’s gaze flashed as he looked at Bai Ming. There were traces of greed in the depths of his eyes. Bai Ming seemed to be attracted to something he had.

Mu Chen’s thoughts circulated and figured out what it was. There was a high chance that Bai Ming might be talking about the True Phoenix Spirit on him, which was refined with the blood essence of the True Phoenix. If it was absorbed by someone from the Phoenix Clan, there’s a chance that it could raise their bloodline.

However, it was a wild dream for Bai Ming to take it away, since it was a crucial part of his Dragon-Phoenix Physique.

Thus, Mu Chen smiled while shaking his head, then faced Bai Ming’s gaze. “I refuse.”

Hearing his words, Bai Ming wasn’t surprised and a trace of a mocking smile appeared on his face. “It’s natural for you to refuse. However… do you think that you’re qualified to refuse?”

Once he finished his words, a horrifying cold aura suddenly erupted from his body. It had condensed before Bai Ming. The white cold mist dominated forth and swept towards Mu Chen’s party.

The white mist was extremely domineering. It had even frozen the Spiritual Energy in its path. The surrounding experts had all retreated with fear on their faces. Bai Ming was truly powerful. The cold aura was something that not even a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign would dare to come in contact with so casually.

When Nine Nether, Han Shan and the rest saw this scene, their bodies instantly tensed up with Spiritual Energy surging around them. They were prepared to fight back with their teeth clenched. Although clashing with the Phoenix Clan might not be favourable to them, they couldn’t sit still and do nothing.

Therefore, Mu Chen had taken a step forth with his body tensed without circulating any Spiritual Energy around him. It’s as if he had given up on all of his defences.

“You’re courting death!”

When the surrounding teams saw that a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign dared to face Bai Ming’s attack without utilising any defences, they instantly shook their heads. That fellow was truly courting death.

Bai Ming was also stunned by Mu Chen’s reaction, before he furrowed his brows. A cold light flashed past his eyes, then he no longer hesitated and flicked his finger. The cold aura then sped towards Mu Chen’s chest.

If this attack connected, it would definitely be able to heavily injure Mu Chen.

As the cold aura swept over, Mu Chen raised his hand without any expression and his palm opened up. In his palm, was a palm-sized silver heart that was slowly beating. Along with every single beat, it would emit a shocking rumble of thunder and the destructive ripples caused the faces of everyone to change.

It’s the Lightning-Devouring Beast Heart.

“What’s that?”

“What a horrifying energy!”

“Is that fellow insane? He wants to drag all of us down?”

Many teams had a drastic change in their expression. All of them had practically retreated at the same time. Although they couldn’t recognise the item in Mu Chen’s hand, they would tell that if that destructive fluctuation exploded, then everyone here would probably be dragged along with him.

The surroundings were in chaos, but Mu Chen did not have any expression written on his face. He had simply pushed the silver heart towards the cold aura, scaring cold sweat out of everyone from his actions.

Bai Ming’s eyes fixed on Mu Chen. He had naturally felt how terrifying the silver heart was as well. The energy contained within it was something that even he felt fearful of. He could naturally tell that Mu Chen was relying on this; thus, he wasn’t afraid in the slightest. But if he stopped his attack now, wouldn’t that mean that he was afraid of Mu Chen?

“I don’t believe that you would dare to be so insane!” Bai Ming’s face was dark and the cold aura still charged towards Mu Chen.


The cold aura and silver heart got closer but before they clashed, a five-coloured lustre descended from the sky and in a rustle, it had completely erased part of the cold aura.


A staff descended and had also dispersed part of the cold aura.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Numerous powerful attacks instantly descended, erasing the cold aura completely in an instant.

When the cold aura was erased, Bai Ming’s face grew even darker before turning his head to look at the other top-tiered Divine Beast Clans. They were the one that made their moves.

“If you guys have problems to deal with, do it somewhere else. This is the entrance of the God’s Cemetery. If it’s destroyed, then are you, Bai Ming, willing to compensate the losses of everyone here?” The celestial beauty of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan looked at Bai Ming with her colourful eyes and coldly said.

“Hehe, probably not.” A skinny man of the Babal Ape Clan hugged the stone staff and spoke with a smile, before his eyes contracted.

“Brother Bai, relax. This is not the place to fight.” The expert of the Divine Sky Crane Clan had also spoken up.

Several experts of the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans all spoke up, causing the coldness in Bai Ming’s eyes to grow denser. But facing those figures that even he was fearful of, he naturally knew that it wasn’t wise to offend all of them. Thus, he took a deep breath, then swept a sinister glance at Mu Chen before sitting back down again without a word. But everyone knew that Bai Ming was definitely raging in his heart.

Instantly, doubtful gazes were directed at Mu Chen. Who could imagine that facing Bai Ming’s forceful actions, not only did Mu Chen not make a move, he even forced Bai Ming into such a pathetic state by casually taking an item out?

Furthermore, he had made the elites of the top-tiered Divine Beast Clan stop Bai Ming without a choice. Thus, causing grudges to form between them. If a conflict arose between them, it might even be used as a reason to fan the flames.

This simple move from Mu Chen had made many people inwardly shocked in their hearts and they no longer dared to underestimate Mu Chen when they looked at him.

It was so much so that even the celestial beauty of the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan had also taken a deep glance at him with her colourful eyes. Through the previous confrontation, they could tell that this human who appeared to be only a Sixth Grade Sovereign wasn’t as reckless and useless as they thought.

The top-tiered experts all exchanged a glance and inwardly agreed that this human called Mu Chen was definitely not simple… 

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