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Chapter 1030 - Fight


A violent golden light swept out in this region like a golden blazing sun at the point of collision. A terrifying golden shock wave wreaked havoc and the ground had collapsed in layers from the impact.

The three experts of the Demonic Rhino Clan, along with Mo Ling, had already retreated far away a long time ago. But even so, the shock wave still made them feel a stinging pain on their skin.

They stared at the origin of the golden light. There was a golden sun, before another burst of terrifying golden light exploded.


As the golden light swept out, two silhouettes had suddenly shot out.

Every single step Mu Chen took would cause a crater that was roughly a hundred feet to form on the ground below, leaving ripples in space as it fluctuated.

Taking ten-odd steps back, he stabilised his body and a golden light surged on the surface, making him look indomitable. But at this moment, he had a grave expression on his face as he looked before him.

He had practically circulated the second level of the Dragon-Phoenix Physique to the limit when he threw that punch earlier. But even so, he still wasn’t able to gain an advantage.

The strength of this Jin Qingtian had truly exceeded Zong Teng’s level.

While Mu Chen’s face was grave, Jin Qingtian appeared in the sky with his head lowered, looking at his own fist without any expression. However, there was a flash of shock in his eyes.

“What a powerful physical body!” Jin Qingtian looked at Mu Chen as he slowly said.

Although Mu Chen’s fist did not cause any injuries to him, he knew that in the previous clash, he was at a slight disadvantage. Which also meant that in terms of physical strength alone, Mu Chen, who was before him, was actually slightly stronger than him.

Therefore, even he couldn’t help being a little astonished. Just Mu Chen’s physical body alone allowed him to be comparable to a Seventh Grade Sovereign expert. It was no wonder why the threat that he felt from Mu Chen had far exceeded the majority of the Seventh Grade Sovereigns when Mu Chen was just a mere Sixth Grade Sovereign.

In the distance, the faces of Jin Lie, Huo Yang and the rest, who were also looking at the battle, slightly changed. Only at this moment did they understand that amongst Han Shan’s group, Han Shan and Nine Nether weren’t the most threatening. On the contrary, it was Mu Chen, who was only a Sixth Grade Sovereign.

Not only could that fellow set up a Heaven Grade Spiritual Array, but his physical body was also so monstrous.

Fortunately, that fellow was only a Sixth Grade Sovereign. Otherwise, if his Spiritual Energy cultivation was also in the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm, it might be hard to suppress him even with Jin Qingtian here.

Jin Lie and Huo Yang exchanged a glance and inwardly felt relieved. Although Mu Chen seemed to have blocked Jin Qingtian’s attack, it was also largely because Jin Qingtian had not used his Spiritual Energy. If Jin Qingtian used his Spiritual Energy as a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign, then Mu Chen would lose in an instant.

In the sky, Jin Qingtian gently nodded his head. “I wonder, how did you cultivate your physical body for it to be so powerful? Amongst the younger generations that I have met, it’s extremely rare for someone that can cultivate their physical bodies to your level.”

As he spoke, Jin Qingtian slightly paused. A savage and bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face. “Therefore, to express my seriousness, I will let you experience how powerful a pinnacle Seventh Grade Sovereign is!”


In that instant when he finished speaking, a golden Spiritual Energy tornado suddenly exploded and the tornado had quickly connected the heavens and earth, it was an extremely spectacular scene.

A powerful Spiritual Energy pressure was also being emitted.

“Do you dare to take another fist from me?!”

Standing in the tornado, Jin Qingtian looked like a Primordial Divine Lion that was extremely overbearing. He faced the sky and issued a roar as he threw a punch forth. But this time, when his fist whistled out, not only was his terrifying physical strength bursting out, what was more astonishing was that there was also a current of boundless Spiritual Energy charging out.

It was a golden current that seemed like it had linked the heavens and earth. Anything that obstructed it would be completely destroyed.

This fist from Jin Qingtian could cause a Seventh Grade Sovereign’s expression to change and if they were struck head-on, they would definitely be gravely injured.

At this moment, even Han Shan, Nine Nether and the rest had a slight change in their expressions. They had felt a powerful threat being emitted from Jin Qingtian’s fist.

The golden current that linked the heavens and earth was reflected in Mu Chen’s pupils. His expression had also turned solemn, but there wasn’t the slightest fear.

Jin Qingtian was truly powerful, but it was the wildest thing to imagine that it would cause him to cower.

Perhaps there were some difficulties if Mu Chen wanted to defeat a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign with the power of his physical body alone. But if anyone thought that he was relying purely on his physical body, then they might be doomed…


Mu Chen’s hands suddenly clenched and in the next moment, space fluctuated behind him and an ocean of Spiritual Energy vaguely appeared. It was his Sovereign Sea.

In his Sovereign Sea, the ocean lifted myriads of waves as boundless Spiritual Energy violently shook.


Mu Chen took in a deep breath and slowly stretched his hand out with his palm facing before him.

A powerful golden light pierced through the horizon and swiftly expanded in Mu Chen’s pupils before sweeping out.

In that instant, when the terrifying shock wave swept out, the Dragon and Phoenix Spirits had appeared on both of his arms and boundless Spiritual Energy gushed from his palm, forming into a Spiritual Energy dragon and phoenix shield.

“Golden Dragon-Phoenix Shield!”


But in that instant when the Golden Dragon-Phoenix Shield was formed, the powerful golden beam shot forth, instantly causing space to distort. What left everyone dumbfounded was that no matter how much the golden beam wreaked havoc, the thin and weak-looking golden shield before Mu Chen towered before him and did not shatter.

The golden beam gradually dimmed down before it swiftly shrunk and the Spiritual Energy in it had been completely exhausted.

When the golden beam disappeared, the Golden Dragon-Phoenix Shield before Mu Chen had also cracked and shattered into sparkles of golden light that covered the sky.

“You’ll suffer losses if you belittle my spiritual strength that’s at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm.” When the Golden Dragon-Phoenix Shield disappeared, Mu Chen faced Jin Qingtian as he smiled.

Jin Qingtian lightly furrowed his brows. He could vaguely feel that although Mu Chen’s spiritual cultivation was only at the Sixth Grade Sovereign Realm, the strength of his Spiritual Energy far surpassed the level of other Sixth Grade Sovereigns.

Regardless if it was his physical body or Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen had rather high attainments in both of them.

Truly somewhat troublesome.

But only troublesome opponents could rouse his battle spirit. Only by stepping on such opponents beneath his feet, could he achieve a constant breakthrough!

The path of cultivation required defeating powerful enemies time and time again, to begin with!

“Haha. Suffer losses? There aren’t many that can make me suffer a loss. But I don’t think you’re qualified to be one of them.” Jin Qingtian coldly laughed and in the next instant, he stomped his feet. The air beneath his feet exploded and his silhouette had turned into a golden beam that shot forth with the roars of a lion in his fist and flew towards Mu Chen.

A dazzling golden light covered Mu Chen’s body. A draconic roar and phoenix cry endlessly resonated throughout his body. The Sovereign Sea behind him fluctuated and his physical strength and Spiritual Energy perfectly fused together. Facing Jin Qingtian’s storm of attacks, he had quickly chosen to face it head-on.

Boom! Boom!

Two golden silhouettes violently intertwined in the sky as fist and palm clashed. Every single clash would bring forth the sound of rumbling thunder as they shook the heavens and earth.

Down below, everyone had grave expressions as they looked at the clashes in the sky. The shock waves that swept over had caused the clouds within a few myriad feet of radius to shatter completely.

In just a few minutes, the two silhouettes in the sky had already exchanged over a hundred moves.

Both sides chose the most direct way to fight without any dodging. Every single one of their fists made contact with the body and the terrifying confrontation even made Han Shan and the rest feel their scalps going numb.

Jin Lie and Huo Yang’s countenances turned somewhat unsightly as Mu Chen and Jin Qingtian clashed. They did not expect that even when Jin Qingtian had utilised his strength as a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign, he still couldn’t immediately crush Mu Chen.

“Why is that fellow so powerful?” Jin Lie clenched his teeth. He was somewhat startled in his heart. It turned out that Han Shan had invited a powerful helper. Fortunately, they came well-prepared or they would have lost to Han Shan by now.

“Although that brat seems mighty at the moment, his base cultivation is still at Sixth Grade Sovereign. The density of his Spiritual Energy is definitely inferior to Big Brother. So he shouldn’t be able to last for long in this situation.”

Jin Lie’s eyes flickered with light. After all, he could be considered a genius, so his eyesight was definitely decent. Thus, he had found a crucial point in an instant. Although the current fight might seem balanced, Mu Chen would definitely lose if the fight dragged on.


Under all the gazes, another astonishing clash occurred in the sky. Two silhouettes shot out as their clothes shattered, looking somewhat in a sorry state.

On their bodies, there were numerous bumps of bruises. They had suffered the powerful force of their opponent. It was still due to their powerful physiques. If it was someone else, their physical body might have already collapsed.

Jin Qingtian’s breathing was somewhat heavy as he looked at Mu Chen with a bloodthirsty gaze. Shortly after, he grinned towards Mu Chen, then he stretched his hand out to wipe the blood off the corner of his mouth. He did not speak, but he had suddenly formed seals together with his hands.


An astonishing lion roar suddenly resounded and a dazzling golden light swept out from Jin Qingtian’s rear. In the end, it had turned into a golden light that was roughly a thousand feet high.

Furthermore, there were illusions of eight golden lion heads on the head of that massive lion. However, those heads were somewhat blurry and weren’t clear.

However, that was sufficient to prove that Jin Qingtian had already awakened his Nine-Headed Golden Lion Bloodline.

“Jin Qingtian has even summoned his Divine Beast Form…” When Han Shan and the rest saw this scene, their eyes contracted. As Divine Beast themselves, they naturally understood that upon summoning their Divine Beast Form, their fighting strength would be greatly increased.


Mu Chen looked at the Nine-Headed Golden Lion that stood proudly in this region and took in a deep breath. Shortly after, both of his hands had joined together and he formed seals.

Boundless spiritual light blossomed and everyone could see a massive Sovereign Celestial Body slowly forming behind Mu Chen.

That Sovereign Celestial Body was golden in colour, like a golden buddha with a blazing sun behind its head, covered with mystery and trembled the heavens and earth.

You have your Divine Beast Form.

But I have my Sovereign Celestial Body as well.

Since that’s the case, then let’s see who will be smiling in the end!

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