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Chapter 1037 - A Great Harvest

“What was that?”

Mu Chen’s face was filled with bewilderment and shock in that dark space. He had no idea where that black hole linked to and why the blood essence of the Treasure Beast would flow in there.

Mu Chen briefly pondered, but he still couldn’t find an answer, so he could only helplessly shake his head. With his current strength, it was impossible for him to see through the situation in the black hole. Since that’s the case, then there’s no need to waste time in attempting to do so.

The Myriad Beast Graveyard was extremely strange. There were some exotic places that were hard to probe through.

“Since I’ve gotten the treasure, then let’s leave this place.”

Mu Chen muttered to himself and did not hang around. With a will of his mind, the surrounding darkness had resided and his perception returned from the route he came from.

On the surface of the lake, Mu Chen, who was seated on the white bones, suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze turned even more abstruse as he stretched his hand out and gently touched his forehead. Vaguely, he could sense a powerful fluctuation vaguely residing within.

It’s the Life-Extinguishing Pupil!

A smile uncontrollably rose on the corner of his lips. This tough trip wasn’t in vain. He had finally gotten a Quasi-Saint Artifact.

With this item in hand, it would be as easy as flipping his hand if he encountered Jin Qingtian once again.

“But compared to the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid, it’s still slightly weaker.”

He sensed the power of it but he did not feel regretful. After all, the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid was a genuine Saint Artifact. It was on a level higher than the Life-Extinguishing Pupil. Furthermore, the objective of his trip was not for a genuine Saint Artifact.

That’s because a treasure of that level was not something that the current him could control. Even if he had obtained one, he could only lament at his inadequacy.

Furthermore, the Life-Extinguishing Pupil might only be a Quasi-Saint Artifact, but it’s the lifeline treasure of the Treasure Beast with huge potential. If he had a chance in the future, he might be able to evolve it into a genuine Saint Artifact. At that time, the might of it would only be stronger, and not weaker, than the Starlight Demon Suppression Pyramid.

Mu Chen stood on the bone before moving to the sky and swept his gaze over. He saw Nine Nether, Han Shan and the rest opening their eyes in series. They had clearly finished their search.

“How is it?” Mu Chen approached as he smiled.

The three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan bitterly smiled as they shook their heads and said with embarrassment, “We discovered some Peerless Rank Divine Artifacts. But we never expected that after obtaining them, we would be forcefully kicked out.”

They had clearly experienced the same thing as Mu Chen, it’s just that their resolution wasn’t as firm as Mu Chen’s, since they tried to take the Peerless Rank Divine Artifacts. They never expected that obtaining one would halt their search for treasures.

When Mu Chen heard their words, he rejoiced in his heart. Fortunately, he held his greed back. Otherwise, he would be regretful with just a Peerless Rank Divine Artifact.

“Everyone only has one chance to obtain a treasure, so as long as you obtain one and no matter what you take, you will not have another chance.” Han Shan sighed from the side, since he knew the rules as well.

The three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan’s faces slightly distorted. They had clearly regretted this deeply within their heart.

“Brother Han’s harvest was pretty good?” Looking at Han Shan, who didn’t have any regrets, Mu Chen smiled.

Han Shan chuckled and clenched his fist. A black light flickered and turned into a black metal staff in his hand. The staff was somewhat rough with countless runes engraved on it. Furthermore, Mu Chen could vaguely sense a heaviness emitting from it. It seemed to have the weight of a mountain.

Looking at the black metal rod, Mu Chen’s gaze flashed. This object didn’t seem to have any fluctuation of a Quasi-Saint Artifact. But for some reason, he felt that it wasn’t at all inferior to a genuine Quasi-Saint Artifact.

“This is the Skyshaking Staff… It cannot be considered as a Quasi-Saint Artifact, since it does not have any powerful uses to it. It only has the special property of being extremely heavy. By striking with it, even a Seventh Grade Sovereign might be instantly gravely injured.” Han Shan smiled with satisfaction. This item was extremely domineering, which was suitable for him. The Demonic Rhino Clan was good in strength, to begin with, and with this staff, it was akin to giving wings to a tiger. In his hand, the might of this weapon might even surpass that of a Quasi-Saint Artifact.

“Pretty good.”

Mu Chen exclaimed in admiration. If pure strength added together with Spiritual Energy, it would be fearful just thinking about it. Although this item did not have the power of a Quasi-Saint Artifact, just purely the weight alone wasn’t inferior to a Quasi-Saint Artifact.

Mu Chen then looked at Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling with expectation in his eyes. Clearly, he hoped that the three of them could obtain treasures of their own liking as well.

Nine Nether lightly smiled as she clenched her fist and an item that Mu Chen was familiar with appeared.

It was a pitch-black ruler without any other colour. But the ruler seemed like it could even devour light in the sky if it was waved around.

“It’s this…”

Mu Chen was startled in his heart as this ruler was what he had seen when he encountered the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts. He never thought that after giving up this item, it would fall into Nine Nether’s hand.

“Try throwing a fist at me.” Nine Nether held the black ruler as she chuckled.

Mu Chen threw a punch out upon hearing her words. Instantly, a boundless Spiritual Energy fist enveloped towards Nine Nether and the latter had gently waved the black ruler in her hand. A black light enveloped it and more than half of the Spiritual Energy fist had disappeared. The light swiftly dulled down and by the time it had hit Nine Nether, most of the force behind that fist had already dissipated to the point that it couldn’t even break through Nine Nether’s defences.

Mu Chen was startled. Although he had thrown a casual punch out, it could still heavily injure an ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereign. But with a single wave of that black ruler, the power behind that punch had been greatly reduced.

“This item is called the Divine Ruler of Darkness. It contains the Divine Dark Light that possesses devouring characteristics. Any Spiritual Energy attacks would have a portion devoured. It’s so much so that if it was utilised to the limits, nothing can come close to me,” said Nine Nether.

Mu Chen inwardly smacked his lips. This black ruler was truly not simple. With this item, any attacks would be weakened and, in the long run, odds of defeating her opponent would also increase.

With this item, not even Jin Qingtian might be Nine Nether’s opponent.

A Quasi-Saint Artifact was truly powerful.

Although he was shocked by the power of the black ruler, Mu Chen did not regret his initial choice. That’s because he knew that the Life-Extinguishing Pupil would only be stronger than the black ruler and not any weaker. Furthermore, the potential of the Life-Extinguishing Pupil was stronger. After all, it was a lifeline treasure of the Treasure Beast.

After Nine Nether took out the black ruler, light flickered on Mo Feng and Mo Ling’s hands. Thereafter, a longspear and bell appeared.

The longspear was dark-gold in colour, looking extremely antique. It was without any edge that didn’t seem to be sharp. But the rough spearhead was flickering with cold light and for some reason, it made his heart beat faster.

As for Mo Ling, she had obtained a fiery-red bell. An ocean of flames could be vaguely seen on it. When the bell rang out, it was akin to an ocean of flames sweeping out, destroying the heavens and earth.

Although the items that Mo Feng and Mo Ling had obtained weren’t comparable to Nine Nether’s Divine Ruler of Darkness, they were genuine Quasi-Saint Artifacts.

The two of them were clearly extremely satisfied with their harvests. Even Mo Feng wore a faint smile on his face, which he had always maintained an indifferent expression. 

Everyone had greatly harvested in this trip to the Treasure Beast.

“What about you?” Nine Nether looked at Mu Chen with interest rising in her eyes. Although they knew the test left behind by the Treasure Beast, she did not believe that Mu Chen would return empty-handed with her understanding of him.

Thus, everyone all looked at Mu Chen with curiosity.

Mu Chen smiled and a black light condensed on his forehead. The Life-Extinguishing Pupil slowly appeared and when the black light flashed, everyone felt a chill in their hearts. It’s as if they were completely seen through by that black light.

The black light had swiftly disappeared, but the mystery that it gave off still made everyone feel fearful.

Han Shan smacked his lips as he sighed, “Looks like Brother Mu has gotten the best treasure of the Treasure Beast…”

Although they couldn’t recognise the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, Han Shan was able to sense the power contained in that mysterious eye. He had a feeling that if it was used to attack, he would be gravely injured, if he didn’t die.

Mu Chen did not comment, but smiled. He did not want to describe the uses of the Life-Extinguishing Pupil. After all, it was still a must for him to keep a trump card.

“We have already retrieved the treasures of the Treasure Beast… Now, are you guys going to look for clues of the Undying Bird?” Han Shan looked at Mu Chen and Nine Nether as he asked.

Han Shan knew that the main reason why Mu Chen’s party came to the Myriad Beast Graveyard was to search for the Undying Bird, the Treasure Beast was just incidentally along the way.

Mu Chen briefly pondered upon hearing Han Shan’s words, before he answered, “I intend to cultivate here first, for the time being, and push my own Spiritual Energy cultivation to the pinnacle level of the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm.”

This Treasure Lake was a rare cultivation ground in the Myriad Beast Graveyard. Furthermore, it wasn’t corrupted by the deathly aura or Beast Spirits. With the density of the Spiritual Energy here, it was the best place for secluded cultivation.

The Myriad Beast Graveyard was filled with dangers and Mu Chen had a feeling that this trip to look for the Undying Bird would definitely be dangerous. Therefore, he had to bring himself to the strongest state possible.

Furthermore, he also needed some time to probe the Myriad Beast Graveyard and find clues of the Undying Bird now that he had obtained the Life-Extinguishing Pupil.

Nine Nether and Mo Feng exchanged a look, before they nodded their heads, expressing their support for Mu Chen’s decision.

When Han Shan saw this scene, he smiled. “Since that’s the case, then we’ll stay as well. At that time, we might be able to offer some help…”

Earlier, Mu Chen had given them such great aid and if they were to leave now, it would be too heartless.

Mu Chen nodded his head with a smile, then gently breathed out before looking into the depths of the Myriad Beast Graveyard. Vaguely, he could feel that there were clues in the Myriad Beast Graveyard, it’s just that the dangers would surpass the Treasure Lake…

Therefore, he had to raise the cultivation of his Spiritual Energy as soon as possible to the pinnacle level of the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm. If he was lucky enough, he might be able to reach the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm.

If both his physical body and Spiritual Energy cultivation were in the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, then he might even have the ability to confront an Eighth Grade Sovereign!

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