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Chapter 1035 - Seizing the Treasures

The clear lake was glittering with lustre. The gazes of Mu Chen and the rest were blazing as they stood on the lakeside, staring at the lake as if they wanted to look through it and search for the treasures inside.

“Let’s get prepared to move.” Han Shan licked his lips. It was a tough trip here but they had finally reached their objective. Right now, it’s the time for them to harvest.

When Mu Chen and the rest heard his words, they immediately nodded their heads. They were clearly somewhat impatient.

“Pay attention and do not be affected by the lakewater. We’ll depend on our own luck to determine the ownership of the treasures.” Han Shan smiled as he charged forth. As he waved his sleeve, his boundless Spiritual Energy created torrential waves. As the waves surged, they had revealed the enormous white bones in the lake.

Han Shan sought for a landing point and his silhouette flickered, appearing on a white bone and sat down. His Spiritual Energy created a hurricane that surrounded him and protected him at the same time. No matter how the lake water roared, it couldn’t get close to him.

When the three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan saw this, they immediately flew out as well. They each searched for white bones that were revealed from the lake water and sat down.

“Let us get moving as well.”

Mu Chen nodded his head towards Nine Nether, Mo Feng and Mo Ling. Shortly after, he no longer hesitated and his silhouette moved, before he appeared above the lake. Lowering his head down at the lake, he could vaguely see a massive and indescribable bone. Even after tens of thousands of years, it was still emitting a mysterious might that would make others feel fearful.

Mu Chen lamented in his heart as his body drifted down and landed on the white bone before sitting down. Instantly, an abnormally cold touch came, which made his entire body shiver.

“Let me try and see what treasure can I obtain…” Mu Chen muttered to himself as he gradually closed his eyes. His Spiritual Energy perception had quietly moved towards the white bones, using it as a medium, and stretch into the lake.

As his senses entered the lake, Mu Chen immediately felt a powerful pressure enveloping him in every direction. Under the pressure, his perception, which was initially sharp, had been dulled down by a huge chunk. Furthermore, the range of his perception had also shrunk down by nearly 90%.

“Indeed, it’s not as easy as I expected.” Mu Chen sighed inwardly in his heart. He already knew that it wouldn’t be so smooth to obtain the treasures that were proved at this moment. With the suppression of the lake water, it would be extremely tough for them to sense the treasures here.

But even so, it was impossible for him to give up. Therefore, he gradually calmed his heart and continued to search for treasures. That’s because if he lost his patience, he would definitely be returning empty-handed.

In the icy lake, Mu Chen’s perception moved through the bones and, at this moment, only now did Mu Chen realise how massive this set of bones was. According to his estimation, the Treasure Beast might’ve been tens of thousands of feet in size, a genuine colossus.

Furthermore, even after it had died tens of thousands of years ago, the bones were still as sturdy as iron. Even if Mu Chen’s physique was powerful, he was far inferior in comparison.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the bones couldn’t be moved, just the skeleton itself would definitely be able to refine innumerable Divine Artifacts…

As his perception wandered, Mu Chen exclaimed even more. When the Treasure Beast was still alive, it’s probably not at all inferior to the Blood War Monarch. But such an existence still fell along with the destruction of the Divine Beast Origin. He couldn’t imagine how terrifying the Fiend Clans were.

Time passed as Mu Chen continued the process. Before he knew it, Mu Chen’s perception had already been spreading around the skeleton for nearly half an hour. But what made him feel helpless was that in that half an hour, his perception had probably only travelled for a short thousand feet, which was negligible for the skeleton of the Treasure Beast, which was tens of thousands of feet in size.

Furthermore, Mu Chen did not sense any treasure fluctuations along the way. If it wasn’t for him trusting Han Shan and knowing that the skeleton before him was extraordinary, he might even doubt whether he had found the wrong target…

However, Mu Chen’s doubt did not last for long. Along with his perception going deeper, he suddenly found a peculiar fluctuation from a section of the skeleton.

Sensing the fluctuation, Mu Chen rejoiced in his heart and immediately entered with his perception. Shortly after, he could sense a grey dagger quietly floating before him. It was engraved with ancient runes on the surface and a purple lustre flickered on the blade, emitting a sharp sensation, which made him feel somewhat cold.

This dagger actually turned out to be a Peerless Rank Divine Artifact.

Mu Chen inwardly smacked his lips. He had casually encountered a Peerless Rank Divine Artifact. In the hands of a Seventh Grade Sovereign, it would become a formidable weapon.

Mu Chen’s perception paused as it hovered before the dagger. He slightly hesitated, considering whether he should take it away. If a Peerless Rank Divine Artifact was to be placed in an auction, it could be sold for at least a few hundred thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

He hesitated for a moment before pulling his senses away and moved even deeper, giving up on the Peerless Rank Divine Artifact.

Although the price of the Peerless Rank Divine Artifact wasn’t low, it’s not his objective. Such a Divine Artifact was still insufficient to move his heart.

Since he did not encounter anything that could move his heart, then there’s no need to waste time. He only needed to go along to his target.

He might return empty-handed if he was to start picking things whenever he encountered it. Even if there were any, it would not be what he had expected right from the beginning.

Since that’s the case, then what’s the point in wasting time?

Figuring it out, Mu Chen’s perception started to drift deeper down the skeleton. As his perception drifted deeper, he was startled upon discovering a powerful treasure along the way.

That item was definitely not inferior to a Peerless Rank Divine Artifact, it might even be one of the top-tiered Peerless Rank Divine Artifacts. It was so powerful that even Mu Chen was startled.

One top-tiered Peerless Rank Divine Artifact after another flitted across Mu Chen’s perception. In this situation, where he could pick up a valuable Divine Artifact, greed started to grow in Mu Chen’s heart.

Even Mu Chen wasn’t an exception to this. But when greed rose in his heart, he was suddenly alerted and seemed to have sensed that something was amiss.

Mu Chen wasn’t clear what this feeling was but vaguely, he felt that if he had taken those Divine Artifacts, he would greatly regret it.

As thoughts circulated in his heart, he had firmed his heart. If he couldn’t obtain any Quasi-Saint Artifact this time, then he would rather return empty-handed!

At that moment when Mu Chen steeled his resolution, he was startled once again and sensed that those Peerless Rank Divine Artifacts had suddenly disappeared completely, as if they had never existed in the first place.

“It’s truly abnormal.” Mu Chen’s heart was alerted even more. The treasures of the Treasure Beast wasn’t so easy to obtain as he had imagined and this strange event must’ve been the scheme of that Treasure Beast.

If he had taken those Divine Artifacts, Mu Chen wasn’t sure what would have happened. But he was certain that he would definitely not be able to obtain the Quasi-Saint Artifact that he wanted.

With alertness, Mu Chen’s perception drifted even deeper down the bones. When his perception moved, the skeleton before him had suddenly disappeared and the surrounding lake water had turned into darkness, as if he had been pulled into another space.

Mu Chen’s perception was in the darkness but he wasn’t panicking. That’s because he did not feel any danger, so he had stayed quiet. He already figured out that when the Treasure Beast fell, it must have left some means behind to prevent its treasures from being greedily taken by others. Therefore, what he had seen before might’ve been a test.


Light suddenly blossomed in the darkness and a myriad foot long current roared. In the current, there were countless Divine Artifacts dancing in the sky and a powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitted from them.

Mu Chen stretched his perception over and sucked in a cold breath in his heart. That’s because he had realised that the current was formed of over tens of thousands of Divine Artifacts.

“Truly worthy of being called the Treasure Beast…”

Mu Chen exclaimed. The quality of those Divine Artifacts were pretty decent. If they were all placed in the auction house of the Great Thousand World, their total price might be unimaginable. The amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid might probably be sufficient to support a First Grade Sovereign to the Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm.

Mu Chen looked at the current of Divine Artifacts and his eyes suddenly contracted a brief moment later. He abruptly looked at the centre of that current and saw three floating lumps of light. Every single one of those were powerful to the point that even Mu Chen felt pressured from the fluctuations that they were emitting.

In the surroundings, the tens of thousands of Divine Artifacts circulated around those three as if they were akin to servants saluting to their rulers.

Mu Chen was stunned as he looked at the three lumps of light and his heart instantly felt blazing to the point that even his heartbeat had increased. He stared at the three lumps of light with a heated gaze. Their powerful fluctuations had far exceeded the realm of Peerless Rank Divine Artifacts!

Compared to the Peerless Rank Divine Artifacts that he had previously encountered, it was simply a comparison between a firefly and a moon!

Those must be genuine Quasi-Saint Artifacts!

Exceeding the realms of Divine Artifacts and stepping into the domain of Saint Artifacts!

When the three Quasi-Saint Artifacts appeared, even with Mu Chen’s mindset, he couldn’t help being affected and his gaze looked as if they were about to light up.

His gaze was focused on the three lumps of light and the lustre gradually dimmed. He could finally take a clear look at the items.

An axe, a ruler and a mirror.

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