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Chapter 1034 - Treasure Lake

When the jade bottle flew over and hovered before Mu Chen, he had only cast a glance at it before storing it and a satisfied smile had also appeared on the corner of his lips.

Although he wasn’t able to make Jin Qingtian’s group remain where they stood, 8,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as his harvest is still pretty good. If he used the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to cultivate, it should be able to allow his Spiritual Energy cultivation to increase, and reach the pinnacle of the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm.

“Brother Jin is truly generous… Since that’s the case, please leave.” After storing the jade bottle, Mu Chen looked at Jin Qingtian’s party with his eyes squinted.

The faces of Jin Qingtian’s group were dark as they cast a glance at the distance with heartache. It was the area where the Treasure Beast had died, so there must’ve been some attractive treasures awaiting them. But right now, they’re not the slightest related to those treasures anymore.

Under the situation, Jin Qingtian was gravely injured, so it was already fortunate for them to be able to leave with their lives. Even if they want to seize the treasures, they could only think about it and were powerless to act.

“Let’s go!”

Jin Qingtian was a decisive person, since he already knew that it was no longer possible for them. Thus, he did not put up any pointless struggle, but cast a hatred glance at Mu Chen before turning around with his teeth gritted together.

Behind him, Jin Lie and the rest had pale expressions, unwillingness filling in their faces as they followed along. The matter today was simply a humiliation to them, since they had initially thought that they would control the entire situation. But in the end, a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign human had turned the tables around.

However, it was already a fact so it was pointless, even if they wanted to struggle any further. Therefore, they could only follow behind Jin Qingtian with dust on their faces as they fled from this region.

Looking at their departing back figures, Mu Chen had gradually relaxed his body. A moment ago, he was truly worried that the other party might put up a life-and-death struggle. If that’s the case, then they would definitely have to pay some price as well.

“That Jin Qingtian is truly troublesome…” Nine Nether retracted her gaze as she sighed. In the previous battle, even Mu Chen could only suppress Jin Qingtian’s momentum and find mistakes in the latter, thus defeating him.

Mu Chen had nodded his head, feeling the same time as well. Jin Qingtian was truly a difficult opponent, but he wasn’t especially worried because he would not be bothered about a loser.

Since he had defeated Jin Qingtian the first time, then he would be able to do so the second time.

It wasn’t because he was arrogant, but the self-confidence that originated from his heart, since genuine experts wouldn’t fear anything.

Even if Jin Qingtian was a genius, Mu Chen wasn’t afraid. His self-confidence was greater than the former’s. When his physical body broke through to the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Sutra, he had only touched the strength of the second level. As time passed, it would grow even more astonishing.

Furthermore, Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy cultivation had also been swiftly improving with every battle. By the time he breaks through to the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, defeating Jin Qingtian would only be a flip of his hand.

Furthermore, he still had Spiritual Arrays… and the Self-Sacrificial Demonic Punch, which he had a deep comprehension in… Naturally, his greatest trump card would be as a Battle Formation Master. But he required the support of a troop for that. Once the requirement has been fulfilled, then he would be able to fight any opponent beneath the cultivation of Earth Sovereign Realm.

With such a powerful foundation, he naturally wouldn’t treat Jin Qingtian as a threat.

“The wisest decision that I have made in the Divine Beast Origin would be cooperating with Brother Mu.” Beside him, Han Shan lamented as he spoke with some guilt, “Along the way, Brother Mu has done the most effort while we reaped where one has not sown.”

Truly, many dangers have been dissolved by Mu Chen relying on his power along the way. If it wasn’t for Mu Chen, then they would have already fled.

Mu Chen smiled as he pondered before taking the 8,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid out with the intention of splitting it. However, not only did Han Shan reject him, even Nine Nether had shaken her head.

In the Body Refining Pagoda, Mu Chen could still share the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid with Mo Feng. After all, The two of them had done something. But this time, Mu Chen had completely received this amount with his own blood. Not only did they not help, but they were also even saved by Mu Chen. So they naturally couldn’t accept it.

Seeing the resolution in their refusals, Mu Chen did not argue with them and had quickly stored the 8,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. That’s because he had already decided to focus on his Spiritual Energy cultivation. As for the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it would be greatly beneficial to his Spiritual Energy cultivation.

“Let us get going to the Treasure Beast, in case Jin Qingtian’s group becomes unwilling and turns back. It’d spell more trouble.” Han Shan suggested.

Hearing his words, everyone’s mind trembled. Didn’t they come this far for the treasures of the Treasure Beast? They had already passed through all sorts of obstructions so it should be time for them to enjoy them, right?

Thinking about it, Mu Chen’s gaze grew hotter. He clearly had also held great expectations for the treasures of the Treasure Beast. He didn’t know if there were any Quasi-Saint Artifacts, and if there were… then they would have made a huge profit.

It wasn’t something that could be purchased with a few million drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

“Let’s go!”

When Han Shan saw everyone getting excited, he grinned and he flew out, guiding the way as he moved deeper into the darkness.

When Mu Chen and everyone saw this, they had immediately followed up as well.

The group flew and perhaps it might’ve been because of the Beast Spirit wave, but the ground was levelled. Even if Beast Spirits appeared, they only did so occasionally and were few in numbers, which were easily dealt with by Mu Chen’s group.

As they travelled, roughly half an hour passed before Han Shan, who was leading the way, finally decreased his speed with a grave expression. That’s because the deathly aura around him was dense to the point that it was black.

The deathly aura was extremely eerie, even the white flames on their shoulders had been greatly weakened because they were affected by the deathly aura, causing the circulation of Spiritual Energy in their bodies to be extremely slow.

The deathly aura was extremely horrifying.

Sensing the dense deathly aura, Mu Chen and the rest had placed their guards up. They could only determine that there must’ve been a powerful existence that died here and its body had rotten away for it to produce such a dense deathly aura.

Aside from the deceased Treasure Beast, who else could produce such a deathly aura?

That also meant that they’re approaching the location where the Treasure Beast had fallen.

Everyone carefully travelled through the deathly aura and a few minutes later, the darkness before their eyes suddenly turned brilliant. The dense deathly aura showed signs of retreating.

Mu Chen and the rest gradually stopped and looked before them with surprise in their eyes.

In the depths of the forest, which was covered with rotten and deathly aura, there was actually a lake that was so clear that the depths of it could be seen. The lake was so massive that the end couldn’t be seen with a single glance.

The lake was transparent and wasn’t contaminated by the deathly aura. On the contrary, there was a glittering lustre that held back the surrounding deathly aura.

Vaguely, there was a powerful remnant intent that protected this land.

“This is the location where the Treasure Beast fell. We call it the Treasure Lake.” Han Shan looked at the glittering lake with heated eyes as he spoke.

“Treasure Lake?”

Mu Chen was also astonished as he examined this lake. Looking at the lake, he tried to see through it. However, he was stunned upon realising that no matter how clear the lake was, he couldn’t see the depths of it.

There seemed to be a special power that was blocking the perception of the outer world.

Han Shan nodded his head before he waved his sleeve. A flow of Spiritual Energy entered the lake and a storm instantly swept over the surface of the lake, lifting huge waves.

As the huge waves rolled, the eyes of Mu Chen and the rest suddenly froze.

That’s because they saw that when the huge wave was lifted, there was a chunk of white bones glittering with as white lustre that was revealed. The white bones made them feel shocked. Only a tiny bit was revealed and it was roughly a thousand feet long. They couldn’t imagine how massive the size of the whole body would be.

“Those are the bones of the Treasure Beast…”

Han Shan looked at the revealed white bones and spoke with a grave expression.

“What should we do now?”

“Although the lakewater might seem clear, it contains the intent of the Treasure Beast when it was still alive. Once it sticks onto you, it will devour your Spiritual Energy. So it’s not possible for us to enter,” said Han Shan.

“How are we going to take the treasures, then?” Mo Feng asked in doubt.

“We will make a hurricane with Spiritual Energy, which will lift the waves and reveal the bones of the Treasure Beast. As long as we can come in contact with the bones, then we will be able to use our intent and use the bones as the medium to sense the treasures inside… Naturally, it also has to depend on our own fortune if we can sense powerful items like the Quasi-Saint Artifacts,” said Han Shan.

When everyone heard that, they finally figured it out. It turns out that they needed to do this in order to obtain the treasures.

Mu Chen stared at the lakewater. Even if the lakewater had repelled his senses, he could still vaguely sense some powerful and profound fluctuation deep within the lakewater.

It’s not the existence of living creatures, but it seemed to be the fluctuation of something similar to a Saint Artifact!

Fire blazed in Mu Chen’s eyes. As for whether he could sense it and lure it out, then that’d have to depend on his own opportunities.

Let’s hope that we did not come here in vain.

Otherwise, it would be too disappointing if we couldn’t obtain any Quasi-Saint Artifacts after such a hard trip over.

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