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Chapter 1036 - Life-Extinguishing Pupil

In the centre of the current that was made up of tens of thousands of Divine Artifacts, three lumps of light quietly floated. The lustre that they had emitted wasn’t powerful, but those around them paled in comparison.

Within the three lumps of light, there was an axe, a ruler and a mirror.

The axe was bronze in colour, covered with mottled traces as if it had once split open the sky with boundless might.

The ruler was pitch-black without any other colours mixed in it. It looked like it could devour any light in the heavens and earth if it was waved down.

The mirror was an extremely antique-looking mirror with a rough surface, looking quite ordinary. It was even emitting a primal and ancient aura and a sense of mystery emitted from it.

Every single one of those items was evidently powerful. The fluctuations that they emitted had far exceeded the domains of Peerless Rank Divine Artifacts and had stepped into the realm of Quasi-Saint Artifacts.

Those were treasures that Mu Chen dreamt of possessing. If he could obtain even one, then his fighting strength would greatly increase. He could even slaughter Jin Qingtian quite easily.

Mu Chen looked at the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts with blazing eyes and licked his lips. Greed surged in his heart once more. When facing the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts that he could easily obtain with a grasp of his hand, not even Earth Sovereigns might be able to calm their hearts.

Mu Chen’s gaze grew hotter as he took another step forth. Spiritual Energy had turned into a huge hand that tore through space and immediately made a grab for the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts. Since they’re just right before him, then he wouldn’t let a single one of them escape.


As the massive hand of Spiritual Energy streaked through the horizon, it had easily entered the current of Divine Artifacts, and appeared before the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts, wanting to grab them.

The hand streaked across the sky, but just when Mu Chen was about to come in contact with the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts, his eyes suddenly flashed and he restored his clarity before biting his tongue and a mouthful of blood gushed out.

The traces of blood hung on the corner of Mu Chen’s lips and even the hand of Spiritual Energy had froze without touching the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts that quietly floated before him.

Mu Chen slowly wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and his complexion was somewhat ugly. Earlier, when he wanted to grab the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts, his cautious and tough character that he had trained over the years had finally shown its effect, forcefully controlling the dense greed in his heart.

When the greed disappeared, Mu Chen had restored his clarity and started to feel that something was amiss.

That’s because everything was way too smooth.

Even if he was going to seize the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts, there wasn’t the slightest obstruction. Although the Treasure Beast had already died, Mu Chen did not believe that such an existence did not leave any means behind to protect the treasures.

Rumour had it that the Treasure Beasts were extremely stringy with their treasures. So if he thought that he could take the treasures without any worries, then he might suffer the consequences of his own actions.

Furthermore, after entering this space, Mu Chen felt that it was extremely easy for greed to nurture in his heart. It wasn’t something that he had intended but was affected by some means that had been left behind.

Those means might’ve been left by the Treasure Beast and if he really did as he wished, and seize the treasures, then all his efforts might’ve been wasted.

Mu Chen stood in the sky as he pondered. After a brief moment, he took in a deep breath before sitting down and gradually shut his eyes.

He did not attempt to seize the treasures again. He had intended to calm his heart and discard the temptation of greed.

Once Mu Chen closed his eyes and sat down, his mind gradually calmed down. The greed that flashed between his brows had also slowly faded away. His heart was as calm as the surface of the water.

Time quietly flowed.

Suddenly, Mu Chen opened his eyes and his black pupils were reflected with tranquillity. Like a deep pool without any fluctuation and the greed from before had also completely disappeared.

Mu Chen looked at the current of Divine Artifacts once again with a calm mind. But this time, what he saw was different from before.

The dazzling current had slowly disappeared, as if it was all an illusion. Mu Chen quietly watched the current of Divine Artifacts disappear without feeling any pity until the current had completely disappeared.

When the current disappeared, only the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts still remained in this space.

Mu Chen looked at them without any action. There weren’t any ripples in his eyes.

The silence lasted for a long time before the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts finally moved. Light blossomed from them and the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts slowly moved closer to one another before they combine together.

When Mu Chen saw this scene, a ripple finally appeared in his eyes. The three Quasi-Saint Artifacts from before weren’t illusions, they had truly existed. But because of his choice, it had caused the trick left behind by the Treasure Beast to change.

Mu Chen was also extremely curious in his heart regarding these changes.

As the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts combined together, light distorted before it gradually faded and an item appeared.

It wasn’t an axe, ruler or mirror. But a palm-sized black ball. Upon taking a closer look at it, one would realise that the ball was somewhat similar to a black eyeball…

The black eyeball hovered in the air, vaguely emitting a sense of mystery that would make the heart of others turn cold.


When the black eyeball appeared, it had slowly drifted over and stopped before Mu Chen. He briefly hesitated before stretching his hand out and grabbed ahold of it.

A cold sensation spread out from his palm before Mu Chen flicked his finger and a droplet of his blood essence landed on it. The blood essence swiftly dissolved into the black eyeball. Thereafter, he could feel the connection with this item.

The treasures here were practically without an owner after the Treasure Beast had died. As long as he could obtain it, then he would be able to bind it to him through his blood.

When he formed a connection with it, Mu Chen immediately felt some ancient information pouring towards his mind that seemed to be describing the origin of this item.

Mu Chen felt the information with his eyes closed before opening them a brief moment later. Curiosity filled in his eyes as he looked at the black eyeball. This item was called the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, which was said to be made with the eyeball of the Treasure Beast as the base material, with some powerful treasures added inside. Looking at another angle, it could be considered the lifeline treasure of the Treasure Beast.

If it wasn’t for the Treasure Beast dying prematurely, the Treasure Beast would have definitely refined it into a genuine Saint Artifact.

But even so, the Life-Extinguishing Pupil was also the strongest Quasi-Saint Artifact that the Treasure Beast had refined.

“So that’s the case…”

Mu Chen suddenly understood, based on the pieces of information in his mind. If he had previously tried to obtain the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts, then he would be left with nothing now.

Everyone that came here had a chance in making a choice. If they had chosen to take the Peerless Rank Divine Artifacts right from the beginning, then they would not be able to find any other treasures thereafter.

Mu Chen rejoiced in his heart. Fortunately, he did not become a cheapskate and take a Peerless Rank Divine Artifact before being kicked out thereafter. Otherwise, he would basically go insane.

“If I had previously obtained one of the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts… although I might be able to obtain them, I would not have been able to obtain this Life-Extinguishing Pupil…”

Mu Chen sighed. If one wanted to see the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, then they would have to forsake all greed. If he hadn’t felt something earlier, choosing to give up and calm his mind, then he would definitely not be able to obtain this Life-Extinguishing Pupil.

“The Treasure Beast is truly cunning…” Mu Chen shook his head. If it wasn’t for his luck, then he might’ve been tricked by the Treasure Beast by now.

But fortunately, he endured till the end.

Raising the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, a satisfied smile appeared on his face. Although the Life-Extinguishing Pupil was only a Quasi-Saint Artifact, the might far exceed ordinary Quasi-Saint Artifacts. If he had enough luck, he might even be able to evolve it into a genuine Saint Artifact.

“This Life-Extinguishing Pupil can see through all illusions and barriers… It can also refine the Life-Extinguishing Divine Light, which is extremely domineering, and destroy anything in its path.”

Mu Chen contracted his eyes and with a will, he opened his mouth and the Life-Extinguishing Pupil had turned into a black dot as it entered his body. Thereafter, a black light gathered on his forehead as vertical pitch-black eye slowly opened. Blacklight blossomed in the black eye and a light flashed. Mu Chen immediately discovered that the scene before him had greatly changed. He had quickly looked through space and saw the massive Treasure Lake.

But this time, the barrier of the Treasure Lake no longer posed any obstructions. His sight pierced through the lake and everything in the lake was seen in his eyes.

It was a colossal skeleton that couldn’t be completely captured in his eyes.

It’s the skeleton of the Treasure Beast.

On the bones that were revealed out of the lake water, he saw the tiny Nine Nether, Han Shan and the rest before his gaze shifted out of the lake water. It was only a single glance and he had seen the deepest part of the lake water.

There was a massive crater in the depths of the lake, akin to an abyss. Evidently, it was left by the impact of the Treasure Beast when it fell. Sweeping his gaze out, his heart raced.

The Life-Extinguishing Pupil looked through everything before gathering at the location where the Treasure Beast’s skeleton fell. Judging from the shape, it must’ve been the head of the Treasure Beast, and at this moment, there was actually hundred-foot-wide black crater beneath the head.

The appearance of the crater sent a chill down the hearts of others. There wasn’t any light in it, only a faint blood lustre was enveloping it. The scent of it was exactly the same as the Treasure Beast.

“The Blood Essence of the Treasure Beast actually fell in there?”

Mu Chen’s heart shook as a light blossomed from the Life-Extinguishing Pupil in an attempt to look through the black hole. But the moment his gaze came in contact with it, the blood lustre burst out, shattering his sight.

Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes in the space before the vertical eye on his forehead had disappeared. Graveness and shock was covering his face.

Just what was that black hole at the bottom of the lake?

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